Cost effective ways to find an Alpha users to market your business

Alpha users are also online users who is having high SNP(Social Networking Potential) compared to common users which means if he post something in Facebook or other social media pages engagements on the post will be higher compared to common man posting the same post.

For example if you are posting a pic with your dog you get likes or shares less than the pic posted by a cute girl with her dog so her SNP is higher than you. Business doers need these people to promote their product to her network so they pay her some money to do it.

Established alpha users demand you more money than growing alpha users it is not feasible for bootstrapped business to approach them so here we are listing few cost effective ways to find an alpha users to market your business.

  1. Create an alpha user
Instead of going to a guy with 1lakh followers go to 10 people with 10 thousand followers.

If you approach a guy with 1 lakh followers he may demand you more because the competition is less for him but if you approach the guy with 10 thousand followers you can win him for less cost because the competition is more for him.

If you are doing education related stuff don’t find single guy for the entire idea rather find a guy from each college to promote your product though it sounds like student ambassadors program it is the best way to promote at less cost.

Don’t simply rely on cost our ultimate aim is to spread your message at less cost so analyse their SNP before roping in.

  1. Create Competition among alpha users

There are almost 10-20 alpha users in every niche so convey your message to them that you are trying to promote your product and request them to send the bidding amount the lowest one wins .By doing this you can considerably reduce more expenditure on marketing .

  1. Approach Creative works

Its need not to be a single guy you can approach a Facebook page with more likes, Google plus page with more views, YouTube channels with more subscribers. It’s not branded content marketing but you pay for them to promote your business messages.

Kindly share few other techniques on finding alpha users below.

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Branded Content marketing a marketing strategy for startups

Branded Content marketing , content marketing and Article marketing are sounds similar though all the three talks about contents about your business but there are some minor differences. Like content and Article marketing Branded content marketing also helps you in SEO ranking.

In content marketing you create contents and publish it in your site or in separate blog and in article marketing you write articles about your business or products in a third party article directories or in a local magazines related to your domain but in Branded marketing you create a content of your choice and pay to publish it in a third party sites or in a print media it’s like you are sponsoring them for publishing the content which promotes your promote.

Why you have to try Branded Content Marketing?
More you express more you get is the mantra of all the content related marketing.

You become leader: People will accept you as a leader in your domain when you create awareness about your domain, introducing new techniques, solving your potential customer’s queries. Rather than simply circulating your business messages when you come out to release articles about your product or about your niche it helps you to gain customers faith on you.

SEO score: Obviously when you increase your backlinks it will help you to increase your SEO rank than your competitor. By publishing your content some sites will provide you links to a landing page or to your home page.

Steps before you do Branded Content Marketing

Analyse the publisher: Remember it’s not like content or article marketing you have to spend some money to publish your articles so analyse your publishers background you can ask for their number of subscribers and viewers don’t go for only one publishers try two to three publishers and choose the one who is closely related with reasonable cost and with more number of subscribers.

Publishers: It’s not only your local city magazines or national magazines but also there are lot of blogs with million subscribers and million daily views. Find a blog from your niche with good million and publish your articles almost all the popular blogs are open for Branded content marketing.

Lot of influencing YouTube channels are out there with million views you can approach them to publish your content in their channels. Even social media pages influencing your audience more than your business so approach them and publish your content there more than print media blogs, Facebook pages and YouTube channels cost you less so you can save more attract more customers .

Before choosing e-media analyse their daily views report and check whether their audience are from locations where you are functioning.

Original Content: Do not do branded content marketing because your competitors are doing do it only if you can create an original content don’t copy and paste from third party sites create your very own content. You need deep knowledge in your domain before you publish content.

Like in all content related marketing you need good content writers with good knowledge or you have to dedicate time in creating content.

Doing Branded marketing will increase your sales volume coupled with other marketing strategies but don’t spend much.

