3 best places to find startup jobs in India

This growing startup India not only has dreaming entrepreneurs but also got energetic young workforce who wish to break the 9-6 formal job and to do something which entertains him which educates him which helps him to grow to attain his own vision in return he can work even beyond 9-6 with compromised compensation with many sleepless nights.

Some passionate students quitting their studies in the middle and taking their internship into the next level of employment.

He is very clear in his move that even after completing college he is going to find a job why not take it before and most of the time our job is not at all related to what we did in school. People who completed production engineering end up in IT field which pushes them to fetch a job while doing college.

Early growth is assured in startups than corporates. Since the average age of employees in a startup is between 28-32 the young team will make the workplace filled with fun and joy additionally there are no formal rules to abide. Right from dressing to office time you have your own freedom.

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Compensations and perks also competitive with corporates to attract money lovers.

Many little-improved things contribute to make startups the best place to learn while you earn.

Though startups sound cool we should be vigilant in finding the right one rather than searching in the established job portals there are few websites out there exclusively to connect you with startups.

We picked three best places to find startup jobs in India.

Find startup jobs


Angel.co is started to help tech companies to raise money and recruit.

Here you can find the complete details of all the registered startups across the globe.

In a simple three steps, you can find the job that matches your profile

1.Create your complete profile 2.Search the desired job 3.Just Apply

Angel.co is popular among founders and startup recruiters so the chances of receiving startup interview call are more here than any other established job portals.


startups jobs

Looks like sticky notes on the wall easy to navigate and designed simply.

His job almost covers all the startup jobs across India right from Coimbatore to Udaipur.

Hosted by HasGeek which organize various conferences for geeks from difference industries throughout the year.


startup jobs

Other then they list out startup jobs by recruiters across the world they also aggregate various fields of jobs from other job portals and startup websites which made them a one stop solution for your job search.

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How much money Tamilrockers making in a month?

Tamilrockers is a buzz word in Tamilnadu and a word of panic for Tamil cinemas and people wants to know how much money tamilrockers making , what is the benefit by doing this

Tamil rockers is an online website where they upload Tamil movies and dubbed movies on the first day of the release and few movies before they hit the local screen.

Posing as a big threat to cinema producers but entertaining college students, middle-class employees, and homemakers who cannot afford much on a movie with their families.

The vision of the Tamilrockers is still unknown but it’s very clear if any cinema celebrities make a statement against them then they know how to avenge them knowing their intention many cinema personalities are very careful before they make any statement.

money tamilrockers making

Having a decent fan following on the social medias where they tweet updates on upcoming release on their site and interact with celebs and followers.

Cinema producers made many complaints against them and even tried with some private agencies to arrest and block the domain but whenever they are blocking the present domain tamilrockers simply switching to a different extension.

For example: when tamilrockers.com was blocked they moved to tamilrockers.net and when it was blocked they moved to tamilrockers.cz and if it gets blocked they can go for their customized domain extension.They will update their twitter page when the domain changes.

During the great release of Kabaali in Tamil, Kickass admin Artem vaulin was arrested in Poland but tamilrockers admins were untouched.

Officers even tried to route down the host providers since they keep on changing the domain name they are still anonymous.

Enough said, isn’t it? let’s explore how much money tamilrockers making

I recently came across a blog post and a youtube video explaining how much money tamilrockers is making each day and their sources of income but technically I found those are not the right way to measure how much they make.

So here I would like to explain their business model and how much money tamilrockers making.

As most of them believe, their main source of income is from Popup ads but not Google Adsense.

There are a lot of ad serving agencies which pay admins based on the number of clicks they score.

Google never displays ad on pirated content and adult content sites but some unpopular networks like popAds, popMyAds, Propeller Ads Media, Dynamic Oxygen, Exit Junction, Blacklabelads, BuzzBizz are boon to this kind of pirated and adult content sites.

The payout per click is also competitive with AdSense.

If you visit their sites you will find many ads on their site displayed by above mentioned agencies so now it is clear their main source of income is by displaying ads but how much they can make maximum?

Actually, there is no limit in this passive earning.

