3 important keys to success followed by successful people : self development

Let me clear you one thing first this post “3 important keys to success followed by successful people” is not about becoming successful by making more money than your peers.

Here success is defined as “achieving your aim”.

Aim can be anything some wants to stop their receding hairline, some want to score more marks, few wants to live a healthy life, many wants to overcome their personal problem and obviously to become rich.

You might have read so many articles on key to success followed by successful people but most of them were talking about the external factors to be corrected but here we discuss three important internal factors to be successful in any venture.

Everybody has a dream in their life, I mean everybody but how many of them are really achieving it only a few isn’t?

For instance, many young intelligent guys want to quit their job and to start the business but only 2% of the wannapreneurs are becoming entrepreneurs. But why?

External factors can be many but the only internal factor is fear.

Fear is the supremo which constantly reminds him not to take a risk by inducing negativity in his subconscious mind. Successful people overcome this negative power by decreeing their subconscious mind in the right direction.

You are interested to know how isn’t? continue reading….

Keys to success followed by successful people

1.Successful people believe

Whatever your positive aim can be you should believe it is plausible and not harmful to you and anyone.

Everyone has the right to dream need not lessen it for any bad reason.

Whenever you think of achieving your dream say to buy a luxury car your mind will suddenly stop you there and tells “You cannot afford it because it is costly” and being a normal human being we accept the fact and move on. This “I cannot” thought is created by your conscious mind.

But successful people will decree their subconscious mind “I can buy it” they won’t listen to what their conscious mind says.

They are very much aware their financial condition is not suitable right now to afford the car but in near future, they will do.

Only if you believe your idea you will act to achieve it.

In the beginning, itself if you accept “I cannot” and 100% I am sure you cannot do it at any time.

You have the right to dream so dream big irrespective of your surrounding factors and believe you can do and you will achieve it like successful people.

Don’t think this is an overconfident statement. The confident level varies from people to people based on their believing capacity and perspective.

If an average ranked boy believes he could score the first rank it may sound over confident to others but for him it is confident.

2.Remind yourself every day

A mere belief is not going to help you achieve the dream you must constantly train your mind to realize what you dreamt.

In history, people had cured dangerous diseases without medications only through training their subconscious mind in the positive direction.

The real reason behind the success of your prayer is you are repetitively telling your mind what you want it can be any god. It’s not your prayer but your subconscious mind is doing miracles.

You might have heard successful people saying, always obsess about your dream during the day, night, lunch and at any time.

Some people advise followers to write your dream on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket. Whenever you feel low take the paper and read out or regularly everyday morning this is because to remind your mind to stick with the goals not to deviate.

Late Abdul kalam interpreted his famous saying, “Dream big” The dream which I meant will never allow you to sleep it will force you to follow your goals even while sleeping.

Remind yourself every day about your goal your mind will automatically create the situation as you imagined.

3.One of the important keys to success is to work on it.

Your subconscious mind will create the positive environment to realize your dream but you must work to achieve it.

The step two (Remind yourself every day) will give you energy in a tired mind and body to work. Without energy, you cannot do work.

But without work, your dream cannot be realized.

All successful people believed their idea, brought positivity in their mind and worked to make it real.

This is the main reason why successful people advise others to follow their passion because when you follow your passion you work longer time but never feel tired and you won’t even go to bed.

Passionate entrepreneurs work up to 3 am in the morning or wake up at 3 am in the morning to work on their idea it is not the desire to make money is driving them but the passion they have.

You can take any successful people they have the long day compared to common man means either they wake up early or go to bed very late. But still, they maintain their healthy lifestyle.

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Success is not unattainable by a positive mind which believes and works on her/his dream.

You too can become successful if you believe and work.

Even in your employment follow the rule “Love it or leave it” if you love the job stay there else leave it because you cannot become successful if you force yourself to work.

To learn about your subconscious mind in detail you can read the popular book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr.Joseph Murphy. You will also learn how people hypnotize others.

I believe these keys to success will also be yours and do share this to your dreaming friends.

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BYJUS learning app to score high marks in exams

Byjus learning app is exclusively designed for students who dreams about scoring more marks but whose mind never give space to take a book and read, who sleeps in the class during boring lectures, who wants to visualize what they are learning, who wants to learn on the go, who wants to understand the concept better than their school subject teachers and who wants to be successful in academics.

And this article is about why you or your children need BYJUS learning app than any other online materials.

Please not this “Byjus review” is not sponsored by Byjus 

Byjus is not only for school grad but also for competitive exam preparatory to get through any tough exams.

During our school days, we read it, memorized it, written it, got passed and forgot it. This habit is a complete cycle in all the stages of our school either it is grade 6 or grade 12 we did the same thing.

It is registered in our mind that marks are only to get good colleges and job not for anything else so we forget everything on successive grades.

