Ladies don’t share your number

This article is exclusively for women, after the advent of social Medias it is easy to get to know the strangers but at the same time we should be very careful in our moves. I recently came to know the number exchanging groups in Facebook and other social Medias.

Actually men of age from 23 to 50 are doing this stuff they just want to do sexting or sex with some strangers that too house wives are preferable. So they simply exchange the contacts they have may be they got from their friends or they exchange call girls numbers but most of the guys need housewives or college girls numbers they are not interested to do with call girls since many of them are educated.

They are maintaining separate groups for every city for example “Contact exchange Chennai, Bangalore aunties contact exchange” they simply enrolling themselves and sharing the contacts with others if you give him functioning contacts in exchange he will also provide the same .To my surprise when we dived into this we created a fake profile and given my contact(boy) but to an exchange he provided the housewife number from Tambaram(Chennai) her husband is in Malaysia and she is working here that guy some how got her number and called her everyday and did sexting one day he somehow managed to have sex with her from then he is her secret affair but ladies to your surprise it is not going to end with that guy.

He is simply sharing your number with other guys who are all exchanging numbers with him so if ten guys share number with him he will share your number with ten guys and they are not only stopping with sharing numbers but also they are teaching how to make it done they give them complete details about you how to approach ,where you stay, what is your husband, how many times you had sex with him ,how many guys had sex with you , to your surprise they are telling your sizes also.

Everything started with somehow he got your contact later he got you now you are in the hands of ten .Later these ten people will contact you through WhatsApp or simply call you continuously unless you change your number or you have sex with them. Once they are done with you these ten people will share your number with another hundred people and it goes on. If you are a call girl you charge for it and your business grows but if you are a college student or housewife what will be your family status after this.

It’s not only they are sharing their secret affairs number but also they are sharing their friends (girl) number so if the receiver find it is a girl he will share his number but the giver never mind whether they continue or not but most of the time if the girl is matured enough she won’t allow him to go further.

Housewives are having secret affair because they are not satisfied with their husbands or some other reasons but nowadays you cannot stop with one so please make sure you are not sharing any contacts with him even though you did try to change your number before it becomes national emergency number.

Add to cart button in matrimonial sites

Now your life can be decided in single touch, Matrimonial sites bring this possible all you have to do is to create an account in their website or to download their app in your smart phone. Since we are into ecommerce age you can get everything in single touch on add to cart button and can make an online payment. Since people are busy in their life they don’t even have time to spend extra time to find a bridegroom or bride so the advent of matrimonial sites which sells boys and girls made the process simple.

All you have to do is to create an account, all the matrimonial forms are designed with Indians in mind right from caste, religion ,sub caste, your salary, family type everything is mandatory you cannot skip anything but some additional information are optional.

Once you are done with the account, app will suggest some matches but if you want to chat with your matches you have to get a subscription from them either you can go for monthly or quarterly it’s based on the app, you want this option in Tinder right?

So once you are satisfied with your match you can marry him/her.

Just imagine to make it more easier, an add to cart button can help you to finish the marriage and if the guy need dowry they can pay online may be some time you can get coupons once the dowry payment is done you will get a notification in your mobile from the next day you can go and start living more importantly first night on the first day, hilarious isn’t?


Do you think this is how the marriage works? Do you think it’s a better way to fix your 40 or 50 years of life with your partner? Do you think you cannot find a better way to find a partner for your daughter? Do you think you cannot fall in love?

indian marriages


No, shaadi doesn’t work this way rather it needs lot of love before you couple up. To our surprise when we asked few people (youngsters) regarding the matrimonial sites they said it’s an another dating site means desi Tinder not for marriage.

My parents without my knowledge created an account for me and posted their mobile number to find a guy for me – a girl added .Another guy said even my parents created a profile and texted the girl like me to know more about her.

So youngsters are not into this only parents are using matrimonial sites rather they use Tinder for to find a better mate .Youngsters want to decide and choose the life partner to the rest of their life they know whether he/she fit for me whether it will work or not whether they can be happy or not. Yes parents care about their child but they need not to act as a seller in snap deal or in flipKart .

