Top 5 coupons and deals sites in India

It’s not only bank that saves your money but there are some coupons and deals sites in India are out there to save you from over expenditure all you have to do is to simply visit them before you pick a product online or from offline stores. All most all the websites have an option to subscribe to their offers so that you can get all the offers in your inbox

Almost all the websites have an option to subscribe to their offers so that you can get all the offers in your inbox its better isn’t?

Almost all the websites have the option to subscribe to their offers so that you can get all the offers in your inbox it’s better isn’t?

How coupons and deals website earn

They are affiliated with individual brands to sell their products so if you go to the seller site through coupons site they get some percentage but the seller won’t charge you extra for this. Flipkart, eBay ,snap deal everyone is having affiliate programs.

Sometimes sellers provide a unique coupon code to deals website so that they get some percentage when you use it for purchase .

They get money only if you buy the product not for simply visiting the seller’s site through them it’s not google AdSense.


coupons and deals sites

CouponRani holds 3000 plus highest number of merchants in this niche with coupons from all major stores and categories .They have 300+ exclusive coupons which are available only on their site and you cannot find it anywhere else. You can find coupons for the stores you have not heard of. Well categorized website with a pleasing background.

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coupons and deal sites

Launched in 2013 multinational coupon sites with a small team they have acquired 1700 small and big retailers they have coupons in all categories right from recharge to travel a well designed attractive website making users to visit them again ,easy to navigate all the options are clear and understandable but they have to work on their SEO it seems. A verified badge on their social media page stands trustworthy.


coupons and deals sites

Other than normal coupons site design they are giving users to mark their favorite so the users can retrieve later in their account. Affiliated with more than 1000 retailers to showcase their user’s coupons in all the categories.


coupons and deals sites
Partnered with almost all the major stores in India having 500,00+ subscribers with 500+ merchants displaying coupons in wide categories with a decent website.


coupons and deals sites

A well-categorized websites having the affiliation with more than 300 stores providing coupons in all categories though they don’t have many social media fans but they have well SEO customized site and acquiring customers in medium phase.

The above ranking is done on the number of stores they are affiliated with , the authenticity of the site combined with SEO and user experience.

Please comment down few other coupon websites below. for music lovers and creators

So music lovers and creators now you have one more option to upload your creativity and listen to fresh music giving an opportunity for music creators to upload your music to reach music lovers in an efficient way it is a platform where creators and likers meet so it is the best way to promote your song.

All music that plays on is exclusively created for doo-doo and you cannot listen anywhere else even in video giant. Creators own their rights which enable them to earn a royalty every time we listen.

Doopaadoo for music lovers
What is the gain for uploaders?

They help you to collaborate to create your own music and helps you to earn from your own creativity so you can turn from hobby to full time .Since they help you to monetize your music you can carry on your passion without looking for the second opportunity for money sake.

They also get a review for your music from industry stalwarts to benchmark and build confidence in newcomers and aspirants.

What is the gain for listeners?

Do you believe they pay for you if you listen to songs? Yes, they are paying you in coins Create your account and listen to any songs completely and check your e-wallet you get coins in that.

Doopaadoo pays for listening, preview, collaborate, create, share, review, like, follow so if you spend your free time you get a chance to earn.

Confusing  doopaadoo

Since it is a beta version it needs to improve a lot we created our account and test the doopaadoo but many things we don’t understand

1.How to upload my song?

2.What can I do with coins?

3.Is the reward coins in rupees?

4.Though given options for language ,getting Tamil as the default option couldn’t change it.

5.Lacks many more detailed procedures for creators in terms of monetization.

Overall Doopaadoo is a good platform for who wants to earn from their passion it will address the monetary issues facing by the small and middle-class musician.

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How to make your Facebook post reach more people?

This is purely from our very own analysis and how we are achieving more in this. You may have 2000 page likes but whenever you make a post it won’t reach all the 2k users but only 15-20%  it reach around 400-500 people .If you want to reach more people you can try paid promotion to get more reach. Anyone can do this with money but smart marketers never do this they do one step better than normal people. Have you ever thought of how to make your post reach more than the number of page likes? Yes you can there is a possible situation and we realized this.

Since we are in growing path we have only 1.8k likes but whenever we make posts it won’t even reach 200 people.

