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How to ensure the Safety of Cargo Transportation

Transporting cargo is an essential part for businesses and households. Unfortunately, cargo can be damaged during the transportation. That is why Globalink Logistics offer cargo insurance to guarantee safety for your goods on roads, railway and in the air. We prepared information on how to ensure the safety of cargo during shipping and transportation.

Securing cargo

To prevent damages, theft or other problems during transportation, you should follow some simple rules. Let’s take a look at them.

The first rule is not to tell anyone where the shipment is going. The first and most important thing of securing safe freight is to keep quiet about where your goods are going. You will be safer the less you disclose to others where you will be dropping someone off. The importance of concealment can go a long way to deter robbers or anybody watching the cargo products.

The second basic rule is to find reliable trusted partners. Freight brokers or carriers are frequently chosen by shippers based on the lowest freight rate they are able to offer. This tactic may enable shippers to make short-term financial savings, but it exposes them to several security and liability concerns.

Also you can use devices to track your cargo. You can choose a security firm or cargo handling services that can put a tiny tracker in your shipment. Another technology is geo-location, which notifies you if the cargo moves away from the planned path. All authorities, including the police, are notified for the recovery of cargo under unfortunate circumstances or in the event of any impacts on the device.

It is also necessary to have insurance coverage. Your business could experience cargo theft despite all preventative measures, therefore it’s critical to have the proper loss prevention standards in place.

Applicable standards transportation

The securing methods, materials, and superstructure performance and strength are all covered in specific requirements that have been included into the guidelines. Here is the list of applicable standards:

  • Transport Packaging;
  • Poles – Sanctions;
  • Tarpaulins;
  • Swap bodies;
  • ISO container;
  • Lashing and wire ropes;
  • Lashing chains;
  • Web lashings made from man-made fibres;
  • Strength of vehicle body structure;
  • Lashing points;
  • Calculation of lashing forces.

These standards can provide information and methods on how it is right to pack different types of cargo. It will help you to agip your goods properly and avoid fines for inappropriate shipping and transportation.

Transport planning

To secure goods parties involved in the process have to reach an agreement about each action and understand each other properly. That is how they will be able to do everything right. To manage everything should be a proper organization of the process.

The parties involved in transportation planning are required to describe the cargo, including information on restrictions on orientation and stacking, domestic or international transportation, enclosing dimensions, center of gravity placement, and mass of the load. Operators must also make sure that dangerous goods is accompanied by properly signed and completed supporting documents.


Loading is one of the most important factors of security during transportation. Carriers are responsible for ensuring that all necessary equipment, such as blocking bars, dunnage and stuffing materials, and anti-slip mats, are used correctly.

Packing cargo in containers are also very important. Usually containers are used to ship goods. Here are several tips on how to pack cargo into containers:

  • use quality supplies like cushioning materials, appropriate lashing, and labeling;
  • cargo must be secured on all sides to prevent shifting during transportation, in particular towards the door;
  • it is necessary to fill any gaps between packages and container walls;
  • use nets to secure cargo in sections.

Make sure carriers do everything according to standards and your cargo is safe.


The aim of all safety measures is to save your cargo and to deliver it in the best condition. You can organize and control everything by yourself or contact the Globalink Logistics and they will take care of the safety of your goods.

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