Gary Vaynerchuk in his two minutes footage explained “The idea behind the marketing is to grab the attention of the people where they are concentrating

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This is how all the content producing media makes money. If millions of people are watching a particular serial in a specific channel then he will demand more money from businesses to advertise their product or service in an interval.

If a specific magazine is having more number of circulations then they do demand high to display ads because more people are buying it.

Print media makes more money in advertising than selling a magazine (subscription)  that’s the main reason why the cost of dailies and few magazines are not high.

This concept applies everywhere, based on the click through rate of the site cost per clicks increases and websites make money. But to make more money you need more visitors to gain more visitors you need an attractive or useful content.

People feel Tamilrockers is helping them in some way to save their money and entertain them. The only cost they have to bear is an internet(data) cost.

There are two types of audience

1.Who browse carefully so they don’t hit any ads on the page, they are very sure that content providers should not make money though Google serves related ads they open a new tab and browse it.

2.There are few people who click the ad if it is useful to them and encourage the contributor for more useful content.

Note: Encouraging viewers to click ads openly on a site is against Google AdSense Policy which may lead to termination of the account.

Pirated and adult websites usually have very low SEO score and 76% of their organic traffic are for the keyword “Tamilrockers(own domain name) ” and other sources of traffic are from “social media” and “Direct search”.

money tamilrockers making

There are no tools to find how much money a specific website is making but some bloggers and youtubers are using data from siteprice.org, Checkwebsiteprice.com, mywebsiteprice.comYour websitevalue.com, webuka.com, Websiteworthvalue.com, Valbot.com, urlrate.com and many.

But these websites only evaluate based on given URL and the figures they are driving is also not close to actual one.

I checked my newly created website tyrospace.com in the above portals and found results unmatching and not close to actual.

The algorithm differs from portal to portal and the points they consider to evaluate the sites is also different.

To put it in the table lets take Tamilrockers statements from the above portals.

Evaluator Revenue per day(in dollars)
Siteprice.org 0.04
Checkwebsiteprice.com 162
Valbot.com 1220
Urlrate 4884

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From the above figures, you can find a huge marginal difference and the beauty is they evaluate keeping domain as a base but Tamilrockers keep on changing their domain extension and mostly using Srilanka IP.

money tamilrockers making
CheckWebsitePrice’s report

So youtubers or other bloggers guessing the Tamilrockers income based on the above websites are completely wrong and we cannot derive a close match also.

Even intelligence tried to track their bank account through which the money from ad networks are paid to them but the address pointed to innocent one.

From this we  get an idea that they are making a lot of money in this business but how much they make is still unknown. Only they know their vision and bank statement.

This post will be updated in future, keep an eye on this and share this post if you like this.

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Single tactic to make your post viral and SEO optimized

It’s not only the goal of independent bloggers but also for the professional one’s to increase more views which ultimately leads to good business either it can be through programs like Adsense, Affiliate marketing or through direct product sales.

Your path may be different to earn money but the ultimate aim is to bring huge traffic to your blog.

At least you will aim for one in ten posts to fetch some good returns but most of them in fail in making that.

Before revealing that single tactic, we should understand the difference between viral traffic and SEO traffic.

Viral traffic is not sustainable, things which are the buzz for some time will reach more people but faints in a maximum of one week and then it won’t fetch a decent number of traffic as it was.

But the traffic and business it brings in a shorter period of time are worthy.

So if you want fast growth in a shorter period of time you should plan to make your post viral.

The main source for viral traffic is social media.

On the other SEO optimized posts will fetch you a decent number of traffic daily and it is sustainable one but not all the SEO optimized posts go viral on social media.

So if you wished to have sustainable views for your work you should work on SEO.

The main source for SEO traffic is from search results.

But here I am revealing how to get the benefit of both viral and SEO traffic.

The primary step to make your post viral is to make your “Title” catchy enough with related images.

But when you make your Title catchy you may miss the SEO score for the title but don’t worry about this now go and pick a catchy title and publish your post.

Share it on the social media as much as possible and concentrate on making it viral.

Once it had enough reach and you are satisfied with the outcome.Now go and change the title SEO optimized and update the post.