Nowadays arrange marriages are fading away then how ecommerce marriages can work but some people are happily married .

No I won’t say, they don’t find anyone and nobody find them to fall in love.

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How to read a book?

Many of us are reading books some of them are bookaholic they keep on reading books in different genre but after reading a book many of us are facing a problem we forget the characters and some scenes we realize this when we explain the story to our friends or when we recalling the story when we are alone .This is not only your problem but almost everyone is facing the similar problem but some   people could grasp the core of the book.

Here I am writing down five things you should consider before you read a book.

1.Atmosphere make sure you are in silent environment without any disturbances, listening to song or speaking to someone while reading can disturb your subconscious.

2.Slow and steady don’t try to finish the book within one day just try to split the book and make a schedule, for example if it is 300 page book you can read 30 pages per day though it is small number take considerable time to cover the 30 pages. Slowly increase number of pages.

3.Involve in the story don’t read it as a book just read it like how you watch the movie bring all the characters before your eyes and make them to move give color and shape to the car, house and animals. Author just gave the power to imagine your own world.

4.Write down some of the characters in the last page with a hint ,while reading a big novel you may forget the characters this may help you to brush up.

5.If you don’t understand the line read again and again along with the previous line you will get it.

These five points can help you to read the book completely you can also some points in comment section.

Things you have to do before getting married

Everyone wants to marry but you cannot enjoy the same life as you did before you have to sacrifice a lot you have to sacrifice your time, patience and friends. Whatever the decision you take it affects your family you are not the individual anymore but more responsible than being single.

These are some of the things you have to do before marriage.

1.Travel a lot as much as you can explore the unexplored places.

2.Spend lot of time with your friends you know very well you won’t have the same time after.

3.Learn cooking it’s not only for a woman but also for you gentleman.

4.Save some money for your better half to experience bitter free life.

5.Make sure you are free from loan before you get married, after marriage can make your loan size bigger.

6.Stop masturbating at least one year before you get married the illusion of getting pleasure independently can make your sex life bitter.

7.Start learning all the housekeeping works from your mother remember she/he doesn’t want to do all the works on his/her own.

8.Start acting responsible in all your decision it will help you after marriage.

9.Start controlling emotions because of this many couples are ending up in divorce make sure you are not meant to hurt her.

10.Start doing exercise and make it regular it will help you in your sexual life to improve your stamina.

11.Make sure at least you celebrated your 25thbirthday.

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How to become a successful sales person?

At the end of the day if your products are not selling then they have to close their company, it applies for all the three sectors even the primary sector need to sell its outcomes at right time and for right price or else it will be perished it applies to secondary and tertiary sector also .So the individual or the team who sells the product are the heart of the company and standing as a company’s face to the customer if the product is not good then the sales person has to take the critics from the customers if it is good then he will carry the appreciation. Right feedback from the sales team helps the business to address their customer needs and to figure out the potential opportunity in the market which could help the business development team to devise a strategy.

Getting a sales jobs is easier than any other domain but to become the successful salesman you need to know the tricks, after experiencing sales profile in MNC I am writing down my observations and how he can improve him.

Many companies started realizing the fact the sales profile is much important than any other so they need to recruit a well-groomed people from big institutions or people with good experience in the market. The pay is also good for sales than operations.

But there is also opportunity for others in the arena like insurance companies, credit card sales, Rmx and so on where they need not to have high qualifications .Companies recruit these people for low basic pay and make them to work on incentive basis so these people work hard to sell more cards or concrete.

Whatever the product is there are something a sales person should know to become successful.

  1. Since he is representing the company he needs to dress well need not a branded one but a neat one with polished shoes since he is representing the company by seeing him the customer will get good impression on the company in this regard we can appreciate medical representatives they maintain very good outfit though the tie is not needed.                                                                                                                                                                                           How to become successfull sales person
  2. He should have a very good communication skill I mean need not to be fluent in English he should able to communicate his intention in his own language either it is Hindi or Telugu he should able to make customer to understand what he is trying to say.

3.Should have the complete knowledge on his product right from top to bottom it is the duty of the company to train his salesperson to have a complete knowledge about the product than any other department he should be in position to answer all the customer queries.

