IoT Portal Beam – A Solution for Every Workspace

IoT Portal Beam – A Solution for Every Workspace

How optimized is the space at your workplace? To what extent can you monitor it and ensure its security? If you are struggling to answer these questions, you have never stumbled upon a portal beam – a device capable of improving both of these aspects, and many more. In this article, we will describe its functionality in detail, so if you wish to improve your workspace, read on.

What is a portal beam?

Perhaps, we should call it beam portal, since it doesn’t have much in common with traditional portal beams. This is an intelligent device, equipped with state-of-art technology, installed to overlook the space at hospitals and workplaces. It lets you control what is happening in your facility, without being overly invasive.

A portal beam has a plethora of functions. From infrared recording to numerous sensors, it truly has the potential to give you a much deeper insight into your workspace. Its list of features includes:

  • Excellent, extremely accurate tracking of both people and equipment inside your facility.
  • Maps and navigation systems to make it easier for the outsiders to move through your facility.
  • Temperature, humidity, light and air quality monitoring to ensure that your employees, patients and visitors sit in the best conditions.
  • Motion detection to make your employees and equipment safe.

Portal beam + smart badge – the road to a better workplace

While using portal beams alone will already prove beneficial, combining them with smart badges will let you fully embrace the future workplace experience. Such a combination will prove helpful during any emergencies – you will know who is where, allowing the emergency services or your security team to act quickly.

Apart from safety, using these two IoT devices at once can strongly influence productivity. Due to the navigation features, your employees will spend less time on looking for equipment, since they will be guided to it with ease.

The benefits of a portal beam

This kind of device has numerous advantages for small and large businesses. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Increased security and safety – No matter whether it’s a fire or a trespasser, thanks to a beam portal you will know who’s in danger and when – especially with the infrared cameras monitoring the facility.
  • Higher productivity – Motion detection, automatic fingerprinting, navigation – all of these are provided by a portal beam and drastically reduce the time wasted on low-value tasks.
  • Privacy – The infrared cameras are an excellent way to overlook your facility without being overly intrusive and making your employees feel uncomfortable.
  • Employee satisfaction – Who wouldn’t like to work in a place with an ideal temperature, good indoor air quality and optimal humidity? Sometimes it’s enough to show your employees that you care, and you can do that by installing a portal beam.

The takeaway

A portal beam is an excellent device that can elevate your business. Due to its plethora of functions, it is capable of boosting both the morale and the financial results of your organization. It will be an excellent choice for hospitals, where safety is of the utmost importance and the inside conditions need to be as close to perfect as possible.

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