But very few lessons we have not forgotten like “A for Apple or B for Ball” studied in Kinder Garten at the age of three or four. You remember isn’t?

At the same time, we couldn’t remember the Physics principle studied in Grade 8 at the age of fourteen.

Do you remember all principles? If not why?

The reason is very simple.

Whatever we read during kindergarten was with picture whether it is A for Apple or the poem “ Johny Johny yes papa”( Haha you indulged in your memories) but the science we studied during later years was thought using confusing line diagrams and vague theories which we failed to understand and remember it.

Now we need to look it from another end.

Many reliable types of research found out that our brain is more of image processor than a word processor. In fact, part of our brain used to process words is smaller in size compared to image processing part and it remembers images than mere words for a long time.

Digital marketer found this fact a few years ago and started playing with images more effectively to increase conversion rate.

Neilsen’s data revealed that users spent 10% more time looking at pictures than they read the content.

SocialBakers research disclosed that images on Facebook get 93% of engagements compared to posts with mere words and Links (src: showHubspot[dot]com).

So scientifically it is clear our brain understands, remembers and increase engagements with images than theoretical statements.

When it comes to learning using images, there are two ways you can learn online.

1.An instructor appears on the screen shows you simple images to explain the topics.

2.A series of slides/2d animations made as a video to brief the concepts with background voice.

But BYJUS brought an innovation in their teaching methods where you get the personalised learning experience by seeing the lecturer and visualizing what she is teaching with excellent graphical works.

Watch this sample course how BYJUS works.

Now you will get a question there are hundreds of free YouTube videos are there why I have to pay BYJUS to learn the same subjects.

Everyone who realizes the value of money will ask this question isn’t?

Let me explain you.

Anyone can start a YouTube channel in any subjects could be mathematics, science or language but do the viewers know they are eligible for teaching the concept.

You learn only whatever the YouTuber knows the knowledge is limited. He reads the subject from books or on internet and republish it as videos.

YouTube is not doing any content checking whether it is reliable or manipulated.

Whereas in BYJUS

A team of qualified selected teachers from world’s top class institutions analyze the subject and find an easy way to teach and explain the concepts with animation which would retain in reader’s memory for a long time.

All the contents go through many stages scrutinization before getting published as course.

Unlike Youtube (single teacher) the knowledge is not limited, a content creating a team is working to build the course so you get a knowledge of highly qualified team’s.

Besides teaching, you do get a full-time support from their team either it is technical or commercial you get service at the doorstep.

At the end of the course you can take test online to test what you understood. If you are clear with the concept you can proceed to next level else ping the faculty to clear your doubts.

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BYJUS is not the first of its kind

There are lot of online course are there from recognised sellers but as said most of them are mere theoretical and vague.

I have taken many course on established online course sellers like UDEMY but the understanding you get from BYJUS is way better than any other.

BYJUS is a freemium business model where you can take selected few free courses to understand byjus better.

With 7000k app downloads and presence over 1701+ cities byjus is dominating world market and roping in investors and young talents to scale the business in faster pace.

1000+ hours of adaptive videos courses are available on byjus under CBSE, ICSE, CAT, IAS, JEE,GRE, GMAT and Commerce with unlimited practice questions and tests.Here you can challenge your peers through quizzo.

Byjus learning app will reduce your expenditure in education

Almost all the school students are going for private coaching after school to get a special attention of the teacher.

The tuition fee of any recognised private coaching centres ranges from Rs.5000/- to Rs. 20,000/- and the maximum of up to 1.5 lakhs per year.

Average Tuition fees(src: The Hindu)


A tired student after school has to travel to private coaching centres which takes his remaining energy. Even after reaching there some tuition centres are having the same number of enrolments as in their school where the teacher to student ratio is high.

Whereas in Byjus the cost of the course is much lower compared to private coaching centres. The cost of the courses in any specified subject ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.50000/- for one academic year not a monthly subscription.

When you compute annually and compare the cost of private centres and Byjus you can save your pocket from deep hole.

An after-school student could take any specified classes from his home need not excessive travelling.

The best part of any online learning especially in BYjus is the student teacher ratio 1:1 complete concentration is assured that too from India’s best teachers.

It’s not only for cutting down evening tuition centres but also to reduce the number of students traveling to Kota for IIT exams or to Delhi for civil service exam preperations.

Technical disadvantage of Byjus

While installing the app you will be asked to choose your grade once it is chosen you cannot change it later.

I love to learn the basics of engineering and chosen lower grades while installing but couldn’t change it in future.

Students should be given a choice so that two students from different classes can learn from the single device.

A well-funded startup scaling its business across all the major cities of the world investing more on Research and Development to create many more useful contents too revolutionize education sector.

A day will become prevalent in future where you need not go to schools to learn or attend exams but can do from your home online and byjus learning app seems to be the first effective step to learn from home.

Download Byjus learning app and fall in love with learning.

