5 effective tips for field sales executive

Field sales executive one of the toughest jobs in business with high attrition rate companies are trying to retain their field sales executives through bond or through high salary and perks. It is the individual wish and commitments to stay in this kind of job.

Some companies comfort them by reducing the work timings and work on incentive basis but on other hand some companies are monitoring their field sales executive by installing GPS in their mobile and keeps on tracking them.

This job involves both mental and physical stress it needs lot of traveling if you are doing it in bike then wearing helmets, weather, pollution make your day tough. If you are doing in Car then you have to worry about the level of traffic inside city but you can take rest at any time.

So here I am writing 5 effective tips for field sales executive to combat weather, pollution and stress.

1.Change your attire

To combat weather conditions you need to cover your body completely. Some companies are providing T-shirts for their sales people mostly start-ups which is not easy to wear in all weather conditions and salespeople may also worry about tanning.

Covering your hands fully and using gloves for your hands will reduce tanning which is the effect of Ultraviolet rays from sunlight.

2.Use sun combaters

Use sunscreens, since the exposure is high use SPF 30, SPF 60 and SPF 90 rate varies from grade to grade buy a one and starts using it daily it helps you to prevent from tanning .


Exposing to sunlight will dehydrate you easily you will lose your energy if you are dehydrated to keep you hydrated have a bottle of water with you always and keep on refilling it I customers place.

Take lot of fruit juices lime juice will help you medically lot to combat summer.

4.Don’t wear helmet continuously

Wearing helmet continuously make your scalp sweaty and may leads to hair loose .Cover your head with cloth before you wear helmet. Remove and have a free air flow once in one hour.

5.Take rest

Don’t ride your bike or continuously once in one hour take 10 minutes rest and then continue else you may get severe pain in your spinal chord and you get tired soon.

Do yoga and exercise for half an hour daily to make your life healthy and wealthy.

How to manage business cards?

No business exists without business cards it can be from vendors or from customers .You may be receiving lot of business cards but maintaining it effectively is quite a big task. All the cards are important so here we are writing how to manage business cards effectively.

1.Segregate your cards

Don’t put all the cards in one file have a separate pouches for vendors and customers may be more than two depends on your need .Don’t follow the traditional way of arranging them in alphabetical orders make a priority list and arrange accordingly or based on the category for example if you are in Concrete Industry you can make a categories like

  • M sand Suppliers
  • Cement Suppliers
  • River sand Suppliers
  • Aggregate suppliers
  • Water suppliers

Divide based on the service they are doing so when you need a cement suppliers you can catch them in two pages but if you arrange in alphabetical orders you may miss some when you are requesting quotation.

2.Scan the cards and feed in system

You may misplace the cards so it is safe to scan all the cards may be four in one scan as per categories. Make a separate folder in your system and save the cards this will help you to maintain your cards effectively.

3.Use Business cards scanners

You can choose important cards and use the mobile apps like Camcard scanner or Bcard scanner to save your cards smartly with an options to exchange your ecard with others and sharing it in social networks.

  • You can add notes
  • You can follow your contacts
  • Quick search
  • Easy communication

This is an effective innovation to take all your cards without any mess at anytime and anywhere in your pocket.

4.Write offers

Most of the business cards are blank back side you can make a note on back side. For example you can write the rough quote price by the sales people or special discounts from them don’t write paragraphs just simply write down important point that may benefit your business.

So whenever you are looking for a service from them this notes may help you.

These four tips may help you to manage your cards effectively if you know few other ways please comment down.

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5 effective roadside marketing ideas

If your customers are inside their house then you can approach them through traditional ways like Television and Radio but if they are outside their house you need to make them remember your brand so out of door advertising is important for successful campaigns. Here we are listing 5 effective roadside marketing ideas for successful campaigns. We are focussing on exteriors rather than interiors.

1.On cabs

You can display your brand on cabs on agreement basis or on one time settlement. But branded cabs won’t accept your request so try to approach local players and autos to display your brand. Since they roam inside the city it is one of the effective techniques.


