Three Things You Need to Know About Divorce in Mississauga

Divorce Lawyers in Mississauga

Mississauga is Canada’s 6th largest growing city. You can find this fast-growing suburb in the province of Ontario. The city is home to several huge malls that made it a popular shopping destination. It is also known to be the headquarters of many local and multinational companies.

The fast-paced lifestyle that comes with Mississauga’s quest for progress is one of the reasons why, sometimes, some marriages fall apart. When dissolving the marriage is the last option left, you need to hire the best among all the Divorce Lawyers in Mississauga .

The most common reason for divorce in Canada, as shown in a recent study, is the consistent fighting over money. Arguments begin when couples do not follow budgets or compare each other about who spends more for the family. These issues often escalate to constant bickering, which leads to the decision to file for a divorce.

If you have exhausted all efforts to save the marriage and see divorce as the only option, you may check the following things that you need to know about getting a divorce in Mississauga.


The divorce law in Ontario is the same as the other places in Canada. Bear in mind that a spouse does not have to be a Canadian citizen to get a divorce. However, there are specific criteria that you must meet if you want a Mississauga court to end your marriage officially. You need to be legally married in Canada or any other nation.

Divorce Lawyers in Mississauga
Divorce Lawyers in Mississauga

There is an intent to separate from your spouse permanently, or you have already left your husband or wife. There should also be no possibility that you will get back together in the future.

You and your spouse have been residents of Mississauga or anywhere in Ontario for at least 12 months preceding your application.

Legal Reasons For Divorce

To get a divorce in Mississauga, you must have concrete proof that the marriage has broken down. According to law, a marriage is considered broken for the following reasons.

Your Spouse Committed Adultery

According to Canadian law, adultery occurs when a spouse has intimate, sexual activity with another person. It violates the marital bond, regardless of the nature of the actual sexual act performed. This act is devastating to the aggrieved spouse and can be grounds for divorce.

Canadian divorce law dictates that even a single act of sexual intercourse can be considered as adultery.

 Physical Separation

Another reason for divorce is when you and your spouse have already been living apart for about a year or so. Both of you must consider that the marriage is over, and that nothing can bring it back.

 Physical or Mental Abuse

When your spouse has been physically or mentally abusing you, the marriage becomes an intolerable situation. The court needs proof, such as medical certificates or photos, to show what has happened.

 The Divorce Process

Before you begin with the divorce process, you must seek the expertise of Divorce Lawyers in Mississauga. The lawyer will protect your rights and determine how the law will apply in your case.

The first thing that you need to do is to fill out a divorce application form and submit it to a Mississauga courthouse. Pay the required fees and follow the court procedures and rules. 

Divorce is an emotionally draining process. You need all the support and help that you can get to survive this ordeal unscathed. A divorce lawyer in Mississauga with substantial experience and compassion will guide you every step of the way.

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