Best way to react when someone is shouting at you in anger

Anger is the basic emotion that is observed across the globe in human cultures and in many subhuman species. So it is common among the human nature to get angry like he breathes it’s not only your boss it can be your love, family members, friends .Here we have few ways to tackle the person who is shouting at you in anger.

First of all if someone is shouting at you don’t react try to respond there is a huge difference between react and respond. Responding involves adapting the situation and choosing the right action. Whereas reacting does not involve thinking and is not helpful at all.

If you want to be the good responder listen to the person who is shouting at you carefully do not interrupt his speech listen to him till he finishes his turn. By listening to them you can bring his emotion down so be smart when someone shout at you.

If you react immediately to the person, you will often react in a Knee-jerk manner and the words come out may be over emotional, vicious and unnecessary. So if you react, the conversation never stops it keeps on. Remember one thing you cannot take back the words once  it is delivered so be careful before you open up.

Once the angry man done with his turn count at least 5 slowly and then respond to the person ,by doing this you can get the control of the situation it will also calms down you and save you a lot from trouble and help you avoid something you cannot take back. It is the practical way to look at criticism and personal attacks.

how to react when some one shouting at you

A man interrupted Buddha’s lecture with an abuse words. Buddha waited until he finished and then asked him “if a man offered a gift to another person but the gift was declined, to whom the gift should belong?The man replied to the one who offered the gift.

Then Buddha replied “I decline to accept your abuse and request you to keep it for yourself “

Don’t accept the gift of a verbal abuse or angry criticism it’s all about the situation that makes them to shout at you but you have to be mature enough to handle the situation with presence of mind.

If you get angry by the words of the opposite person drink lot of water immediately if you have it nearby, it will helps you in great extent to bring your emotions down.

Once the conversation is done don’t take it personally whatever he said just put yourself in his place and think of the situation which motivates him to react.

If you feel that person always shout then don’t mind at all his nature of behaviour is like that and I can say he won’t take it personal.

In the next day be the first person to talk to him address him with the smiling face if you feel the mistake is from your side ask sorry else if it is from his side don’t remind about what happened .

Angry person is like a bomb he/she may explode and spoil the things around so be careful when you handling them don’t contradict with their thoughts and don’t divert back the mistake is yours. keep calm ,listen and speak.



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