5 Things to Know Before Building a Car

Building a car can be a very rewarding hobby or lucrative investment if done properly. But building or restoring your dream car can turn into a very expensive nightmare if you don’t know the basics.

If it’s your first time trying to build a car, you’ll probably run into a lot of unexpected issues. Whether looking for the right car parts or building a kit car, a little preparation goes a long way.

The following guide will explore 5 things you need to know before building a car to make the experience run smoothly.

1. Understanding Car Parts

First, it’s crucial that you know the 5 basic components that cars have before you start your build. Whether you buy c5 corvette parts specifically or general parts, the basic components remain the same.

The body of the car is the shell that houses the other main components. The frame and chassis give support to the body and other components. The engine provides power and the transmission sends that power to the wheels.

2. Budget and Time Management

Make a list of all the parts you’ll need, come up with a total cost, and then double that amount. Hopefully, you’re build won’t cost double what you planned for but it will almost always be higher. So, doubling the cost of your build helps prevent costly surprises.

You should also prepare for your build to take a lot longer to complete than you expected. That’s ok, just don’t rush through the build and end up doing a low-quality job.

3. Avoid Cheap Parts and Tools

If you buy cheap parts, you might have to do twice the work and end up spending more money anyway. Buy quality parts from the start instead of constantly replacing and repairing cheap alternatives.

The same goes for buying cheap tools that won’t last through the job. Not to mention, better quality tools will make your work easier and more efficient.

4. Avoid Rusted Vehicles

You might find a great deal on a vehicle with rust and want to restore it. But rust ruins cars and there’s not much you can do to change that. No matter how cheap, avoid rusted-out vehicles because they’re not worth your time.

5. Labels and Storage

It’s crucial that you label any and all car parts that you remove or plan to add to your build. It’s especially important if you’re a novice and don’t have a trained eye for distinguishing different components from one another.

Labeling and storing parts doesn’t have to be expensive or technical. For example, always keep ziplock bags and sharpies in your garage for nuts, bolts, and other small parts. Invest in a few plastic bins for larger parts and keep your build organized.

Start Building a Car

Know you know 5 important tips to start building a car with confidence. Do your homework on parts, budget wisely, avoid cheap shortcuts, and stay organized!

Remember this guide when you’re building your ride so that the adventure is as rewarding as possible. Check out our site’s auto section for more car tips and tricks you need to know.

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