How to make your post reach more people

To increase the reach we tried paid boosting ,as a result we reached 1196 out of this 496 is organic and 696 is paid we felt happy we reached at least 1000 people though we spent some money.

But when we wrote about “Notable start-ups from Chennai” we reached 2480 users which is more than the number of page likes we have. Then we dived in to the insights we found the number of engagements is more than normal post we read about that then we came to know the more number of engagements you get more number of people you reach.

When we made another post on “Notable start-ups from Anna University” we reached 5.6k which is the highest as said earlier it got more number of engagements like shares,likes , comments and link clicks our objective is to make people to read our article but this will happen only when we reach .if you reach 1000 people 50-60 people will click the post  so it is important to reach more number of audience. When we reached 2k people we had 140 post clicks but when we reached 5k users we got 429 clicks .

how to make your post to reach more number of peopel

How to increase engagements?

The best way is to ask your friends personally to like your post whenever you are posting so your next post will appear in your friends wall automatically you need not to boost not only this it will also appears in his friend’s wall so you can reach more people. Remember it’s not only sharing but liking also help you to reach more.

But don’t nag your friend every time, you make him like by posting interesting things. Make sure your title is catchy to make him like or view.

Is organic promotion better than paid?

From our own analysis we feel organic is much better than paid you can reach more people without spending single penny but some extra efforts. This is not google search results to say both organic and paid are useful.

So be smart in your promotion, If you feel this article is interesting and useful kindly share this with your friends .Please comment down your suggestion on this topic.

Notable startups from Anna University

Our recent posts “Notable startups from Chennai” made few people think none of them are from Anna University but in that post, we listed only five startups that gained momentum in a very short period. So here we compiled this “notable startups from Anna University” to be specific it is from College of Engineering Guindy.

List of Startups from Anna University


Techruit helps job seekers to get good placements. They train,assess,connect you to the prospective employers and help you to get the job.Techruit founded by duo P.R. Madhan an electronic engineer and A.J.Balasubramanian a mechanical engineer.

2.IMMi Life

iMMi Life is a healthcare startup that uses simple, proven technology to deliver heart health advisory and emergency assistance for imminent heart attacks. Founded by Manick Rajendran did mechanical engineering.


Frilp, an online platform that helps users discover a shop or service through their friends and people recently acquired by Freshdesk Founded by Shanmuga Anandaraman Electronics and Communication Engineer Rank 1 in Tamilnadu Professional Course Entrance Examination and cofounded by Senthil K founding member of CEG Tech forum .


An Online grocery delivery app. An app which helps you to order all your daily stuffs with one click. cofounded by Thirukumaran Nagarajan an electrical and electronics engineer,Kartheeswaran K K a computer science engineer.

5.Apartment ADDA

A private social network for apartment residents,apartment management, and society accounting software for apartment association or Resident Welfare Association(RWA) or Cooperative Housing Society(CHS) cofounded by Sangeeta Banerjee an Electrical and Electronics engineer.


Linkstreet enables the full create – manage – deliver – monetize cycle for institutionalizing your knowledge and connecting people with the actionable information required to take decisions.CoFounded by Arun Muthukumar an electronics and communication engineer.


GoBumpr is your one-stop mobile app for all your Bike and Car needs – from booking a scheduled service to getting on-the-road breakdown assistance 24×7!. Cofounded by Sundar Natesan.


Genie does, as asked. From booking your tickets, delivering your groceries, automated updates on your favorite team, to satisfying that mid-day craving.Cofounded by Sreekesh Krishnan an Electronics and Communication Engineer.


WatchRx watch is an all-in-one watch+phone+gps wearable that reminds the elderly to take their meds on time and alerts their family on any missed meds.Founded by Arun K Buduri a computer science engineer.

10.UnCanny Vision Solution

UncannyVision is a startup based out of Bangalore, focused on developing optimized computer vision solutions for the embedded market.Cofounded by  Navaneethan Sundaramooorthy , a a webcomputer science engineer.

11.SP Robotics Work

SPRW’s moto has been to decrease the usage of man-power for uninteresting, unhealthy and unstable works and rather use the brains for developing technologies for the future.Founded by Pranavan SanthanaKrishnan an electrical and electronics engineer and Sneha Priya an electrical and electronics engineer both of them are from same batch 2012.


