How to make money online from Flipkart?

There are lot of ways to make money online but only few techniques are plausible to earn good cash .Making money from ecommerce websites is one of the best methods.You cannot earn in lakhs in single day or in one month but you can earn some good amount it’s depend on the time and the efforts you are putting in.

Affiliate Marketing

Almost all the ecommerce platforms provide this opportunity for money seekers to work for them. The concept is very simple you have to sell their products if you sell it you get a commission in your account you can either transfer it to bank account or exchange with e-gift vouchers.

Go to Flipkart or Snapdeal at the bottom of the page you will find the link for affiliate program just click and create your account they will provide you unique id.

You can create your very own product link by simply copying and pasting specific product link .Flipkart will generate your link now you can use this link to sell the product.

If you are placing the link in your fb post and urging the people to buy the product if anyone buys  a product through your link Flipkart pays you small amount of commission ,it depends on the product category and it varies from period to period.

Tips on how to increase sales

1.Create a Facebook page or group for shopping ,invite your friends and colleagues to join the group discuss about the product or offers not only from Flipkart but in general promote your link once in a day don’t overdo it ,it may force the people to get out of the group.

2.Create a blog on discounts and offers or about specific products, include your affiliate link to that product in your posts but the link should be in the flow of the post.

For example you can say to buy this product click here (your affiliate link).

3.Share your earnings with charity advertise like this “if you buy a product from this page X charity will get some commission” but don’t misuse it to increase the trust please mention the charity name and communication details so users will believe you more.

4.Market it in your friends circle request your friends to buy it through your link.

5.Collect some of your friends email ids and do email marketing but don’t overdo it send one mail in a week holding two –three products. If you are more contacts then use email marketing software to send bulk mails.

We explained it with flipkart but you can try it in Amazon,snapdeal and ebay also.Please comment some other websites name doing affiliate marketing.

Discounts and offers for food from FoodonTips

Foodontips is an app for finding discounts and offers in restaurants. Currently available in Bangalore and will be opening in Hyderabad soon. The app has exclusive offers from restaurants that aren’t available in other apps.Whether it’s a family weekly dinner night or business lunch, Users just have to fire up Foodontips on a mobile or laptop, select a restaurant with a good offer, confirm the booking and arrive. It is really quite simple. No need to pay a penny before the meal. Nothing changes in whole experience, and users save money without any conscious effort. Users don’t have to worry about payment, they only need to enjoy the meal.

As for restaurateurs, they improve their revenue with our easy to use features of timed   discount, coupon generation. They can pamper their favorite patrons with customized discounts. They can use it completely in the confines of the browser, or emails without the need for another app. Foodontips is available on google play and Apple store.

What made us to think?

So there we were, sitting in a diner we frequently dined at. We used to call the owner “uncle”.The bill came and it looked less that what was usually billed. We asked uncle the reason. He replied, “You are my favorite customers!!!” It felt good, not only the way uncle had thought of us as his “favorite” customers but also his “gift”. It was then we thought, how can we make foodies and restaurateurs connect, reward each other. We reminisced how good it feels,getting something in return for what you enjoy, and a rare thing nowadays in a world where nothing is free. This is the exact moment we conjured up FoodonTips.

Problem addressed by FoodonTips

Bangalore alone has around 8000 restaurants and other metros add up to 40000 restaurants.Indians are really lucky when it comes to availability of tasty food but sadly unlucky in terms of costs. Dining out takes a toll on the wallet. Restaurateurs are also not worthy of blame, they have to charge premium to balance out off-peak hours. Foodontips aims to solve both the problems and makes it a win-win for everyone.

So now you can fill your stomach without emptying your wallet.Comment down your suggestion on FoodonTips to help them grow in their niche.

It is not Anna University its college of Engineering Guindy

Do you know where is Anna University located in Chennai? Then obviously you should know where the College of Engineering campus is located in Chennai ? If you don’t know please go through.

Except Anna University alumni and students, no one knows that red building which flashes in news and newspaper is called College of Engineering, Guindy. Even the first-semester student in College of Engineering, Guindy(CEG) will be thinking he is studying in Anna University but actually he is a student of CEG. We would like to differentiate you between Anna University and College of Engineering Guindy.

Before we introduce College of Engineering Guindy you should know the structure of Anna University.In 1978 Anna University was formed by bringing four existing campuses together

1.College of Engineering Guindy (Main Campus)1794

2.Madras Institute of Technology(Chrompet)1949

3.Alagappa College of Technology(ACT)1944

4.School of Architecture and Planning (SAP)1957.

