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Understand Your Goals and Measure Success with Instagram Analytics

The only way to achieve success in business is to stay on the right track, even if you find your competitors on it ahead. This will help you to reach your business goals. However, to be on the right track in pursuit of your goals, you will first need to know and understand your goals. This will help you to focus on all of your efforts so that you can achieve real business objectives.

Over the past few years, it is seen that more and more businesses are inclined to use the different social media platforms for their business marketing purpose. This is because they want to drive their social traffic towards their sites so that they have an increased chance of converting followers into business prospects.

instagram analytics
instagram analytics

Instagram happens to be one of the most preferred and favored social media channels for the business owners for promoting their brand and showcasing their products.

  • This is because it has a huge fan following or business-prospects-in-waiting and
  • It has a lot of influencers who can really create a significant impact on business marketing efforts?

Seems interesting? Well, all of these will not be achievable if you do not know about the right analytical tools and features of Instagram and use it for this purpose.

The SMART framework

All effective and successful businesses follow a SMART framework to achieve their business goals and objective. This framework includes:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant

It means you must be very specific about what you want to achieve. You must also make sure that not only the goal but your efforts are also measurable and attainable. There must be a lot of relevance to your business goal with your brand, market and the target audience and lastly, everything should be done and delivered in a timely manner.

Consider the vanity metrics

It is quite okay to have goals founded on vanity metrics as this will help you significantly in building your Instagram presence. These vanity metrics may include the number of followers, comments, Like4Like and others but you will essentially need to make sure that all these along with your business goals are set in such a way that it relates to and matches with your real business objectives.

This will, in turn, ask for your focus on the accurate performance metrics. These exact metrics will help you to track and measure your business marketing success that will surely vary from one business to another.

However, looking at it in a broader sense, you will need to focus on metrics and analytics that is connected to the social funnel. That means you will need to make sure that all your goals align perfectly to any one of these four stages in the customer journey:

  • Brand awareness that includes post reach and followers growth rate
  • Engagement rate dependent on preferences and amplification rate dependent on offers
  • The conversion rate that includes click-through rate, bounce rate, cost per click for paid ads and
  • Customer metrics that includes actions taken.

These are the four milestones on the road to your business goal.

3 Free Tools for Measuring Instagram Performance:

Instagram Insights

With the introduction of Instagram Business accounts, Instagram Insights provides a lot of data at the touch of your hands, whenever you have a free moment. They no longer basically present the likes and comments of a post, yet rather a numerous audience post metrics and individual post metrics that weren’t possible before.

Plus, it’s free!

instagram analytics
instagram analytics

The only downside to Instagram Insights is that it’s fairly limited in that it has set time frames for metrics: multi-week for most profile examination and 30 days for top posts.


SquareLovin has a free account that will send you an email report of your chosen Instagram account. If you’d like, they permit can download the report to Excel or export to PowerPoint. Within SquareLovin, they show your total posts, engagement, and a huge graph of your general action after some time.

There’s also a section of Top Posts that are arranged by most engaging post with a nice comparison metric. Lastly, they have a chart that shows which keywords are common in your comments just as well as your most active commenter’s within SquareLovin; they show your total posts, engagements, and a large chart of your overall activity after some time.

There’s additionally an area of Top Posts that are sorted by most engaging post with a nice comparison metric. Ultimately, they have a chart that shows which keywords are common in your comments as well as your most active commenter’s. And… even more, analytics, from best time and day to publish, to what cities and filters work best for you.

This is certainly an extraordinary device to see broad examination for Instagram


SocialRank is definitely the easiest as far as connecting your record and jumping into the information immediately.

As mentioned above, this is one of the few places you can analyze your top followers by numerous factors, so you can get very specific. You can also compare across accounts to see over how they differ, which would come in handy for anyone with different accounts for the same business.

SocialRank also lets you a chance to download the data to a CSV document file or PDF to share with other people. Definitely recommended!

Finding Instagram Analytics That Matter Most

The world of marketing is driven by a steady feed of visuals surrounding us, including Instagram. With its consistently increasing popularity and growing feature set, an ever-increasing number of businesses are sharing their stories and reaching their audience through Instagram to develop and achieve their own goals

Now you can, too!

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