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Difference between Content Marketing and Article Marketing

It’s the dream of every business right from start-ups to established one to spend very little penny on marketing and to get more sales but in the digital world the dream is little bit modified they want to come up in Google’s first page to increase their sales volume. There are lot of marketing strategies to advertise at low cost in that content marketing and article marketing plays a major role. But some of the marketers are confusing with these two terms calling it same but not actually.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about writing contents about your business or specific products and publishing it in your site which will help your viewers to understand your product better.

You can publish it in separate blog or host it in your own site I prefer the later which will help you to increase your SEO score.

Article marketing

Article marketing is all about creating a content about particular topic from your domain and publishing it in article directories or in local magazines.

For example: If you are a digital marketing agency  and there is a local magazine in your city writing about digital marketing with 1 million subscribers you can contribute articles related to digital marketing for free they will publish it with your company name and author name if it is e-magazine they will provide link to your site also. They help you to reach one million.

This will create impact among their readers that you are leader in this domain they believe you and approach you for their marketing solutions thereby you can improve your business.

It’s not only for business but also for authors they can write an article related to their genre, bloggers can also participate in guest blogging in established websites which could bring them good number of audience to their site.

Both Content marketing and Article marketing improve your SEO score and helps you to get good rank.

Challenges in Content marketing and Article marketing

1.You have to spend more time on creating quality content for that you need deeper business or product knowledge.

2.If you are busy in other part of your business you have to employ a content writer which will increase your marketing cost.

3.Your competitor from the same city can approach the same article directories.

4.Your content may be stolen and can be published in some other sites.

5.Due to increase in demand your article distributor may charge you for publishing your articles.

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How we did viral campaign?

It’s the dream of business owners to make their brand viral which is difficult to do amidst competition earlier they did with the help of influencers with mouth marketing and through traditional ways of promoting in Television but the advent of social networks made easy to reach your respective audience. You need not to pay huge or to approach any digital marketing agency all you have to do is to present simple and effective contents related to your business .So here I am submitting the work I done in Viral campaign.

They won’t share your business messages simply because you reached them through paid campaign.

Content is the king but a normal user never share the poster unless it motivates him. So don’t simply share your business messages tell him something interestingly related to your business.

For example if you are running online grocery store make a poster of how man bought groceries 100 years before with pictures else make your own Photoshop picture. Tell him which he doesn’t know but simple. Make more pictures from history create video or image with influencers of respective niche related to your industry that will excites him.

Make use of big platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to do viral campaign it will be easy to reach more people .Social Medias never promote your content it’s the user who circulate it so attract him.

We also tried to promote our SocialTalky’s Facebook page(News/media website) to FB users but we couldn’t make big so we gone for paid promotion one day we thought of doing viral campaign so we collected some posters related to our domain which is news and media and mostly we write about celebrities, lifestyle, marketing, money making .So we created a poster like this


viral campaign

We found Abdul Kalam’s Anna University Visiting card where he worked in his early stage and created a poster Which attracted huge audience and still doing well people are sharing it to their friends and we are getting more reach and likes for our viral campaign poster.

If you want to get 50(appx) likes for a page you have to spend 100(appx) rupees in paid promotion but we got 250 new likes and growing because of this viral campaign.

You can also invite the people who likes your poster by clicking on the likes, a popup will display and you can invite them to like your page which is an additional boost for you. By doing this you can save more money and reach more people.

All you have to do is to find the content that will interest your audience and avoid promoting simple business messages.

It’s not only in Facebook follow this in all the major platform. You can put more efforts in Pinterest if you are targeting women audience.

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Bizy Dale Nets one stop solution for startups

India is the youngest startup nation with 72% founders less than 32 years and in third position globally with the number of startups crossing 4,200-Nasscom reported. Satyajeet found there is a huge market in this segment so he found Bizy Dale Nets a one stop solution for startups offering all services that startups need and helping them to improve their profits.ST had a small session with the founder over mail and he replied the questions smartly.

What is Bizy Dale Nets?

Bizy Dale Nets (registered as Bizy Dale Networking Services PVT Ltd.) is a business value focused IT product and Services Company located in Bangalore, India. It is a one stop solution center for start-ups offering all services that a start-up needs and help them improve their profits and grow.