Roadside billboards are effective when you choose the right place .For example if your competitor is before you geographically display a billboard with a special deals and remind them an important landmark near your store by doing this you can drive a sales to your store than to competitor.

But on other hand if you are before your competitor geographically add some creativity in your billboards or you can display deals.

But never ever display a plain boards with your brand name and contact information.

3.Informatory boards

This is one of the stealth marketing ideas where you can steal your customer’s attention by helping them. For example displaying your brand in informatory boards like displaying nearby petrol banks, school zones, hospitals and other needful information for road travellers. This is will create positive impact but be relevant in sponsoring the right information boards.

4.Plant a tree

Plant a tree along the road side and put your board like sponsored by “X brand “with a creative quote this technique also creates positive impact more than being business.

5.On road

You can display your brand with some creativity on roads this will attract huge attention among travellers .You can show your creativity on Zebra Crossing or before stopping line in signals or on slopes etc. but simple displaying of your brands won’t create any impacts need lot of creativity to make them obsess with your product.


roadside marketing ideas

Please share your suggestions on this 5 effective roadside marketing techniques .If you know few other please comment down we will extend the list.

Approaching an experienced marketing agencies will help you to implement your roadside marketing ideas

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5 effective techniques to build mailing list

Email marketing is proved to be one of the effective methods in digital marketing world but it doesn’t work if you don’t send mail to right customers building mailing list for your business is important and tough task. Here we are listing out 5 effective ways to build email database.

1.Use linkedIn to build mailing list

LinkedIn is not only the best to place to connect with professionals but also for B2B segment.You can extract email contacts from LinkedIn to send business mails.

Just follow the simple steps Go to Linkedin.com login to your account

Go to My network at the top then click connections in the next page you will find a gear icon at the right corner click the gear icon now you will land up in a page like this .

5 effective techniques to build mailing list


Under Advance settings click the link Export linkedin contacts  now download the file in desired format .It contains first name ,last name and email ids of your connections.

But they are not your potential clients send an introductory mail about your product or service and request them to subscribe if they are interested else delete the mail id.

More connections more mail id so increase your connections now.

2.Build mailing list from social medias

There are lot of startups group in social medias for example “Chennai Startups or Mumbai startups in facebook and in other medias.Enrol in all the business related groups and post a message like this.

Dear all,

I am X from Y company providing z service interested people can comment down their mail id we send you mail once in a week and at any time you can unsubscribe from the list we won’t share or send spam mails.”

Really you can build 200 to 300 mails from a single group it worked for me keep on trying in groups related to your niche don’t do in irrelevant place.

You can also use call to action button to a landing page to collect the customer details.

3.Use your own website to build mailing list

Create an opt-in form in your website and make it simple for easy subscription don’t ask anything except mail address you can collect his/her details in your proceeding mails.

But to build mailing list from your website you need to have decent traffic.

4.Run contest through mail

Promote a contest in your pages and motivate them to participate to experience your free service or products but run the campaign through mails all the transaction should be through mails  it helps you to get genuine mails ids.

5.Out of House marketing to build mailing list

You can do guerrilla marketing, conferences, lectures or sponsor an event there you can collect email ids from the participants but don’t spend more on this without knowing the audience size and category.

These 5 techniques will help you to build quality mailing list if you find this useful please share this article with your friends.

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5 things a sales representative should realize

At the end of the day if the product doesn’t sell then your company has to go for lay off. If you sell more you are not only saving your job but also your colleagues but they don’t realize this being a sales representative you should realize these 5 things to become the happiest salesman.

1.Love your job

Abdul kalam clearly said don’t love your company but love your job. Most of the sales people keep on complaining their job but never leave the job because of the commitment they have in life.

You need not work under pressure from your boss rather keep a target for you and work to show your skill in marketing enjoy your work and improve your efficacy in marketing and selling.

It is very tough being a field sales executive but prove your company it is you making the company live.

2.You are having thick skin

An ordinary man cannot survive in the field of marketing because he doesn’t have thick skin but not you. Rejection happens in all level you may be the marketing manager in your company but your client’s security will stop you from entering the gate.

