How to make money from Old newspapers ?

As per World Association of Newspapers and News publishers, India stands first in newspaper sales followed by China, Japan, United States and Germany.

Increased literacy is one reason for the rise of increased newspaper sales in India. Times of India is the widely circulated newspaper among all.

People are fond of reading newspapers amidst growing online news curating websites.

Readers who buy newspapers regularly cannot store it all in their house they need to simply dump it or to find better ways.

To make best out of old newspapers here we are listing 5 different ways to make money from old newspapers.

1.Sell old newspapers online

You can sell your old newspaper online to recycle it to make good money online.

It is difficult to find newspaper collectors in cities to collect your old newspapers so some techies found a solution to sell old newspapers online with them in online, representatives will collect your newspapers and pay you in hard cash in return.

Simple steps to sell old newspapers online

1.Book a slot on the website., representatives will collect your newspapers and pay you in hard cash in return.

2.Representatives will collect and estimate the price for your old newspapers.

3.Mostly they pay you in hard cash., Greenobin, paperman are start-ups ready to collect your newspaper at your doorstep and pay you in return.

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2.Sell it to local stores

Grocery stores, vegetable shops or tea shops near your house are looking for newspapers to fold the groceries so you can approach them with your papers and sell it for some reasonable amount.

3.Sell it to students

It is not useful for you because it was past but students who are all preparing for civil service exams or other competitive exams may need information or selective columns from old newspapers so you can make an ad in social Medias and sell it to students who are in need of it.

4.Create a newspaper bank

If you have a place you can create a newspaper bank where you can charge people who want to refer any important news from an old newspaper like in library but it needs a lot of work right from segregating to maintaining. But you can earn reasonable money from it since many of them don’t try it out.

5.Manufacture a newspaper bag- One of the best ways to make money from old newspapers which are also eco-friendly



You can create a newspaper bag which is eco-friendly and sell it to the local shops with increased cost, due to value addition you can sell it for more cost and there is a hance of making it as your mainstream business.You can watch this youtube video to create a simple paper bag

If you are not interested in creating a paper bag you can find the manufacturers and sell your old newspapers.

Do you feel you there are some more ways to earn from old newspapers? please comment down we will add it up.



Do you know Zero Rupees note?

62% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribe to government officials which is supposed to be done free. India holding 87th rank in Corruption Perception Index and still we are experiencing corruption in police station,RTO offices ,Thaluk and in every Government organisation from top to bottom though the amount varies habit is constant.

It is a fact both bribe giving and taking is crime but being a common man if a policeman asking you to pay and move what you do we have to pay 50 or 100 as per their demand .A common man doesn’t have boldness or money to face the aftermath.

5Th Pillar the Chennai based Non Governmental Organisation brought a solution to this .Think of the situation officials feeling ashamed of your money.5th pillar introduced Zero rupees note with an intention to put an end to corruption even in small level, the note looks like 50 rupees note but 5 misses here. You can get this note from them so whenever a government officials asking you bribe you can give them Zero rupees note the smartest way to make them realize.

Remember one thing you cannot use this note elsewhere except as a bribe so whenever you step in Government Organisation be sure you have this note.

First they conducted trial run in Chennai when it is well received by both ends they started distributing across India everyday they are distributing thousands of notes.

This new thinking has to be appreciated .If you have anyother ways to stop corruption please comment down below.


Lessons we should learn from Thala Ajith

Thala Ajith making headlines for his self-confidence, boldness, and humbleness in Tamilnadu. He was listed by Forbes in India’s Top 100 celebrities for the year 2014.Popularly known as Thala in South India-born in Secunderabad started his film career in supporting roles in 1990 later got opportunities to become the protagonist in Tamil cinemas. This gentleman is not only acting but also teaching us some lessons to come up in life.

1.keep your passion live

He was passionate about racing at the age of 18 but it is costlier to follow up his dreams so to support his passion he worked as an apprentice, did press ads and small TV commercial advertisements. When the chains were worn out his friends helped him to buy a new one and helped him with tyres to pursue his passion. He had chosen film as a career to earn and support his passion for racing.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing now but keep both eyes on your passion, if you are not satisfied with your job don’t lament earn money from your job for two years save some money and invest it in your passion, the job you are working is not the destined one but your passion is final.