Our mission is to build solutions for complex business processes and become the pioneer in technology.

Our out of the box product “Bizy Dale ( ” helps businesses in improving their operational efficiency and work as an elevator to their business success! Bizy Dale Nets have a team of technology experts with a huge experience.

Bizy dale nets

How you found this opportunity?

I am a start-up specialist and have worked in starts throughout my career, let it be the start of new processes or start of a new venture. Hence I understand the challenges that a start faces. At the same time, I was aware that although there are many solutions already available to many challenges, however, they are either not simple as they say it to be or they cost a bomb. Additionally, there are still many solutions that this world needs and to make this happen, one fine day while relaxing in my living room, I decided to start a solution center for businesses and world.

In what way Bizy Dale Nets different from your competitors?

We are different from our competitors in a way that we compete only with ourselves. Our goal is always to come up with simplest solutions than the last one! Delivering quality and keeping commitments is our core belief. We are the one stop solution center and offer services right from making a business plan to product scoping to business consulting. Our out of the box product like “Bizy Dale” is an efficiency booster for professionals, an application with applications and the charge is per user basis unlike other products who charge a bomb for each application to be used. We have a team of talents who are always at the toe to build solutions for all business type and world through latest technologies.

Why should start-ups try Bizy Dale Nets?

i)  We have a product team who are super calibre, think simple, think smart and understands what the world need.

ii) We are the one stop solution center who takes care of all that a business needs at a cost saver price rather than having businesses to partner with different vendors for different requirements at different prices. Thus improve in profits!

iii) We build customized solutions for all industry type.

iv)Our quality and commitment to deliver is unbeatable

v) We have super talented account managers and highly efficient support team to take care of user needs.

What about future Bizy Dale Nets?

We have massive plans to expand our business. Currently, we are targeting only start-ups and offer them our solutions and services at an affordable cost. Later we have plans to build solutions, offer our services to bigger giants and become their sole vendor for all their needs. We have plans to build solutions in latest technologies for all industry type.

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PetzApp for your pets

As per statements from Indian Pet Industry India is the fastest growing pet capital with 600,000 pets adopted every year. This numbers simply showing us how much Indians love pets but do they know right way to bring up their pets ? Do they know the best vet in the city? Do they understand their pet medical reports? Do they know pet events happening in the city? Do they know how to socialize their pets? To give solution to all these question Prathap Premnath the Chennai based guy founded Petzapp for your pets where you can find solution for all the queries related to your pets. When socialTalky fired  questions and he replied smartly for all our shit questions.

What is PetzApp?

PetzApp is a Pet Management mobile platform which aims to simplify the pet parenting process where pet needs can be fulfilled by clicking a single button. Via PetzApp, a pet parent can schedule appointments with vets, check billing activity, maintain digital pet medical records, ask online queries to vets from the comfort of your home, track pet events, schedule pet service appointments with vets, groomers, and boarders, adopt pets, and socialize with fellow pet parents. It works in tandem with VetzApp which enables vets to automate all operations at the clinic. It helps vets in appointment scheduling, billing, digital pet medical records, inventory solutions (tracking sales), online query resolution, and client activity tracking.

What motivated you to found PetzApp?

As a business graduate and even before, I was always entrepreneurially inclined. There was a period in time when I saw a gap in the market which was not penetrated by technology and frankly had a lot to gain by adopting it. Hence I came up with the idea of the dual apps – PetzApp and VetzApp to bridge this gap. It aims at becoming the leader in the USD 800 million Indian Pet Market which has a dearth of technology service providers.

What makes you unique?

While there is no direct competition in the clinic automation software market for vets separately, there are companies doing great work in the generic doctor market in this same sphere. While focus on vet-specific features, lower cost, and an offline capability for inventory and billing are some advantages, these are not viewed as sustainable.

