How to get retweet from celebrity?

The day become more special when you get retweet from the celeb you take screen shots, post it in fb, WhatsApp to close friends and in your WhatsApp profile pic. Everyone wants recognition from recognised one but getting retweet is so simple than you think. All you have to do is watch and be patient.

Here celebrity is not only means actors or actress but from IAS to popular social media pages here we list down few points that may help you.

How to get in contact with celebrities ?

1.Decide from whom you want to get retweet.

2.Just follow them for one week follow their tweets find their interests you can easily find it out by reading their tweets.

3.Start using the hashtag they are using for tweets.

4.Then tweet with their name and interest hashtags don’t tag them directly.

5.Tagging them frequently may annoy them don’t overdo it.

6.Finally one valuable tweet supporting their interest and tag them definitely they will retweet or respond to it.

7.Its not only for celebs but also for influencing pages they will retweet if they find you coinciding with their thought and one step competing.

8.Its easy to get a retweet from actors during audio launch or movie release just praise them in your way don’t overdo or copy from others add some statistical info about their movie 100% you will get retweet.

Things you should not do

1.Don’t make negative comments it may be true but you won’t get retweet .

2.Because you got retweet don’t tag them frequently you are just one of the many.

3.Don’t praise him/her by comparing with other celeb.

4.Don’t request them to retweet.

5.If it doesn’t work don’t blame us lol.

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