Discounts from Amazon and Flipkart
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No More Heavy Discounts from Amazon, Flipkart : Ban from Indian Government

Yes, you read it right. No more heavy discounts from Indian e-Commerce companies including the industry giants Amazon and Flipkart. Your dream run of getting heavy discounts from Amazon and Flipkart on your favorite brands and products is all set to come to an end. The government of India announced changes to the policy of […]

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how does a logo help to create an identity and image for a business?

You’re strolling down the street early in the morning. You’re going to an important interview, and you didn’t have time to have anything to eat. Your batteries are flat, and you feel the need for a booster. You spot a familiar logo down the street. It’s Starbucks! All of a sudden you feel better. Your heart leaps with delight at the idea of ordering a large cappuccino and a croissant to boost you up before your big day. This is what logo design  is all about. The green Starbucks […]

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4 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Luxury real estate marketing is the most challenging segment for real estate marketers to take their product to the right individual. Like budget segment you know who your potential customer for the project is but unlike budget segment, it is not easy to reach them. Why is this segment audience so difficult to reach? For […]