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Watch Hotstar in USA for Free in 2019 (Amazon Gift Card Promo Code Included)

Hey! Do you want to watch Hotstar in USA for Free in 2019? Yes, it is possible. I got my Hotstar USA membership for FREE. This is applicable for the entire year of 2019.

Let me explain you how I got this.

Hotstar now has membership plans of $100 per year or $10 per month. They have a hot demand in 2019 as they will telecast some sincilating shows like IPL 2019, ICC World Cup 2019, Kabaddi League, Bangladesh Premier League, India vs Australia series and many more.

Hotstar wants to make themselves popular in the USA market with millions of subscribers with various promotions. As part of that, I got my Hotstar membership for FREE as I am a popular blogger and social media marketer.

They had sent me an email, I did not reach out to them.

So, you can watch Hotstar in USA for FREE if you are a popular blogger or social media marketer or influencer like me. Don’t be disappointed if you are not.

I will give you an exclusive Hotstar Promo Code that no one can ever give.

Use Promo Code CRF1880 and you can watch Hotstar for just $1.25 per month. It’s almost free, I would say.

How much does your coffee costs? Minimum $2. Am I right?

But, it costs just $1.25 per month to watch all the cricketing action, latest movies, popular shows like Coffee with Karan, Breakfast with Champions, Mega Serials, Regional Shows in over 13 languages.

Signup at You can cancel your membership within 48 hours if you are not satisfied and you will get your full amount refunded.

How Hotstar USA Promo Code Works ?

As I told you, Hotstar now has an annual membership plan which includes sports packages and entertainment packages. This would cost you. If you use my Promo Code CRF1880, you can get 40% discount plus a Free $30 Amazon Gift Card.

HotStar Promo Code
HotStar Promo Code

40% discount on $100 plan would make it $60 only. Also, you will receive a free $30 Amazon gift card. This means effectively, you will get the hotstar membership for just $30 ($60 minus $30).

$30 per year equals to just $2.5 per month.

But, didn’t I say that you can get it for just $1.25 ?

Here is an open secret ! You can share your Hotstar USA account with your friend as well.

Yes, 2 people can share same Hotstar USA account and watch at same time.

You can watch either on your smart tv or laptop or even in your mobile.

Now, tell me how much will it cost you if you share with your friend? Just $2.5 divided by 2 = $1.25.

PROMO CODE RELATED Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

1. How can I use the above promo code ?
Ans : Follow the below simple steps.
1. Open
2. Enter details like your name, email address and password
3. Click on “Sign Up” button
4. Enter your debit/credit card details
5. Click on “Have a Promocode?” link just below the credit card details
6. Enter the promo code CRF1880 here and click “Apply” button
7. Select the terms and conditions check box
8. Click on “Start Membership”

Now, just sit back, relax and enjoy the shows on Hotstar.

2. When will I receive my Amazon Gift Card?
Ans : You will receive the Amazon gift card in 4-6 business days to the email you used for registration

3. How can I reach Hotstar USA customer service for any issues?
Ans : You can email them on or call at 1833-212-2120

4. What are the popular shows I can watch on Hotstar USA?
Ans : You are eligible to watch all the shows that are available on Hotstar. There is no limitation on the programs if you use the discount promo code. Some of the popular shows available on Hotstar USA network are :

Hindi :- Koffee with Karan, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishqbaaz and more

HotStar USA Popular Shows
HotStar USA Popular Shows

Regional :- Karthika Deepam, Chinnathambi, Super Singer Junior, Kasthooriman, Sarvamangala Mangalye and more

Curated Shows :- Mega Icons, Design HQ, India’s Mega Kitchens, Ekaant, India Remonetized

Sports :- IPL 2019 (Live, Replay, Highlights – all included), ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 (Live, Replay, Highlights – all included), Vivo Pro Kabaddi League (Live, Replay, Highlights – all included), US6 , Breakfast with Champions, Follow the Blues, Game Plan, This Week’s Special

HotStar USA Breakfast with Champions
HotStar USA Breakfast with Champions

5. Can I watch old shows like Mahabharat, Siya Ki Ram, Devo ka Dev Mahadev etc?
Ans : Yes, you can watch. All available old shows like Mahabharat, Siya Ki Ram, Devo ka Dev Mahadev and more can be watched with this discount coupon. There is no restriction on what you can watch.

6. I cancelled my subscription within 48 hours, will I still get the Amazon Gift Card?
Ans : No. This offer is only for continuing subscribers. If you cancel your subscription within 48 hours, you will get your full amount refund. You will not receive the Amazon gift card.

7. Can I get this offer on entertainment only pack?
Ans : No. This discount is valid only for Sports & Entertainment Yearly Pack of $99.99.

8. What are the popular movies I can watch on Hotstar USA?
Ans : Hotstar USA adds new movies every week in all above mentioned languages. Some of the popular and trending movies are Badhaai Ho, Sanju, Baahubali, Baaghi 2 etc.

HotStar USA Trending Movies 2019
HotStar USA Trending Movies 2019

9. I am from South India. Are South Indian languages also included in this pack?
Ans : Yes, all the South Indian channels under Star Network are available for you. Most popular languages available for now are Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, English, Kannada, Gujarati.

10. Can I still avail this offer if I subscribe on the Hotstar app?
Ans : No. This offer is availble only if you use a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari) from your laptop or mobile phone. Apply the promo code CRF1880 correctly during the sign-up process.

Offer is valid only for limited accounts. Sign up before it reaches the limit. Call Hotstar USA customer service (details given above) or comment below if you need any help.

Its just $15 per year, means $1.25 per month to watch IPL, Cricket World Cup 2019, Serials, Latest movies, Coffee with Karan and more..

Netflix charges $10 per month. Support Desi companies and artists , let the money flow to India. Don’t forget to apply promo code CRF1880 correctly (no spaces and last letter of CRF1880 is zero, not letter “O”).

Signup at You can cancel your membership within 48 hours if you are not satisfied and you will get your full amount refunded.

All the best. Have a great year of entertainment. Enjoy the cricketing action !

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