If anything happens in quality or in service customer will shout at you because you are the front face of your company he won’t realize it is quality person’s mistake.

Even people from your very own company looks sales as the lower grade department irrespective of your position and salary they may not treat as like others but you are not working to get respects from your colleagues  you are creating a brand name for you in your market.

3.Feel proud

Though it is a team work to bring out the product, customer remembers you by your company or remember your company by your name.

Anyone except you from your company is not having this much rapport or contacts in the market but you are the fortunate one building for your sake.

Building a network not only helps you in business but also in your personal domain .You can start your very own business in the same field with the clients you built.

4.You are the coolest

It is a stereotype that sales representatives are more stressed than anyone other functional people but I say they are the coolest they are handling so much stress from all the four side from family, immediate manager, company, customers and many but still you are smiling which means you are the coolest person .You can handle any number of problems and got potential to turn negative into positive.

5.Sales representatives are magician

Yes, you know how to handle the people rightly than anyone even though your service is not good you are getting repeated orders from the same client which is pure because of your handling skill.

You know how to convince them how to bring them again how to make them understand what happened. You didn’t get any degree from psychology but you are practicing it.

These are the five things a sales representative should know and should enjoy his work being a sales person happier and riskier than any other professions.

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Drawbacks of Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a buzzword among start-ups and marketers because it is focused approach and got high ROI compared to traditional methods. But there are some advantages of traditional marketing over digital marketing here we are listing few.

  1. People won’t remember you

If you are promoting your ad in Facebook or in other social Medias you impress them for few seconds only. You won’t get time to create an impact of your brand. Two to three seconds is the lifetime of your promotion per audience.

But think of, if you are promoting your ad at the last cover page of a book or magazine it lasts long and create an impact even for years they will remember what your brand about.

  1. Too much advertisements

It’s not only you thriving to increase your sales even your competitors also looking for the same not only your competitors all the business putting efforts to reach more people.

Lot of sponsored contents in a single scroll makes your brand unnoticed users simply scroll and move. For example if an user scroll the timeline for 30 minutes at least 10 sponsored contents are appearing and it fails to create brand impact.

But the number of advertisements in a newspaper or magazines are limited so it helps to remember your ad if it is attractive, not only for few seconds whenever they read the paper it strikes them.

  1. Cost more

I promoted by Facebook pages many times but I end up in spending Rs.3 or Rs.2/- for getting a single like we are spending lot to improve our page likes. But our posts won’t reach everyone it reaches only 10% of total likes by default for example when we publish a post in a page with 2000 likes hardly it reaches 200 people to reach everyone again we have to spend money which is going to lasts for few seconds on users timeline.

So if we are making two or three posts in a day we have to spend a lot to reach everyone. Please don’t have the idea if you have more likes your messages reach everyone.

It’s not only in Facebook almost all the social media platforms follows the same rule.

Instead of spending more on social Medias you can follow other methods like content marketing and article marketing.

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Cost effective marketing ideas

It is the dream of all marketing managers to spend less and drive more sales but unfortunately not all the marketers are successful in this niche. Traditional advertisements cost more and there is no proper metric to measure the sales driven by the advertisement but the contemporary marketing focus on inbound than outbound which got more potential than traditional TV or radio advertising here we are listing cost effective marketing ideas for your business.

  1. Content Marketing

Being a business you will be having a website to sell your product or display messages you can start writing a blog and starts posting it in your website or go for free blog platforms and link it to your site. But I prefer to host it in your site rather than third party which could help to improve SEO ranking.

It doesn’t cost you more all you have to do is to spend some time to write quality articles consistently.

  1. Article Marketing

Again you have to spend some time in writing quality articles and publish it in third party article directories not in your site. Article marketing also helps you to improve your SEO score.

Here you are not going to spend any since it is free to publish your articles in article directories.

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  1. Guerrilla Marketing

This is to surprise the public with your brand it can be flash mob or dance show to excite them. But it should be done with the prior permission from respective authority.

Here you can perform a show with your team all you have to do is to get permission not going to cost you more.

