How to approach a girl?

It’s all depends on why are you approaching a girl , Are you looking for girl for long term relationship or as a friend or you are approaching your crush I am writing this based on the comments from few girls, my personal experience and my friend’s .

Most of the guys don’t have the courage to speak to girls but they stand at a distance and stare at them or just have a jealous on the guy who is casually speaking with all the girls.

Is he doing any magic? Yup he is doing magic, but it doesn’t involve any evil spirit but some practice, what is that?

Girls speak only with boys, yes I mean it, they will speak to you if you are confident enough to speak to them, all the girls like the confident boys whether it is friendship or in relationship they need him to bold enough they don’t want you to go and fight with 10 guys but they expect you to have the gut to speak to her.

If you are approaching a girl for the first time ,make a first move from your side greet her with confidence with smile .You are speaking to girl every day ,yes your mother, sisters, cousins but when it is some third person you are not getting that gut .

If you are going to speak to your crush before speaking to her do practice by speaking to your classmates for one week so you won’t fail before your crush.

You won’t approach the rich or beautiful girl in the campus because you know she won’t speak to you .Ha-ha J that’s the mental barrier everyone is having but the psychology is not dealing in the way you think it doesn’t matter she is beautiful or rich she is a fellow human if you go and speak to her she will reply to you, construct your friendship slowly ever never take advantage on first day itself because she said hi to your “hi”.

If you are speaking to any girl don’t look somewhere else, look at her eye don try to break eye contact with her and never allow your eyes to scan her.

If you want her number don’t get it from her friend  or by some other means go and ask her you want her number 90% you will get it .But don’t try this on the first day at least try it after two weeks be patient if she is your crush.

Be humorous with her don’t be romantic in early stage start everything slowly.

If she say goodnight then say goodnight and end the conversation for the day don’t insist her to chat with you don’t take control on her.

For the first one month don’t expect her to start the conversation mostly she won’t unless she is impressed by you, start your conversation gently.

If she doesn’t like you stay away from her otherwise be ready to lose your dignity 100% you will feel it.

Even if you send one paragraph text to her in WhatsApp expect a smiley reply ,girls wont type so much so don’t expect not even a line.

If you feel she is using you, then move away from her immediately.

If a girl is speaking to a guy she expects you to be decent, try to dress neatly it need not to be costly but neatly not only dress but your nails, beard.

It is concluded from the survey that 85% of girls first check your shoe whether it is shabby or clean they expect you to wear a clean sandals it need not be branded. There is a famous proverb “A man character is read from his shoe” I don’t know whether girls know this or not but they are checking on boys sandal.

If she is not replying for your message it means she got up in some work she will reply later don’t fight with her since you are in  beginning stage if you fight with her then it will be your last message.

Don’t get any second meaning in text, you don’t know in which sense she texted you, don’t give your idea on her text.

If she is close to some other guys than you don’t restrict her or don’t behave silly, your in secureness will make you to feel like that but don’t let it happen.

Don’t flirt with her in early stage wait for some time but if she doesn’t like it don’t repeat it.

Appreciate her atleast once in two days her attire, her hair style, her work you know what to appreciate.

These are some of my observation and proven theories get some basic idea from this and put you own style in approaching your girl but highlight is “don’t be shy be confident”.

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