Foodmash, the web, and mobile application that enables users to order predefined combos where each course comes from a different restaurant.CoFounded by Prashant Balaji from Information Technology,Sai Vivek an electrical and electronics engineer,Saravanabalagi R from Information Technology,Praveen Selvaraj from Information Technology.

13.Employability Bridge

A smart and futuristic platform that enables companies access to eligible students and provides students the ability to understand the expectations from the companies ahead. EmployabilityBridge is the only platform that matches the expectations of both students and companies through continuous engagement. Our intelligence enables student success through participation and provides easy access to eligible students from multiple colleges in a single day through FLAG. Co-founded by Emmanuel Justus and Ambalavanan Ramachandran both Electronics & Communication Engineer from CEG.

14.Chronus Corporation

Leveraging mentoring, coaching, and other guided learning approaches, Chronus software empowers a variety of career development programs to engage employees, develop skill sets, and improve employee retention rates. Chronus cloud-based solutions are easy to start and easy to manage, saving customers time and effort while improving career development program effectiveness. Leading organizations including Coca-Cola, Staples, Georgetown University, and MetLife rely on software solutions from Chronus.Cofounded by Vetri Vellore computer science engineer.


Tesark technologies is a web development boutique based in Chennai, India. Coming from the land of software engineers and computer technicians they are not far behind and take pride in saying that thier institution churns out beautifully coded and exquisitely designed products with precision and ease. In Short they do awesome stuff based on an unparalleled level of imagination.Cofounded by Gautham Kumaresan computer science engineer.

16.VTME Consulting

An elevator consultant company, providing design, documentation and supervision assistance to the Architects, Construction Project Managers.Established by Samson Rajan Babu a mechanical engineer.

17.Brand Moustache

A creative branding & marketing agency for startups and SME business.Providing end to end design services along with top notch consulting that will make your brand stand out from your competitors with thier unique strategies and helps you prove your ROI on the marketing expenditure. They have more than 100 clients across India and 30 plus clients from USA and UAE.Cofounded by Vignesh Chinnadurai – Electronics and Communications Engineering Student – 2012 batch.


PetzApp is the ultimate mobile forum on which multiple aspects of the pet parenting process is fulfilled. You can find every pet service you need from veterinarians to pet groomers and pet trainers to even pet-friendly restaurants and hotels and book appointments with your preferred vet in an easy fashion.

Founded by Pratap Premnath did Mechanical engineering who pursued higher studies at Indian School of Management.


kCube is a global IT/GIS services and consulting company that deliver wide range of business solutions spanning across various industries.

As an end-to-end solutions provider kCube offers high-end business solutions aimed at helping customers to improve their business efficiency through open source implementations which support scaling up without proportional capital expenses.
Co-Founded by Kumaran Narayanaswamy from Geo-Informatics.

If you think we have left some kindly comment down below we add it in the list.Share this list with your friends let them know Anna University is not only producing labors but also leaders.


How to become a successful sales person?

At the end of the day if your products are not selling then they have to close their company, it applies for all the three sectors even the primary sector need to sell its outcomes at right time and for right price or else it will be perished it applies to secondary and tertiary sector also .So the individual or the team who sells the product are the heart of the company and standing as a company’s face to the customer if the product is not good then the sales person has to take the critics from the customers if it is good then he will carry the appreciation. Right feedback from the sales team helps the business to address their customer needs and to figure out the potential opportunity in the market which could help the business development team to devise a strategy.

Getting a sales jobs is easier than any other domain but to become the successful salesman you need to know the tricks, after experiencing sales profile in MNC I am writing down my observations and how he can improve him.

Many companies started realizing the fact the sales profile is much important than any other so they need to recruit a well-groomed people from big institutions or people with good experience in the market. The pay is also good for sales than operations.

But there is also opportunity for others in the arena like insurance companies, credit card sales, Rmx and so on where they need not to have high qualifications .Companies recruit these people for low basic pay and make them to work on incentive basis so these people work hard to sell more cards or concrete.

Whatever the product is there are something a sales person should know to become successful.

