130+ useful free marketing tools for small business

Without marketing your product or service reaching your targeted audience is cumbersome.

If your business is blessed with wealth then you can spend like Amazon to create a brand value but if you are bootstrapped how you are going to compete with your established competitors. To help bootstrapped start-ups here I am compiling free marketing tools for small business.

List of free marketing tools for small business

Free Bulk SMS Software
Software Benefits Requirements
1.FrontLineSms ·         250 SMS/month

·         Email ticket support


You need an updated browser with a modem or working phone with credits.
2.My SMS Mantra ·         No hidden cost

·         Free Technical Support

·         SMS Scheduling and much more


Excel plugin since it sends messages directly from Excel.
3.AtomicPark ·         Both single and bulk SMS service

·         Detailed Reports

·         Free to distribute mass texting software to all computers you want.

Windows equipped laptop or desktop

Internet Connection

Free Email Marketing Softwares

Email marketing is one of the powerful ways to drive more sales and traffic to your website.To perform your email marketing effectively here I am jotting down few cost effective to be technically free online tools to do email marketing.

4.MailChimp – Up to 2000 subscribers and 1200 emails per month.

5.ReachMail – Up to 5000 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

6.eFlyerMaker – Up to 25000 subscribers and up to 15000 emails.

7.TargetHero – Unlimited emails for up to 1000 contacts free forever.

8.Freshmail – Up to 500 subscribers and 2000 emails per month.

9.VerticalResponse – 300 contacts and 4000 emails per month.

10.Zoho – 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.

11.ResponseMagic – Up to 100 subscribers and unlimited broadcasting.

12.EmailServing – Up to 200 subscribers and unlimited emails.

13.Sendinblue – Unlimited contacts and 9000 emails per month.

14.SendPulse – Up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

Free Marketing Templates

To support your email marketing and other forms of marketing there are few free resources available for your bootstrapped business.

15.Hubspot – The ultimate collections of free content marketing templates.

16.Mplans – Right from beauty and fitness to Transportation marketing plans available.

17.Free-CSS – 100+ free business templates.

18.EmailonAcid– 600+ free email templates.

19.FreemailTemplates – 100’s of license free email templates.

20.99designs – 12 free email templates from professional designers.

21.Templatesbox -Free templates available in all categories.

22.Campaign Monitor – 20+ free email templates for commercial purpose.

Free Email Trackers

Email trackers help you to segregate readers from non-readers so you can deploy a strategy to increase open rates.

23.Whoreadme.com 24.Getnotify.com
25.Hubspot Email Tracker 26.BananaTag.com
27.ContactMonkey.com 28.Mail Track for Gmail – App for chrome
29.MailTrack 30.PointOfMail.com
31.ifRead 32.mixMax.com
33.didTheyReadIt.com 34.intelliverse.com
35.msgTag.com 36.salesHandy.com
37.32bit.com 38.Emailtray.com
Free Landing Page creators

Well-designed landing pages could convert views into leads.

39.Ucraft.com -Single page,editable content,Free hosting ,Custom domain,Editable content,easy to share with your friends and followers.

40.PromoJam.com – easy to customize landing pages with a click and draggable option.

41.Ontrapages – You can build up to 10 unique pages,option to get leads straight into your inbox.

42.Landingpagemonkey.com -mobile compatible with 100% free hosting.

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Free Explainer Video makers- Marketing tools for small business

Actions speak louder than words.More than writing a description for your product in 100 words you can easily create explainer videos for your product and service.

43.Animaker – Animaker is an online do-it-yourself (#DIY) animation video maker that brings studio quality presentations within everyone’s reach.The free plan includes 2 mins video length ,5 exports per month and many.

44.Animatron – Free plan includes 5 public projects and 2GB storage.

45.PowToon – 11 styles, 38 tunes, up to 5mins but no download.

46.RenderForest– includes videos from all categories,no editing limitations,downloadable but has a watermark in the free version.

Free scheduling software for social media marketing

Need not wait for right time to post rather we can schedule the post at your flexible time.

47.Buffer – Free plan includes one social profile and can schedule up to 10 posts ,it is free forever.

48.Hootsuite – Free plan includes 3 profiles with SSL security.