  1. Should not give any fake promises to customers, because most of the companies act on incentive basis to sell the product salesmen are giving some fake details like how MTS salesman gave me almost 90% incorrect details about the scheme and sold the product (MTS dongle) at the time activation I came to know the original scheme which made me a frustrated customer on MTS ,motivated me to mention their brand here. Explain only what your company is doing.How to become successfull sales person
  2. Respect your customer time ,he got lot of works to do but meeting your client is the only job for you so be five minutes earlier then the fixed appointment time. Don’t be late even if he delays be patient.
  3. Most of the time if the product fails or not delivered at the right time customer will only call and scold you. You are not supposed to react but respond you and your company know it is quality function mistake but your customer won’t understand that because you got the money from him.
  4. Coordinate with your customer till the product or service reach him completely.
  5. If it is B2B business try to maintain a long term relationship with the customer follow relationship marketing strategies.
  6. Since you are a salesman you have to handle lot of pressures from your company to achieve the target and from your customer for faulty service you have to handle both of them equally to overcome this issues practise yoga and meditation it will give complete control and I did it.
  7. Maintain a sales kit separately which holds your visiting card, customer cards, a personal notebook and what you needed. Write down everything in a personal notebook regarding the appointment.

These are the ten points I felt important you can also some more interesting points in comment section down below.

Things you should do after breakup

Yes if love happens breakup also happens we share our love with the one which we like the most care more than us. Our parents are in love with us, our sisters love us, our brothers love us, our friends love us even we love all of them but when we ditch with them we don’t worry that much or don’t take it that much serious .Your friends know more secrets than your love/lover but when we breakup with them we don’t find pain but why it hurts and pain a lot when it happens with our love/lover.

A non-blood relation which live only for you, born for you and die for you is only your lover/love no one commits suicide if he/she broke up with his/her friends but love failure will make you to attain the extreme decision which is to end your beautiful life in this beautiful world.

Due to love affairs only there are 4,168 suicides in India in one year .Do you think suicide is the only best solution after breakup. I am putting some points down which you can do after breakup.

  1. Find out the reason behind the scene and respond to it whatever the situation if you cannot solve it on your own get help from your own friends.
  2. Misunderstandings happens if it is the reason try to speak to her don’t let your ego in that place make your ego as your slave not your boss in front of your loved ones.
  3. Accept the fact that it is done and don’t think much over your breakup.
  4. Delete her contacts and all the stuff you have with you what reminds you her/him.
  5. Meditation will heal the pain in you practice yoga and exercise daily starts thinking positively you are going to start a new life.
  6. Concentrate on your work don’t obsess with your breakup though it is tough to follow.
  7. Make yourself busy person concentrate on the stuff you liked the most before you fall in love. Some people go to gym some starts writing so try to divert your thinking.
  8. Spend time with your families and friends they can be the good medicine for your wound.
  9. Need not to put an end to your marriage life find a girl/boy love more than what you did marry him/her or else go for arrange marriage.
  10. Yield a child concentrate on your family growth and “there is a life after love failure (copied)

Add some more points in comment section that will be added to the post later.

How to remember all my passwords ?

You may have accounts in more than one bank ,you may have presence in all the social platforms ,you may have more than one email account .But you have only one brain to dump everything it’s a human nature that you cannot keep remembering everything. If you are forgetting your passwords you can save it in your system smartly.

Yes simply follow the steps to save your passwords

Remove all the unwanted files from your desktop or move to the respective drive keep your desktop screen simple and clean.

1.Create a folder in your desktop screen, name the folder as ”fold

2.Open notepad and write down all your passwords and save it as “name.txt” inside the folder you created in desktop.

3.Now get some random picture and put it in the folder along with “name.txt” and name the picture as “pic.jpg

Now open command prompt in your system

1.type “cd desktop” and hit enter.

2.Then type “cd fold” (name is the folder you created in desktop) and hit enter.

3.Type “dir” and hit enter.

4.You can see two files in command prompt screen as shown in the image is the text file and another one is the image you saved in the folder.

