Discover the Best Real Estate Opportunities in Costa Blanca

Your Guide to Buying or Renting Property in Spain’s Stunning Coastal Region

The Costa Blanca region, which has a coastline spanning more than 240 kilometers, is home to various attractions that draw visitors from around the world. With more than 300 days of sunlight per year, its mild Mediterranean environment allows visitors to enjoy its gorgeous beaches and the many maritime sports fully.

The historical and cultural history of the Costa Blanca is in no way inferior to that of the surrounding areas; in fact, it boasts stunning natural areas and buildings that have been designated as UNESCO World History Sites. Its vibrant nightlife during the peak season gives the area an unmatched vibe and makes it a tourist hotspot. Visit for more details about properties for sale in Costa Blanca.

The current situation for the real estate market

The costs per square meter in this area continue to be very appealing, making it seem like a fascinating alternative whether you’re buying a home to spend your retirement, a second home for the family, or real estate to rent out. The Costa Blanca attracts investors from all over the world, including Spain, with its natural, historical, and modern settings.

Ideally situated, Calpe is close to the region’s major cities (only 24 kilometers from Benidorm and 63 kilometers from Alicante) and is easily accessible by car, train, or even the Alicante-Elche international airport, which is only a short drive away. The real estate market in Calpe offers a sizable and varied selection, including both numerous older homes and newer construction that will satisfy the needs of potential buyers.

Here is a brief overview of the past 20 years’ growth in Alicante’s real estate prices, the province’s capital.

● Real estate costs in Alicante: €1.292/m2 (Dec 2020), down 1.7% from the prior year

● Due to the Covid, transactions for Alicante were subpar in 2020: 34.733 -18% vs. last year

More and more overseas purchasers are looking for a pied-à-terre to stay in while on vacation or looking for an investment to use as a rental property. Almost always, renovation work is necessary for whatever cause.

On the one hand, purchasing a resale offers a major financial advantage that makes it possible to purchase a cheap home. On the other hand, remodeling offers the benefit of customizing the home to suit individual interests and preferences.

Reasons to Purchase a Property on the Costa Blanca

1. The world loves Alicante and the Costa Blanca

In addition to the stunning beaches found throughout Costa Blanca, the market values for real estate encourage the buying of a home here. Banks are currently offering discounted prices on items that have been vacant for a while owing to the crisis.

The demand for recently constructed items in the area is rising concurrently. This is just another sign of the booming real estate market and the fact that new builds are gaining market share relative to residences purchased from banks. Investors are especially pleased with the market’s development because a significant number of tourists visit Spain each year for vacations.

2. The Costa Blanca is not getting any bigger

It may seem obvious, but there are just a few truly stunning places near the most picturesque Spanish coastline region. But where are the best real estate markets?

A north-south division in terms of costs and locations is typical of the Costa Blanca. There are beautiful beaches, isolated bays with cliffs, and rugged promontories towards the north. The spurs of mountain chains that cross the beaches and plunge straight into the sea produce breathtaking coastal vistas.

3. Investment objects for holiday renting

You want others to use your ideal home even while you aren’t there, right? Due to the legislation governing tourist rentals being more leniently applied to owners of vacant homes, this has become a pretty simple process, and obtaining the necessary license is now very simple.

Rent revenue is more than desirable. A Denia villa can earn between 3.200 and 4.400 euros per week depending on its amenities and location. Similar returns might be expected from a luxury item, such as a villa in Javea, depending on its location and degree of equipment. Speak with your real estate broker for helpful counsel – it is always advisable, particularly when realizing your longtime desire, to seek professional guidance.

4. The prices are rising

The lovely seaside district of Alicante has experienced a more than positive total price development, as was already mentioned. Are investors already paying too much given the recent price increases? No, because it’s still possible to make a respectable entry-level purchase of a property in Denia or an apartment in Benissa.

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