  1. Since he is representing the company he needs to dress well need not a branded one but a neat one with polished shoes since he is representing the company by seeing him the customer will get good impression on the company in this regard we can appreciate medical representatives they maintain very good outfit though the tie is not needed.                                                                                                                                                                                           How to become successfull sales person
  2. He should have a very good communication skill I mean need not to be fluent in English he should able to communicate his intention in his own language either it is Hindi or Telugu he should able to make customer to understand what he is trying to say.

3.Should have the complete knowledge on his product right from top to bottom it is the duty of the company to train his salesperson to have a complete knowledge about the product than any other department he should be in position to answer all the customer queries.

  1. Should not give any fake promises to customers, because most of the companies act on incentive basis to sell the product salesmen are giving some fake details like how MTS salesman gave me almost 90% incorrect details about the scheme and sold the product (MTS dongle) at the time activation I came to know the original scheme which made me a frustrated customer on MTS ,motivated me to mention their brand here. Explain only what your company is doing.How to become successfull sales person
  2. Respect your customer time ,he got lot of works to do but meeting your client is the only job for you so be five minutes earlier then the fixed appointment time. Don’t be late even if he delays be patient.
  3. Most of the time if the product fails or not delivered at the right time customer will only call and scold you. You are not supposed to react but respond you and your company know it is quality function mistake but your customer won’t understand that because you got the money from him.
  4. Coordinate with your customer till the product or service reach him completely.
  5. If it is B2B business try to maintain a long term relationship with the customer follow relationship marketing strategies.
  6. Since you are a salesman you have to handle lot of pressures from your company to achieve the target and from your customer for faulty service you have to handle both of them equally to overcome this issues practise yoga and meditation it will give complete control and I did it.
  7. Maintain a sales kit separately which holds your visiting card, customer cards, a personal notebook and what you needed. Write down everything in a personal notebook regarding the appointment.

These are the ten points I felt important you can also some more interesting points in comment section down below.

CEG or CoEP ,which is the oldest institution In India ?

College of engineering pune

So far the world believes that CEG is the oldest institution in India but the recent standee from College of Engineering Pune paying way for the debate who is the oldest and first established institutions .When we dived into the findings its found its  not only the students and alumni from two colleges are contradicting but also the print Media there is lot of contradictions found during this study.

Here are two points CoEP standee speaks.


CoEP is the first in the country to have

1.Department of civil engineering establishes in 1908.

2.Mechanical engineering established in 1912

These are the two points to have the heated arguments in twitter when Amit Paranjape tweeted when he visited CoEP and posted the standee image.

Later which some of the CEG alumni’s had discussion with him over the issues but at the same he advocated for CoEP with some official links whatever he said is right but what went wrong which made people to think CoEP and Roorkee institution is the oldest.

As per people from Tamilnadu and Wikipedia CEG is the oldest one but for Central government and people from North CEG is third after Roorkee and CoEP lets analyse this.

First we see , How CEG is the first established school in India?

College of Engineering Guindy is first established as a school of survey in 1794 by British India as per the sources from Wikipedia. It is also confirmed by the official website of Anna University which holds four campuses and CEG is one among and the main campus  states CEG is established in 1794.

When Historian S.Muthiah addressed students as part of the Madras Day event he addresses CEG was the oldest technical institution outside Europe established in 1794 under the theme “Madras- its educational heritage” which was published by The Hindu.

Not only this CEG is one of the establishments that is made by British Government during 1794 and another one is Nalkand Palace – stated by Wikipedia.

There are hell lot of examples to say CEG is the oldest one but what made people to think on the another way that Roorkee is the oldest one.

Like CEG’s official website ,in Roorkee’s official website it is stated that Thomason college(Now Indian Institute of Roorkee) is the oldest engineering college established in 1847.

MHRD also supports Roorkee in their official website stating that “The first engineering college was established in Uttar Pradesh in 1847 for the training of civil engineering at Roorkee.MHRD also stating that College of Engineering Guindy established and affiliated to Madras University in 1858 but as per CEG it is affiliated to Madras University from 1862-1978 which is contradicting with MHRD. College of Engineering Pune stating they are established in 1854 and the third oldest Engineering Institute in Asia so as per the statements the order goes like this.