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2.Be bold     

He is not only famous for his name or acting but also being confident and bold.He made a bold statement in front of then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu that goons are forcing him to attend the public meeting in which he was not interested .It was well received by fellow actors Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan.

One day we are going to die to be bold and die as a warrior don’t hide or be a coward in facing your problem be bold and face it don’t run away .Third persons are nothing to you, don’t fear for them if you are right in your decision and sayings. There are people in office though their boss sounds wrong  they support them its fear of losing a job.

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3.Be simple

It’s not only his boldness but also his simplicity despite a star. He went to school for his daughter’s admission and stood in a queue to cast a vote. His respect and support for his co-stars and low-level labours in movie set are widely spoken.

But nowadays we need not be a star to disrespect others if we own a car then we start showing our attitude right from waiter to security in the gate. We never lose anything if we respect people irrespective of their professions.

These are the three important lesson we extracted from his life story if you feel we missed many please comment down below we will add it up.

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Cover Image Courtesy : thalamassajith.blogspot



Lessons we should learn from Superstar Rajinikanth

In everyday conversation at least one time we use the word “Magilchi”(happy in English) but we never made it as WhatsApp status or appreciated like this before but when he said “Magilchi” it became a magical word which is making some magic in your thinking in your speaking the way you address others. Rajini knows some magic to attract mass right from child to old but he didn’t learn it in a single day his life simply inspiring common man to work hard and get what you want .Here we are listing few important lessons we should learn from superstar Rajinikanth

1.Don’t follow others follow your heart

Right from his school days Superstar Rajinikanth was interested in acting and did many dramas in Ramakrishna Math and after schooling he worked as coolie, carpenter, and Conductor but when he came to know that Madras Film Institute offering acting course he wished to join and improve his acting but his family was not supportive of his decision but this gentleman knew that time itself he followed his passion with the help of his friend Raj Bahadur who motivated him and supported him financially.

When everyone joins engineering without thinking about our passion and interest we blindly join and make the four years ineffective .Remember one thing you cannot achieve anything in your life if you don’t follow in what you are interested. Just imagine if Rajini didn’t take that bold and risk decision that time.

superstar Rajinikanth

It means you need not go against your parents go in love with your passion and dreams everything is on its way to reaching you.

2.Prepare yourself for your dream

When he performed a play he got noticed by Tamil film director K.Balachander he advised him to learn Tamil ,Yes Rajini is basically from Marathi family his parents thought him the Marathi language well but not Tamil so he has to work on it. Rajini took his word serious and put more efforts to master it .Obviously, he suffered and worked hard in past before pronouncing “Magilchi”.

lessons from superstar Rajinikanth
Google image

We dream a lot but have you ever questioned yourself am I suitable for this? Graduates are simply blaming the college or Government for unemployment though it is one of the reasons they should groom themselves instead of searching job for one year, do two six months course in a year make your resume suitable for the job .Dreamers lament but not doers like Rajini.

3.Be humble and don’t stop working

Though he was popular and topped the industry then he visited temples before his every release and he continues it .Even without a story, his film can make a box office hit but still he believes it is God’s blessings.

Whatever the heights we reach be humble and believe time may bring you down anytime.

4.Give back

He announced that he would contribute 10 million to interlink Indian Rivers he met then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to gain support for this project. Naman Ramachandran, the author of “Rajnikanth”(Biography) made a statement Rajinikanth has given half of his income to charities but unpublicised.

It’s not only Rajinikanth almost all the successful people are philanthropists ,teaching us only one thing when you are growing to get from the society after you grown to give it back to the society.

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How to increase Facebook page likes at low cost?

Everyone now starting their own page based on their interest some starts for fun some for business but everyone’s aim is to increase their page likes to reach their news to more people. But it’s not easy to get more page likes unless you spend some thousands in a Facebook ad or posting viral content to attract more users. But here we are listing few effective ways to increase Facebook page likes at low cost.