However given the flexibility attached with a smaller company we can challenge the bigger ones by offering a platform which is inward focused on clinics where doctors can feel assured that their client database remains with them and they don’t have to compete in a marketplace for business. While other platforms attract clients with the listing of these doctors and compare different doctors, VetzApp has a unique Vet Code which it prompts the user to enter and hence vets can use it with only their clients without the client getting exposure to other doctors.

Why pet lovers should install PetzApp?

If you have a pet, he or she is sure to be an integral part of your life. PetzApp is an easy to use app which helps one save time and manage pet parenting more efficiently. It also enables transparency as many pet parents needn’t depend on domestic help anymore and can get all they want for their pet via a click of a button. Hence the benefits of this app, which is unparalleled among Indian apps is what we expect to shine through.

What is your future plans on PetzApp?

We are launching an e-commerce module which will help clients view the products which their vet in specific is retailing. They can place an order on PetzApp and get it delivered to their doorstep. Also from the business angle expanding the user base on PetzApp will be critical.

Download petzapp for your pets visit our site for more info like our facebook page for regular updates and watch petzApp footage.

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How to increase Facebook page likes at low cost?

Everyone now starting their own page based on their interest some starts for fun some for business but everyone’s aim is to increase their page likes to reach their news to more people. But it’s not easy to get more page likes unless you spend some thousands in a Facebook ad or posting viral content to attract more users. But here we are listing few effective ways to increase Facebook page likes at low cost.

Avoid Facebook Ad

In a race to increase more likes than your competitor doesn’t spend thousands and sometimes lakhs in a Facebook ad it’s costlier than any other promotion to get likes here we explain why.

For example when you promote your Facebook page for Rs.100/- estimated likes for Indian audience (example) only filtered with age from 15 to 65 the estimated likes will be 2-8 as per Facebook stats. But in reality, you get 30-40 page likes.

How to increase facebook likes at low cost



We promoted our page for Rs.100/- and we got 33 new likes means Rs.3.03/- cost per like. Which is quite costly already you are bootstrapped are you going to invest this much in increasing page likes.


How to increase facebook likes at low cost


Try  cost-effective ways to increase page likes

1.Money for likes

Announce paisa for likes in Facebook ask people who is ready to increase page likes for you and in return he gets money you can decide your amount for example if a guy gets 100 likes for your page you can pay Rs.50/- (Re.50/- per like) in that you can increase likes at low-cost Rs.50/- is small amount to transfer so you can recharge his mobile transfer to e-wallet.

It is a simple job for him he will invite his friends from your page and also motivates others to like your page and don’t forget to get the screenshot of Facebook notification from his account before paying him.

2.Run Contest

Announce a prize worth Rs.1000/- for those who is engaging more with your page like sharing your post, liking, commenting and inviting friends. A user with maximum engagement will win the price run this contest for continuous 10 days request them to share your contest posters more so it reaches more people they will also participate by monitoring it effectively you can get at least 500 likes which worth Rs.1000/-.

But don’t fail to celebrate the winner get his/her photo create a winner poster and make him famous so next time people will show more interest in your contest.

3.Promote in third party pages

You can request pages with more likes in niche related to yours but not your competitor’s one, pay them some amount based on the likes you get.

Do cross promotion by promoting their page in yours but they will be interested only if you have a decent number of likes.

4.Promote links

Promote your Facebook page link everywhere, on your website, email signature, Qr code on your business cards, letterheads wherever you write your business name follow it with your Facebook page link.

Promote your Facebook link in Twitter, Google plus and in other social media pages you have.


It’s the best way to increase your visibility and likes.

Find a thought leader or influencer in your industry follow his facebook page .Start commenting on the post as a “Brand page” not as the individual.Don’t make lame comments.

When you add value to the post in your comments you get likes and stay at the top not only likes people will view your facebook page and likes it.

Cool isn’t ?

Adding your facebook page like this on your blog,email signature and in every e-materials could increase your likes.

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Top 5 websites to promote start-ups

It’s not only start-ups everyone needs established platforms to become popular or to reach more people. If you are funded you will spend a lot in outbound marketing but if you are bootstrapped you need a right platform to promote you. We tried our best to list top 5 websites to promote start-ups.