Make sure you follow the SEO rules to make your title if you are not sure about how to make your title optimize for SEO install Yost plugin on your WordPress blog and it will guide you to make it.

If you want you can change your cover picture also now.

But you should handle this tactic very cleverly because you want to make your post viral don’t put title irrelevant to your content, it should be relevant and need not follow SEO initially and later optimizes the title.

If you feel this is useful don’t forget to share the post on social media.

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5 right ways to manage your side business

Everyone wants to live a sophisticated life but being a 9-6 employee your dream is a mere dream you can’t strike any big deal in your full-time day job you know it better than me.

Daydreamers accept the fact and lead the normal life but few hard workers follow their beat and try to get out of their full-time job which is not satisfying him financially and mentally.

Out of these few hard workers half want to jump out and start their full-time business and rest want to do some side businesses like blogging, freelancing, trading and selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc.,

The real intention behind side business is they want to secure their full-time job and earn some extra income which will help them to get out of their job in near future.

But when they kick start their side business again they fail in managing it being a full-time employer. Actually, you can run a successful side business when you plan properly and dedicate enough time for your business.

Here I am jotting down five notes on How to manage your side business successfully.

1.Work Long

Building a sustainable side business is not a joke you need to work smart and hard. Spending at least 3 hours a day could accelerate your business turnovers.

manage your side business

A day got 24 hours, let’s keep 10 hours for your full-time job, 7 hours to sleep, 4 hours for miscellaneous activities and remaining 3 hours you can productively spend on your business.

Maintain a clear timetable and stick to it, if you are dedicating 7pm-10pm for your business don’t involve in any other thing just stick to it keep your phone, even family away for these 3 hours. Stop watching Netflix or Youtube if you want to spend quality time with all these things in future then you should abandon everything for 3 hours in a day.

If you cannot work late in the night join 5 am club and start your work in the early morning. When you wake up early in the morning you get more time, you will feel like that day got 26 hours.

If you find difficult to wake up early in the morning, think of your full-time job which you don’t like to continue then even without alarm you wake up earlier.

Your business growth depends on how productively you are using your weekends, it’s your choice either to party on weekends or work on your ideas and do the party every day in future.

Travel less

Office goers spending most of the time in traveling but being an entrepreneur you should avoid this. Try to stay closer to your workplace this may cost you more than normal but cut down the cost by sharing the space with your friends.

It was found in a study that the average commuting time in

manage your side business

Place Average Commuting time one way(minutes)
1.Mumbai 47.26
2.Delhi 42.96
3.Bangalore 37.91
4.Chennai 36.08
5.Hyderabad 33.82
6.Pune 30.87

Source :TimesofIndia

Prefer your own two-wheeler to cab or office bus so that you can reach home earlier amidst heavy traffic.

Taking railways than roadways is knowledgeable to exponentially reduce the commuting time but again if you are from Mumbai traveling in local is also cumbersome.

The idea behind reducing your travel time is to reduce fatigue and increase the quality time to spend on your side business so do travel less.


To manage your side business you need not do all the work manually you can automate as much as possible.

For example .If you are writing a blog use free social media management tools to automate marketing.

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If you are selling on online marketplaces choosing Amazon FBA is advisable but you need VAT and CST certificate to list your store here, on the other hand, you can start selling on Ebay without VAT and CST but no fulfillment service you need to take care of logistics.

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A lot of freemium software are available in the market for everything right from project management to marketing suitable for small business , independent owners, and bloggers.

Read : Huge list of free marketing software for small business.

3.Rope  in your family

Since you are building a side business you cannot make a contract with your friends as a partner for equity to work in your business but you can rope in your family members to support your business.

Tell them what you are doing, teach them how to perform and assign them small tasks like you can request your sister who is doing college or school to manage your social Medias and answering your customer’s queries.

You can request your brother to do some logistics work which was done by you. Request your wife or husband to write some articles to publish on your blog or to prepare contents for content marketing.

You know your family well, I am 100% sure they will say no when you request them but be smart in assigning a right task for right people.

Roping in your family will considerably reduce your extra loads, cost and time you need to invest.