Avoid Facebook Ad

In a race to increase more likes than your competitor doesn’t spend thousands and sometimes lakhs in a Facebook ad it’s costlier than any other promotion to get likes here we explain why.

For example when you promote your Facebook page for Rs.100/- estimated likes for Indian audience (example) only filtered with age from 15 to 65 the estimated likes will be 2-8 as per Facebook stats. But in reality, you get 30-40 page likes.

How to increase facebook likes at low cost



We promoted our page for Rs.100/- and we got 33 new likes means Rs.3.03/- cost per like. Which is quite costly already you are bootstrapped are you going to invest this much in increasing page likes.


How to increase facebook likes at low cost


Try  cost-effective ways to increase page likes

1.Money for likes

Announce paisa for likes in Facebook ask people who is ready to increase page likes for you and in return he gets money you can decide your amount for example if a guy gets 100 likes for your page you can pay Rs.50/- (Re.50/- per like) in that you can increase likes at low-cost Rs.50/- is small amount to transfer so you can recharge his mobile transfer to e-wallet.

It is a simple job for him he will invite his friends from your page and also motivates others to like your page and don’t forget to get the screenshot of Facebook notification from his account before paying him.

2.Run Contest

Announce a prize worth Rs.1000/- for those who is engaging more with your page like sharing your post, liking, commenting and inviting friends. A user with maximum engagement will win the price run this contest for continuous 10 days request them to share your contest posters more so it reaches more people they will also participate by monitoring it effectively you can get at least 500 likes which worth Rs.1000/-.

But don’t fail to celebrate the winner get his/her photo create a winner poster and make him famous so next time people will show more interest in your contest.

3.Promote in third party pages

You can request pages with more likes in niche related to yours but not your competitor’s one, pay them some amount based on the likes you get.

Do cross promotion by promoting their page in yours but they will be interested only if you have a decent number of likes.

4.Promote links

Promote your Facebook page link everywhere, on your website, email signature, Qr code on your business cards, letterheads wherever you write your business name follow it with your Facebook page link.

Promote your Facebook link in Twitter, Google plus and in other social media pages you have.


It’s the best way to increase your visibility and likes.

Find a thought leader or influencer in your industry follow his facebook page .Start commenting on the post as a “Brand page” not as the individual.Don’t make lame comments.

When you add value to the post in your comments you get likes and stay at the top not only likes people will view your facebook page and likes it.

Cool isn’t ?

Adding your facebook page like this on your blog,email signature and in every e-materials could increase your likes.

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We listed only a few effective ways to increase page likes if you know more please comment down below. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter , bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

First Jobs for fresh Talents

What are you going to do? The first question you have to face after your graduation or even in your final year. If you get placement in your campus then you are lucky I say more than talented if you are not then the rest may be difficult.

As of data emerging from 2011 census Ten million Indians with graduate, post-graduate and technical degrees are looking for job which means 15% of all Indians with the highest level of education. So it’s not only you but many.

One of the reasons behind is there is a gap between Corporate expectations and your college learnings we need to find and fill the gap so here comes the Chennai based emerging start-up to fill the gap founded by College Of Engineering ,Guindy alumni AJ BalaSubramanian and PR Madhan. SocialTalky fired few question about got an interesting and excellent reply from them.

  1. What is mission?’ mission is to help fresh graduates secure their first job and serve recruiters to find fresh talent. “First Jobs – Fresh Talent” is our mantra.We do this by making it easy for all the stakeholders, the candidate, the college and the company.We aggregate profiles, jobs, assess candidates, alert with job offers, streamline communication between candidates and recruiters. Our audacious goal is to become the first place for first job.

  1. What inspired you to start this initiative?

Madhan and I ( A J Balasubramanian) co-founders of Techruit Technologies, have been working in this space for over a decade.We have identified the problems in finding fresh talent and finding right jobs. Our analysis shows that this is a major pain point for most of the companies and all the candidates.
Behind our mission is a social cause. Our business is a social venture with profit resulting from the value and service we provide to our stakeholders.

