How can I turn off a girl?

Everyone wants to turn on a girl for reasons but it is knowledgeable to know the factors that turns her off to avoid those against your girl. This post may be useful for those who wants to dump her.

Know your nail: lengthy, dirty and uncared nails are the biggest turn off .Your girl expect you to have the clean nail try to maintain the same at least nail your nails once in a week.

Be kind : Don’t be rude to anyone when you are with your girl just bring the kindness even to the strangers .Don’t show your rude behaviour to waitress in a restaurant ,auto or taxi drivers .Try to be kind with animals even, if you don’t like it try to act better.

Bad shoes: It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing branded shirts or trousers but if your shoe is not clean or not in match with your outfit then it’s a turn off. Next time when you meet your girl just follow her at least once she will gaze at your shoe. You need not to wear a branded one but a clean one. This may be a challenge to people from civil background.

Listen to her: respect her words don’t interrupt with her constantly listen what she is saying, respect her opinion and respect her life. She is mature enough to know what she speaks.

Fart guy: Farting is one of the biggest turn off for girls, you know even she knows that it is nature but for most of the girls it’s a turn off, try to maintain healthy body even inside. Fart during sex is the period for that session .If you are farting on your date don’t expect it to go to next step.

Egoistic: Don’t control her emotion by showing male egoism over her, don’t talk too much about yourself, give her space to speak with you just sit and listen to her.

Bad odour: Make sure you smell good or not smelling bad need not to smell costly in choosing your spray but make sure you are not sweaty .Try to have handkerchief and a body spray to refresh you in middle.

Don’t say yes : Don’t say yes to whatever she says, if she is sharing you something share your opinion honestly and gently ,women realise fairly and quickly that you are deliberately trying to agree everything to please her.

Pickup line: If you use a romantic pickup line then it will be a real turn on but if you are using the bad one then it will be a turn off. If you are not good in pickup lines then don’t use it.

Just avoid all the stuff mentioned above to turn off a girl ,you can also add some points in comment section to turn off a girl.



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