1.Indian Instiute of Roorkee         1847

2.College of Engineerin Pune        1854

3.College of Engineering Guindy   1858

When India today listed seven oldest institutions in India They made a list like this

1.Srerampore College (1818)

2.IIT Roorkee (1847)

3.University of Mumbai  (1857)

4.University of Madras (1858)

They didn’t list CEG in the list ,These resources are leading the people to believe that CEG is not the oldest one but others.

To contradicts above all statements, College of Engineering Celebrated its 219 year journey in The Hindu which is obvious it was established in 1794.CEG is one of the educational institutions established in 1790’s.

From above all proofs we can say that contradicting statements from the trustworthy sites and magazines leading the people to wrong side it is the duty of the government to make it clear to the world CEG is the first established institution in 1794 before srerampore in 1818.

Add suggestions in the comment section.

How to make your blog post viral?

Everyone wants to make their blog post viral at least one time which will fetch a good response in future also but all the bloggers know this it is not easy to make the content viral but if your content goes unreadable by anyone it may demotivate you because you know how much time you have spent and how much read for composing the post so everyone want their post to be read by everyone. I put some of the points which can make the content viral but don’t try this in all post depends on the content.

  1. Make your content clear even a beginner should easily understood what you are trying to say.
  2. Make the content useful play with some statistics in your niche always don’t go with plain text use appropriate images.
  3. Use Google adwords display planner to collect keywords related to your subject and make the title with it.
  4. Use the keywords in the image alt tag also don’t leave it empty if you are wordpress put it in “Alt text” or if you are coder <img src=”” alt=”keywords”> don’t leave it blank.
  5. Become member of the social media group related to your niche or create and manage one.
  6. Post your blog link in related social Medias group and use appropriate tags.
  7. You can find and track hashtags in websites like hashtagify and hashtracking.
  8. Don’t use more than three hashtags in your twitter post and use maximum in Instagram post .
  9. Make your site SEO optimized if you are using wordpress use Yoast free plugin or get help from the experts.
  10. Make your title sexier people will really open your post if it is like gossip , adult title but make sure at least you have some relation with your content or else readers will never open your post. The advantage is when you post in social groups you get good views but it may not help you in SEO.
  11. Tag the trending hashtags in your post but don’t overdo it.
  12. Request fellow bloggers from other niche to retweet or share your post in return do the same to their post.
  13. Include your blog url in your fb post, as signature in email, your WhatsApp status so people will start questioning you what is this.
  14. Request your families and friends to share and retweet your post.
  15. Find the popular person in your niche and tag her/him in twitter so that he/she may retweet you which can help you to reach maximum numbers but don’t try this for all the post.

And be patient if you know some other points feel free to comment down I will add it in the list.

Content is king but without reader what king will do?


Chennai’s influencer RJ Balaji

RJ Balaji ,RJ is not his initial but his achievement more than being RJ he is rocking Chennai city and influencing youngster throughout his motivating action and inspiring talks.

People in Chennai may not be aware of all the stars from kollywood but everyone is his diehard fan for his humour not only that ,he lived in 19 different areas in Chennai so people can recognise him quickly.

RJB started his carrier as Radio jockey in Coimbatore Radio Mirchi after 3 years of experience in this domain he moved to Chennai and joined Big FM which gave him enough freedom to express his ideas his show cross talk is famous all over the world it’s been reported that audios uploaded in soundcloud has been listened and downloaded by people around the world following India United states scored maximum downloads.

He is not stopping himself as RJ but also live anchoring he is famous among college of engineering students for his show MR and MRs Techofes signature event of Techofes which later banned by madras high court. He anchored lot of charity events for free for the sake of the society.

RJB’s concern towards society is appraisable which made him further closer to Chennai people. Through his youtube channel “Punjumittai productions” he is releasing footage dealing with contemporary issues which is hitting more people and delivering the fruitful messages.

He is famous for making the content viral, he made a footage for heart transpalantion of a child the footage released in the name of “RJ Balaji abusing Sachin Tendulkar” though it doesn’t have any relationship with Sachin to make it went viral and grabbed more attention towards the child and eventually she got a donor.

2015 flood washed away many faces in political scenario and also gave the chance for the people of Tamilnadu to realise the true heroes he along with his friend Siddharth(Actor) came down the street and helped a lot, his celebrity image helped him to organise large volunteers and made the news to reach large people he did in the name of “Chennai Micro” .From then people of all age started admiring RJB and youngsters are inspired him.

