What is Bobtail Insurance, And Why Is It So Important

Bobtail insurance is a liability insurance plan designed to protect truck drivers who get into accidents when driving on duty without freight. These instances usually occur when a driver has dropped off a shipment and is headed to pick up another when they are on the way to pick up the first load of the day or on their way home after dropping off the last shipment of the day.

Bobtail insurance differs from standard liability insurance that a truck driver typically carries because it applies to accidents that occur on company time, even if the driver isn’t delivering a shipment. Standard liability insurance for truck drivers would typically be applied to accidents that occur when driving their trucks on personal time. This article will break down who bobtail insurance is for, what bobtail insurance typically covers, and how much you should expect to pay. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

Who Is Bobtail Insurance For

Typically drivers who sign up for bobtail insurance cite these reasons:

  • It is required to work with their company.
  • They frequently drive their semi-truck without freight during company hours.
  • They don’t have the funds to pay for damages, injuries, and lawyers that may arise if they are in an accident.

Drivers frequently say that bobtailing is significantly more dangerous than driving a truck with a shipment on the trailer. Steering and braking can become much more difficult and dangerous without the weight to counterbalance the truck.

What Does Bobtail Insurance Cover

Bobtail insurance is a liability coverage plan, meaning it doesn’t cover physical damage to your truck. However, it will protect you from paying for bodily injuries and property damage if you are at fault in the accident.

It’s important to remember that bobtail insurance only covers accidents that occur while your trailer is empty and you are still on duty. So if you’re in an accident while on vacation or doing chores, bobtail liability insurance will not cover it.

Similarly, if you are in an accident while carrying a shipment, bobtail insurance will not cover it, even if it’s a half-load.

How Are Bobtail Insurance Premiums Calculated

Bobtail insurance cost is calculated using several factors, including your driving history, which looks at how long you have been working as a truck driver and how many accidents you have been in. And how often you are bobtailing on the job; if they determine bobtailing is frequent, your insurance premiums may be higher. Other factors, such as your insurance history and how much coverage you want, will raise or lower your monthly costs on bobtail insurance.

Bobtail Insurance Can Protect You From Serious Financial Disaster

Driving a truck while bobtailing is one of the most hazardous conditions a truck driver will face, and it is a frequent source of accidents. With bobtail insurance, you are protected from financial liabilities in an unfortunate accident, making you feel secure that you will always be protected no matter the circumstances.

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