  1. What makes you stand unique from your competitors, what is special in you?

Unlike others in this space, we are not just after the top cream. Our studies show that the bulk of the requirement for candidates and jobs are in the middle of the Pyramid. The top performers are being chased by all and they don’t have problems in getting jobs. When you move to the middle, there are many problems due to the complex matching process involved.
In fact the problem is due to the various criteria one applies for finding and selecting a candidate as well as the candidate accepting a job subject to many criteria.

first jobs for fresh talent

In most cases, the selection process is complex for both the candidates and recruiters. We are also very clear that we cannot charge big fees from our stakeholders. Like most of the problems that we have in India, for our service to be successful, it has to be of great value, easy to use and it should be priced very low.

The Candidates who are searching for job are struggling without income. We have to be sensitive to this. We don’t want our candidates to spend lots of money and effort.
Imagine, if someone has to travel to different cities and attend many interviews at distant locations, the cost and effort that goes in to this.

Our goal is to reduce that. Eventually, we would like to make it very easy for the stakeholders to connect, apply, evaluate, match and recruit easily. We have developed a cloud mobile application to solve this issue. We have many features being added through continuous feedback and development.

  1. Why people should try you?

People, especially recruiters should try for the following reasons
a. They can save their time and effort, in identifying talents, evaluating with (online our test engine)

b. They can manage the recruitment process – filter, communicate with the candidates with SMS, emails, Mobile push notifications

c. They would save lots of efforts and time.

d. this is particularly very useful for growing companies, who may not have human resources and infrastructure.  This system helps them to identify the right talent without spending lots of money or effort.

Candidates should try our services because
a. They can manage the entire process from a single point, easily

b. They would never miss an opportunity, they would be getting alert 24 x 7 through mobile app. No need to login and check spam folders.

c. They would save time, effort and money in communicating and locating

d. Candidates would get alerts based on their preference, which helps them to filter unwanted things and increases the chance for their fitment.

e. our analytics would also give realistic picture to the candidates about their rating and prospects so that they can focus on succeeding.

  1. Plans on future

Our plan is to become the destination for first job and fresh talent and we would like to enrol about 5 million candidate profile every year and help them secure their first job by working with various types of job providers. We want to integrate with maps etc. leverage the system to share information with other stakeholders and help Placement officers and recruiting companies for managing campus drives, as well as pooled and open freshers drive, in which case companies can conduct drives with specific profiles of students in specific geography and demography.
We would become a robust clearing house for first job and fresh talent.

We would increase the thickness of our market place with more and more profiles and companies, we would also make sure our data is of best quality validated and rated, we would also make it easy for conducting business, we would also reduce congestion which often starts when markets become thick.  Right now we have started our operations in Tamilnadu and South. We want to go National and go Global.

We are actively talking to a few angel investors. So far, we have bootstrapped with our own investment and internal cash flow. If we can get additional funding, we can scale rapidly. This is a very important problem to be solved, if we want Indian youths to get what they deserve. For every company which sells a product, the important thing that they all must realize is that we need people who can earn. We are creating the customers for the rest of the industry, he added.

Hope this need of the hour start-up will help the fresher to start his life.

A J Balasubramanian co -founder of Techruit Technologies/ has also authored a book titled ” Get your first Job” – a book on employability and getting first jobs. You can buy it from Amazon(Rs.99/- only) and PayuMoney.

Fell free to share your views on to grow better in this niche.



Simple steps to create coupons and deals sites

Increasing romance on online Shopping in India not only a chance for the e-commerce sites but also for dependent sites like cashback, rewards, coupons and deals sites. There is a huge opportunity to earn a good income from coupons and deals.Here we explain each step clearly to create coupons and deals sites.

1 .Code or download your website

If you are a coder HTML, CSS, PHP, DBMS with Bootstrap you can make an excellent responsive website.

But if you are not a coder you need not spend thousands to get a website from the third party you can simply use WordPress themes it is easy and handy coding is not required to create a site simply go through some Youtube videos to know the basics of WordPress.

You can do cost optimization by trying List of free website builders and List of free web hosting

You need a theme to create a coupon site in WordPress both premium and free themes are available. Once you downloaded the theme and activated in WordPress your site is ready now.

Some of the themes are CouponHut, CouponXLKuponCouponerCouponize, ComreRehubCoupon ThemeClipperDaily DealJC Coupon.