Since 2011 Anna University became affiliating university holding  engineering colleges under four main category.

1.Anna university’s colleges and campuses

2.Tamilnadu Government Engineering Colleges

3.Tamilnadu Government aided engineering colleges

4.Self-financing colleges.

Now you have to know about College of Engineering Guindy

In 1794 started as a school of survey near Fort.St.George later renamed as Civil Engineering School with an inclusion of civil engineering later became College of Engineering in its new campus Guindy . So before Anna University was formed CEG existed so it’s not Anna University that is the oldest but College of Engineering Guindy which was formed in 1794.

In 1978 when Anna University was formed then Tamilnadu Government made CEG as the main campus with three additional campuses. From then that red building became a symbol of Anna University but actually it belongs to CEG.

The main reason behind this is, the administration building of Anna University where Vice-chancellor of Anna University sits is present inside the Guindy Campus white building in front of Valluvar Statue. Whenever media publishes any news about Anna University they showcase CEG’s red building rather than Anna University’s administration building this created an impact that red building campus is called Anna University.

Even in counselling, you can’t find Anna University as a separate institution to be specific you won’t find Anna University but the very first campus is College of Engineering Guindy with a counselling code 001 so if you are choosing Anna University actually you are choosing CEG which is the dream campus for students from Tamilnadu.

Students will come to know their college name only after admitted into the campus. Like every other college, CEG has a separate motto, separate logo and Dean as the head reports to Vice chancellor of Anna University.

Even if you look at the red building closely it is written as College of Engineering Guindy, not as Anna University .

Hope you are clear now that there is the oldest institution inside the forest and it is called College of Engineering Guindy under Anna University .

This article is written to make the people of Tamilnadu know about an existing campus, not with any other intention.

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Top 5 websites to promote start-ups

It’s not only start-ups everyone needs established platforms to become popular or to reach more people. If you are funded you will spend a lot in outbound marketing but if you are bootstrapped you need a right platform to promote you. We tried our best to list top 5 websites to promote start-ups.


India’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008 with the aim of championing untold stories. Though you read lot of start-ups news they have certain criteria to feature in YS. It is the best platform for B2B to make a good business.


Bizztor connects Indian entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. You can submit your stories to them through an online form provided. They have decent page fans which could help your business to reach more people.


A platform that covers stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and business that are challenging the norms and changing the nature of the game. Other than stories they too publish tech news helpful for startups.

4.The Startup Journal

Founded by Ashish Kumar is a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation and creativeness to wide entrepreneurial community. It’s simple to feature your story here ,just complete the online form about your business .SJ team will get back to you.

5.Startup Success Stories

Other than displaying stories they too train you to become successful in your niche .Easy to submit and publish your stories with decent page fans.

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Kindly comment down your suggestions on websites promoting start-up news .Also comment down the similar websites you know.

Top 5 App developing companies in India

Now it is easy to learn coding to create your very own app in less than two months but it needs your time and passion to code your app. But being in growing India we need to compete faster and showcase our product to outside world before our competitors do,so it is better to go for outsourcing from the reliable sources.

You can get freelancers to code your app but it is always better to go with team rather than individual for better service. Here we are listing some companies that are really doing good in the market ranking is entirely based on the customers served, number of years in the field, credibility, service.


This active team from Chennai so far served 2000 projects with 1000 clients, in the field for more than 16 years providing service to major brands holding customers from 28 different countries .They also have team to help you from digital marketing to m-commerce.


This attractive and interactive web designers so far completed 2000 projects and in the field for last 10 years serving more than 600 small and medium size customers. They have the expert team right from php to joomla .Also providing online marketing study, PPC, SEO, Logo designs .This platform is having customers from 25 different countries.


Enthusiastic team from Punjab served more than 2000 projects, providing service for more than 11 years. To improve customer satisfaction providing 1 year free technical support which is an additional boon to choose them, other than apps they too have knowledge in digital marketing, CMS and Testing.


This talented team from Chennai holding 16 years of experience in Internet having 60% of customers from foreign nations. Right place to create right from logo to explainer videos for your business. Though they are having stunning website they served only countable projects.


Though this site looks simple and less attractive they have served more than 10 years and provided service to major clients like Godrej, Reliance, Wipro etc., in addition to apps they too provide software development, web hosting, SEO and other IT services.

Kindly provide some valuable feedback and comment down other web developing companies that are emerging in India we will consider them when we update this post.

Cashback sites listed

It’s not only coupon websites but also cashback sites help you to save much when you are making an online purchase. You can read about Top 5 coupons and deals sites in India, cashback websites work same like coupons and deals but here you get some money in your account these websites save you a lot when you are buying from Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and in all major e-commerce sites.