India’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008 with the aim of championing untold stories. Though you read lot of start-ups news they have certain criteria to feature in YS. It is the best platform for B2B to make a good business.


Bizztor connects Indian entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. You can submit your stories to them through an online form provided. They have decent page fans which could help your business to reach more people.


A platform that covers stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and business that are challenging the norms and changing the nature of the game. Other than stories they too publish tech news helpful for startups.

4.The Startup Journal

Founded by Ashish Kumar is a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation and creativeness to wide entrepreneurial community. It’s simple to feature your story here ,just complete the online form about your business .SJ team will get back to you.

5.Startup Success Stories

Other than displaying stories they too train you to become successful in your niche .Easy to submit and publish your stories with decent page fans.

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Kindly comment down your suggestions on websites promoting start-up news .Also comment down the similar websites you know.

Top 5 App developing companies in India

Now it is easy to learn coding to create your very own app in less than two months but it needs your time and passion to code your app. But being in growing India we need to compete faster and showcase our product to outside world before our competitors do,so it is better to go for outsourcing from the reliable sources.

You can get freelancers to code your app but it is always better to go with team rather than individual for better service. Here we are listing some companies that are really doing good in the market ranking is entirely based on the customers served, number of years in the field, credibility, service.


This active team from Chennai so far served 2000 projects with 1000 clients, in the field for more than 16 years providing service to major brands holding customers from 28 different countries .They also have team to help you from digital marketing to m-commerce.


This attractive and interactive web designers so far completed 2000 projects and in the field for last 10 years serving more than 600 small and medium size customers. They have the expert team right from php to joomla .Also providing online marketing study, PPC, SEO, Logo designs .This platform is having customers from 25 different countries.


Enthusiastic team from Punjab served more than 2000 projects, providing service for more than 11 years. To improve customer satisfaction providing 1 year free technical support which is an additional boon to choose them, other than apps they too have knowledge in digital marketing, CMS and Testing.


This talented team from Chennai holding 16 years of experience in Internet having 60% of customers from foreign nations. Right place to create right from logo to explainer videos for your business. Though they are having stunning website they served only countable projects.


Though this site looks simple and less attractive they have served more than 10 years and provided service to major clients like Godrej, Reliance, Wipro etc., in addition to apps they too provide software development, web hosting, SEO and other IT services.

Kindly provide some valuable feedback and comment down other web developing companies that are emerging in India we will consider them when we update this post.

Cashback sites listed

It’s not only coupon websites but also cashback sites help you to save much when you are making an online purchase. You can read about Top 5 coupons and deals sites in India, cashback websites work same like coupons and deals but here you get some money in your account these websites save you a lot when you are buying from Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and in all major e-commerce sites.

All you have to do is simply create an account and buy your product through cashback sites.

How do cashback sites earn?

These websites are affiliated with major e-commerce sites like Flipkart, amazon,eBay,snap deal etc., so whenever you purchase from their sites Flipkart pays money to cashback sites and  they pay you little so you can get some money in your wallet.

This cashback giant so far paid 25 crores to their users and affiliated with 1000+ stores. Along with cashback, you can also get discount coupons for your favorite products. Well-designed and products are categorized by brands, retailers and top offers for better user experience.


This renowned cashback site holds offers from all the major stores .Providing opportunity for the users to earn extra from their affiliate program .Though this site is looking somewhat clumsy, gaining huge audience every day.


Featured in all the major news medias providing 1000+ deals , 100+ exclusive coupons, affiliated with 300+ stores. Providing rewards and freebies to comfort their users.

One of the developing sites affiliated with 200+ major brands providing cashback on every purchase you make through their site, with “No redeem fee or charges” they are attracting huge customers towards them for big savings.


Though this is developing one and the website looks simple they have an easy way of transacting your money, you can get even Re.1/- from their site no cap or threshold to withdraw your money you are also given a choice of getting of gift cards instead money ,affiliated with 500+ stores .

Kindly provide your feedback on this top 5 cashback sites in India