A Guide to the Different Types of Dressers

A Guide to the Different Types of Dressers

Have you heard that the global furniture industry is worth close to $550 billion?

When it comes to organization and storing your belongings, a dresser is an essential piece of furniture. With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right dresser can be overwhelming.

What types of dressers are there? Read on to break down the options.

Standard Dresser

The standard dresser is the most common type of bedroom dresser. It often features a long, rectangular shape with multiple drawers arranged vertically or horizontally.

Standard dressers offer a generous amount of storage space and are suitable for any bedroom size. They come in various styles and finishes. You can find a dresser that effortlessly complements the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Chest of Drawers

When it comes to dresser options, a chest of drawers has a tall and narrow design. It often consists of multiple drawers stacked up. You can find them at many furniture and mattress stores.

Chests of drawers are ideal for rooms with limited space as they maximize storage capacity without taking up much floor space. You can enjoy them in bedrooms, guest rooms, or even living rooms.

Lingerie Chest

A lingerie chest is a specialized dresser that stores delicate and smaller clothing items such as lingerie, socks, or accessories. It often comes with several small drawers that have compartments or dividers.

There’s plenty of convenient storage for your personal items. Lingerie chests are compact and can fit in small spaces. They make phenomenal bedroom furniture.

Dresser With Mirror

Are you hunting for functional and stylish types of furniture? A dresser with a mirror is a fabulous option. These dressers often have a large, framed mirror attached to the top or back.

The mirror serves its practical purpose and adds depth and elegance to your bedroom. Dressers with mirrors are perfect for getting ready in the morning. They can add intrigue to your bedroom.

Gentlemen’s Chest

A gentlemen’s chest is sometimes called a bachelor’s chest. It combines the features of a dresser and a wardrobe. It has multiple drawers on one side and a single or double-door cabinet on the other.

Gentlemen’s chests offer ample storage space for clothing and other items. They’re a popular choice for people looking for rustic furniture options.

Media Chest

In the age of technology, a media chest is a practical addition to any bedroom. These dressers are designed to accommodate media equipment. This can include televisions, gaming consoles, or DVD players.

They feature open shelves or compartments with wire management systems to keep your electronics organized and cords hidden.

Have You Heard of These Types of Dressers?

Educating yourself on the different types of dressers will make shopping more effective. You’ll be able to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while meeting your storage needs.

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