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2.Collect Coupons

Your site is ready now but from where do you get coupons?

There are sites to provide you some coupons but you need a website to get approval that’s why we have created a website first.

Now approach affiliate network sites like Optimise, Vcommission, Payoom and Opicle just signup with them, once your account is approved they provide you exclusive coupons to you from all major brands in all categories just collect and display it on your website.

So whenever a purchase is done via your site they pay you some commission for each sale and lead .Don’t forget to use your affiliate link while directing the user to seller sites.

Once you reached the threshold you can transfer the amount to your account.

3. How to market coupons and deals sites?

Now your website is completely ready but you need some customers for you.

Some ways to market your site

1.Create a page for your business in Facebook, google plus and a twitter account invite your friends to like this. Request your friends to invite their friends so you can get some extra audience.

2.Go for paid promotion once you reached stagnant likes, spend carefully avoid going for boosting single posts go for promoting your page.

3.Add subscription box to your site and send promotional mails to your subscribers once in a week with some attractive coupons.

Go through free marketing tools for small business to cut cost and do more

4.Request established pages to promote you on their pages.

5.Run contests give some prizes to attract new customers in twitter and Facebook.

6.Try mouth marketing spread the word effectively to your friends and relatives.

7.Share some commission to trust or needy to get additional promotion some good people are ready to try but be genuine in sharing the commission with them.

4. How to get extra coupons?

Once you reached decent audience start approaching local stores and start-ups to share their coupons with you .By doing like this slowly increase the number of coupons .People will come to you if you are really useful don’t focus on earnings focus on increasing customers money comes automatically.

By doing like this slowly increase the number of coupons. People will come to you if you are really useful don’t focus on earnings focus on increasing customers money comes automatically. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter , bookmark us in social bookmarking sites

Kindly comment down for any queries.


How to make money from Instagram?

Instagram is not only a platform to upload your photos and request your friends to double tap on your pic but there is a huge opportunity to become popular and to earn some money it’s very simple.

1.Create a profile

You cannot create a page so create a profile with some general name like “socialTalky” it’s not your personal profile but a public one.

2.Create content

Spend some time to create some valuable posters it can be funny, troll or a serious one but stick to your niche and create posters in your niche.

You need not be a master in designing a pic, simple meaningful poster is more than enough to attract fans. Remember it’s the content in your poster attracts viewers not the design.

3.Increase fans

Focus on increasing your fans for your profile talk about your insta profile in facebook and other social medias request your friends to follow.

Take a screenshot of your flagship poster and post it in facebook to attract them.

Make three posts in a day maintain the consistency in posting don’t break from the schedule stick to it.

4.Attract local business

In the same Instagram you can find local brands trying to promote their brand but fails because they have small number of fans find three to five brands like that ask them for paid shoutout charge them some money to promote their poster with their insta handle.

It’s simple ,you won’t believe this will fetch money believe me people are earning from this they not only promoting brands but also individuals profile to increase fans for them in return they charge some.

If you have any queries please comment down below



How to make money from writing stories?

Do you imagine lot? Do you have the skill to communicate through writing? Do you have time to spend? Then you are reading the right post made for you. Advent of smart phone making book lovers to go for ebook rather than carrying lot of books with them. Here we are spelling out few ways to make money from writing stories.

There are lot of tools available right from creating your book cover to sell your book all you need is an interest to make money and have some creativity in your writing.

1.How should be your book?
Choose a niche which you are interested in and having more knowledge in it don’t force to choose a category it can be a simple love story or how to become successful in one day but you should have more knowledge or creativity in your niche.

You can start by writing short stories holding 50-100 pages, write in simple English don’t make it complicated.

Make sure giving attractive title to your content  a book named “I am an average looking boy will you be my girlfriend “ though it is lengthy it urge you to go for the book. So it’s your Title which motivates buyers to spend their hard earned money before opening it or knowing you.

2.Step before publishing your book

Don’t sit in a day complete fifty pages and go for publishing ,go through your content more than twenty times make sure it is grammatically correct if you are not sure ask your close friends to read and get his suggestions refer 10-15 friends work on their suggestions it will help you to refine your content .

