Do you know Zero Rupees note?

62% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribe to government officials which is supposed to be done free. India holding 87th rank in Corruption Perception Index and still we are experiencing corruption in police station,RTO offices ,Thaluk and in every Government organisation from top to bottom though the amount varies habit is constant.

It is a fact both bribe giving and taking is crime but being a common man if a policeman asking you to pay and move what you do we have to pay 50 or 100 as per their demand .A common man doesn’t have boldness or money to face the aftermath.

5Th Pillar the Chennai based Non Governmental Organisation brought a solution to this .Think of the situation officials feeling ashamed of your money.5th pillar introduced Zero rupees note with an intention to put an end to corruption even in small level, the note looks like 50 rupees note but 5 misses here. You can get this note from them so whenever a government officials asking you bribe you can give them Zero rupees note the smartest way to make them realize.

Remember one thing you cannot use this note elsewhere except as a bribe so whenever you step in Government Organisation be sure you have this note.

First they conducted trial run in Chennai when it is well received by both ends they started distributing across India everyday they are distributing thousands of notes.

This new thinking has to be appreciated .If you have anyother ways to stop corruption please comment down below.




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