Appfolio Cost Analysis How to Make the Most of Your Investment

Appfolio Cost Analysis: How to Make the Most of Your Investment

Property management and maintenance are the two most significant struggles landlords in the United States face. Attempting to solve these challenges alone can result in feeling drained and frustrated. Investing in property management tools is the best path toward stability and success for your rental properties.

One of the best tools to add to your toolkit is Appfolio. It’s natural to worry about the Appfolio cost. The benefits outweigh your pay when managing security deposits, property accounting, and more.

Weighing the pros and cons is essential to determining if it’s the right fit for you. Fortunately, you’re in the perfect spot to learn more about Appfolio. Continue reading to weigh the costs and benefits today!

What Is Appfolio?

Appfolio is a property management tool that uses the cloud to help you manage your residential and commercial properties. You can manage between 50 and 1,000 properties using this impressive tool. You’ll gain access to leasing and property accounting tools with your investment in the software program.

The pricing for Appfolio begins at $1.40 per unit each month and comes with accounting and reporting features. It’s one of the more affordable programs available to landlords with robust portfolios. The most expensive option costs $3 per unit monthly and requires a minimum of 500 rental units.

Pros and Cons of Appfolio

You’ll notice several benefits of investing in Appfolio for tasks ranging from real estate marketing to security deposits. It provides a modern and accessible user interface. The UI makes learning to use the program a breeze for landlords of all technological capabilities.

You can also allow Appfolio to handle and automate tasks you don’t enjoy. It’s a fantastic way to eliminate human error and create efficient workflows for your property management needs. You can even use the features to handle virtual showings.

The app is available for iPhones and Android devices, making access simple and stress-free. Pricing is also simple, and you’ll receive excellent Appfolio customer service. The benefits make it worth the Appfolio cost.

The drawback of Appfolio is the property accounting features. They’re confusing and overwhelming if you lack a strong accounting background. Invest time in learning the ins and outs of the accounting features to maximize the value of your investment.

The integrations with other property management tools are also limited within Appfolio. You can’t integrate the technology with QuickBooks for a seamless accounting experience. You must export your accounting data from QuickBooks and add it to Appfolio.

The most significant drawback is the unit limitations. You can only use Appfolio if you have 50 or more rental units. It’s geared toward helping larger landlords.

Consider the Appfolio Cost and Benefits

When seeking property management tools for your rental units, it’s best to weigh the costs versus the benefits. The Appfolio cost is worth the features and benefits you gain.

You’ll enjoy access to property accounting tools and automated tasks to save time and money. Ensure you have 50 or more rental units before trying Appfolio for real estate marketing and security deposits.

Leveraging technology to grow your business provides a significant advantage over your competitors. Explore our Technology content to find the best tools to grow your company today!

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