Top 25+ refer and earn sites 2018

Next, to affiliate marketing, refer and earn sites are widely utilized one to build a passive income online.

Interest income, rental income, and royalties are also the better way to build passive income but they need huge investment to make considerable money.

But either affiliate marketing or refer and earn programs require huge efforts to make considerable money.

I recently came across a Linkedin post where the Gentleman threw the question to everyone “What do you do if you lose your job tomorrow?”.

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Many people accepted they are economically challenged and few stated they will lose the comfort they are enjoying now but only three or four including me commented

We are making passive income through blog or rental or through other means so we are financially less threatened.

Though the question was thrown for discussion it may happen in real to anyone at any time.

Building a second sustainable income is the best way to become independent of others. The Internet made this possible in the 21st century through many options.

If you are the one looking for lucrative refer and earn sites then this post will be the useful for you forever.

This is a long read but divided under categories so to jump to the respective section press ctrl+F search for the below keywords for easy navigation.

1.Academics 2.Banking and trading
3.Cashback and deals 4.Ecommerce sites
5.Games 6.Hosting and domains
7.Payment apps 8. Travel and hospitality
9.Job portals  10.Generate Leads

Refer and earn sites in Academics

1.Simplilearn – On referring your friends to take any provided online course you get an amazon voucher and your friend gets 15% discount on course cost.

2.Apna course – On referring your friends you get Apna points which could be redeemed later.

3.Lynda.com -You get referral money when you introduce your friends to Lynda for the membership program.

Banking and trading sectors refer and earn sites

1.ICICI Bank – When you promote their bank products like pockets to your friends and family you will be rewarded. Anyone can join and reap the benefits you need not have ICICI bank account.

2.Citibank    –  This referral program is exclusively for Citibank users or you can create an account and start referring. When you refer Citi credit cards to your circle you will be rewarded Rs.2000/- directly into your Citibank account its direct money, not points.

The maximum amount you can make is Rs.9999/- in a financial year (April – march)

3.Angel Broking – Whenever you bring new signups and they do trading, you will be rewarded.

4.Asnani – You will be paid 10% brokerage generated from your referrals. Even you can refer a family member with same address of yours.

5.ZeroShulk – This is one of the lucrative deals. You get 20% of the brokerage generated each time a trade is done. For example, if your referral pays Rs.999/- you get Rs.198/-. Maximum up to 50% you can earn.

6.Zerodha – Every trade executed by friends will fetch you 10% of brokerage to your account.

refer and earn

Cashback and deals  refer and earn sites

1.CashKaro – You can make more here. When your referral makes Rs.5000/- cashback you will get Rs.500/-(10%) as a referral bonus.

By referring more friends, you could generate a decent income from this program.

E-commerce Refer and Earn sites 2017

1.Amazon – You get Rs.200/- for each friend who signs up at Amazon.in and makes a purchase of Rs.300/- Your friend also get Rs.100(Copyright: Amazon)

refer and earn
Amazon refer a friend

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2.Flipkart – When each referral makes a purchase for Rs.1000/- from Flipkart app yu will get Rs.200/-.But they must apply your code on Installation.

3.Refer and earn Snapdeal – You get Rs.200/- and your friends will get Rs.100/- in your Freecharge account when they make a first purchase on Snapdeal.

4.Shopclues–  When three of your friends download Shopclues app using your referral code you will get Rs.100/- worth voucher.

5.HealthKart – When your referred friend makes a purchase on Healthkart you both receive a coupon worth Rs.250/- which can be used for your next purchase.

6.Netmeds – You get Rs.100/- worth gift voucher when your referee makes the first purchase.

7.Lenskart –  When your referred friend signs up he/she get Rs.500/- worth Lenskart gift voucher and when they make their first purchase you get Rs.500/- worth Paytm voucher.

8.BigBasket – You both get Rs.100/- money in Big Basket wallet when your referee makes a purchase of Rs.500/- at a big basket.

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Online Games refer and earn programs

1.Ace2three – If your referee buys 200 real chips from this online rummy platform then you would be rewarded Rs.1000/- for sure.

2.ClassicRummy – On your friend’s first deposit 1000 bonus will be credited to your account. Thereafter for every 500 wagered by your friend 300 bonus will be released to your account.

3.TajRummy – You will receive 100% on your friend’s first deposit.

4.JungleeRummy – Whenever you refer your friend you get RS.1000/- and your friends get Rs.1000/- If you refer 5 friends you get Rs.5000/-

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Hosting and domains refer and earn

1.BigRock – Your referee needs to use your coupon code while they purchase a domain on BigRock. Your own domain is your coupon code so you need to have a domain (best suitable for bloggers).

For every three friends who use your coupon, you will get a one-year renewal for your domain.

2.Hosting Raja – When he makes a purchase you get Flat 30% off on your next purchase and for every new customer addition you get Rs.5000/-.

