Make money from Doopaadoo by listening songs

A recent research conducted by Audio-Technica , one of the world’s finest music instruments manufacturers revealed that an average person spend 13 years of his life only in listening to music and it can be any sort of music.

An average person only listens for 13 years but an above average person will convert 13 years into money by simply listening to the same music.

Doopaadoo is designed for music lovers and creators where music producers can publish their content exclusively on Doopaadoo and music can listen to different kinds of music and songs only on doopaadoo.

The best part is you can make money from Doopaadoo for listening to the songs uploaded on their site and you will also get paid based on the number of views your content gets.

They share their profit with listeners and publishers and they monetized the sites through AdSense and third party promotions on their site.

How to make money from Doopaadoo?

It’s very simple whenever you feel like listening to music rather than visiting youtube you enter

The user interface is like Youtube but on youtube, only publishers get paid when viewers engage with ads but here on Doopaadoo, both will be paid not for watching ads but listening to what you like.

Before you start making money you need to create your account on the site and you have optional sign-ins like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

make money from doopaadoo
make money from doopaadoo

Once your account is created just start listening to your favorite music and on successful completion of the music you get coins in your wallet collect up to 500 coins and convert the coins into real money in your paytm wallet.

The average length of each music track is about 5 minutes so by listening to 50 songs in a day you get 50 coins and in 10 days it is easy to secure 500 coins and no special effort needed.

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Even on the go, you can earn by downloading Doopaadoo mobile app.

More than making money you will appreciate the content produced by talented music publishers.

Rate, comment and share the music. Happy Listening.

Start listening to Doopaadoo you will love it.

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So music lovers and creators now you have one more option to upload your creativity and listen to fresh music giving an opportunity for music creators to upload your music to reach music lovers in an efficient way it is a platform where creators and likers meet so it is the best way to promote your song.

All music that plays on is exclusively created for doo-doo and you cannot listen anywhere else even in video giant. Creators own their rights which enable them to earn a royalty every time we listen.

Doopaadoo for music lovers
What is the gain for uploaders?

They help you to collaborate to create your own music and helps you to earn from your own creativity so you can turn from hobby to full time .Since they help you to monetize your music you can carry on your passion without looking for the second opportunity for money sake.

They also get a review for your music from industry stalwarts to benchmark and build confidence in newcomers and aspirants.

What is the gain for listeners?

Do you believe they pay for you if you listen to songs? Yes, they are paying you in coins Create your account and listen to any songs completely and check your e-wallet you get coins in that.

Doopaadoo pays for listening, preview, collaborate, create, share, review, like, follow so if you spend your free time you get a chance to earn.

Confusing  doopaadoo

Since it is a beta version it needs to improve a lot we created our account and test the doopaadoo but many things we don’t understand

1.How to upload my song?

2.What can I do with coins?

3.Is the reward coins in rupees?

4.Though given options for language ,getting Tamil as the default option couldn’t change it.

5.Lacks many more detailed procedures for creators in terms of monetization.

Overall Doopaadoo is a good platform for who wants to earn from their passion it will address the monetary issues facing by the small and middle-class musician.

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