4.Get external help

Accept the fact that you are lacking some required skill to run a business like designing a website, digital marketing, posters designing or whatever you and your family lack.

Don’t invest your time in learning those things right from basic it will cost your time and decreases your business operation efficiency rather than doing everything on your own, invest few bucks and hire a freelancer on demand basis.

You can find freelancers on aggregator websites like Freelancer.in,Upwork.com and Fiverr.com other than these sites you can make a post on social media groups to connect with right people there you can bargain more.


5.Invest again

This is very crucial to expanding your business in future. When you generate profits from the small investment you made don’t take the profit out of the business to celebrate your first sale rather invest the profit again increase your sale get more profit and repeat it.

Even if you are starting an online business with 10,000/- and you made a profit of Rs.2000/- in the first month don’t take it out put it again and rotate the money so slowly you can grow your turnover.

Nothing wrong in celebrating your first sale but spend from your full-time job salary. The amount you invested in the business is one time don’t take it out till it grows big.

This what Warren Buffet did in his early stage he invested again.

I hope these 5 tips could help you to manage or think of starting a side business if you feel the same please do share this work with your entrepreneurial friends.



4 important things sales person should know

It’s not easy to do sales you know it right!

A normal person cannot take money from others pocket except salesman in exchange for service or product but not all the salesman are successful in doing this .

Some nail it but many lags behind the market demand.

Being a salesexecutive I realized these 4 important things sales person should know to face convert the lead.

salesperson should know

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5 online marketplaces to sell without VAT

Creating a second income is a wise decision one can make while he is working in a 9-6 job which makes him financially independent in future.

There are lot of ways to devise your second income, selling products on the online marketplace is considered as one of the best ways to generate sustainable income.

It’s not easy to list your store online, without registering your company you cannot list out on major marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart you need VAT and CST to become seller but these process will make you think again about “becoming an online seller”

But fortunately, there are few online marketplaces where you can sell without VAT and CST.

Continue reading to explore the list.


Ebay is the only online giant which ropes many sellers on board without any registration you can start selling by simply creating an account on Ebay and PaisaPay (eBay’s payment service) account.

To register for PaisaPay account you need a Bank account which will be linked to your seller account.

Once you are done with both the account you can start listing your items online.

sell without vat
eBay Seller Central

Click to register as Ebay seller.

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Infibeam the second largest e-commerce store with 100 crore revenue in this list allows sellers to list their items without VAT and CST but PAN card is mandatory.

sell without vat

CraftsVilla is a marketplace where you can sell unique handmade, vintage and organic products.

VAT certificate is not mandatory to list your product here.

sell without vat


sell without vat


It’s an online flea market where you can sell handmade products right from apparels, shoes, fashion accessories, household products, gift items, chocolates and many.

sell without vat

Again TIN is not mandatory.

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If you are a student, homemaker, unemployed or seller you can start building your store on Kraftly.

sell without vat


You can sell men and women accessories, notebooks, T-shirt, kitchen and dining products and much more.

Bonus Tip : You can sell books and unstitched clothes on Amazon without VAT and CST certificate.

An active Linkedin users can connect with me on Linkedin to discuss more business.

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15 free audiobooks sites to download

Some people like to read but some people like to listen but the intention is same both groups of people are looking for information to upgrade their knowledge.

Even in readers, some want to touch and feel the book and half go online with Kindle. But I love to listen than reading.

The main advantage of listening is, you can do while lying on the bed while traveling, while walking or exercising you don’t need light or particular setup to gain information.

Knowing the grace for audiobooks, the price of one audiobook is high and people who listen more cannot afford that much.

But there are few websites where you can get some free audiobooks under different categories.

Free Audiobooks sites


free audiobooks sites

Librivox lists more than 10,000 books in 30+ different languages including non-English works.


On openculture, you can find many interesting free education materials.

free audiobooks sites

Under the category audiobooks, you can find more than 700 free audiobooks ready for downloads.


Before it was Book Should Be Free

free audiobooks sites

Free audiobooks are listed under 20 different categories right from kids to adults.

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This directory features free audio books, video, talks, interviews, speeches and many other useful pieces.

free audiobooks sites

You can listen to over 10,000 free audio and video titles.