Payment apps refer and earn

1.Mobikwik – When your referee adds Rs.100/- in this wallet you get Rs.75/- and your friend gets Rs.50/- as e-cash. You can earn maximum of Rs.15000/- and can use the reward money to shop anywhere online.

Travel and Hospitality refer and earn

1.Goibio – Your referee earns 3000/- gocash and you get 1000 gocash on installing Goibibo mobile app. By Linking your phonebook on the app each time when your contacts book on Goibibo you get 50 gocash.

You can use gocash for bookings without any restriction.

2.MakeMyTrip – You get Rs.600/- when your friend downloads the app and Rs.800/- when he books with makemytrip. You can earn upto Rs.7000/-

3.FindMystay – Here you can earn upto Rs.1Lakh but not hard cash but could be redeemed in your next booking with findmystay.

When your referee downloads the app and registers both of you get Rs.300/- in your account.

4.OyoRooms – Your friend gets Rs.1000/- OYO money on successful app installation and you get Rs.200/- oyo money. When he books a hotel through the app you will be rewarded Rs.800/- oyo money.

5.ClearTrip – Refer a friend by sharing your referral code. Earn for every first booking your referrals complete.

When your friend installs and sign-ups they receive a coupon code worth Rs.2000/- for their first booking. You get Rs.1000/- cashback on travel.

6.Goibibo – By inviting your friends to download Goibibo app you get 1000gocash your friend gets 3000gocash which can be used to book flights, hotels, bus, and cars.Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with

Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with an app you get 50gocash whenever your contacts book the service.

refer and earn sites

Refer your friends for the jobs and make money on job portals


This is very simple.Create an account on myrefers.com finds the list of job opening posted by different companies.Either you can apply for the openings or refer your friends.

On successful closing of the openings, you will be paid a decent commission depends on the job you refer.The best part is for some openings you will be paid after the interview stage itself.

There is a potential to make some real money from this website.


This is similar to myrefers, you will be paid on successful closing of the job by refering your contacts.

The commission paid here for the closing is better than myrefers.

10.Refer your friends to Spini

Spini is a lead generation platform for real estate, insurance, loans, and interiors.

If you know anyone has the need of property you can post their name and contact number.Spini team will review your lead and if it is found to be genuine and relevant.You will get Rs.100/- for every successful lead you bring.


Refer and earn is as best as affiliate programs where you can make accountable money by investing your effort.

It’s not only bloggers anyone can make money. Just open your mobile starts with the contacts you saved in your mobile. Then move to social media to help your friends find better service or product.

Everything is possible with efforts.

If I have missed any popular lucrative programs please comment down I will add it.

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How to get more interview calls from Naukri

A few months back you applied on Naukri to get an interview call but till now you have received only one or two calls and that too not converted, isn’t?

If you agree with the above statement then this the right post for you to know how to get an interview call from recruiters.

A research conducted by Gallup (Research based global performance company) revealed that 87% of employees are not satisfied with their present job and they always like to quit and join the better company.



Gallup research
Employee satisfaction


So It’s not only freshers but also working professionals depends on job portals like Naukri to switch over the job.

When you create a profile on Naukri it will suggest you complete the profile 100%.

But even after maintaining a complete profile very few people are receiving recruiters call and many of them are not.

If you ask Naukri, in their blog post they will guide you on

How to increases your chances of getting right job like?

1.Write compelling headline

2.Enter the right key skills

3.Update your profile regularly

4.Fill in relevant fields in your profile (like designation, ctc, skills, education etc.,)

5.Verify your contact details.

Even after accomplishing those suggested guidelines you are not receiving calls.

You should know the reason isn’t?

Whenever a recruiter search for desired candidates based on the keyword or filter, it should fetch the appropriate candidates by keeping the given keyword as a base but mostly they won’t.

Before that we need to know their business model then only we can say how to get calls or why we are not getting calls.

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Naukri Monetization methods

1.You will find related google ads on Naukri so whenever a user makes a click on the ad they get paid this is the common way all the websites and bloggers follow to monetize their content.

2.Like LinkedIn here also recruiters cannot post a job for free they need to choose a plan like single job posting, a pack of five, a pack of 10 or Instant Job posting.

Naukri package
Naukri packages

3.Other than job posting employers can get resume database to find the suitable candidate. Naukri is having 51.1 million registered resumes online.

This database helps recruiters to access candidates profile who are also not active on Naukri.

4.Text resume service – Another premium service from Naukri to enhance the quality of the resume. Naukri experts will write an attractive cover letter and resume for you.

5.Profile enchantment – Naukri is also selling online certificate courses to add it in the resume so you may get an added advantage compared to other candidates.

You might have found notifications from Naukri suggesting relevant online certificate courses, to get better job opportunities.

Here comes the important thing for job seekers.

6.Recruiter reach – Naukri in its blog tells you if you have the complete profile you get more views but that’s half said and the remaining half they monetized it.

