How to build my muscle ?

It’s not only your dream it’s everyone’s dream to have an attractive body to embrace themselves or to attract opposite sex. It’s not only male but also female equally .It’s not only teenagers but also 40 .yes I wondered when I saw a 55 year old guy with good muscle and active like a teenager in Mumbai .I can say Mumbai guys are little bit fitness freak but I know there is no age difference there, not only people like your grandfather but also like your grandmother. Even to your surprise you can find some kids in a gym doing exercise (not weights).So everyone knows if we go to gym we get a good muscle but it’s not only physics but also we need to know some biology to build a muscle properly.

You need to know how muscles are growing and what is the relationship between the weights you are lifting and the inner muscle? I came to know about this when I spent few months in Mumbai.

  1. Lift weight
  2. Tear your muscle
  3. Repair your muscle
  4. Build your muscle

Yes by lifting the weights you are not doing good to your muscle actually you are tearing it whenever you are going beyond your lifting capability you are putting more pressure on your muscle either it is your biceps or triceps so the muscle could not bear the weight and it get tear initially the more you tear the more you grow.

We have the in-built mechanism inside our body whenever we have a rupture we have a guy inside to repair it, it will simply coat some tissues over it and heel the damaged one .The name of the healing agent is protein.

So it’s not only how much you tear your muscle it also depends on how much healing agents you consume to repair your muscle .If you don’t take any protein but simply keep on tearing your muscle then your muscles won’t grow you will end up in muscle pain and eventually visit doctor. That’s why people visiting gym are consuming protein supplements to grow their muscle faster.

Its need not be additional protein if your diet is enriched with proteins then you can build your muscle with low cost. Since protein powder is costly you can consume chicken, meat, fish, dhal, egg and some other protein stuffs regularly.

Is going to gym is the only way to build muscle? If you are thinking yes then you have to read it completely and if you are saying NO then you have to read it till the end to brush up.

Yes ,Gym is not the only place to build your muscle as said earlier you have to tear your muscle means you have to stress your muscle to build it .So in order to tear your muscle you are lifting heavy weights in the same way you do weightless exercise or athleting to stretch out your muscle .You can realize this by noticing  the people working with heavy weights having good muscles in their workplace.

Muscles grow when you are in rest so take enough rest if you are doing upper body one day go for lower body next day or back or chest. By doing this you are giving enough rest for the worked out muscles. You can observe this in professional body builders they won’t lift weights daily but have good physique. So take enough rest.

What happens if I don’t stretch my muscle? If you are not giving exercise to your muscles there is chance of shrinkage your muscles may shrink and you may get a bad one so do exercise regularly to stretch your muscles it need not to be  weights but also yoga, games or simple stretching.

So now you know how muscles grow just tear it and stitch it.



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