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Enough of getting connected through wires of digital media, let’s start and encourage connection through roots of the mother earth. Today in 2019, brands that focus on environmental concerns are well appreciated. Increasing pollution, water/food/material waste, global warming many other issues has boosted the need for sustainable business throughout the world.

Green branding is a way of communicating brand eco-values with customers. Green branding is beneficial for both consumer and business. Consumers are satisfied to be associated with business who shares the same personal value as them while companies are doing their part for the planet. Customers address such companies more favorably.

Many business plans fail due to unorganized branding strategy. A good business plan can also fail without effective branding plan. There are few essential branding elements which should be considered to build a strong brand.

Green Branding - Closure to Nature
Green Branding – Closure to Nature

1. Green Brand Identity

Brand Logo, Brand Name, Brand Colour and tagline are few aspects of brand identity. There should always be consistency in all elements of brand identity as it enhances reliable brand recall.

Brand Logo

A great logo is the face of the company, wherein sometimes people cannot remember the brand name, but they are very well known to their logo. When we construct a logo design for an environmentally friendly business, it should be simple yet creative. Simplicity not only helps people to remember but also uses very fewer resources which will successfully communicate a clear message about being eco-friendly.

Case Study

Sylvain Boyer, a French designer, was designing his daughter birthday card. He realized it could be more economical and greener if he reduces colours. Inspired him to recreate many famous brand logo such as Apple, H&M, Mac Donalds, Nike, FedEx many more. He has redesigned their logo’s in such a way that they use up to 40% less ink on every single box and ad. Simply reducing inks made brands go economical yet greener.

Green Branding Brands
Green Branding Brands

Eco-friendly companies in New Zealand focus on “koru” inspired designs in their logo. Koru is a form of spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It symbolizes of modern life, growth, strength, nature and peace.

The logo of Air New Zealand


Eco-friendly colours such as Green, Brown, and Yellow are very close to nature. So to communicate the “Go green” brand has to add colours which are close to nature and are earthy.

If you provide very bright and various colours then the brand is deviating its message of being eco-friendly. As more shades will need more resources and hence, it cannot be greener.

Green Brand - Subway BP
Green Brand – Subway BP

Brand name

Going green with name is another challenging task for any company but make sure you stand out with your brand name. Preferably name should have eco-friendly element because this will help customers to distinguish your brand as ‘green brand’. The name should be simple and not very complicated.

Greensworthis a leading company in eco-friendly disposable packaging supplier in Malaysia.

Name itself one will understand its an eco-friendly company.

2. Green Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a process of reaching the window of consumers mind and hanging in there for a period.

To understand what Green Brand Positioning is? Let us know through a case study of a Body Shop.longer Green brand which provides its customers with eco-friendly, nature-inspired beauty and cosmetics products. It deals in hair care and skincare products, which it has successfully combined green sense by using natural materials.

Body Shop Soaps are made from natural palm wine.

The wood used in cosmetic products such as eyeliner pencils, massagers are sourced from FSC, which says they get timber supply protecting the environment.

Body shop advertisements are focusing on environmental elements such as nature, sunshine, waterfall all-natural elements which will make an emotional connection with their customers.

Campaign on their website promotes eco-friendly environment like activities against defending human rights, animal testing, and protecting the planet. The body shop contributes part of their profit on the body shop foundation to help animal protection and human rights.

If you observe above all consistent elements are holistically positioning Body Shop as a green brand through its green branding. 

3. Green Brand designing

“Less is more”, people usually misunderstand simplicity and miss essentialism. Its a simple concept of eliminating unnecessary so that necessary can speak.

Simple colour palettes, less clutter, more white spaces, nature or earthy oriented designs will work and do wonders in eco-friendly designing.

4. Go Green packaging

Eco-friendly packaging design can be biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable or made from recycled products, reusable, made from natural products or biomass.

Yogurt in a glass bottle is eco-friendly because glass can be reused and it’s recyclable while if yogurt is into a plastic container, it’s not eco-friendly.

Packaging materials are available in sustainable materials such as corrugated bubble wraps, cornstarch packaging, seaweed packaging, air pillow made of recycled paper and cardboard, eco-friendly and recycled plastic.

Example- Numi Tea is a brand which is into organic tea and does everything to reduce the carbon footprint they are using recyclable cardboard and bamboo packaging. They are using biodegradable filter paper for their tea bags.

Green Brand - Plantable Paper
Green Brand – Plantable Paper

The new trend is becoming an increasingly common practice to pack small plants or herbs into the plantable paper. The paper contains seeds which consumer can plant in his garden. Hence, packaging immediately becomes a gift for the purchase without creating any waste.  

5. Eco-friendly Social Media usage

Social media is a crucial aspect in today’s era, and a vast audience base is available on this platform. Brands should be utilizing this value by conducting various eco-friendly campaigns such as done by brand TOMS.

TOMS is a brand who conducted “one for one “policy where they donate one pair of shoe to a child who is in need of every shoe purchased. They now have 2 million twitter followers. They have captured this audience by using various other social mediums productively.

Brand TOMS’ one day without shoes’ campaign was also a huge awareness event. Where they asked patrons to go one day barefoot to raise awareness towards  ” children’s health and education globally” and are very active on social media.


Green Branding might seem intimidating initially, but if you have clarity on branding elements, then the brand can do wonders. Consumers are emotionally attached to brands that are supporting or doing their bit for the environment. To attract customers, they need to recognize your business or product first and to make that strong branding plays a very crucial role. Going Green is future, so one has to start working on it today in order to gain a competitive advantage not only for today but for secure tomorrow. DesignerPeople is a professional and versatile branding agency who can help your brand to gain productive results.


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