How to become famous?

How to become famous is the only question everyone is searching for the solution in this money making world because you know it very well if you become famous then it is easy to make money. But it is very simple at the same time more competition in this digital world. Everyone is showcasing their skills in social Medias it is acting as a tool to expose your talents but how we are going to distinguish from them. Here we are putting down some which will help you to become famous.

  1. Create a fan page for you

Don’t feel shy or worry about others words instead of starting a page in a verb or adverb start it with noun I mean create a fan page for you and showcase the skill whatever you publish in your page make your name known by everyone. Invite your friends to like this page initially they may mock at you but don’t lose your patience wait for the time. Post rare posters or write interesting posts if you readers like it and find useful the will share it in their timeline which will help you to reach more people don’t maintain separate blog.

The rate of viewing your blog post by the mobile user is less so maintain a standard in writing a post.

Creating your very own Youtube channel and showing your face in that is having more reach than writing post but make sure you are not doing this to become famous only but also teaching your subscribers what they want.

  1. Advertise your page

You have to promote yourself in this competitive world rather than simply asking users to like your page tell them why should they like your page what benefits them.

Spend some penny and go for paid promotions this will help you to reach more people but don’t do it if you don’t have sufficient contents in your page.

  1. Be active

People will blindly start following if you tell them which they don’t know so be active in your domain update your knowledge and be the first to feed your followers before someone do it.

It’s not only in social Medias but also in college or in office be an active member create a positive vibration around you so people will remember you easily.

  1. Take initiative

Unless until you raise your hand no one will do it it’s a psychological problem with us people are ready to follow but not ready to lead or take a new initiation .But people like you should always take initiative even in corporate games if they ask who wants to be the captain of your team there will be a five minute silence use that silence to become sound profile raise your hand and take the lead not only in games whatever you feel useful and meaningful.

  1. Motivate others

Don’t feel negative always motivate your colleagues or classmates create positive thinking in them so whenever they have a problem they will think of you ,sit and share the problem with you they will start loving you.

  1. Create network

It is somewhat difficult for introverts but it is important to create a network to become famous wherever you go leave your mark not negatively but in positive spirit.

Even in Facebook add more friends don’t restrict with few numbers once you reached maximum, people will start following you.

  1. Change the way you look

If you want to become famous the best way is to change yourself completely from previous always be better than yesterday in good way .Bring changes in your moustache, hair style ,outfits, your slang everything. Even changes in your attitude will also make you topic in your network.

  1. About section

Spend some time to write your about section it should be understandable by your friends and should establish your skills in a logical way.

Don’t fail to mention your accolades or other recognition in your profile it will help you to improve your value.

     9 .Add valuable photos

Don’t add too much of selfies or any rubbish photos if you are working in NGO or doing any social works on your own don’t fail to upload those valuable photos and write about your role in that.

If you feel there are more ways to become famous please comment down we will add it up.

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