His recent footage on Right to vote which was taken in his own style conveyed the message clearly to the right age, since he knows the pulse of the people the video starts like adult content but ends with right note.

His concern towards society and non-celebrity behaviour of him makes RJB a household name I still remember the entire mass is waiting for his show in Anna University at evening 10 which went more than audience expected.

We can say no other comedy actors can compete with his timing sense and he is very popular for counter attack and sarcastic dialogues. Before Simbu he introduced beep sound in his show cross talk.

He did diploma in Journalism in Coimbatore but soon he realised English got more than 26 letters so he scrolled journalism in the middle but he found that he is a good communicator and without knowing what is RJ he attended audition and managed to get into that .There are lot of people who still stick to the job or course which they are not interested and keep on complaining but he stand as an example for choosing the way your heart wishes. Find who you are then world will google you this is what RJB did, he found what talent he got.

Life is to enjoy but many of us including me obsess with the tough times but this gentleman with his humorous face keep smiling and making others to forget their worries it is stated that he scripted cross talk to make the office goers relax in the evening .Trying to make others laugh is the tough job and he is doing it successfully.

If we reach the celebrity status most of the people won’t go out and interact with common people inspite of being celeb he moves out and still interacting with common people on controversial issues.

He is an example of boldness and fearless he speaks what he feels right and never worry about the consequences if he is right. When Prakash Javadekar made a statement in parliament that legal action would be taken against RJs if they make fun of Members of Parliament,RJB replied to Deccan Chronicle  “When I was a teenager I would fight with my sister for a room. Today parliamentarians are doing the same thing, fighting like teenagers. How can I not make fun of them?” .But to retain the position or to gain a benefit we are simply supporting our lame boss.

He would have sat simply in his house and distributed some money to the affected people but that’s not what he did he understood his responsibilities and came down the street to help the victims which made viral and inspired many of the youngsters to get out of the comfort zone to help the people in uncomforted zones. As is the king so are the subjects people accepted him as the leader and followed him.

His modesty is next to superstar though he is a celebrity he bowed in front of the audience in Techofes for cheering him up throughout the show and during flood it was said RJB released 1crore relief fund but soon he appeared in the media to clarify he didn’t give any money rather I gave myself to Chennai people.

Till now he is making many videos and podcast on contradicting issues in society including ban on porn sites, Right to vote and so on. It’s been said leader is the one who not only care about his family but also the fellow followers, he wants to build the responsible society through his words.

How to become a successful blogger?

Blog writing is not a easy one but a plausible one .Do blogging only if you have patience .People nowadays know blogging is the big industry in this digital marketing scenario there is a great chance of getting unimaginable income from blogging though all the bloggers know this all of them are not making that much money some people are not even getting accountable views for their effort.

There are two kinds of bloggers one who wants to share their personal stories so this kind of people write out of their passion but the second kind of people looking to earn money from blogging .It’s not a single post which is going to make you rich but without single post you cannot start a blog.

I am jotting down few tips on how to become a successful blogger.

  1. Make sure you have time to blog amidst your busy schedule starting a blog is not a great deal but maintaining it needs effort.
  2. Choose a specific niche all the top content websites like focus on wide area and the competition is big being an individual blogger better to choose focused area like did.
  3. Write a quality content make sure you will read your post more than once .Don’t post contents because you have to, take your time to write a good quality content in your niche .Don’t write plain texts use statistical information and relevant images to highlight your post. You can get free images from .
  4. Maintain consistency need not to post daily but if you are posting once in a week don’t forget to post on the same day in the next week also.
  5. Add subscribers button to add subscribers to your blog so that you can use their mail id to send mail regarding your post .You can use Mailchimp for your email marketing upto 2000 users it is free more than 2000 you have to pay some . Mailchimp gives you statistical report on which you can work on.
  6. Read more about your domain and get to know hooks and corner of it you should be the master in it so update your brain content before your post.
  7. Don’t look for immediate result if you are looking for making money out of your blog it is possible but not immediate. Be patient ,first work on to increase the visitors to your website and try to increase the engagements with your post like comments, sharing and liking your post.Write a reply to reader comments.
  8. Better to have your own domain avoid going for blogger or Wordpres extension.
  9. If you don’t know how to build a website it is easy to learn wordpress in one day if you are passionate, watch a professional Youtube channel and start your own blog. SEO optimization can also be done by Yoast plugin in WordPress.
  10. Invite guest bloggers to write in your blog in their niche you can complement them by providing link to their site and few lines about their blog and blogger.