How to remember your password

5.Now simply type the command lines in CMD

copy /b pic.jpg+name.txt =st.jpg” and hit enter.

copy<space>/b<space><picture file name>+<text file name><space>=<new pic_filename>

“You can replace the word Nizam with your own name or someother in the above snippet”.

You will get the message one file copied.

Now go to the folder in desktop you will see three files

1.Text file       2.image you saved         3.Newly created image by cmd.

Now delete the two old files and keep the newly formed one.

Right click on the new image and click “Edit with notepad” don’t worry if you don’t understand anything in the file just scroll down below you will find the passwords you saved.

How to remember all my passwords


Yes that’s it you can put all your confidential stuff like this.


Why Tamil people are not speaking Hindi?

Why you guys are not speaking Hindi? My dear north Indian friend asked me when we were in one month induction program in Mumbai people from other part of the states are fluent in Hindi and made friends quickly myself and another one from Chennai couldn’t make it but they keep on questioning me why Chennai people are not speaking Hindi? I simply say we love Tamil but I always keep questioning myself why we are not .It is not harm to learn a new language and it is also helpful but why we are refusing.

Tamilnadu has seen two major agitations against Hindi movement in 1937 when Rajaji made Hindi as a compulsory subjects in school and in 1965 when Hindi is again announced as sole official language. There was a huge change in political structure after anti-Hindi movement which gave DMK(Dravidar Munnetra Kazhagam) to capture the state by election and congress lost the election because of bringing Hindi as a sole official language .Tamil people liked to continue English as an official language but north Indians brought Hindi as a sole official language. It took 72 lives from Tamilnadu to bring back English as the official language in India.

If I explain this to my friend he won’t understand and say what’s wrong in learning new languages.

The very first thing is Tamil is the classical language and it can stand on its own leg without lending words from other languages. There were Tamil patriots like Periyar and Anna in that period which made them to fight against the Hindi movement to safeguard their mother language we say it as love it’s not only two people the entire Tamilnadu fought against it.

The second one may be fear, you know what happened when  banks introduced computers instead of notebooks ,bank labours were into strikes against this move because they feared they may lose the job because they don’t know how to operate system and they might be replaced by the guy with computer background.

So this applies here also if the government is making anything compulsory then their next move will be Hindi everywhere if you know Hindi you get government job or else you won’t so by doing this people from Tamilnadu may be refrained from jobs .

Second fear is ,fear of language if everyone started speaking in Hindi Tamil will exit from Tamilnadu , Yes surely this will happen you can realize it is happening today after learning English people started speaking in English even to the rickshaw people and to tea shops .We should analyse the psychology behind this, a guy is speaking English in public because people looking at him will imagine he is educated but if he speaks Tamil they will be clueless so choosing the minor language helps him to prove the people he knows something better than others so when two guys meet they start speaking in English in the same way if he starts speaking Hindi  he may stop speaking Tamil.

And the third thing is, it is unwanted for Tamil people in Tamilnadu we learn German if we are going for Germany for higher studies and learning Japanese if we are going for japan for higher studies so we are learning new languages when we have a need. Tamilnadu is rich in everything it has the more number of automobiles manufactures and IT parks in India got good colleges like IIT, Anna University, PSG, Madras University, Loyola and few. I still remember when my HR told me “you should be ashame of not knowing Hindi” I just smiled back at him because I know he knows how better Tamil is. Some people from Tamilnadu are working and living in North India but they can manage with their English.

And the important thing why Tamil people need not to put more focus on Hindi is ,It is easy for anyone mostly for Tamil speaking people to learn Hindi .I went to Mumbai without knowing the “ABC” of Hindi but after spending five months I started speaking in Hindi it’s not tough as you think. Tamil got more words and have unique word for each actions but you know very well in Hindi we use the same word for two or more actions and the grammar is also simple .A Tamil guy can speak Hindi as a native speaker but a non Tamilian cannot speak Tamil as a native Tamilian it will take lot of practice.

The above said is not to humiliate any language and praise Tamil but written in an attempt to show Tamil people can speak Hindi when they need it.

