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Apart from complete abstinence, among the strategies of addiction recovery is moderation. However, is it true or false?

If you have worked in a rehab facility or are familiar with recovery strategies, you know that people regularly preach on abstinence. However, in this regard, there is another strategy for recovery that keeps popping up – moderation. Questions are understandably present about it, as it does not seem to be effective, at least in […]

importance of good quality bed and mattress

5 things you should know about good quality bed and mattress

When shopping for the latest furniture, the mattress is hardly ever the first thing that comes to our mind. While adorning the house with chic furniture, new beds and modern modular kitchens, mattresses often fail to attract the attention of the house- dwellers. Most people fail to comprehend the major role that mattress plays in […]

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100% best free social media marketing courses online 2018

Disclaimer: Before you dive deep into the article let me warn you this “100% free and paid social Media Marketing courses” is deliberately made detailed and long, it is designed in such a way to discuss the advantages and importance of social media marketing courses in 2kxx. Here we are not going to discuss digital […]

best content writers in chennai
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How to find the Best Content Writers in Chennai?

Disclaimer: Though this article targets the small business owners in Chennai to find the best content writers in Chennai, the core idea of finding the best content writers applicable universally. Actually, why do you need to find the best content Writers to promote your brand? Is it that much important? Yes. Data says, 93% of […]

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Top 11 Tips for Healthier Sleep Habits

Sleep issues creep up on people at different points of their lives. When I was in college, I couldn’t stay asleep in bed for more nights then I’d like to admit. The problem was so persistent that it drastically impacted my studies. Research shows that long-term sleep deprivation causes serious health conditions such as obesity, […]

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MHT CET 2018 Difficulty Level in Class with JEE Main Here’s how

The Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, the conducting body of MHT CET exam has planned to raise the level of questions to be at par with JEE. Changes have been brought by working on the exam pattern and weightage. Through MHT-CET, one can take admission in various Engineering, Pharmacy, Technology and Agricultural courses. On the […]

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Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your NEET preparation

Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your NEET preparation With technology touching every aspect of human life, we can already witness a gradual shift from archaic classroom education system to a more flexible and easily accessible one; from traditional book to brain approach. The ease and flexibility facilitated by YouTube makes students reach out to it […]

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KVPY: How will it Benefit the Research Enthusiasts

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) exam acts like talent scout for the most talented researchers in the field of Basic Sciences and is a promising scholarship opportunity for the same. This exam is to secure admissions and reserve seats in prominent educational institutions. The main aim of Kishore Vaigynaik Protsahan Yojana exam […]

real estate agent tools

4 Essential real estate agent tools to improve productivity

Tools are deployed in our daily activities to make the human job easier either hardware or software. No more physical hard-work is required by human creatures to complete the task rather we need an intellectual mind to pick the right tool for the right job in any field. Technology is revolutionizing every field to make […]


Essentials You Need to Know Before Your Next Car Service

This is a Sponsored Content from HotUkSavings, To publish your article on SocialTalky please write to [email protected] Servicing your car can be an expensive endeavour and the last thing you want is a stacking bill during your next visit to the mechanic. A regular check-up of your car is necessary to ensure that it is […]