5 compelling reasons to use Facebook workplace

The advent of digital marketing compelling brands to hire a digital marketing manager to be online during their office time.

Though you put more pressure on social media manager to show reasonable output for his compensation despite target he enjoys his work because he is getting paid for what he is doing in his leisure time.

Think of a situation all your employees are using their personal Facebook account at workplace you don’t appreciate isn’t?

Okay, then think of this situation everyone is using Facebook for your business. You will double up your internet speed isn’t?

Then it’s time to double up your internet speed.

Facebook introduced an application for business to interact with co-workers called workplace.

Workplace exactly looks like a personal Facebook account but the key difference is here you need a separate login account from your employer and you can only interact with your co-worker’s nothing goes outside the organization.

Both Facebook and workplace look similar but purpose and functions are different. Being an employee or employer you should know this 5 awesome reasons why your company should start using Facebook workplace.

Use Facebook Workplace
1.Don’t need to send bulk emails

Sending bulk emails to all your employees to convey a message is a stereotype .

Here in the Facebook workplace you can make a post and make it visible to all the employees.

Unlike email here, you can convey your messages creatively and attractively. A statement with photos and videos makes it more interesting.

Your employees can also react to the company message as in Facebook personal account.

You need not maintain a separate group for emails rather here you can create workplace groups and post the respective messages on the group.

Even one to one conversation is strengthened with the messenger.

2.Go live

Now you need not assemble your employees to listen to boss’s speech in front of a single big screen now they can watch the session live from their own Facebook workplace account.

You can also reduce the cost of telephonic, video conferencing and intranet considerably.

3.Easy to use

You need not train your employees exclusively to use Facebook workplace. It is as same as their personal account in both appearances and in many features.

Since you are creating an environment like fun work culture your employees will enjoy what he is actually doing.

It is also easy for them to respond to your messages immediately.

4.Highly secured

Facebook workplace enables single-sign on, secure identity management, support, and analytics are included for enterprise security.

Whatever data shared company retains it and even employees cannot take it out.

Enterprise got full control over workers account even after the employee resign they have the control.

For employees, Your personal account details will not be reflected here and your company cannot access your personal account through workplace account.

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5.Cost effective

The price of the software is not high and it comes free for an educational institution and for NGOs.

Facebook workplace

Facebook workplace price


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