Recently I attended a meeting in my office all of them are native Tamil speakers and only one guy who was helming the meeting from Bangalore when he started speaking in Hindi everyone started responding in Hindi it was a great shock I thought none of them knew Hindi and I know little bit but to my surprise they are so fluent in Hindi then I learnt Tamil people know when to use which weapon.

How to be happy ?

If it is the question striking you head, then you are not a robot we don’t want captcha to confirm, if you have problem then you are a human who knows even animals may have personal problems like us.

When I was doing my final year in my college, Rotract club arranged a function they brought a magician from Goa she looks like she is 18 and addressed everyone with smile on her face till the end of the show. At the end she asked everyone to close eyes everyone did it and raised a question to the audience “If you think why it is happening only to me ,raise your hands” then she asked everyone to open your eyes to our surprise almost 99% audience in the auditorium were keeping their hands up. She concluded everyone is having problem and not happy with what they are doing its all about how we tackle the situation.

Yes everyone is having problem it’s all about how we face it ,I am writing this but even I too have some problems.Like breathing, eating, pooping problem is also part and parcel of this life you cannot ran away but you can face it.

The reason why you are not happy with what you are doing is, it’s not your job and you realized it now.

You may find that your friends are doing better job than you and if you are given that job you will be happier in your life you are thinking like this because you have not given the shot of what your friend is doing. Parallely your friend is also thinking about some other job. You are not satisfied because may be low salary, high pressure, big targets, doesn’t like the environment, not related to what you have studied, not a fancy job like your friend, you are not getting recognition for your work and so on but you have to stick to that due to some odd reasons, you know what is the reason better than me.

The second thing is you are living two life ,one in daytime and another one in night ,you are dreaming lot about your life when you are lying on bed and designing your future has to be like this but when sunrises reality is different.

The third one is lack of motivation on what you are doing, yes if you are not motivated enough then you will feel, what I am doing? some people motivate themselves some people need external factors like appreciation from boss, recognition from your colleague ,support from your family and may be from your girlfriend/boyfriend.

how to be happy

 Fourth one is boredom  doing the routine job daily may make you feel unhappy everyday sitting before the system and writing the code throughout a year make you feel bore which makes you unsatisfied with what you are doing.

Stop complaining about life and what you are doing, just find the solution .If you feel after two years you will get it then simply wait for the next two years till then dream about what you are going to do.

For example my friend was working in RMX industries he didn’t like the job he was keep on complaining for the first five months then he realized its not about complaining, only ordinary people complain extraordinary people find the solution he simply started preparing for MBA and he got an offer from prestigious institute .The thing is when he started preparing he is happy because he believed strongly that this is not the end and I will land up in good company if I prepare hard.

If you want the change don’t expect others to help, you have to help yourself be the change don’t complain if you don’t like the job find a job and believe me there are lot of opportunities out there. If you don’t find an opportunity create them.

If you are not getting opportunity then you are not eligible for the job, update your knowledge everyday don’t think that after school education is over.

I have a friend in Mumbai he doesn’t stay in job for more than one year but he get the next job easily he always update his knowledge frequently means did lot of online courses and updated his resume.

You will not be happy if you feel the happiness is outside remember it is within you and it starts from you, nobody cannot makes you happy except you.

Stop living two life at a time day and night it means not to stop dreaming but if you are dreaming in night and it is not making you to sleep that’s the one you want in your life, work on it in day time.

Accept who you are don’t set big goals for short period of time it will make you restless so write a milestones for your dream and make each milestones as your short term goals give enough time to work on it complete each short term goals which leads you to success.

If you are not working consistently on your goal then it means you are lacking in motivation ,think of the job you are doing right which you don’t want it will boost your brain to get out of this and you will go and work on your dream automatically.

If you want some external motivational factors listen to songs which could motivate you there are lot of pages in social medias which post motivational quotes that can act as a booster, read about the successful people all these factors can boost you to some extent then the rest lies on your hand I read lot of motivational quotes in social pages so whenever I surf it reminds me my dream so I suddenly turn off ,go and work on my dream.

Spent at least two hours daily on the stuff you like.