If you pay Naukri it will work for you to get more interview calls in a shorter time.If not you have to wait for some time it may be three or four months.

Naukri Credit price
Naukri Credit price

The visibility of paid profile is 6times more than the normal one.

Many of my friends posted their resume online but still now most of them didn’t receive any call irrespective of the skill set.

Naukri frequently suggests you update your profile to get notified but I will suggest you go with premium service to get the job early.

I promise you it is the best way to increase profile views and get more interview calls. If it doesn’t work I will remove this post forever from socialtalky.

Click to buy this book


The price is also affordable.By buying credits you can directly send messages with attached resume to selected recruiters.

The price of the package varies with the number of credits you want.

One more Naukri’s premium product is CV Blast

This is somewhat similar to CV Boost but the difference is Naukri’s sales executive will promise you if you don’t get the job within six days of registration you will get the money back 100%.

On successful registration, you will get a Registration number valid for 10 years on Naukri.


The disadvantage of Naukri’s CV Blast is after primary registration their executive will call you to pay in thousands to verify your certificates if you are comfortable please proceed. I suggest you not to take this service.

If you cancel the service from your side you won’t get the money you paid for registration from Naukri as happened to me.

By urging candidates to choose premium package I am not affiliated or selling their service Naukri didn’t pay me for this and this is not a sponsored content.

Here I have taken Naukri as an example but all other job portals like monster, Shine and indeed works in the same business model.

They are not doing free service they do business so pay and then get good service.

But some clever people think like I will be active on Linkedin to get the job why I need Naukri

Naukri helps recruiters to hire based on the submitted resume but Linkedin is one step beyond, besides hosting resume it helps recruiters to find right employees by going through their activities, It’s social Hiring.

This is the main reason why you cannot find any memes or funny videos like facebook posts on Linkedin.

The business model of both Linkedin and Naukri is almost same.

On LinkedIn also recruiters need to subscribe a premium service to post a job and candidates with the premium profile will get more visibility and ultimately the early job.

Recently I had come across an interesting post on Linkedin like this.

Linkedin post
Linkedin post

A lady was conducting a survey

“Have you ever received a job offer through Linkedin?”

She gained around 2.8k comments saying, “NO and Never”

It’s not only those people even I applied for many suggested job on Linkedin but never got any calls.

At least on Naukri, we receive a call or recruiter message once in a month or twice but not on Linkedin.

There are companies like Freshdesk on Linkedin where 8 out of 10 employees will post they are recruiting to get likes and comments but If you apply on their portal or on Linkedin they won’t write a reply and they call themselves Helpdesk service.

Freshdesk is an example but many more independent recruiters and startups are posting a status here but recruiting from Naukri.

Why they need likes and comments on Linkedin?

Linkedin algorithm is written in such a way the post with more engagements (likes and comments) may go viral. So, when a post goes viral they will become popular.

I would have directly told you “Get a premium account to get more profile views” but I wanted you to understand how Naukri works then it will be easy for you take decision faster and wiser.

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If you are the one really looking for a job change register on Naukri get a premium service don’t expect Naukri to service free for you.

If you have any queries please comment down to discuss.

Please write to nizam@socialtalky.com for publishing any business articles here.

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LinkMagic to earn more from Amazon Affiliates

Blogging is one of the efficacious ways to build a passive income online.

Either you sleep or walk your blog will make money for you and the beauty is even after your death your blog makes money for you.

Though all the blogs are monetized in one or many ways, not all the blogs are making money as expected. But some popular blogs are making unimaginable money.

There are many ways to make money from your blog based on your niche.

Affiliate programs, Sponsored content, AdSense, Banner displays, native advertising and few other direct selling methods.

Bloggers choosing affiliate programs like Amazon or Ebay sell more volumes and make a good commission on successful sale than other affiliate programs.

In the customary method, you have to search for the product and create your own affiliate link and has to place on the blog.

But Linkmagic.co works based on the keywords present in the post. If any keyword matches with amazon products it will automatically create an affiliate link and whenever a purchase is done through the link you get an affiliate fee from Amazon. Simple isn’t?

Linkmagic is a boon for bloggers with many advantages

1.No redirection

An affiliate link created by Linkmagic will directly take your customer to Amazon it will never redirect to third party website and then to Amazon.

There are few infamous programs which will take your reader to the third party where they display some ads and then to amazon. But not here.


This smart tool will automatically redirect your readers to right website based on the country. For example, if your reader is from India it redirects to Amazon.in if it is England directs to Amazon.uk so you need not worry about location.

3.No middleman

Commissions you earned will flow from amazon to your account directly no middleman as in some other programs.

Whatever you earn you take it.

4.Works for all niche

You can write about education, fashion, sports, crafts, electronics or whatever Linkmagic works fine in all the category equally.

5.Highly responsive

According to web analytics firm StatCounter, mobile and tablets have overtaken the usage of desktop and laptop.

