Hero Splendor plus- Everything about its features and specifications

The Splendor name has been present in the Indian marketplace for a very long time, and the Hero Splendor plus is a passenger motorcycle. The Splendor Plus has a few contemporary characteristics in its contemporary guise, including updated body graphics, alloy wheels, and a new color palette. The Splendor Plus continues to be the bestseller for Hero Motocorp.

The Splendor Plus has one of the most understated yet fashionable designs in its class. The motorcycle’s front has a rectangular headlight with a cowl, a roomy seat, and a smooth ride. The strong grab rail in the tail area, which also serves as a baggage rack, makes the part simple yet useful. Splendor plus price starts at Rs. 70,954, the Hero Splendor Plus is a good mileage motorcycle offered in India. There are 4 variations and 9 colors available, with the top variant of  Splendor price starting at Rs. 73,268. Check out Hero Splendor plus at Droom, a great commuting motorbike with a good balance of style and mileage is the Hero Splendor Plus. It is a good purchase because of the self-start and alloy wheels.

One of Hero MotoCorp’s most exquisitely constructed bikes is the Splendor Plus. Since the bike’s debut, it has been the topic of conversation. Splendor also won the title with a sizable lead in the month of October 2022. Splendor is the long-time market leader in the Indian motorbike class, having sold 2,61,721 bikes under its name.


Splendor Plus is propelled by a 97.2cc BS6 engine that produces 7.91 hp and 8.05 Nm of torque. Hero Splendor Plus develops an integrated braking system of both wheels with front and rear drum brakes. The gasoline tank on this Splendor Plus bike can hold 9.8 liters of fuel and weighs 112 kg.

The Splendor Plus’s 100cc carburetor motor has been modified with a fuel-injection system using Hero’s “XSens technology.” Now, the engine generates 8.05Nm at 6,000 rpm and 7.91bhp at 8,000 rpm. This results in a loss of 1.3 hp despite the torque figure remaining the same and hitting 1000 rpm slower. A four-speed transmission continues to be connected to the engine.

The Hero Splendor Plus’s notable feature is its mileage, which is also the main reason it is the most popular motorcycle in India. The Splendor Plus has an outstanding 81 Kpl mileage rating. A five-year warranty and 70,000 kilometers of warranty travel are included with the bike. However, the bike doesn’t require any substantial maintenance and operates smoothly.


Although the Hero Splendor Plus is a budget commuter motorcycle, it nevertheless has some good features. The motorcycle has a self-starter, which is uncommon in the 100cc commuter market. Additionally, the Splendor Plus has a rectangular headlamp with projecting turn signals. The twin-pod traditional instrument cluster provides all the essential details.

Alloy wheels are included with the Splendor Plus, which enhances the motorcycle’s appearance. The double cradle tubular chassis provides smooth riding kinematics. Telescopic forks up front and hydraulic shock absorbers at the back oversee the suspension. Drum brakes are present on the motorcycle at both ends. The motorcycle’s 11-liter fuel tank provides a respectable amount of range.

Hero did launch the new Black and Accent variation and the 100 Million Edition to keep the public interested even if the motorcycle’s appearance hasn’t changed. All of these are black, including the wheels, motor, and chain cover. The bike still has telescopic forks, double shock absorbers, and drum brakes on both ends. While the BS4 Splendor Plus weights 109kg (kerb), the improvements to the engine make the BS6 variant significantly heavier.


If you were asked to picture a cheap, fuel-efficient motorcycle with incredible features and high reputation, you would probably picture the Hero Splendor Plus. The Hero splendor plus price is well put according to the Indian market.

You can definitely see the bike in every other home if you happen to reside in an Indian middle-class culture. The Hero Splendor Plus bike is a top pick for most of the Indian society and is regarded as one of the greatest bikes in its sector.

Consider Splendor Plus as your new commuter only with Droom. Overall, this model is Hero’s best-selling product because of its low pricing and extensive sales and support network.

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