Fintech Market has Changed Traditional Lending in India

How the Fintech Market has Changed Traditional Lending in India

India is home to 1.3 billion people, and the number of individual who approach banks and financial institutions for loans and other financial products and services is increasing with each passing week. As a result, the traditional lending market in India has undergone significant changes in recent years thanks to the Fintech boom in the […]

SEO Strategy Effectiveness

Effectiveness Of A Good SEO Strategy

Online marketing is now indispensable and it is the most effective and well-adopted strategy for marketing. Therefore, if you invest in an SEO company you will be benefited in a lot of ways if you use it properly. Over the years the digital landscape has evolved dramatically and SEO is the specific field that uses […]

Reasons for Rising Cost of US Medical Care
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The Reasons for Rising Cost of US Medical Care

Studies show that the United States now spends more on healthcare services compared to any other countries. The total cost of medical care now exceeded $3 trillion, which accounts for more than 18% of the GDP. Medical spending also tends to rise year by year than inflation and affects the economy as a whole. We […]

Good Property Investor

What makes a Good Property Investor?

Property investment remains one of the most popular types of investment strategy and a great way to generate a higher income. In the UK, a number of major cities are gaining attention as property investment hotspots, with impressive rental yields, high levels of demand and an overall flourishing housing market. However, while property investment might […]

Setting up a startup business
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Crucial things you need to consider before setting up a startup

There would be a lot of fundamental considerations that all types of businesses should try and consider so that they can set up a new business enterprise. Setting up a startup business makes it imperative that you give these fundamentals a good thought. The first aspect that you should consider is that your central aim […]

Social Media in Healthcare

5 Best Ways Social Media is Being Utilized in Healthcare Today

Social media is being used nationwide, not only by individuals of all ages, but it’s also being used by businesses all over the world to stay connected, to communicate, and to also market different products and services. Healthcare management teams are working hard to find ways to effectively utilize social media to engage patients and […]

Full Time Freelancing
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Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Full-Time Freelancer

Everyone wants to live a life where they are their own boss, and they lay the rules of their life. Freelancing is one option that gives you the flexibility to work at your preferred time, earn as much as you can, and work without too many restrictions. But, is freelancing that easy? An old proverb […]

Discounts from Amazon and Flipkart
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No More Heavy Discounts from Amazon, Flipkart : Ban from Indian Government

Yes, you read it right. No more heavy discounts from Indian e-Commerce companies including the industry giants Amazon and Flipkart. Your dream run of getting heavy discounts from Amazon and Flipkart on your favorite brands and products is all set to come to an end. The government of India announced changes to the policy of […]