All you have to do is simply create an account and buy your product through cashback sites.

How do cashback sites earn?

These websites are affiliated with major e-commerce sites like Flipkart, amazon,eBay,snap deal etc., so whenever you purchase from their sites Flipkart pays money to cashback sites and  they pay you little so you can get some money in your wallet.

This cashback giant so far paid 25 crores to their users and affiliated with 1000+ stores. Along with cashback, you can also get discount coupons for your favorite products. Well-designed and products are categorized by brands, retailers and top offers for better user experience.


This renowned cashback site holds offers from all the major stores .Providing opportunity for the users to earn extra from their affiliate program .Though this site is looking somewhat clumsy, gaining huge audience every day.


Featured in all the major news medias providing 1000+ deals , 100+ exclusive coupons, affiliated with 300+ stores. Providing rewards and freebies to comfort their users.

One of the developing sites affiliated with 200+ major brands providing cashback on every purchase you make through their site, with “No redeem fee or charges” they are attracting huge customers towards them for big savings.


Though this is developing one and the website looks simple they have an easy way of transacting your money, you can get even Re.1/- from their site no cap or threshold to withdraw your money you are also given a choice of getting of gift cards instead money ,affiliated with 500+ stores .

Kindly provide your feedback on this top 5 cashback sites in India

Top 5 coupons and deals sites in India

It’s not only bank that saves your money but there are some coupons and deals sites in India are out there to save you from over expenditure all you have to do is to simply visit them before you pick a product online or from offline stores. All most all the websites have an option to subscribe to their offers so that you can get all the offers in your inbox

Almost all the websites have an option to subscribe to their offers so that you can get all the offers in your inbox its better isn’t?

Almost all the websites have the option to subscribe to their offers so that you can get all the offers in your inbox it’s better isn’t?

How coupons and deals website earn

They are affiliated with individual brands to sell their products so if you go to the seller site through coupons site they get some percentage but the seller won’t charge you extra for this. Flipkart, eBay ,snap deal everyone is having affiliate programs.

Sometimes sellers provide a unique coupon code to deals website so that they get some percentage when you use it for purchase .

They get money only if you buy the product not for simply visiting the seller’s site through them it’s not google AdSense.


coupons and deals sites

CouponRani holds 3000 plus highest number of merchants in this niche with coupons from all major stores and categories .They have 300+ exclusive coupons which are available only on their site and you cannot find it anywhere else. You can find coupons for the stores you have not heard of. Well categorized website with a pleasing background.

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coupons and deal sites

Launched in 2013 multinational coupon sites with a small team they have acquired 1700 small and big retailers they have coupons in all categories right from recharge to travel a well designed attractive website making users to visit them again ,easy to navigate all the options are clear and understandable but they have to work on their SEO it seems. A verified badge on their social media page stands trustworthy.


coupons and deals sites

Other than normal coupons site design they are giving users to mark their favorite so the users can retrieve later in their account. Affiliated with more than 1000 retailers to showcase their user’s coupons in all the categories.


coupons and deals sites
Partnered with almost all the major stores in India having 500,00+ subscribers with 500+ merchants displaying coupons in wide categories with a decent website.


coupons and deals sites

A well-categorized websites having the affiliation with more than 300 stores providing coupons in all categories though they don’t have many social media fans but they have well SEO customized site and acquiring customers in medium phase.

The above ranking is done on the number of stores they are affiliated with , the authenticity of the site combined with SEO and user experience.

Please comment down few other coupon websites below.

Lessons we should learn from Vikram

Perseverance and persistence are the problem of young dreamers they want the immediate effect on their work sometimes they get but not every time success needs patience it is applicable to everyone. Who follow their passion in spite of hurdles will be successful it’s a universal fact but the answer to the question how long I have to wait?depends on the amount of work you are putting in and the result you are expecting. You have to be really patient preparing yourself for the big day.Actor Vikram is one of the living examples of perseverance and persistence. He prepared himself for tomorrow rather than worrying about yesterday.

Lessons from Vikram
Forecast and use the opportunities

Right from his childhood he wanted to become a successful actor when he was doing school in Montfort, Yercaud he practiced karate, horseback riding, swimming and also acting which gave him more confidence.

We want to achieve but have you ever thought are we suitable or are we having the skills? If not first we should work on our skills to achieve our dream it’s not the only dream can make it happen. If you want to become entrepreneur first learn it, go and work in a start-up for two years till you get confidence then you go and start.

