7 connections between sales and sex

Both sex and sales are not easy thing but gives you the same feeling. Everyone love to have sex and every business man wants to sell more. His/Her intention on both will never change always want more but it is the responsibility of the person who is in charge in sales or at sex to satisfy other. So here we have 7 connections between sex and sales.

Both sex and sales are art you need to know when to do what
Connections between sex and sales
1.Important foreplay

Foreplay is very important in sales, you cannot directly go and sell the product or service to your client .You need to approach your client with your prospectus in your cold call and give him time to take decision don’t urge your client to take action immediately by disclosing discounts like  ”Sir if you confirm the order today itself ,you get a discount” This will create an idea you are trying to sell the product not to support his problem.

Be a solution provider understand his needs and showcase your product or service as a solution to his problem. Read 19 Sure Ways to Earn Passive Income of $76,000 in 2019

2.Be a receiver

Either you or your partner has to be the dominant, both of you cannot be at a time.

Both salesperson and prospect cannot be dominant at a time, be a receiver listen to your client and then reply to his query. If you don’t know the answer be frank and take your time and answer him the next day.


3.Appreciate her

Appreciating her while having sex will increase the bond between the couples and help her feel more.

Appreciate your client in a possible ways like “He may be the solution provider to his/her client or he may be performing well in his niche let him know you have knowledge about the field and little knowledge about your client. But don’t overdo, don’t sit and keep on appreciating. Read 50 working ways to promote your business

4.Help her unhook

You will definitely help her when she got struck.

If your client got struck with some other issues guide him to come out of it. For example he may be facing problem with some other third party service which is not related to your domain but you can guide him by suggesting some other service or help him to connect with the person with mountable knowledge in the field.

5.Learn how to ****

Without knowing you won’t enter the room.


Without having deep knowledge about your product or service don’t enter your prospect’s room. Sales man should have more knowledge than anyone in their business.

6.Change the position

Doing the same repeatedly will bring boredom, isn’t?

Even in sales it happens need not to simply talk about your product, you can make 10 slide presentation, Handouts, Video presentation in tablets or in laptop, live demo or free trial. This will make your client to engage in discussion.

7.Not satisfied try later

In spite of putting your effort ,she/he may not be satisfied.

This may happen in sales ,you may be the best explainer and seller but sometimes you fail to satisfy your customer needs and fail to convert the lead don’t worry prepare well try after some time with added energy and features.

These are seven connections we found between sex and sales if you know more please comment down we will add it up.

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