Plenty Of Natural Light In The Kitchen Space Due to Velux Skylight

Choosing The Right Placement For Skylights In Different Rooms

Skylights are architectural wonders that can transform the ambience of any room by infusing it with natural light and an undeniable touch of elegance. While their benefits are well-known, the key to maximizing their impact lies in selecting the right placement for skylights in various rooms of your home. From creating a cosy reading nook bathed in sunlight to providing an airy atmosphere in the kitchen, the strategic placement of skylights can have a profound effect on the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces.

The Art Of Placement

The placement of skylights requires a thoughtful approach that takes into account the room’s purpose, orientation, and existing architectural elements. Let’s delve into the considerations for different rooms:

Living Room

The living room serves as the heart of a home, and introducing skylights here can drastically change the mood of the space. For optimal impact, place skylights in the centre of the room to evenly distribute light. This approach prevents harsh shadows and creates a balanced illumination throughout the day. Additionally, consider positioning skylights near seating areas or artwork to accentuate their presence.


In the kitchen, skylights can be a game-changer. By hiring a brisbane skylight installer you can place skylights above workstations, such as the cooking area or the sink, which can provide ample natural light for meal preparation and dishwashing. Moreover, skylights positioned above a central island or dining nook can create a bright and inviting space for family gatherings.


The bedroom should have an appropriate amount of both natural and artificial light because it serves as a private refuge for the occupant. Think about installing skylights at the foot of your bed so that you may ease into the morning with the rising sun. Frosted glass or blinds that can be adjusted are two options for reducing the amount of glare that may be seen in the morning.


Inadequate lighting is a common problem in restrooms; however, this issue can be remedied by installing skylights in strategic locations. By installing velux fixed skylights immediately above the bathtub or shower enclosure, one can generate the feeling of being in a spa while still keeping their privacy. Natural light can enter the space through the skylights. Additionally, skylights can help reduce the buildup of condensation by enhancing airflow.

Home Offices

Because they reduce the amount of eye strain caused by artificial illumination, skylights can help increase productivity in a home office. The illumination of your workspace will be uniform and free of shadows if you install skylights there. You should think about how your workstation is arranged to prevent direct glare on screens, and you should integrate materials that diffuse light if necessary.

Hallways And Corridors

It is possible to rapidly brighten dark hallways by installing skylights at suitable intervals throughout the space. The installation of skylights at either end of a corridor or directly above its intersections is one approach to make the space feel more welcoming and airy. This technique not only improves the aesthetics but also reduces the amount of artificial lighting that is required during the hours of sunshine.

Attic Or Loft Conversion

The installation of skylights is one of the most important steps in the transformation of an attic or loft into a livable area. Install skylights along the slope of the roof to let in as much natural light as possible and give the space an airy, open vibe. Because of its strategic placement, the newly renovated area may come off as less claustrophobic and more inviting.


Choosing the right placement for skylights in different rooms is a blend of science and art. It involves understanding the room’s function, the path of the sun, and the architectural features that can be accentuated. Well-placed skylights not only illuminate spaces but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. As you embark on the journey of incorporating skylights into your living spaces, remember that each room has its unique potential, waiting to be illuminated by the touch of natural light.

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