If you love listening to stories then storynory is the great place to listen.Got 100+ stories for children and grown.

free audiobooks sites

All the downloads are mobile compatible.


Here you need to pay $0.00 for listening to audiobooks means 100,00+ free digital audiobooks are absolutely free forever.

free audiobooks sites


Here you can listen to great fictions performed by multiple actors. Its modern radio dramas.

free audiobooks sites
New Fixtion

8.Thought Audio

Thought Audio got limited number of classic and modern stories.

free audiobooks sites


Got a wide range of collection ,you can either listen to free audio books or you can download free ebooks.

free audiobooks sites


Fiction, non-fiction, academic and textbooks audios are available free. Here you can either add a book to your library or download and listen.

free audiobooks sites


Available in five different languages including Dutch, Spanish, French, German for children, teen, young adults, and adults. Easy navigation and more collection.

free audiobooks sites
Pin On Pinterest
Pin On Pinterest


Serving fiction podcasts more than a decade for free. You can also submit your own fiction podcast here.

free audiobooks sites


This library contains digital recordings from Naropa poetics, LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Maria Lectrix and Internet Archive users for free.


You can browse through more than 40000 best sellers, new releases and classic audiobooks from every genre. You can download it directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android or computer.


15.Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg making some great literature available in plain text into audio books .


Two read versions 1.Human-read 2.Computer generated

Human-Read read by human whereas computer generated is automated electronic voice.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something newDalai Lama

Common people speaks intellectuals listen, listening to good books or speeches will ultimately empower you. So do listen to good people.

If you find this curation free audiobooks sites useful please do others favor by sharing it.

Free social media management tools
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5+ Free social media management tools

Social commerce the subset of e-commerce is playing a crucial role in helping brands to connect with people and helping people to understand their brands better.

A few years ago people visited brand’s website to know about them now they are scrutinizing their social profiles before taking a purchasing decision.

55% of buyers turn to social media to look for information about the brand or product (source:Wikipedia).


Brands also understood the importance of social commerce and building their online community amidst competition.

By investing few bucks on social media promotion you could get million likes or followers but provoking your followers to engage with your post is based on the quality of the content and your consistency.

Being a start-up or blogger you cannot spend most of the time on social media management .You got lot more to do right?

Social media management tool is the right way to maintain consistency and to keep your brand value up.

Here I am listing out few free social media management tools to automate your social media marketing.

Note: Most of them are freemium suitable for bloggers or small business .If you are an established business premium versions of the listed below are suitable.

Being a blogger or SMB you will find this post really useful and hope you will love and share it.

Free social media management tools


Hootsuite is best suited for established businesses and for emerging one, it got more features than any other social media management tool.

Hootsuite is recognized and used by almost all the major brands in the digital marketing arena.

Free social media management tools
Hootsuite Dashboard

To help SMBs and individuals, Hootsuite providing free version which includes

1.3 social Profiles included 2.Basic Analytics
3.Basic Message scheduling 4.RSS Feeds
5.SSL Security 6.Access to basic apps

Hootsuite got 15+ million users in 175+ countries connecting brands with a community at right time.

Get your free Hootsuite for your business.


The buffer provides industry’s best features in its free version.

Here you can add images, Gifs, and videos to your post. Even if you don’t have any readymade image here you can create your own content using a free feature called Pablo.

Free social media management tools
Buffer Dashboard

In Buffer’s free version you can enjoy

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1.One person account 2.10 scheduled posts
3.5 major social accounts 4.Pablo image creator
5.Video and Gif uploader 6.Link shortening and tracker


Socialoomph in its free version provides only very limited features which falls much below the other free platforms.


Free plan gives you access to major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Prophesee got five different plans for your future upgrade.

Free plan Includes

1.4 major social platforms 2.one user
3.Email support 4.Link tracking

5.Likeable Hub

In Likeable hub you can create your free landing page to generate leads with one free Add-on.

It comes as a complete package to maintain your online reputation.

Free social media management tools
Likeable Hub

Free Version Includes

1.Facebook,Linkedin and Twitter 2.Own site
3.One Add on 4.Basic analysis and reports
5.Email support.


