How Packaging Will Change In 2022 And Beyond

It’s at this time of year when many of us will be faced with the mammoth task of how to get rid of and recycle the packaging that either our online purchases arrive in or the packaging that the gifts, we’re receiving arrive in.

There has been a big shift in packaging methods and sustainability in the last few years, and there are even more changes to come in the future.

Why Is Packaging An Issue?

Online shopping is really popular, but it’s not without its consequences.

A huge amount of packaging is required for online shopping, and this packaging will then have to be disposed of.

Many people will try and recycle their used boxes and plastic wrappings, but it is extremely difficult to sort out which plastics can go in the recycling bin, which have to go in the food caddy, and which aren’t recyclable at all.

In addition to this, many consumers will only buy from brands that have a strong sustainability policy in terms of packaging and reducing waste – especially when it comes to plastics.

This has led many companies to change their approach when choosing how best to package their products for delivery.

Shifting To Reusable and Eco Packaging

The majority of us are guilty of using our online shopping habit as an excuse to buy any old rubbish we want without thinking about how it can be recycled or how it will sit in our homes for years to come, but not anymore!

Eco-conscious packaging is here for all our shopping needs. This type of packaging is fully recyclable and made from either reclaimed wood or plants with no negative environmental impact on wildlife or the planet as a whole.

Specialist Packaging

The rise of 3D printing has made the task of creating bespoke and unique packaging a lot easier for companies, with their most recent use in the fashion industry.

There are many companies, like Agraform Chemical Contract Manufacturing, who work in the agriculture sector, which are geared towards creating bespoke packaging for specialist purposes, meaning less waste for the end-user.

Less Packaging, Less Waste

New technology is being utilized to full effect when creating sustainable packaging, with new uses for previously unused material to create more protection around your products as well as reducing waste sent to landfills.

There is also the more environmentally friendly option of using biodegradable packaging, which is also fully recyclable.

Enter Compostable Packaging!

Another technological development is the usage of edible packaging! While most packaging isn’t edible by humans, there are plenty of home-compostable packaging options coming onto the market now, making it a great option.

As well as this, food packaging needs no longer be limited to creating a waste-free product.

Food plastic wrapping can now be used for and created whilst the product is in the produce aisle, meaning less waste is sent to landfills. This will be a huge benefit for restaurants and food retailers who are constantly having to use reusable containers for takeaway food because of the large number of takeaways purchased each week.

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