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How to get more interview calls from Naukri

A few months back you applied on Naukri to get an interview call but till now you have received only one or two calls and that too not converted, isn’t?

If you agree with the above statement then this the right post for you to know how to get an interview call from recruiters.

A research conducted by Gallup (Research based global performance company) revealed that 87% of employees are not satisfied with their present job and they always like to quit and join the better company.



Gallup research
Employee satisfaction


So It’s not only freshers but also working professionals depends on job portals like Naukri to switch over the job.

When you create a profile on Naukri it will suggest you complete the profile 100%.

But even after maintaining a complete profile very few people are receiving recruiters call and many of them are not.

If you ask Naukri, in their blog post they will guide you on

How to increases your chances of getting right job like?

1.Write compelling headline

2.Enter the right key skills

3.Update your profile regularly

4.Fill in relevant fields in your profile (like designation, ctc, skills, education etc.,)

5.Verify your contact details.

Even after accomplishing those suggested guidelines you are not receiving calls.

You should know the reason isn’t?

Whenever a recruiter search for desired candidates based on the keyword or filter, it should fetch the appropriate candidates by keeping the given keyword as a base but mostly they won’t.

Before that we need to know their business model then only we can say how to get calls or why we are not getting calls.

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Naukri Monetization methods

1.You will find related google ads on Naukri so whenever a user makes a click on the ad they get paid this is the common way all the websites and bloggers follow to monetize their content.

2.Like LinkedIn here also recruiters cannot post a job for free they need to choose a plan like single job posting, a pack of five, a pack of 10 or Instant Job posting.

Naukri package
Naukri packages

3.Other than job posting employers can get resume database to find the suitable candidate. Naukri is having 51.1 million registered resumes online.

This database helps recruiters to access candidates profile who are also not active on Naukri.

4.Text resume service – Another premium service from Naukri to enhance the quality of the resume. Naukri experts will write an attractive cover letter and resume for you.

5.Profile enchantment – Naukri is also selling online certificate courses to add it in the resume so you may get an added advantage compared to other candidates.

You might have found notifications from Naukri suggesting relevant online certificate courses, to get better job opportunities.

Here comes the important thing for job seekers.

6.Recruiter reach – Naukri in its blog tells you if you have the complete profile you get more views but that’s half said and the remaining half they monetized it.

If you pay Naukri it will work for you to get more interview calls in a shorter time.If not you have to wait for some time it may be three or four months.

Naukri Credit price
Naukri Credit price

The visibility of paid profile is 6times more than the normal one.

Many of my friends posted their resume online but still now most of them didn’t receive any call irrespective of the skill set.

Naukri frequently suggests you update your profile to get notified but I will suggest you go with premium service to get the job early.

I promise you it is the best way to increase profile views and get more interview calls. If it doesn’t work I will remove this post forever from socialtalky.

The price is also affordable.By buying credits you can directly send messages with attached resume to selected recruiters.

The price of the package varies with the number of credits you want.

One more Naukri’s premium product is CV Blast

This is somewhat similar to CV Boost but the difference is Naukri’s sales executive will promise you if you don’t get the job within six days of registration you will get the money back 100%.

On successful registration, you will get a Registration number valid for 10 years on Naukri.


The disadvantage of Naukri’s CV Blast is after primary registration their executive will call you to pay in thousands to verify your certificates if you are comfortable please proceed. I suggest you not to take this service.

If you cancel the service from your side you won’t get the money you paid for registration from Naukri as happened to me.

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By urging candidates to choose premium package I am not affiliated or selling their service Naukri didn’t pay me for this and this is not a sponsored content.

Here I have taken Naukri as an example but all other job portals like monster, Shine and indeed works in the same business model.

They are not doing free service they do business so pay and then get good service.

But some clever people think like I will be active on Linkedin to get the job why I need Naukri

Naukri helps recruiters to hire based on the submitted resume but Linkedin is one step beyond, besides hosting resume it helps recruiters to find right employees by going through their activities, It’s social Hiring.

This is the main reason why you cannot find any memes or funny videos like facebook posts on Linkedin.

The business model of both Linkedin and Naukri is almost same.

On LinkedIn also recruiters need to subscribe a premium service to post a job and candidates with the premium profile will get more visibility and ultimately the early job.

Recently I had come across an interesting post on Linkedin like this.

Linkedin post
Linkedin post

A lady was conducting a survey

“Have you ever received a job offer through Linkedin?”

She gained around 2.8k comments saying, “NO and Never”

It’s not only those people even I applied for many suggested job on Linkedin but never got any calls.

At least on Naukri, we receive a call or recruiter message once in a month or twice but not on Linkedin.

There are companies like Freshdesk on Linkedin where 8 out of 10 employees will post they are recruiting to get likes and comments but If you apply on their portal or on Linkedin they won’t write a reply and they call themselves Helpdesk service.

Freshdesk is an example but many more independent recruiters and startups are posting a status here but recruiting from Naukri.

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Why they need likes and comments on Linkedin?

Linkedin algorithm is written in such a way the post with more engagements (likes and comments) may go viral. So, when a post goes viral they will become popular.

I would have directly told you “Get a premium account to get more profile views” but I wanted you to understand how Naukri works then it will be easy for you take decision faster and wiser.

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If you are the one really looking for a job change register on Naukri get a premium service don’t expect Naukri to service free for you.

If you have any queries please comment down to discuss.

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