Advantages do women have that men don’t?

If you are a man then you will accept this points but if you are woman then you may not accept this fact but fact is fact. This post is written with Indian scenarios in mind.

  1. No gender : They can sit anywhere in the bus they are not restricted to sit only in ladies seat they can sit  anywhere but if a guy sits in the ladies seat they simply ask you to stand. They can sit next to a guy but if you go and sit next to them then all the women in the bus stare at you like you are the one.
  2. No beat: Police wont beat women in public but it is reverse for men they will beat you like something.
  3. No ear : Society will listen to the girl if she makes a complaint against you even the mistake is not yours .You know what happened in Mumbai bus when the girls beat a guy but later realized it’s not the guy’s fault.
  4. Soft corner : This society always have a soft corner for woman even you melt for woman tears but if a guy cry  they simply say boys shouldn’t cry.
  5. No pressure: You know men cannot last in bed less than two minutes it’s biologically proven but they want you to perform on bed for more time. She won’t take the charge for the pleasure they simply put the pressure on man.
  6. Expected to be romantic: men are expected to be romantic, girls expect the guy to plan for dinner, gift her and make her romantic women act as a receiver.
  7. Assets: Society expects a man to be well settled like own car, own house before he gets married but it doesn’t matter whether she is educated or not, settled or not they have father as backup.
  8. Tough work: People expects the tough work is meant for men and woman is meant for soft jobs. (Note: There are some women doing hard jobs than men).
  9. Traffic free: traffic police won’t stop a bike if she is driving but don’t imagine for guys.
  10. Accident: Even if it is a girl’s fault public will shout at the guy who is a victim .Girls get more help if she has accident compared to guys. This one happened to me.
  11. Pay slip: she expects future husband to have wealthy pay slip more than her or double her salary but a guy cannot expect the same from the girl.
  12. Easy fall: Things fall easily for them if they have cute expression or the pleading one
  13. Skips you: They can sometime by pass the queue and get an immediate attention but if you do that then be ready to hear the consequences.
  14. Our society respects woman to great extent but I found some women are taking advantages of it in cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore which make guys to fight for equality.



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