49.Tiempy.com – Unlimited posts ,unlimited profiles but one project for free.

50.Socialoomph – Limited features on the free plan.

51.Everypost.me – up to 10 posts and 1 team member.

Free design software

52.Ribbet.com – Create collages and edit photos directly from social media.

53.Canva.com – an Excellent platform for all you business needs with free and ready-made designs which are easy to customize.

54.PicMonkey – Pure alternative to Photoshop for intermediate designs.

55.Pixlr.com – Another free photo editor with photoshop like background.

Free online infographic makers

Presenting your ideas visually could help your audience to understand your product better.

56.Venngage.com 57.Canva.com
58.Genial.ly 59.Piktochart.com
60.infogr.am 61.visme.co
62.Easel.ly 63.Spritesapp.com
Free creative common images for marketing

Using a random Google images may cost your business big in future so please avoid and start using Creative Common images.

65.Flickr under creative commons 66.Pic Jumbo
67.Gratisography 68.Unsplash
69.Little Visuals 70.New Old Stock
71.Death to the stock photo 72.Pixabay
73.Splitshire 74.Life of Pix
75.IM Free 76.Morgue File
77.Snapographic 78.Raumrot
79.Foodies Feed 80.Picography.co
81.Libreshot 82.Kaboompics
83.Pexels 84.Lock and stock photos
Free Survey Online- Marketing tools for small business

Before launching your idea or product it’s advisable to go for survey either online or offline to understand the market.Survey forms also good for collecting feedbacks from your existing customers .

85.Zoho Survey – Free plan includes unlimited surveys,15 questions per survey and 150 responses per survey.

86.SurveyMonkey.com– Free plan includes 10 questions and 100 responses.

87.SurveyPlanet.com – Free plan includes unlimited surveys ,unlimited questions,unlimited responses.

88.KwikSurveys.com – Free plan includes unlimited surveys,unlimited questions, and full results export.

89.esurv.org – Unlimited surveys,Unlimited questions,unlimited responses,24 email support and much more on the free plan.

90.Google Forms – the Best platform to start your survey.

91.Typeform – Free templates,free notifications,device compatibility and more.

92.SurveyNuts.com – Max of 100 response per survey and the maximum of 10 questions per survey.

93.Responster.com – Unlimited surveys and responses,easy to build,Response analytics,easy to share and embed.

Free competitors analyzing tools- Free marketing tools for small business

By analyzing your competitor you could redevise your existing strategy or help you to devise an attacking marketing strategy in future.

Service Provider Main Features
94.SemRush.com 1.Organic Search

2.Paid Search



5.Top Organic keywords

6.Top Organic Competitors.

7.Competitors position mapping.


9.Both Mobile and desktop version.

10.Organic keywords performing countries.


95.Spyfu.com 1.Organic keywords

2.Top Organic competitors

3.Inbound links

4.Organic Ranking


96.Majestic.com 1.Performing topics

2.Referring Domains


4.Anchor text

5.Top Pages

Free Giveaway Websites-Marketing tools for small business

Being an emerging business providing giveaways are the best way to acquire new customers.But too much of giveaways are not good for your business.If you are adding customers by providing giveaways ,your addition will stop when you stop giving.

To help you out in the initial stage there are few websites which are helping small businesses to set up their giveaway campaign in few clicks.

97.RaffleCopter – Here you can create your free giveaway campaign with limited features .Easy to create and embed on your site.


98.Promo Simple- Free plan includes features like unlimited giveaways,Custome entry forms,Real time report,social media engagements.

In a simple three steps, you can create your campaign- Create,Design and promote.

99.Giveaway Tool – This tool is somewhat unique and designed for Twitter.

marketing tools for small business

1.You can find tweets with hashtags related to your campaign 2.Sort out the person who made an interesting tweet 3.Award or reward him.

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Free visitors monitoring tools

There are few online tools which help you to understand your visitor’s behavior with your blog or site.

You can track pages they are visiting, where they are dropping off from your site, conversion funnel, Visitors recordings, Analytics, Feedback Polls, Surveys etc.