For example if you are going to perform in public park you should inform corporation and local police station prior and  script a concept and perform with your team .

  1. Word of mouth

marketing ideas


Word of mouth happens only if you wonder the people with your brand otherwise it is cumbersome. Spreading positive rumour about a brand is also helps you in this but avoid rumours and spread the real one.

An effective guerrilla marketing could make this successful.

  1. Social Media marketing

Make use of social media effectively since it is free to circulate your business messages you can spread more useful messages to your audience .Effective use of trending hashtags in twitter and Facebook could save you more to reach more people.

Don’t restrict yourself with major platforms like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus but also explore opportunities in stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg also.

  1. Email marketing

All you have to do is to collect some email ids through subscription form in your site or from LinkedIn contacts and then send a mail once in a week about your product and business developments.

There are lot of free bulk email messengers to send bulk email use that to avoid over expenditure. For example mailchimp gives you free trial up to 1500 contacts more than this you have to pay.

After getting funds from venture capitalists or angel investor startups are spending more on advertising to show they are funded but driving poor sales in return.

It doesn’t mean you won because you are funded.

Work on inbound marketing more than outbound marketing. Outbound marketing helps you to create brand awareness and addresses wide community but inbound marketing is cost effective and focussed approach.

Do outbound marketing when you want to create brand awareness do inbound marketing when you want to drive sales.

There are lot of marketing ideas and strategies out there but you have to choose the one which suits your product and service.

5 Best places to do ambient marketing

Ambient marketing is also falls on OOH (out of house ) marketing category which is scripted to attract people when they are outside their house .Traditional way of advertisements like Radio and TV advertisement helps you to promote when they are inside their home but when they are out you have to try different marketing strategies to attract your client.

Rather than simply displaying billboards, signage and distributing flyers you can try to surprise your brand to make your audience spread the word about your campaign.

There are lot of places to do ambient marketing but they won’t be surprised unless you surprise them so make sure it is interesting. Here we are listing out few places which could make your brand trending.

1.Toilet for ambient marketing

Nowadays right from shopping malls to theatres they are displaying digital signage which displays motion pictures in toilets. Let the average time for a healthy man to urinate is 10-20 seconds you can utilize this 20 seconds to display your ad it will definitely create a brand impact and there is a chance of spreading the word.

2.Coffee cups      

ambient marketing


The average time to drink a coffee is 10-20 minutes and it varies depends on the size of the cup and hotness of the coffee so here you got a chance to make your audience look at your brand for 10-20 minutes you can put your QR code for easy scanning and take them to your landing page which could help you to convert.

When we tried printing our college cultural messages on cups and carry bags it attracted huge audience and made the campaign successful.


3.Traffic signal

You can use your creativity on Zebra crossing or utilize your brain to attract your audience with digital signage when they are waiting for signal to cross the road .Let the average time be 30-100 seconds depending on the traffic condition you can make their waiting time pleasant by displaying your digital signage interestingly.

4.Inside Busses and trains

The best opportunity to make travellers obsess about your brand is to make use of their travel time. Travellers either peer out or simply gaze the interior you can display your ads to create an impact. This gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers for more than hours.

ambient marketing


It’s not only busses and trains you can put a mini digital signage inside cabs also.


Not only inside the lift but also on the door and nearby places, in big shopping malls and hotels people need to wait to wait for few seconds to minutes so utilize thise time to anchor your brand in their thought.

There are lot of places to do effective ambient marketing but make sure people are spending time to see your ad. Don’t simply display messages put your creativity to make it interesting wherever possible create motion pictures in digital billboards.

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Top 5 places to do Guerrilla marketing

It’s not only you and I all the hard workers are looking for a big break in their life at least in a small level but we don’t give up in trying our level best sometimes more than that. There are lot of ways to market your business or events but this Guerrilla marketing is one of the interesting ways to attract masses.

What is Guerrilla marketing?

