Plan for Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Plan Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen With These Tips

Outdoor kitchens continue to increase in popularity. However, the kitchen only benefits the owner if it is properly designed. The following tips are helpful during the design process.

Choose Materials

People often start by choosing the layout of the kitchen or determining its function. Research materials before considering a layout or coming up with a design. For example, if the owner wants kitchen drawers made of stainless steel, they might find their options are limited. The options help determine the layout of the space. By knowing which materials will be used, the owner can determine which pieces are essential in the kitchen and plan around them when coming up with a design or layout.

What is the Function?

Once the desired materials are known, figure out how the space will be used. The requirements for the space will differ if it is to be used for family meals rather than entertaining. The family may wish to have a smaller kitchen where the parents can sit and watch the kids play while relaxing after a meal. If the space will be used mainly for entertaining, install additional seating. The traffic flow of the space will increase in importance because the owner cannot risk having people running into each other while the chef is making a meal.

Blending the Interior and Outdoor Kitchens

Indoor and outdoor kitchens should work together. While the outdoor kitchen will remain exposed to the elements, the two spaces may share utilities. The outdoor kitchen, however, offers more cooking options. Will access to the indoor kitchen be necessary when using the outdoor space? Is it easy to move between the two?

In addition, consider the aesthetics. If the two areas adjoin, a person should feel as if they are moving seamlessly between them. Take this into account when coming up with design elements for the outdoor kitchen for a more pleasing home.

Ample Lighting

As people will use sharp utensils while cooking, ensure the kitchen has ample lighting. Don’t rely on sunlight because the owner may wish to use the kitchen at dusk or after dark. Incorporate various lighting styles into the design for the best results.

Installation Considerations

Who will be installing the kitchen? A homeowner may wish to tackle this project on their own if the kitchen will be minimal. If the design is more elaborate, work with a contractor experienced in outdoor kitchens. They help owners determine the best layout, select materials, and more. When spending a large sum of money to improve the home, take steps to ensure all work is done properly. An experienced contractor will do this.

Storage Items

Items used in an outdoor kitchen must remain protected from the elements. Include storage options in the overall design plan so the chef has access to items they use frequently and the items remain protected from wind, rain, and more. Purchase furnishings that serve dual purposes to increase the storage space in the area. When storing items, make use of wall space. These are only two of many ways an owner can fully use every inch of the outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to any home. However, the homeowner must weigh all aspects of the kitchen before moving forward with the project to ensure the space meets their needs in every way. With the above tips, designing the perfect kitchen becomes easier.

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