Software Features
100.HotJar.com 1.Up to 2000 page views per day

2.3 heatmaps

3.Conversion Funnels


5.Polls and Surveys

6.300 recordings

7.Data storage for 3 months.


101.InspectLet 1.100 recording sessions per month

2.1000 page views per month.

3.1 Website

4.1-monthh storage


102.Smart look 1.Unlimited number of recordings per month.

2.Unlimited number of websites


103.Hoverowl 1.250 recordings

2.250 heat maps

3.1 website

104.Mouse stats 1.100 playback recordings

2.100 heatmap recordings

3.100 form analytical recording

4.1 website

Free Video hosting Platforms

You can host your product explaining videos on Youtube and embed everywhere. Since Youtube comes at no cost you can save a lot in this then why you need a special video hosting platforms to host your marketing videos?

Few key things these platforms provide better than Youtube.

Here you can monitor the websites that embed your videos on their site you have full control over it.

You can track how much time individual spent on your video.

You can collect some leads from the video, for example, you can embed an email collecting form on the video.

You can drive traffic to your site rather than to Youtube.

Full control on annotations.

Software Free plan features
105.Wistia 1.5 videos

2.All tools, analytics and basic integration.

3.200 GB of bandwidth per month.

4.But Wistia branding on the player.

106.VideoPath 1.Youtube Hosting Only

2.Videopath Branding

3.Video builder access

Free tools to collect customer data

Marketers need to collect customers data from different places like mobile, web, server and cloud apps to understand the market better.

But it costs more to build a data collection software.

You can collect your customer data free from data collection software online.

Software Free plan features
107.Segment 1.Unlimited integrations

2.1 source (mobile app, web, server, cloud anyone) limit.

3.1 warehouse limit

4.Only one person can access.


Free Tools to find the shared content

Okay, your team members are experienced and more knowledgeable than your competitors and you are publishing very good articles on social platforms in your niche.

You know some people are reading, liking and commenting on your post but do you know whether they are sharing your content?

Do you know one thing ? you need not share on multiple platforms at different times. If you produce a worthy content , your followers will do the sharing business for you.

free marketing Tools

To know how many times and where your contents are shared here we have few free online tools to help you out.

By knowing which content shared most and on which media, you can devise a strategy to accelerate your growth on the respective medium and can concentrate on weakening part.

So do analyze for every post by submitting the right link.

108.SharedCount 109.MashShare (WordPress Plugin)
110.VA Shared Count(WP Plugin) 111.Add to Any (WP Plugin)
Free Data Visualization tools

Marketing not only includes creating attractive images but also an insightful one.

It is easy for non-geek also to understand the graphically explained data over with tons of words.

free marketing tools
Tableau public

Some free online tools make it free to create different graphs with given data or to create customized visual.

112.Qlik.com – Free features include 5 users,Max file size 25MB,Max storage 250MB.

113.Domo.com – 100 GB data capacity,Daily updates,community support but no admin controls.

114.DataHero.com – Unlimited charts to create and share,Free imports and uploads,Unlimited uploads upto 2MB each.

115.Tableau.com (Public) – Up to 10 GB space saved to your profile,easy to share with more additional apps integrations.

Free conversion Tools

Seriously these tools are boon for online marketers.Using these tools you can bring more traffic to your website by sharing influencing contents.

To understand better just watch this video you will love this tool.

But Snip.ly is not free forever.

continue reading….. you will find free alternative to snip.ly

116.Clipclap.com -Its 100% free for both social media engagement and boost engagement.Free to add call to action ,you can analyze your link performance,scheduling and mobile compatibility.

117.Back.ly – Easy to work attractive portal includes call to action,animation,performance analysis,multi-device compatibility.

118.Clipids.com – A simple dashboard holding all the basic features to embed your message on the content you share.

119.Umomy.com – Though the site looks basic it can perform what their competitors are doing.

120.GetSpread.it – its free version limits the number of views to 1000 per month,unlimited number of links and email support.

Quick Tip : Free marketing tools for small business is one of the best performing posts in my list you can share this and embed your link on it to drive traffic to your site.

Free URL Shorteners

This helps you mostly when you want to add some extra information on twitter about your product or business.

