Know your boyfriend

If you are in love or getting the feeling of falling in love then this may help you to some extent to get to know about your boyfriend.

  1. Your boyfriend is a human like you he has likes and dislikes don’t try to change him by forcing your likes on him. Accept what he is.
  2. If he is a video game freak let it be don’t dislike him go and give a shot in a game with him it is romantic to play a game with your boyfriend.
  3. Until you find the clear vision of your relationship don’t ask him or expect him to pay for you and don’t even pay for him, pay for what you had. It’s better to share your expense with your boyfriend whenever you hangout.
  4. He got lot of friends before you are in to his life, don’t restrict him to hang out with his friends.
  5. He got lot of works to do other than you because everyone is not boss of his own life, he may not attend your call be patient and have maturity, don’t argue talk like adult.
  6. It’s not your boyfriend duty to always gift you, you can also surprise him with gifts need not to be with rich tag but with love.
  7. Don’t expect him to take you to shopping always and spend more for you, try to shop less and shop for him also.
  8. Before getting into serious relationship discuss your financial status with him and try to understand his economic status and think about your relationship.
  9. Be clear with your intention, if you looking for a short term relationship be clear to state your position to him don’t disclose it at end.
  10. If you thought he is rich but found he is middle class tell him that you cannot continue in relationship be true and clear.
  11. Believe him at any cost he will be true to you in all moment and don’t be suspicious always.
  12. Give him space to express his feeling don’t dominate him always by keep on talking .Listen to him he too got many things to share with you.
  13. Don’t ask him always “Do you love me “he is loving you that’s why he is sitting next to you and listening to you.
  14. Don’t make him jealous by flirting with your friend in front of him.
  15. If you want him to talk dirty, open up and start the conversation there is nothing wrong in it,he is your boyfriend.
  16. Boys are not smart to understand girl’s language, you know if you say no it means yes, but boys are not clever enough so be clear in your communication.
  17. Do all your jobs by yourself your boyfriend is not your servant get a help from him only you cannot do it alone .Make your boyfriend proud among his friends.
  18. Don’t change your passion, interests because of your boyfriend make sure he is not controlling you and don’t try to control him.
  19. Respect him, Great relationships are built more on respect than anything else including love.
  20. Discuss your plans before you take any decision, you are taking his suggestions or not that’s not important but put a word to him before you take.
  21. Try to be the best sex partner that he wouldn’t trade for anyone. Keep things exciting and spontaneous.
  22. Encourage him in his decision, he wants you to support and motivate than anyone in this world be a moral support for him.Know your boyfriend
  23. Let him know that you don’t always need a big time to be happy together that sometimes just being together is enough.
  24. Hold his hand when you walk with him and be the first to hold.
  25. Apologize for whatever is wrong on your part of an argument then stop talking about the issue. Let your partner show you a change instead of expecting them to talk about it.
  26. Be clean and dress up neatly means need not to be costly but decently with what you have.

If you are breaking up with him for some reason be honest and clear for why are you doing this but before you do this think thrice why you started loving him.




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