Even Google Analytics reports for my blog stating more views are from mobile devices than desktop.

So to cope up this rapid change Linkmagic is highly responsive it works fine on a tablet, desktop, and mobile where the possibility of conversion is high.

How to install LinkMagic on your blog?

It is simple and easy to install Linkmagic

1.Just create your free account by entering details like Full name, Email Id and Amazon tag based on your country on Linkmagic website.

Generated code to place on your site

2.You will receive an activation mail from Linkmagic to activate the account. Copy and paste the HTML code on your website.

3.If you are using WordPress, download the plugin and enter your amazon tag.

As soon as the account is live you can view your stats on the dashboard which could help you to measure the performance of the Linkmagic.

It was then when bloggers made money only through AdSense like programs but growing intrusive against ads urging internet users to install ad blockers in their system (desktop or mobile).

Hubspot in a report revealed that the world-famous adblocker AdBlock Plus has been downloaded over 500 million times and 64% of internet users are annoyed by ads on the website they view.

This growing downloads of adblockers cost the advertisement industry $22 billion dollar which is a big drawback for bloggers.

So no longer bloggers can solely depend on Adsense to monetize their blog they need to start affiliate marketing.

And to become successful affiliate marketer Linkmagic will help bloggers to boost their amazon affiliate earnings.

Please write to nizam@socialtalky.com for publishing business articles here.

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WordPress Under Construction Page plugin

Before getting into the core of the subject you should know why this article is important for bloggers or web developers like you.

Apart from blogging on socialtalky.com I am also running an online ticket booking portal where I list out workshops or classes happening in and around the city and it is a localised business.

Whenever I do maintenance if I turn down the website on server and my viewers will be shown the below image.

under construction page plugin

By seeing this some people will lose trust and some may come back but don’t register since it is online money transaction business people need the guarantee for the money they pay.

If I keep on showing “This website is not available” then no will turn up.

Then I was searching for a WordPress solution for this problem on Google and landed up on the free WordPress Plugin “Under Construction Page”, developer’s friend.

Showing error codes not only turn off your viewers but also upsets SEO. Google waiting outside the door will penalize your site for showing error codes to its users which is suicidal.

To avoid all these possible threats, it is wise to display under construction page on your website. So users and Google will understand that you exist but some repairing works are going there and will come back.

It is wise isn’t? continue reading…

Follow these simple steps to install and configure Under Construction Page plugin.

1.Download and install Under construction Page plugin on your website.

2.Configure it by simply hitting settings -> Under Construction

Now you can configure your page.

under construction page plugin

Status: If you enable it then your website will show the selected template by you. Here you can select exceptional cases like 1. Administrator 2.Editor 3.Author 4.Constributor 5.Subscriber based on your selection plugin will hide the website to others.

You can also automatically set the date when the construction will be completed. on reaching the date your website will be open to all.

The best part is you can track how many people visited your under construction page by entering Google Analytical-id.

By knowing the number of users visiting your site you can decide whether to accelerate your work or decelerate.

Not only for setting the deadline but also can add new features or you may get an idea then by analyzing the demography of the visitors.

To get your Google Analytical id of your site.

Go to Google analytics and click your website name you will find an alphanumeric number starting with UA- under Properties and Apps.

under construction page plugin
Google Analytics Tracking Id

By entering the id you can now track the records.

Under construction Page provides you more attractive free templates to be displayed on your page select the desired one to proceed further.

As I mentioned this plugin is highly customizable like you can add Title, Description, Headline and content so rather than showing a simple animated page you can speak to your visitors why they are landed up there.

One of the best features about Under Construction Page plugin is, it is social and I completely love it.

When your website is under maintenance why don’t you take your audience to your social pages like Facebook, Pinterest, twitter or youtube?

This will reduce the bounce rate and help you not to lose your business. You are given more options including mobile number and email address.

Once everything is done just save the changes below.

This is how my website seen when it was under construction.

under construction page plugin
My website is under construction come back later

Developers know how many lines of codes they need to create a page like this but by simply installing WordPress Under Construction Page plugin you can do this in few clicks.

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How to create a wordpress job posting site?

This article How to create a WordPress job posting site is not about creating an entirely new brand to compete with existing popular job portals but works like a job aggregator’s platform from multiple established job portals.

Here we are going to start a website which automatically fetches jobs from popular job portals and display it on your site legally.

Interesting isn’t?. continue reading….

Create a WordPress Job posting site

1.You need a domain to start any .com business so we need to first purchase domain either from Godaddy or Hostgator or Bigrock along with hosting package.

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2.Either you can start this as a blog or exclusive website for job listing.

There are lot of youtube tutorials online to learn WordPress, set it up on your own or hire a professional to set up WordPress.

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Since the above two points are basic and over discussed on the internet let’s move to the core concept.