Not only on twitter if you want to analyze your embedded link then you can shorten the URL to get a complete report for your link.


120.Goo.gl 121.Bitly.com
122.Bit.do 123.ow.ly
124.tinyurl.com 125.yourls.org
126.Shorte.st 127.Tiny.cc
128.ity.im 129.1url.com
free marketing tools
Click to visit the page
Free tools to find influencers

Influencers from your niche help you to build your brand but finding the right influencer depends on your marketer skill.

130.Peerreach – Peerreach analyses your connections and contents to determine the right influencer for you.

131.Kred– Kred helps you to find the contents and techniques that work in your niche and can connect with influencers from your industry.

132.Klear – “People trust influencers not ads” is the thought behind Klear ,covering 500M profiles across all networks.

Free video Editors

When you plan for publishing some Youtube videos or some video works on your website then knowing this software will save you some cost.

133.Machetesoft– This lite edition is designed for simple and quick slicing of your videos .You  can delete unnecessary fragments,cut,copy,move and mix video pieces.

134.weVideo – A cloud-based freemium video editor serving 5min/month,1GB storage,can publish in 720p and weVideo watermark.

135.Filmora – A freemium software available for all the four major platforms windows,Mac,iOs, and Android.

136.LightWorks – Comes with both free and Pro version.In the free version, you get only limited features whereas in Pro you get an access to explore all the Lightworks functions.

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How to drive more sales through Slideshare?

Slideshare is one of the underrated marketing tools by the content marketers but if you know the power of Slideshare damn sure you will addict to it like Pinterest.70 million new visitors are visiting Slideshare every month. Like Pinterest’s pins, Quora’s question Google also index SlideShare’s presentation in its search so obviously it helps you to increase your SEO score.

It’s not only for marketers to drive sales but also for bloggers to drive millions of traffic to their website and also for authors to advertise their books.

Your single valuable presentation could bring tremendous traffic to your website for months. All you should do is to add SlideShare to your list.

Here I would like to help you how to increase your blog views or sales through SlideShare.

The concept is simple like you are publishing videos on Youtube here you can publish your presentation deck with lead forms and link to your blog which is clickable.

This is a boon to affiliate marketers to take them to the landing page directly from a slide.

How to include affiliate link?

More customized readymade tools are available on online but the most attractive and widely used product is Canva.com right from creating your Pinterest images to creating a presentation Canva supports everything.

sale through slideshare

Signup to create your free account and select presentation choose suitable templates for your project or idea.

Creating a slide is as same as working on MS Powerpoint but when you want to include a link select the text and click on the link icon at the top left corner and add the link once you are done.

sale through slideshare

Download the presentation in PDF format and upload it on Slideshare the link which you added on the slide is clickable here.

If you are an affiliate marketer you can include your affiliate link to drive more sales. If you are presenting for your own business include the link to your landing page.

Really affiliate marketers are making few dollars and marketers driving sales through SlideShare for real money.

Other than including a link on the slide you can include a lead page between the slides.

When you upload your presentation on SlideShare you can link a lead form to collect some leads from the viewers.

sale through slideshare

To add the lead form just click the checkbox at the bottom of the page before you publishing.

sale through slideshare

You can customize the lead form later like this

But this feature is not free you need to spend at least $25 to incorporate lead forms.

You can convert the lead to sales by continuous follow ups.

Other than adding lead form you can add a link to your landing page at the description area.

Hope now you can use this three methods to infuse your affiliate links to drive sales through SlideShare.

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How to increase your LinkedIn Followers?

It’s not only you even I want to be followed by many professionals , unlike Facebook or twitter Linkedin got over 300 million professionals where the entire planet holds only 600 million professionals which mean it is holding one-half of the professional network so it’s worth spending time on Linkedin. Think of the situation like this you are going for an interview and in the middle of the interview you are coming to know your interviewer is following you on LinkedIn, how do you feel? But making professionals follow you is not an easy one at the same time is not a tough task .Here I am writing down five effective tips to make professionals follow you but you need to invest your valuable time to build your network.

Before we proceed:

Just go to your profile page fill out all the fields completely if you need any help to complete your profile you can read this article by Bernard Marr “ How to create a killer LinkedIn profile That will Get You Noticed”.