HardWork Pays

When director Bala offered him a role Vikram shaved his head, lost twenty –one kilogram and grew nails long for the film sethu ,to have sunburnt look Vikram burnt him under the sun for Kasi which got acclaim. Still now he is working hard to be perfect for the role.

First you give then you expect don’t expect without giving spend more time on your passion die for it,it will be hard initially but think of the end, you can’t spell out any name who became success without hard work though it appears like overnight success only people who made it knows how many nights it took for them to reach the place.

Be humble

He is one of the most humble people in the industry though he achieved a lot he still knows he needs to achieve a lot of humbleness will bring good people around you .If you are successful you need not change your attitude it is more important to save your words now than before.

Help others

He has been a brand ambassador of Sanjeevani trust and a school for special children Vidhya Sudha. Vikram also setup Vikram Foundation to provide heart operations for poor, educate poor children and rehabilitate victims of natural disaster. He produced and featured in “spirit of Chennai” a video tribute to the 2016 Chennai flood volunteers.

First, work hard and take from the society once you reached more than enough and better than others start giving back it to the society who really need it.Help others to achieve the same.

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So music lovers and creators now you have one more option to upload your creativity and listen to fresh music giving an opportunity for music creators to upload your music to reach music lovers in an efficient way it is a platform where creators and likers meet so it is the best way to promote your song.

All music that plays on is exclusively created for doo-doo and you cannot listen anywhere else even in video giant. Creators own their rights which enable them to earn a royalty every time we listen.

Doopaadoo for music lovers
What is the gain for uploaders?

They help you to collaborate to create your own music and helps you to earn from your own creativity so you can turn from hobby to full time .Since they help you to monetize your music you can carry on your passion without looking for the second opportunity for money sake.

They also get a review for your music from industry stalwarts to benchmark and build confidence in newcomers and aspirants.

What is the gain for listeners?

Do you believe they pay for you if you listen to songs? Yes, they are paying you in coins Create your account and listen to any songs completely and check your e-wallet you get coins in that.

Doopaadoo pays for listening, preview, collaborate, create, share, review, like, follow so if you spend your free time you get a chance to earn.

Confusing  doopaadoo

Since it is a beta version it needs to improve a lot we created our account and test the doopaadoo but many things we don’t understand

1.How to upload my song?

2.What can I do with coins?

3.Is the reward coins in rupees?

4.Though given options for language ,getting Tamil as the default option couldn’t change it.

5.Lacks many more detailed procedures for creators in terms of monetization.

Overall Doopaadoo is a good platform for who wants to earn from their passion it will address the monetary issues facing by the small and middle-class musician.

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How to make your Facebook post reach more people?

This is purely from our very own analysis and how we are achieving more in this. You may have 2000 page likes but whenever you make a post it won’t reach all the 2k users but only 15-20%  it reach around 400-500 people .If you want to reach more people you can try paid promotion to get more reach. Anyone can do this with money but smart marketers never do this they do one step better than normal people. Have you ever thought of how to make your post reach more than the number of page likes? Yes you can there is a possible situation and we realized this.

Since we are in growing path we have only 1.8k likes but whenever we make posts it won’t even reach 200 people.

How to make your post reach more people

To increase the reach we tried paid boosting ,as a result we reached 1196 out of this 496 is organic and 696 is paid we felt happy we reached at least 1000 people though we spent some money.

But when we wrote about “Notable start-ups from Chennai” we reached 2480 users which is more than the number of page likes we have. Then we dived in to the insights we found the number of engagements is more than normal post we read about that then we came to know the more number of engagements you get more number of people you reach.

When we made another post on “Notable start-ups from Anna University” we reached 5.6k which is the highest as said earlier it got more number of engagements like shares,likes , comments and link clicks our objective is to make people to read our article but this will happen only when we reach .if you reach 1000 people 50-60 people will click the post  so it is important to reach more number of audience. When we reached 2k people we had 140 post clicks but when we reached 5k users we got 429 clicks .

how to make your post to reach more number of peopel

How to increase engagements?

The best way is to ask your friends personally to like your post whenever you are posting so your next post will appear in your friends wall automatically you need not to boost not only this it will also appears in his friend’s wall so you can reach more people. Remember it’s not only sharing but liking also help you to reach more.

But don’t nag your friend every time, you make him like by posting interesting things. Make sure your title is catchy to make him like or view.

Is organic promotion better than paid?

From our own analysis we feel organic is much better than paid you can reach more people without spending single penny but some extra efforts. This is not google search results to say both organic and paid are useful.

So be smart in your promotion, If you feel this article is interesting and useful kindly share this with your friends .Please comment down your suggestion on this topic.