3.Here comes the main subject on how to create job posting website.

On your WordPress dashboard go to plugin and click add new

Search for Job board plugin “Indeed Job importer” install and activate on your website.

Go to Indeed job importer on the left-hand side and configure it.

create a wordpress job posting site
Indeed Job Importer Settings

1) You can give any name to your campaign.

2) You need a publisher id. To create a publisher id just click “Request one” if you have already one just enter your publisher id.

Why you need Publisher id: Publisher id is a unique identification number for publishers who publish indeed content on their blog or website.

create a wordpress job posting site
Create publisher account

Whenever a job seeker signup or clicks on the indeed job posted on your site you get paid for the referral. So to create a unique link you need a publisher id.

3)Enter the keyword for the jobs to be displayed on your site like Marketing, Business Development, Retail sales, corporate sales.

Based on the given keyword Indeed posts jobs.

4)Select your country of service. Based on your subscription or viewer’s location you can select the country.

If you select India Indeed will post jobs from India only.

5)Select the job type – Full time,part time or contract.

6)Max item import – Fix the number of jobs posts to be published by Indeed everyday.

7)Feed status: Make this active to enable auto blog by indeed.

8)Channel: if you are having more than one website with the same publisher id you can create different links affixing different channel values.

9)Select the category under which the job must be posted.

On socialTalky I am publishing job articles under the category “Career Guidance”.

10)Display template: You can customize the details to be shown in the post like description, state, country, company name etc.,

Once everything is done click save.

Once everything is done successfully Indeed posted 10 new jobs on my blog under “career guidance”.

create a wordpress job posting site
Jobs posted on SocialTalky.com

As mentioned, you can control the number of posts to be published in a day.

So whenever a user clicks on the job post or signup for Indeed you get an affiliate commission. You can also monetize your blog or website by enrolling AdSense.

Here Indeed is taken as an example other than Indeed you can join Juju, Beyond, CareerBuilder, SimpyHired, Authenticjobs, Adzuna and Career jet .Procedures remain same for all job boards.

While registering for publisher id some job portals will ask for company mail address. If you have the one already signup with it else get a free business email address from Zoho.

Two or more plugins can be activated at the same time to import more jobs from multiple job boards.

A research conducted by Gallup (Management consulting company) revealed that 87% of employees are not satisfied with their present job and always looking for a job change so irrespective of the unemployment rate of a country job aggregator’s business continue to exist.

Hope I made it clear if you have any queries please comment down.

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Hiver to turn Gmail into helpdesk

A proactive business always wanted to retain its existing customers more than acquiring a new customer. They are aware that cost of acquiring a new customer is double than retaining the existing customer.

But day by day new businesses are lining up in your niche and startups are providing attractive deals to conquer your own customers.

Despite all the short-term deal dramas when your relationship with the customer is strong nobody cannot drag him away but it’s not easy to build a relationship quickly.

All the businesses are spending more money on improving customer experience with the product or service through timely assistance.

Sticking to classical technologies won’t help businesses to retain customers, you need to incorporate modern technologies to improvise your support team effectiveness.

Helpdesks are one of the technologies to solve customer complaints faster and smarter.

Amidst a lot of complex helpdesks in the market, hiver is one of the best helpdesk tools online.

The best part of hiver is you need not a separate window or id to operate just simply turn your Gmail into helpdesk.

For example: If john writes a mail to your support@example.com and Ben writes to sales@example.com you can bring both the mail to your Gmail account and write a reply from there.

Like other helpdesks, you can also add agents to attend specific function related complaints.

Sales related query can be forwarded to your sales agent and if the customer needs tech support you can forward it your tech team.

More than simply assigning the task here you can monitor what your assigned agents are doing with the ticket, how much time they are taking and the status of the ticket like pending or completed.

Besides you can also guide your agents to provide a right solution or add two or more skilled agents or urge them to take swift action by simply adding comments without disturbing the customer’s statement.

Unlike other helpdesks Hiver is simple to use and install. No hours of special instruction needed for your agents to work on hiver it is self-explanatory and understandable easily.

One click to install hiver

How to install hiver

Just go to their website  www.hiverhq.com” and click “Install Hiver for Gmail

To install Hiver

You will be asked to install chrome extension just click ok

Once you are done with the installation now you need to create an account and add shared mailboxes details.

Fill company details

Hiver side window will be appearing on your Gmail once are done with account creation.

Hiver window on Gmail

A small chat like a window on your Gmail implies successful installation of hiver.

Henceforth whenever you receive a mail from your customer to support@example.com or sales@example.com you will start receiving on your Gmail under Unassigned on your right side which can be later assigned to the respective agent.

Once the mail is assigned it will be copied to your teammate’s mailbox and disappeared from Unassigned.

Add a number of users based on your plan later by clicking settings->Add User.

Hiver works fine in mobile also hence save your business on the go.

