6 Lesser Known Hidden Features in Cars

6 Lesser Known Hidden Features in Cars

We all look forward to the latest technologies with every vehicle we purchase. From wireless charging technology to color LED headlights and more, there are always innovations accompanying these machines.

But what about the hidden car features that car manufacturers include within the car specs? Manufacturers often have these features to improve the driver’s overall experience. The hidden features are often excellent additions within the vehicle for safety, comfort, and other purposes.

If you want to learn about the latest hidden features in cars, you can follow this article. We’ll uncover the hidden parts of some of the most popular vehicles.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a lesser-known hidden feature in cars. It helps drivers maintain a pre-programmed speed. It adjusts the pace to keep a pre-determined distance from cars in front of the vehicle.

It uses radars and cameras to monitor traffic. It slows down and speeds up accordingly, keeping the car at a safe distance. It is a great safety feature as it reduces the risk of an accident.

This system allows drivers to keep a safe distance from the preceding car. Adaptive cruise control is an excellent feature for frequent long-distance drivers. It helps the car automatically adjust its speed according to the flow of traffic, providing a far safer and relaxing experience.

2. Lane Assist

Lane assist is a lesser-known hidden feature in cars that helps drivers stay in their lane on the highway. A vision-based system helps drivers keep their vehicles in the center of the lane. This feature utilizes sensors in the car to detect when the car starts to veer out of its lane.

The sensors then alert the driver via an audible sound and vibrate the steering wheel. Lane assists help the driver in keeping the car in the lane by providing feedback to the steering wheel or applying slight adjustments to the car’s steering and grip.

Other features include pre-collision systems, which detect vehicles or objects ahead of the car, helping the driver brake promptly if an obstacle is encountered.

3. Night Vision

Thermal imaging is an incredible hidden feature in cars now available that is not widely known. The feature works by scanning the car’s surroundings using two thermographic cameras that detect the heat generated by particular objects. It then displays the obstacles and pedestrians in the car’s path on its screen.

This feature is excellent for detecting objects hidden from the driver’s vision due to dark weather or an obstruction in the road. In addition, the feature helps drivers to have a better view of the surroundings when maneuvering the car.

It also helps drivers to have a better understanding of the surroundings when visibility is a challenge. As a result, it reduces the risk of accidents associated with being unable to see an object in the car’s path. Thermal imaging in vehicles is still in its infancy but will become a popular feature.

4. Blind-Spot Detection

Blind-spot detection is a clever system that utilizes sensors and specially placed cameras to monitor the blind spots on either side of your car. It can alert you when it senses a potential hazard, such as another vehicle or an object too close to your car.

This feature can provide invaluable safety assistance while driving on crowded city streets or wide-open highways. It can help you avoid dangerous situations, such as changing lanes when it’s unsafe, and prevent potential accidents. It’s a feature that every driver should know about and use whenever possible.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert is a handy feature present in cars that can help drivers maneuver their vehicles in reverse. This feature detects vehicles in the car’s blind spot and emits a sound as a warning for the drivers to be cautious.

Forward-collision alert detects vehicles in front of you and provides a signal to help reduce the potential for a rear-end collision, while park-assist allows drivers to park their cars without much effort. All these features are hidden but come in very handy while driving.

5. Automatic Emergency Braking System

Cars today come with a variety of hidden features which make them safer and more efficient. The automatic emergency braking system of vehicles is one such feature.

AEB uses sensors and cameras to detect objects in the vehicle’s path and will apply the brakes right before a collision occurs. Additionally, AEB can be supplementary to traditional braking systems or be part of the car’s safety system.

You can get a great deal on a new car, crossover, or SUV with this feature at a car dealership serving Peoria, CA. When buying a car, ask about all the features that it offers so you can choose the best one for your lifestyle.

6. Remote Start Systems

Remote start systems are a lesser-known hidden feature in cars that have transformed how many people use them. With these systems, drivers can start their vehicle from as far as 150 feet away, which offers excellent convenience when running errands and starting cars in cold weather.

Remote start systems also often include keyless entry and, depending on the model, can have up to five associated critical fobs. Some systems feature turbo timers, which enable the engine to continue running for a pre-determined amount of time after the driver has exited the vehicle.

These systems can adjust the temperature, interior heat, and air conditioning and provide dashboards that show performance data. Finally, remote start systems also usually come with paging and remote trunk release features, making it easier for car owners to access their cars without fumbling for their keys.

Know the Hidden Features in Cars Today

Cars have many great hidden features that many of us are unaware of. Cars have much to offer, from air conditioning systems to secret compartments and homing devices. Save time trying to figure out how to use your car’s features – instead, explore the hidden features in cars and take advantage of them. Research now and start making smarter driving decisions!

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