Socialtalky also welcomes guest bloggers to contribute in their niche. We provide a link to your blog and then five lines about you and your blog.

Please add some more points in the comment section on how to become successful blogger.

Why Tamil people are not speaking Hindi?

Why you guys are not speaking Hindi? My dear north Indian friend asked me when we were in one month induction program in Mumbai people from other part of the states are fluent in Hindi and made friends quickly myself and another one from Chennai couldn’t make it but they keep on questioning me why Chennai people are not speaking Hindi? I simply say we love Tamil but I always keep questioning myself why we are not .It is not harm to learn a new language and it is also helpful but why we are refusing.

Tamilnadu has seen two major agitations against Hindi movement in 1937 when Rajaji made Hindi as a compulsory subjects in school and in 1965 when Hindi is again announced as sole official language. There was a huge change in political structure after anti-Hindi movement which gave DMK(Dravidar Munnetra Kazhagam) to capture the state by election and congress lost the election because of bringing Hindi as a sole official language .Tamil people liked to continue English as an official language but north Indians brought Hindi as a sole official language. It took 72 lives from Tamilnadu to bring back English as the official language in India.

If I explain this to my friend he won’t understand and say what’s wrong in learning new languages.

The very first thing is Tamil is the classical language and it can stand on its own leg without lending words from other languages. There were Tamil patriots like Periyar and Anna in that period which made them to fight against the Hindi movement to safeguard their mother language we say it as love it’s not only two people the entire Tamilnadu fought against it.

The second one may be fear, you know what happened when  banks introduced computers instead of notebooks ,bank labours were into strikes against this move because they feared they may lose the job because they don’t know how to operate system and they might be replaced by the guy with computer background.

So this applies here also if the government is making anything compulsory then their next move will be Hindi everywhere if you know Hindi you get government job or else you won’t so by doing this people from Tamilnadu may be refrained from jobs .

Second fear is ,fear of language if everyone started speaking in Hindi Tamil will exit from Tamilnadu , Yes surely this will happen you can realize it is happening today after learning English people started speaking in English even to the rickshaw people and to tea shops .We should analyse the psychology behind this, a guy is speaking English in public because people looking at him will imagine he is educated but if he speaks Tamil they will be clueless so choosing the minor language helps him to prove the people he knows something better than others so when two guys meet they start speaking in English in the same way if he starts speaking Hindi  he may stop speaking Tamil.

And the third thing is, it is unwanted for Tamil people in Tamilnadu we learn German if we are going for Germany for higher studies and learning Japanese if we are going for japan for higher studies so we are learning new languages when we have a need. Tamilnadu is rich in everything it has the more number of automobiles manufactures and IT parks in India got good colleges like IIT, Anna University, PSG, Madras University, Loyola and few. I still remember when my HR told me “you should be ashame of not knowing Hindi” I just smiled back at him because I know he knows how better Tamil is. Some people from Tamilnadu are working and living in North India but they can manage with their English.

And the important thing why Tamil people need not to put more focus on Hindi is ,It is easy for anyone mostly for Tamil speaking people to learn Hindi .I went to Mumbai without knowing the “ABC” of Hindi but after spending five months I started speaking in Hindi it’s not tough as you think. Tamil got more words and have unique word for each actions but you know very well in Hindi we use the same word for two or more actions and the grammar is also simple .A Tamil guy can speak Hindi as a native speaker but a non Tamilian cannot speak Tamil as a native Tamilian it will take lot of practice.

The above said is not to humiliate any language and praise Tamil but written in an attempt to show Tamil people can speak Hindi when they need it.

Recently I attended a meeting in my office all of them are native Tamil speakers and only one guy who was helming the meeting from Bangalore when he started speaking in Hindi everyone started responding in Hindi it was a great shock I thought none of them knew Hindi and I know little bit but to my surprise they are so fluent in Hindi then I learnt Tamil people know when to use which weapon.