Here you can easily create, plan and publish to all the major social networks. You can generate reports to fine tune your campaign.

Free social media management tools

The small business edition is absolutely free forever and the features are.

1.One User 2.Two social profiles
3.Campaign manager 4.Digital content library
5.10 posts/network/day 6.Facebook and twitter only


Socialpilot starter pack comes free for SMBs forever.


Features in Free pack includes

1.3 profiles 2.10 posts per day
3.30 posts in scheduling


Here you can customize your post, curate contents, Schedule and publish.

Free social media management tools

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Free features include

1.one channel 2.One profile
3.10 scheduling post 4.Email support

Hope this post will help you to start your business at low marketing cost.

If you find this article useful please share it with your friends.

Free social media management tools
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Online rummy games to make money from home

The Recent time we are seeing a lot of online and television advertisements on playing online rummy games and winning a big cash but don’t you think its gambling and what you are earning are others hard earned money.

Online rummy game’s creators are calling rummy as a game of skill against a game of chance.

Game of Chance is what we should call as gambling not Game of Skill, the money you are earning from online rummy games are considered as a reward for your skill so it is legal to play rummy.

online rummy games
Online rummy six players

Supreme Court of India stated-

A game of skill, on the other hand – although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated –is one in which success depends on principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. 

Golf, chess, and even Rummy are considered to be games of skill. The Courts have reasoned that there are few games, if any, which consist purely of chance or skill, and as such a game of chance is one in which the element of chance predominates over the element of skill, and a game of skill is one in which the element of skill predominates over the element of chance.

It is the dominant element –“skill” or “chance” — which determines the character of the game.—source rummycircle.com

So it is not illegal to play online rummy games.

Almost on all platforms, they are giving you a free chance to practice online rummy with some practice chips but you need to create your own account before you start playing.

It tests your decision-making skill, you need to take a decision within the stipulated seconds whether to take from the open deck or close deck or to finish the game.

First practice with free online rummy games then move on to adding some money.

You need to encash minimum amount to play rummy online.

For example, if you want to play cash game on rummycircle.com then the minimum amount is Rs.25/- .They provide wide payment options right from debit card to almost all bank’s internet banking.

online rummy games

Based on the prize for a respective game, an entry fee is fixed. Just enter and start playing . If you know to play real rummy with hard deck then you can easily adopt this soft deck also.

But if you are new to online rummy games then check out How to play online rummy games from Rummymillionaire.com.

Playing online rummy games is really addictive and it provokes you to add more cash and try again irrespective of the money you lost.

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Cash limit on Online Rummy Games

To save you from bankrupt some online game providers allow you to set the maximum amount you can add in a day and in a month to your account. So that you won’t lose your wallet early.

For example, if your daily limit is 500 you cannot add extra money on the same day you added 500.

Adding cash limit feature trying to show this game as the responsible one.

Playing tournaments involves big prize money and big risks so don’t go to tournaments directly start slowly and grow steadily.

On the whole, if you know how to save your pocket from the hole then playing online rummy games is fun and addictive.


online rummy games
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Few interesting platforms where you can play online rummy games.

1.Rummycircle.com 2.Ace3three.com
3.classicrummy.com 4.aslirummy.com
5.jungleerummy.com 6.deccanrummy.com
7.indigorummy.com 8.adda52.com
9.tajrummy.com 10.Gamehouse.com
11.khelplayrummy.com 12.rummy.in
13.gorummy.com 14.diamondrummy.com
15.therummycafe.com 16.rummyonlinefree.co.in
17.Silkrummy.com 18.rummymania.com
19.rummyroyal.com 20.Gamecolony.com

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Online rummy games seem to be one of the ways to make some good real money from home on the condition if you know to play rummy really.

All the numbers and deck are randomly generated if you are losing your money continuously you are not biased or game owner is cheating you, it means your opponent who is taking better decision.

Even if you win continuously it is your own skill, not game providers. Most of the platforms are certified by third parties on their Random Number Generator (RNG).

So playing online rummy games is safe, knowing you aware of what you are doing.

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