How forex cards differ from debit or credit cards?

Traveling abroad is one of the most exciting things to do. You might also be one of those who love to travel to different countries. Traveling to foreign lands is fun until it comes to the cost. If you are traveling from India, you will always find it expensive to travel and buy things in many countries, because of the difference in currency values. Moreover, the exchange rates also vary. There are even a lot of other factors, which makes it important for us to be careful about the expenses. Thus, many travelers look for a better option that makes paying abroad a little less expensive, i.e, with the help of a Forex Card. However, there are some other options for payment itself. 

Once you travel to any country, you will look for some better options in terms of payment methods as well. You can quickly pay through your debit or credit card itself. Those are always the traditional options, but what if it changes a bit, and you are about to get some more facilities? 5% interest on your savings will also allow you a better travel time globally. Not only travel, but it can be some other things like job or studies as well. So, you need to know which one will be a better option and why that will be.

Comparison Between Forex Card and Debit or Credit Card

The first and foremost thing you must know about these cards is that you will be able to use these cards in different countries. However, that will be based entirely on accepting that particular card in any country. If you are going to use any debit or credit card in any country, then you need to know if the country will accept that card on which you will travel. If that is a Forex Card, this chance might be less. Mainly, all countries ideally accept these types of cards. This will even be a better option if you access one card that will be accepted in more than 150 countries.

Payment Process of Forex Card

If you use this card type, you need to know that these cards will primarily go with a prepaid one. So, you need to keep money in your account, and then you will be able to use the money with the help of these cards. Not only that, but once you fill your account with the amount you want to spend, it will be there. After that, the price might get a hike which is quite common nowadays. But that fluctuation will also not bother you at all. So, it will be a better option for you or anyone traveling abroad. 

How Debit or Credit Cards will Work?

In these cards also, there will be money loaded beforehand, but that will be in your local currency. It will not be useful in the country in which you are going. So, that amount will be the same based on your current country or country of origin. Once you travel abroad, you need to know that that currency’s value will change. So, you must pay more from your account if the price is hiked. Not only that, but these cards will charge you more than forex cards during all the transactions. While looking for this, you also need to know that a lifetime zero-balance prepaid card to pay in different countries will always be an asset.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both the Cards

While discussing the cards and looking for a perfect comparison, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of these cards. Once you know, those will help you understand which one you need to choose and why that might be the better option for you. That is why you will get those details below.

Forex Card:

First, let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of this card. 

The Best usage of forex cards:

Once you decide to travel abroad, you will be able to purchase everything with the help of these cards. Not only that, but it will charge you less as well.


  • This is one of the most convenient ways to carry currency in other countries. These are one of the safest options for that purpose as well. It would help if you use these cards, which will be protected by pin. It will also be a better option if that payment or any other transfer is free of cost.
  • These cards will offer you a better rate than all other traditional payment options like cash or traveler’s cheques.
  • You don’t even have to pay the 2-5% tax on these cards that you need to pay if that will be via debit or credit card itself.
  • Once you load your card with a particular foreign currency, the fluctuation won’t change that amount. So, it will be fixed for your travel.
  • A 24×7 customer service will always be a better option, and you will surely get that with these cards.
  • You will find these cards always available. All the other payment options might only be perfectly available for you sometimes, but you will get these cards to be there and access those at any time.
  • Most places in different countries will accept these types of cards for payment. You will also be able to withdraw cash with the help of these cards.
  • Once you go for these cards, you will also get free insurance.


There is no disadvantage to these cards while you will travel abroad. On the contrary, this one is one of the perfect options for carrying money in other countries.

Debit or Credit Cards

Now you need to know about these types of cards themselves. Once you know those factors, it will be easier to understand the perfect one.

Best Usage

You can go for other payments with these cards, like air tickets, restaurant and hotel bills, and car rentals, and even withdraw money in that country’s currency.


  • You will get some interbank exchange rates if you access these types of cards while you purchase something or pay any bills, and even if you will make some withdrawals as well.
  • Debit cards will be one of the most convenient options if you will go for withdrawals from ATMs. 
  • You might get lower currency conversion rates with credit cards than with exchanges.
  • There are chances to get no foreign transaction fees for some credit cards.


  • The first ever thing you need to face will be the non-acceptance of these cards in different places in other countries.
  • There will be different types of fees you need to pay if you use your debit card in other countries. So, a travel card with 150+ countries acceptance will be a better option.
  • There might not be theft or lost protection for your cards, so it might bother you a lot.
  • Once you return from the other country, you need to pay off your credit card bills immediately, or else there will be extra charges and a late fine.


You have already learned about these three cards: Forex Cards, debit, and credit cards. The best usage of the cards with the advantages and disadvantages will make you understand which one will be perfect for you. You have also got to know the payment processes and the direct comparison. Before you choose one, you must take care of a few other details. These details will be the final touch to your pick itself. 

If you choose the forex card, you will require a bit of research which will help you get the one with more offers and is more effective for you. Whereas, if you choose a debit or credit card, you need to inform your card provider and get a contact number to connect from abroad. You will also need to know about the charges beforehand for both cards. If that is going to be a debit card, you will need to know that it will be connected to a Visa or Mastercard network. Once you get to know and be assured about all these factors, it will be simpler for you to decide which one you would like to choose. Travel abroad with the perfect payment option now.

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