Unsatisfied human

No this doesn’t have any relation with sex but with your lifestyle .Its a dream of all the final year students to get placed in a good company so their life is settled so they can rest in peace after their retirement from their job they got during campus placement. This is the dream of everyone but reality has different mix design for your life. Almost all the students from tier one colleges are getting good placement with handful package and sometime companies are running out of candidates to recruit. This is the scenario in top colleges.

But in Tier two colleges only few companies visit and recruit very few people, these colleges are having the concept of bulk placement where almost all the students land up in IT companies irrespective of their major . Colleges bombast with their placement students are also happy they got placed and got something better than jobless students.

But do you think they are happy with their job? In a sample of 50 freshers in corporates 40 people are not happy with what they are doing even though the company pays higher than their friend’s. During their college they thought package is important but now the scene is different job satisfaction is important than pocket satisfaction.

You are living your life day by day ,spending your day in your office if you don’t like your job then you don’t like your day if you don’t like your day there comes the empty space, what I am doing here?

When I enquired most of them are complaining about the work timings and the pressure from top level in the beginning stage itself. Almost 90% of the corporates not realizing one man-day is eight hours.

The top construction company in India having head office in Chennai is making their employee to work even in Sundays only half day holiday in Sunday but paying higher salary than other construction companies, it is the dream company for the freshers to get into this but after that? my friend always complain about the working hours he doesn’t have time to spend the money he earned then what is the point of earning.



Job satisfaction

It’s not only one company  almost all the IT companies are following long working hours Bangalore based analytical company is also making their employees to work till 2 or 3am in the morning they want the team to complete their project doesn’t mind about the employee, they also paying high.

You should not come to the conclusion, if the company pays you high they ask you to work for long .No, even the so called mass recruiters for low packages also compelling their employees to work late night.

But it is a general myth that companies paying higher squeeze more from you if it is the case think of Facebook and Google they are paying higher than any other companies and their employees are satisfied with what they are doing. It’s on the hand of corporates to treat their employees.

Your company knows the ratio of man power available in India and the job opportunities so they know very well you care for your job and will go with the company policy. You can’t raise your voice against this they will simply ask you if you don’t like the job please resign.

Some of them quit their job and go for higher studies to land In some other company with boosted package but with same work culture .In this competitive world they need to work harder than their competitor and in need of satisfying the customer so the companies are forcing themselves to force their employees to work late hours.

Don’t stay in a job if you don’t like it ,it not only spoil your day but your life. Don’t depend on the salary figure move on where you feel your presence. Save some money while you earn so that you can quit and start your business. Love your job don’t try to balance between work and life weigh life more than work .You are earning to live not living to work .Make sure whatever you do brings happiness. Don’t complain on anything come out with the solution if job is your problem don’t stay there and keep on lamenting if you know the solution be bold to execute it.

Companies should also try to respect their employee’s privacy , a satisfied employee is more loyal than satisfied wife. Try to satisfy your employee he will satisfy you.

It’s not only men even women also facing the similar situation in her work, there are few satisfied animals among unsatisfied humans.



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