Don’t get boredom with your job and try to make it interesting by doing small things like helping your colleagues, having a plant nearby your workplace so that it will make the working environment better, never react to boss shout on you rather respond, greet everyone with smile, don’t expect anything from others rather try to give them some when they need your favour. Life is not about finding you, it’s about creating you.

Before you quit anything ask yourself, why I started this? Make sure whatever you do in life gives you happiness. If you are not happy the emptiness will push you to any extent.

Don’t compare you with others whom you think they are doing great believe in one thing that you are unique and born to live like an extraordinary human ,people you see are ordinary people don’t compare you with them.

Perseverance can make anything happen if you are not happy with what you are doing find what you want and pursue on it but never ever give up in between.


Why you should not complain about your life ?

A critic is often like a back seat driver who drives the driver mad (copied).If you feel proud that you are a critic first analyse your critic before you do that whether it is positive or negative critic if it is positive you will be liked by them but if it is negative you will be ignored by them.

It’s not only criticising others effort or life but also complaining and criticising your own life and efforts.

As a normal human being we are complaining about our life each and every day sometimes we feel for it and worry inside but sometimes we share it with our parents and make them also feel bad.

Some people complain on their relationship, wealth, health, jobs, studies, business, future, family, relatives. There are some people who don’t have anything compared to you.

You would have seen lot of physically challenged people begging in public places like temple, railway station and bus stand. They simply complain about their life and using their physique to gain mercy from public and converting it into money to survive.

But simply think of Nick Vujicic he is also physically challenged by birth, is he complaining about his birth? Is he criticising his God? Is he blaming his parents for his nature? No, but he is using it in a positive way to motivate people who are all emotionally challenged .You know there are lot of physically challenged people in the world .Do you remember anyone or the world talking about anyone who is begging in railway station ? No but the world talks about Nick because of his attitude towards life.

You can find the solution to your problems by simply accept it, change it, and repeat it.

Accept that you have a problem ,don’t try to pretend that you don’t have any problem, you can hide it from others because 50% of people will be happy that you have a problem ,49% of people don’t care about yours they got lot to do, and the remaining 1% is where your family and trust worthies fall. But don’t cheat yourself that you don’t have problem accept and embrace it, you feel happiness only if you feel the sadness, so it is good for life.

Tough life

I still remember that when I shared my problem with few of friends I realized some of them are not even care about me and two supported me since then I understood it very well and I stopped sharing my problem to every people I know but to selective .

Once you accepted the problem try to find the minute detail which is making you to feel worry and try to change it. If you are worrying about your job go and find some other job, if you are getting low wage go and speak to your manager by showing what you did, if you have a crush on a girl be a confident guy to tell her that you are in love , just open up to your father about your boyfriend, failed in the exams? Simple you have the second chance to vomit.

Elon musk wanted to make a new payment gateway for online transaction he created PayPal, He wanted to fly cheaper in space so he introduced SpaceX, He wanted to drive an electric car so he found Tesla Motors, He wanted better transport so he created Hyperloop. But Elon never complained about the world he is changing the world .The best solution to your problem is you, you are the only person who knows what the problem is and to your surprise you know what is the solution.

A boy studying in school knows how to get first rank ,simple if he studies or work little bit extra he can do it but knowing the solution also he doesn’t do that but simply complain if he fails in exams. Ordinary people complain extraordinary people change it, so be the change at least in your life.

Once you found the solution just keep the consistency and repeat that in your life whenever you encounter problem. Just take a deep breathe simply whenever you hear a problem.

Have a maturity in handling problem just receive it, accept it and don’t react be a responsible and respond to it take your time to solve it. Don’t become slave to it successful people never worry about it they make success as a slave. Have a control over your life.

I have faced lot of problems in life right from my schooling to job but simply facing it and trying to find the solution earlier before it take control of me. I can say before one year I was simply complaining about my first job but after reading a lot I learnt finding the right solution is the way not complaining if I don’t like the job I have to move from it I should not stay there and talk like ordinary people now I am happy with what I am doing.

You would have heard about this statement many times “The best way to solve the problem is to accept”.