5 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Companies IT Department

5 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Companies IT Department

Is your organization having trouble keeping up with the fast-paced nature of modern IT infrastructure? If so, outsourcing your IT department may be your business’s ultimate game-changer.

The dynamic business landscape of the 21st century has made efficiency and innovation more than mere buzzwords; they’re key entrepreneurial survival instincts.

Thus, companies like yours striving to stay at the cutting edge are increasingly turning to external experts to handle their IT needs.  A report by Statista showed that global IT outsourcing is expected to generate revenue worth over $150 billion.

Companies that outsource do so to boost productivity while also freeing up precious resources key to business growth. However, outsourcing is not just about cost reduction; it’s also about unlocking the next frontier for your enterprise.

Read on to learn more about outsourcing your IT to a company like MYComputing and the benefits your business can enjoy. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

What Exactly is IT Outsourcing?

It’s not news that technology is at the heart of virtually every business operation. However, the complex nature of managing IT infrastructure can render related functions relatively resource-intensive. This is especially the case for small and medium-sized businesses.

As such, more companies are turning to outsourcing as a viable solution in response to these challenges.

In a nutshell, outsourcing involves delegating your organization’s IT functions to a third-party service provider. This could include tasks such as (but are not limited to):

  • Network management
  • Data storage
  • System development
  • Technical support
  • Cybersecurity

IT Outsourcing Models

There are various models of IT outsourcing that you can consider based on your specific business needs and objectives. These include:

Nearshore Outsourcing

This model involves outsourcing IT services to a provider in a neighboring country. For instance, a US-based company might outsource to a provider in Canada or Mexico. The main advantage of nearshore outsourcing is the minimal time zone difference, which can facilitate smoother communication and collaboration.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing refers to delegating IT tasks to a provider in a distant country, often on a different continent. This approach can offer significant cost savings due to lower labor costs in certain regions, but it may also present challenges related to time zone differences and cultural disparities.

Onshore Outsourcing

In onshore outsourcing, you contract IT services to a provider within your own country. While this model may be more expensive than nearshore or offshore outsourcing, it eliminates issues related to time zone differences and cultural barriers, ensuring smoother communication and project management.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing involves service delivery via the Internet. This model is popular because of its scalability and access to advanced technologies without significant upfront investment in infrastructure.

Managed Services

This approach involves IT service providers taking full responsibility for specific IT functions. The provider is typically paid a fixed monthly fee and is expected to meet agreed-upon service level agreements (SLAs).

Five Reasons to Outsource Your IT

1. Access to Expert Knowledge and Skills

Outsourcing your IT to a company like MYComputing will give you access to highly qualified expertise that might not be available with an in-house team. That’s because IT service providers hire professionals trained in various IT specializations, ensuring that experts handle all your IT needs.

Whether it’s regular maintenance or emergency troubleshooting, your ideal IT provider should be just a call away. You’ll find that this is not always possible with in-house teams, especially for small businesses without IT staff available round the clock.

What’s more, having access to industry professionals means you’ll also stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and industry trends. IT outsourcing companies invest in ongoing training and development for their staff, ensuring they can provide your business with the most current and effective IT solutions.

2. Improved Focus on Core Business Operations

Your staff will often get distracted from their core responsibilities when they spend a good chunk of their productive time dealing with IT-related issues. This not only limits their output but can also lead to missed opportunities.

However, outsourcing your IT to a company like MYComputing means your staff can leave the tech troubles to the experts and instead focus on what they do best. This will allow you to allocate valuable resources more strategically. 

3. Cost Convenience

When you look at the costs associated with recruitment, training, benefits, and equipment, you’ll find that maintaining an IT in-house team can be quite costly. However, outsourcing can help alleviate a significant amount of these costs.

You can pay your IT outsourcing provider a fixed monthly fee instead of servicing salaries you might be struggling to afford. This way, you can pay only for the services you need, when needed.

4. Mitigate IT Risks

Your IT provider can implement robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions to safeguard your business data against risks such as natural disasters or system failure.

They can also provide regular system updates and patches for protection against cyber threats. After all, cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. And IT outsourcing providers specialize in data security protocols that will protect sensitive business data from cybercriminals.

5. Beat Your Competition

Outsourced IT providers have access to the latest technologies, which may not be affordable or practical for your competitors, especially those that have adopted in-house IT teams.

By leveraging advanced tech tools, your business can gain a competitive edge since you’ll benefit a great deal from improved IT infrastructure, streamlined operational processes, and enhanced service delivery.

In Summary

From cost savings to access to specialized skills and advanced technologies, outsourcing your IT functions can provide a host of benefits. However, you must approach this strategy carefully for a successful outcome.

Before outsourcing your IT to a company like MYComputing, be sure to define clear goals with your preferred service provider. Establish clear communication channels and monitor their performance regularly. This way, you can effectively leverage IT outsourcing to grow your enterprise in a rather competitive business landscape.

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