Once your content is right go for creating cover page for your book make it attractive if you are good in adobe use your imagination else get help help from your friends.

There are some online tools to help you to complete your cover page like Canva, Covercreator, blurb you can simply create an account and create your pic.

Once it is done go for converting your file ,it’s safe to convert your word file into PDF file secured with password almost all the stores accept PDF or EPUB format.

You can go through this document from before publishing your book.

3.Where to publish my book?

Lot of ecommerce websites right from Flipkart to amazon everyone is ready to publish your content with some royalty. You can create your account and publish it for free.

Amazon Kindle is the most famous one ,You can upload your book in kindle ,amazon will upload it automatically in their kindle store you get paid if anyone buys your book.

Other top stores are Pothi, Payhip, Lulu, Smashwords, Kobo, Pubit, Booktango,Blurb,E-junkie, Scribd, Tradebit, Clickbank,ebookit.

Before publish your book it is safe to go through their terms and conditions and choose a right royalty almost all the stores give you 40-90% royalty choose a right one.

4.How to do marketing?

Once it is published you can create pages in social Medias to advertise it among your page fans. Run a competition in your page and give the winner a free copy of your book.

Request influencer to write a review for your book and publish it in social Medias.

Create a blog and publish contents in your niche, promote your book through banners and carousel in blog. WordPress an easy tool to create a blog.

Make a subscription box in your blog collect some potential mail id and send them mail monthly once regarding your new publication and motivate them why they have to read your book.

But there are some default stores will do marketing for you if you publish your book with them like

Don’t think no one will buy your book because you are not doing that  lot of people are making millions by simply writing and publishing their ebook in Kindle itself. Since content is the king make sure your content is interesting.

If you have any queries please comment down below

How to make money from Facebook?

Hope you have a Facebook account if you don’t have please create one and comeback to continue the rest. If you already have the one no probz you can go on. Facebook is not only a place to scroll your friend’s timeline, uploading your best photos and waiting for likes but also a huge opportunity to make money is buried deep inside it.

All you need is perseverance and patience, Change your idea of viewing Facebook as mere social network but for a place to earn from your homework. Here we are listing effective ways to make money from facebook.

1.Create Fan Page

If you don’t have a page create one if you have a page then you are ready to start working .Post a valuable content,Since content is the king make sure it is interesting choose a niche holding large audience interests .Invite your friends to like your page keep on increasing more likes for your page ,work on it continuously for two months by posting surprising and suitable contents.

Once you reached more likes say 10k now you have to think of making money from it.

Simple,in this startup scenario people want to promote their products to more people in a cost effective way so approach a startups to promote their product in your page in return you charge them some .Produce the insight data to them it will help you to attract them easily.

Don’t charge high if you do that you will lose consistency. Don’t promote products and offers continuously then you will lose your real page audience. Do twice in a week don’t overdo it.

2.Create a group

Create a Facebook group in your niche and request people to join in your group make it public and allow people to post valuable contents make the group active by motivating and posting related posts.

Don’t allow irrelevant content in your group once you reached enough members in your group now it’s a time to make money from it.

For example If your niche is about Digital marketing you can approach institutions or digital marketing agency to advertise in your group by replacing your group cover pic with their advertisement for limited period or for some money.

3.Sell your page

If you have page with more likes in a niche find a similar business and sell it since changing page name is easy and simple you can earn some good money from it.

4.Manage their page

Social Media Marketing is grooming and the best way to reach effective audience, startups like to start or manage their page effectively. Approach three to four startups and get a permission to manage or create a page for them by this you can earn more .

Photoshop, Writing and creative skills will help you to become successful in this business.

5.Be an influencer

Say you got more friends and whenever you are posting content its getting 2k likes then you are an influencer means you are influencing your fans.

Approach a brand with this stats and promote their brand in your timeline demand them reasonable charge .

Many youngsters became influencers simply because they got more facebook fans.

If you know few other ways to earn money from Facebook please comment down below we will add it up. You may be rich but not famous but if you become famous you will become rich so keep focus on increasing audience not money it will come once everything is set.

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