Shared email templates

Exclusive templates can be created and shared among your teammates. You can use this email templates while composing or replying to an email in Gmail.

Shared Labels

Sharing labels with your teams power up the hiver usage. Emails with shared labels will be delivered to agents in the same pool.

Though hiver provides limited features it is a fit for small businesses and startups. Join for free trial no credit card required.

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Make Money By Playing Online Rummy

You can make money by playing online rummy .This is nothing new; in fact, many people in India are making extra money on the side with the help of their Indian rummy playing skills.

Everything we own or do in our lives is somehow related to the amount of money we have. When you have a good amount in your bank account, most of the things come easy.

Otherwise we just scramble to make ends meet. In the recent past the online culture has become extremely prevalent; a quick swipe on your smartphone and you enter the virtual or parallel world of technology.

What is great is that technology is also closely related to gaming and there is a way that allows you to make money legally. If you want to know more, just scroll down a little and grab the deal.

Caution: You May end up Making a lot of Money

Playing Online Rummy is a Treasure Chest

First things first, playing online rummy for real money has nothing to do with gambling and even the Apex court of India has stamped it as a game of skill. Playing online Rummy is legal in all states of India except Assam and Odisha.

It is different from other card games like Teen Patti or Flash which are games of chance and are therefore illegal. Primarily the common variants of rummy available on the web are points, pool and deals.

Each website has its own way of allocating points with slight modifications, but the basic rules of the game remain the same.

Almost all websites provide requisite education to players in the form of tutorial videos and informative blogs. These articles and videos explain rummy tips and tricks, and rules for free or practice play. This is an easy way to get acquainted with the game.

Players need to deposit a minimum amount for playing Rummy online. This amount attracts a handsome welcome bonus that boosts your playing money to an insane value. Hence you get more money to play and explore the game.

There’s a whole stream of bonuses and promotions available for players at good sites. To add more cash to their account, players can take the full advantage of multiple bonuses like Top Up and festival promotions. Utilizing these gives you an advantage.

Once you are ready and feel like it’s time to hammer the nail, then you can join the table and start the battle with your fellow players.

It is a game of hardcore skills; where the fundamentals of mathematics and card manipulations have a decent role to play.

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How the Game can improve your Bank Roll

After all, the real money game is all about winnings that flow into your bank account. There are multiple tables available for players to join. Each table can occupy from 2 to 6 players.

Thousands of players are taking home a lot of money by implementing their card skills by just spending an hour or two of their free time. Since it is a multiplayer game, you play against other real players and not against a computer.

The game is very similar to rummy you may have played with friends or family at home. Be smart and invest some time on this game. This is an easy game to master and you can learn and play in a matter of just a day or two. The best part is that you can change a relatively bad set of cards into a winning declare with your skills.

You can begin by playing on low stake tables and as you begin to get good at it, you can keep increasing your stakes. To play for real money there is multiple ways you can deposit and withdraw.

Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Paytm*, PayUmoney, Airtel Money, Rupay Card etc. all facilitate payments.  All are secure and fast with very quick service.

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RummyPassion.com is a great destination available for you to test your skills. It gives you the option to win a lot of money. Registration is simple and free.

You can sign up and start playing immediately. RummyPassion.com offers friendly and professional customer service and can be contacted via phone, email and live chat.

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Make money from Doopaadoo by listening songs

A recent research conducted by Audio-Technica , one of the world’s finest music instruments manufacturers revealed that an average person spend 13 years of his life only in listening to music and it can be any sort of music.

An average person only listens for 13 years but an above average person will convert 13 years into money by simply listening to the same music.

Doopaadoo is designed for music lovers and creators where music producers can publish their content exclusively on Doopaadoo and music can listen to different kinds of music and songs only on doopaadoo.

The best part is you can make money from Doopaadoo for listening to the songs uploaded on their site and you will also get paid based on the number of views your content gets.

They share their profit with listeners and publishers and they monetized the sites through AdSense and third party promotions on their site.

How to make money from Doopaadoo?

It’s very simple whenever you feel like listening to music rather than visiting youtube you enter doopaadoo.com

The user interface is like Youtube but on youtube, only publishers get paid when viewers engage with ads but here on Doopaadoo, both will be paid not for watching ads but listening to what you like.

Before you start making money you need to create your account on the site and you have optional sign-ins like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

make money from doopaadoo
make money from doopaadoo

Once your account is created just start listening to your favorite music and on successful completion of the music you get coins in your wallet collect up to 500 coins and convert the coins into real money in your paytm wallet.

The average length of each music track is about 5 minutes so by listening to 50 songs in a day you get 50 coins and in 10 days it is easy to secure 500 coins and no special effort needed.

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Even on the go, you can earn by downloading Doopaadoo mobile app.

More than making money you will appreciate the content produced by talented music publishers.

Rate, comment and share the music. Happy Listening.

Start listening to Doopaadoo you will love it.

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