5 Signs You Need to Hire Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

5 Signs You Need to Hire Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

Is your pool deck in need of repair?

A lot can happen to a pool deck, particularly if you have an old one. Old decks can end up decaying as you spend more time swimming inside the pool and neglecting it.

If you’re keen on fixing your pool deck, you must look at the signs. These signs can help you determine if you need to call pool deck resurfacing services:

1. Peeling or Chipping Paint

Peeling or chipping paint is caused by a variety of issues. This includes exposure to sun and weather, moisture build-up, and poorly-applied paint. If left unattended, the damage can become worse and spread throughout the pool deck.

The necessary repairs may require more resources, making it more expensive to fix or even unsafe for people to use. That’s where pool resurfacing Charleston comes in. They can help save your pool deck by replacing or touching up the peeling or chipping paint and preventing any future damage from occurring. 

2. Damaged Cement or Stucco

If your deck is old or has been worn down to the point that you can easily see cracks, holes, and/or chips, these are signs of degradation and should not be ignored. It is not safe to have these types of cracks and holes around an area that will have regular foot traffic.

That’s why it’s best to hire pool deck resurfacing services to fill in these cracks to make sure that they are safe and firm. The professionals will have the eye that will be able to properly match colors and textures.

3. Discoloration

Your pool’s deck can become discolored over time due to sunlight fading, water damage, and wear and tear. It can happen gradually or suddenly and can manifest through color fading, yellowing, or darkening. Your pool deck may also start to look mottled or shabby over time.

Once this happens, it’s time to call a pool deck resurfacing contractor. They will help you fix your residential pool deck.

4. Rough or Slippery Surface

If kiddos and adults alike are always losing their footing or tripping, resurfacing is something that you need to consider. A resurfacing job can transform an unsafe, unusable space into a beautiful, safe area to relax and soak up some sun. 

5. Development of Mold or Algae

Mold and algae can grow due to moisture that gets trapped in the deck’s concrete surface. Mold and algae can also be a sign of water damage beneath the surface, which can cause an overall weakened decking structure. If left untreated, it can cause further damage that could leave your pool unsafe. 

Hiring resurfacing services can help prevent mold and algae from growing. The contractors can also take preventative measures to ensure the pool deck lasts for years to come.

Call Pool Deck Resurfacing Services If You Notice Any of These Signs

Pool deck resurfacing is an important part of preserving your outdoor oasis for the long haul. Monitor your pool deck for signs of cracking, mold, and discoloration, as these are a definite indication that resurfacing is in order.

If you notice any of the signs above, contact a professional near you as soon as possible. They will help ensure that your outdoor space is safe and enjoyable.

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