The main concept of Guerrilla marketing is to surprise common people with your creative thinking coupled with your brand it is believed if you surprise people with your brand they will talk about you they will obsess about your brand it helps in word of mouth marketing. But we cannot do it everywhere you cannot perform Guerrilla method in an open ground with your team there should be people to watch it.

Here we are listing are few places to do Guerrilla marketing that could make your brand visible.

  1. Stadium

Cricket stadium or any game stadium is the right place to attract millions of audience at once but to make it successful you need a big team at least of size of 100 to attract them.

You can cheer up your favourite along with your company name or you can perform dance or play a music band like this it may attract audience and make your brand hot topic.

  1. Theatre

You can attract 500-100 people at once in middle of the cinema make use of the 10minute interval to perform your show book your tickets for your team mates randomly and surprise them by your brand.

If your show is interesting than the movie you may get a chance to perform the rest haha.

  1. Malls

Every Sunday you can find the team performing Guerrilla marketing either for business or for selling tickets for NGO’s. We performed Guerrilla marketing to sell our college cultural tickets in one of the malls in Chennai.

A team of 50 from our college suddenly started dancing in the mall everyone was surprised and watched our show for half an hour and made this show topic among shoppers.

  1. College fest

Select a famous college in your town and perform your show among college students in their cultural fest.

Make sure your concept is interesting and not failed to attract young audience.

  1. Traffic signal

This suits for India especially an opportunity for Mumbai and Bangalore based startups where you can perform your show alongside the road to bring down the frustrated ones in signal.

Don’t do guerrilla marketing without the permission of concerned persons or ready to face the consequences.

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Cold calling techniques for successful business

Cold calling technique is obsolete for some people because people are annoyed by the promotional calls from different segments. But not only telephone marketing calling on a person in personal is also called cold calling. Cold calling is still an effective technique followed by many people but we need to follow some important techniques to win the customer. You can do warm calling in phone but from my very own experience in cold calling I suggest door to door calling works well for fresh prospect.

1.Recruit the best 

Customer is the king of all business it is very important to impress your customers an ordinary man cannot bring a business you need to recruit suitable person with good communication skills. He is the one representing your whole organization communication skill is very important for sales people than anyone in your business.

He should be in a position to explain your business completely to your customer.

2.Make pleasant presence

Doing door to door or calling on new offices is a tough job they have to go through bad weather and polluted environment. Don’t appear with sweaty face and dirty shirt before client remember you are representing the whole investment your boss did in your business.

Always schedule morning for fresh prospect and after noon for warm calling it gives you freshness and energetic appeal before your client.

Wearing a shirt with your company logo will create positive impact on your company and make them believe you are branded avoid t-shirts be formal and professional.

Don’t forget to address him with a smile.

3.Accept rejections

Sometimes you may not be allowed inside the firm but don’t worry approach him after a week it may work this time.

I was thrown out by security when I approached a client in Dadar, Mumbai but need not to worry it’s a part and parcel of sales job.

You may be requested to wait for more many hours follow the same I did 7 hours when I met a client in west Mambalam Chennai.

4.Have a complete knowledge

It is very important for sales people to have a complete knowledge on product and business than anyone in your organisation. Technically you have to be sound enough to solve his queries and be smart if there is a chance of bargaining in your business don’t go with your customer’s price. Even if it is Rs.10 /- you should win the game but make sure your competitor is not delivering less than you in that case you should win your competitor not your client.

Having some basic knowledge about your client gives you confident too approach him better.

You should not allow your competitor at any cost though the deal is not profit for you.
5.Don’t sell

Don’t try to sell in your first meet itself if it happens congratulation but avoid that just pitch your product clearly answer all his queries with patience though it provokes you be cool and handle him carefully and believe that he will place order.

6.Create a Rapport

Remember this in the first meeting you are going to meet him to create a rapport to meet him for the second time spend some time with him just discuss other than your product.For example if you are selling ready mix concrete you can discuss from where he is getting steel, bricks and related stuff it helps you to come closer but don’t initiate any personal conversation about family and other stuff.

These five steps will help you to make your cold calling successful.

Kindly share your experience and suggestion to improve cold calling techniques by commenting down below.

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