How to create a branded banner for Twitch?

Is your brand already on Twitch? The video streaming platform that started out as video games is now popularizing content on topics ranging from cooking to sports. Competition between streamers is also growing, including many successful companies. Today, we will tell you how to stand out from the competition with the help of visual account design, and why to use the twitch banner maker.

All you need to know about Twitch: how it works and the target audience

Twitch is a popular video streaming platform. Most of the content here is made up of live broadcasts of video games and eSports competitions. But in recent years, the number of streamers that broadcast videos on the topic of cooking, creativity, and sports has also grown.

Who is Twitch for?

It is important to know that 80% of platform users are teenagers who are mainly interested in games and computer technology. The service is more suitable for brands with a young and active target audience than used by many well-known companies.

What is the importance of the banner?

The largest and most visible element in your profile will be the channel banner. It is displayed at the top of your account when you are offline (during a live broadcast, a video banner appears at the top of the screen). Let’s take a closer look at its characteristics:

  • The recommended size is 1920×1080 pixels – the maximum file size is 10 MB, and the format can be GIF, JPEG, or PNG.
  • Components – the central place is occupied by illustration: photo, drawing or graphics. The banner also contains a logo, links to social networks, information about the last broadcast the user had.
  • Style – rely on the nature of the brand and the interests of the target audience. Their intersection point will determine the style of the banner. Firstly, the image of the channel should reflect your personality and be remembered thanks to the corporate identity. Second, consider how your viewers use Twitch and what content they expect from you.

Also, important elements are the logo, overlays, panels, alerts.

The Twitch banner is like the cover of a book: it creates the first impression of the company and sets you apart from the competition. Let’s share useful tips on how to use the banner correctly so that it works for your brand. Check it for compliance with five criteria:

  1. Corporate identity – make sure you use one or more identity elements: logo, brand colours, fonts or graphics. It applies not only to the banner, but also to other visual elements of the account. Corporate identity should broadcast the main message that you want to convey to the target audience.
  1. The right size – the brightest and most creative banner will lose its meaning if the picture is of poor quality or cropped. Choose images with high resolution and make sure that the banner elements are displayed correctly.
  1. Minimalism – avoid accumulating elements – it interferes with perception. Select one thing (for example, a photo or a logo). Use clean fonts and concise graphics and minimize the amount of text.
  1. Creativity – don’t forget that viewers come to the platform for entertainment. Try to make the banner fun, creative or intriguing to win the attention of users.
  1. Adaptability – over time, your content, target audience, and priorities may change.

Don’t be afraid to update your Twitch banner to reflect the evolution of the brand.

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