Premium Diesel Fuel

6 Reasons To Switch To Premium Diesel Fuel For Optimum Performance

Premium diesel is an optimum and advanced form of diesel. The fuel is formulated with a series of specialty additives and detergents that give its characteristic better performance that distinguishes it from the standard diesel. There are numerous short and long-term advantages associated with using this premium fuel.

The primary benefit of using premium diesel is the increased performance. The diesel increases engine life, reduces exhaust emissions, and improves fuel stability and cold-start performance. Many versions of premium diesel exist, and different companies create unique premium diesel fuels.

Here are six reasons you should consider switching to Mobil Diesel Efficient™  premium fuel.

1.  Decreased Operational Downtime

Premium diesel leads to a higher cetane number. Cetane measures your fuel ignition delay. It checks how fast the fuel and air mixture combusts in the engine. A higher cetane better means there’s a shorter delay. An improved ignition quality means you’ll enjoy faster start-ups reducing the wear and tear on your starter and batteries. It also reduces pollution.

Lubricating an engine helps reduce the overall friction when operating. Premium diesel lubricants will specifically minimize friction on your fuel pump and injection. Lubrication ultimately reduces these components’ wear and tear, resulting in fewer costly repairs. Because your engine parts operate under intense pressure, the lubrication will also lower your downtime.

Modern fuel injectors have fine nozzles that are prone to blocking.  Due to the presence of special detergents, you’ll notice a reduced buildup on your fuel injectors when you start using premium diesel. The detergents clean out build-up from the fuel injection system without affecting the fuel’s performance.

The detergents on premium diesel are also more effective in keeping other parts of your engine and fuel components clean. Clean components mean fewer repairs and reduced overall downtime.

The additives in the diesel also prevent forming, which makes filling your tank a lot cleaner and faster.

2.  Improved Engine Productivity

Premium diesel increases your energy density. You enjoy more productivity per liter of premium diesel, so there’s more energy from each tank fill. Premium diesel also has a higher resistance to your engine knocking in high-performance and luxury vehicles.

Mobil Diesel Efficient™ premium diesel lets you smoothly hit the horsepower on turbochargers and high-compression engines. The high octane rating in the diesel prevents knocking and pre-ignition and high-performance engines by ensuring that combustion is controlled.

The combined result of the advantages of premium diesel leads to improved gas mileage with decreased emissions.

3.  Decreased Maintenance Cost

Due to its high-quality ingredients, premium diesel extends your engine’s lifetime by reducing the build-up of deposits, grime, and dirt. It also slows down the rate of wear and tear on your car’s transmission, engine, and other components.

Premium diesel contains additives that carry multiple benefits on your car’s lifespan. They contain stabilizers that protect against the formation of sludge or gum on your vehicle when in storage. The additives also have demulsifiers that prevent water from combining with fuel. Preventing unwanted moisture from the fuel system preserves injectors from getting worn out and leads to fewer filter replacements and corrosion inhibitors that elongate your injection pumps’ lifespan.

Many of your joiners, pipes, rails, and fittings are made from various metals. Most fuel tanks are also made of steel. The corrosion inhibitor in premium diesel slows down the corrosion of these metals.

Increasing your car’s lifespan ultimately reduces costs associated with replacement, maintenance, and repairs in the long run. So, while you cough up a little more cash on gas, you’ll notice the payoff with the decreased need for repairs and low maintenance cost.

4.  Improved Fuel Economy

Using premium diesel fuel is one of the best ways to improve a car’s fuel economy. Premium diesel helps resolve multiple car issues that reduce fuel efficiency over time: injector stiction, poor lubrication, lost engine power, and carbon deposits.

Regular use of premium diesel fuel when in the right engine environment can lead to driving further at a lower cost. You also benefit from knowing that you are helping preserve the environment by operating at better fuel efficiency and saving on fuel costs.

5.  Mobil Diesel Efficient™ Reduces Emissions

Standard diesel has added chemicals that result in added soot that clogs up your filter. Mobil Diesel Efficient™ Premium fuel, on the other hand, has fewer chemicals, so your engine will run smoother. The additives in premium diesel also remove any build-up of dirt, soot, and other debris, thus lowering emissions.

Additives like ammonia clean up your fuel system, reducing the dangerous emissions your car releases into the environment. Higher octane levels also lead to less consumption which helps save on exploiting fuel reserves. Recent research has shown that an increase in the use of premium diesel would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 35 million tons annually due to the engine’s efficiency.

6.  Improved Engine Power

When you feed an engine with the highest grade of fuel, it will run way more efficiently. All the above advantages work in tandem, so you have a well-oiled, clean, and high-functioning machine you can coin on.

Mobil Diesel Efficient™ premium diesel has the unique ability to compress more without causing a pre-ignition, which, on the right engine, will result in increased power. The higher octane levels result in stabilized combustion, which preserves your engine even in its high performance. The best part is that you’re enjoying the improved engine power at a better fuel economy.

Invest In Premium Diesel For Optimum Functioning

The type of fuel you choose to use is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make for your car. Premium diesel fuel will give you better lubrication, improved engine function, less downtime, lower maintenance cost, improved fuel economy, and increased productivity. Increase. Premium diesel is an investment in the longevity of your car’s lifespan while staying environmentally conscious.

Start your journey with premium fuel as soon as you can. The earlier you do, the sooner you can reap the benefits and prevent damage from lower-quality fuel. Invest today and enjoy forever.

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