Beyond Customization Must Have Harley Davidson Styles

Beyond Customization: Must-Have Harley Davidson Styles

When it comes to American biker culture, nothing comes to mind faster than Harley Davidson. While other companies might try to give Harley a run for their money, they’re continuing to exceed sales predictions as the demand for motorcycles soars.

Are you one of the many who have gravitated toward the Harley Davidson brand over the years? If so, it’s time to embrace more than just the bike.

Biker fashion is a key part of the biker life, and there are some Harley Davidson styles that you won’t want to miss.

Read on to discover the biker fashion staples every Harley lover needs in their closets.

Harley Davidson Leather Jackets

If you’re ready to become a true Harley rider, the first thing you need to invest in is a Harley Davidson leather jacket. Keep in mind that not all leather jackets are considered safe motorcycle gear. If you plan to wear it when you ride, the leather should be at least one millimeter thick for optimal protection.

Harley offers a ton of different styles and cuts when it comes to leather jackets, and all of them will bear the emblematic Harley logo. If you want everyone to spot you as a Harley rider right away, go with a classic design with a massive Harley logo plastered across the back.

Harley Davidson Riding Jeans

When you’re hitting the open road, the more leather covering your body, the better. However, the classic Harley look is incomplete without a great pair of riding jeans.

Riding jeans should have a thin leg or boot cut to prevent the pant leg from getting caught up in your bike’s undercarriage. You can also pair them with a pair of leather chaps, which you can take off once you get where you’re going.

Limited Edition Harley Staples

If you want to stay on top of all things Harley, check out this ultimate guide to Harley Davidson. With this guide, you can keep track of everything from Harley clothing to the latest models and mods.

If you’re an avid collector looking for unique pieces, don’t miss out on any of Harley’s limited edition releases. This year, you can purchase 120th anniversary riding gear, including leather jackets, shirt jackets, letterman jackets, and work jackets. These are great pieces to have if you want to add both financial and sentimental value to your collection.

Pack Your Closet With These Harley Davidson Styles

If you’re devoted to Harley Davidson motorcycles, you’re probably devoted to looking the part, too. These Harley Davidson styles are a must-have for any Harley owner or enthusiast. Round out your wardrobe and don’t forget helmets and gloves before you head out for a ride! Do you want to know what else is trending in the world these days? Stick around as we cover the latest buzz on everything from fashion to digital marketing

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