Once you are done then you are ready to go.

Wait, do you know how to follow a user on Linkedin

Just open the profile of the person, Next to Send a mail button you could see a downward pointer just click the pointer, a box will pop up and just click the Follow option that’s it now you started following the person.

How to increase your LinkedIn Followers
How to follow a person on Linkedin

What is the difference between following and connecting?

For example: if you are following me you could see my updates and articles but I can’t see your updates and shares. But on the other hand, a connection is mutual I can see your updates and you can see my updates.

When to follow a person?

If we find a professional sharing best in industry practices or writing about new technology from you niche then obviously we would love to connect with the person since 91% of users use Linkedin for professional contents than for news or entertainment. But Linkedin never permits you to connect with  professionals randomly .It requests you to send an invitation to the respective person. If you are uncertain about the acceptance then you can follow the person to get updates from him.

Another way of connecting with the people is to go through Linkedin’s recommendation under “People you may know”. But without any common grounds, LinkedIn won’t suggest the respective person to you.

How to increase your LinkedIn Followers
Please pin it on Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms to drive traffic to your site.To help you out with Pinterest Marketing I compiled a book Pin on Pinterest -A Pinterest marketing guide.Buy this one from your favorite store.

Is getting followers difficult?

Obviously a big No, but you need to spend some time daily to get more followers within a short period of time. After analyzing few successful profiles and Linkedin’s suggestions I am writing this 5 effective tips to increase LinkedIn followers.

Benefits : GetResponse ,The easiest email marketing tool in the world providing you 30 days free trial exclusively for you – No need of credit card .Signup here
How to increase your LinkedIn followers?
5.Participate in Group discussions

More than one million professional groups are established on LinkedIn. Join the group of your interest and start participating in discussions.By actively participating and delivering interesting and innovative ideas or suggestions the rate of profile views and followers will increase rapidly.

You can also initiate the conversation by posting new technologies or best in industry practices related to the domain.

Don’t you believe me that participating in groups will improve your profile rank and followers? Then check out the fourth point published by Business.Linkedin.com though it is for the business page it will also work for your profile.

4.Increase engagements

Don’t simply scroll through your timeline if you find anything interesting just go and engage with the post .You can like, comment or share the best to increase your visibility.

Linkedin says

That a post will get 44% share when someone comment,53% sharing when someone like a post.

Image credit : business.linkedin.com

To explain the picture clearly, for example, I am publishing this post on LinkedIn and if you like this post it will be shown as an update to your connections it’s like you are sharing the post.

But to improve your visibility it is advisable to comment or share the post rather than simply liking .When you make a comment on the trending posts it will notify other commenters so your profile rank and followers will increase.

For example; if I am commenting on a post that got 500 comments  then Linkedin will notify my comment to those 500 people. More profile reach isn’t it?

Is this post interesting or not? If it is interesting like and share else comment down below.

3.Write an update

Linkedin likes a profile which generates more conversation with their updates than a normal one.

How to increase your LinkedIn Followers
image credit : business.linkedin.com

As mentioned above 91% of people are here to learn something related to their profession,16% on Google Plus,27% on Facebook ,29% on twitter.  So show your professional knowledge or interesting stuff related to the industry.

How to increase your LinkedIn Followers

See the above update done by a user she is not an influencer but motivated her connections and followers to engage with the post by sharing 12 hours work culture in startups it got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments which gone viral to some extent. When you make such kind of updates really it will bring more followers than you actually think.

Benefits : Become a Digital marketing expert by learning SEO, PPC, Web analytics and Social Media. Get Google, Facebook, YouTube and OMCA certification and become job ready.
2.Write a long post

I am gaining followers because of writing long posts regularly it’s one of the best options to increase your profile views and followers. If you don’t have deep knowledge about the industry or  your niche try to improve the knowledge and start writing .Don’t simply copy and paste any content from anywhere.

What to write?

If you are interested in publishing articles then you should know what to write.

How to increase your LinkedIn Followers
image credit : business.linkedin.com

Blue color gets more clicks and orange gets more shares , publish articles related to the above niche (shown in the picture).

Why do you need to publish an article?
1.To increase your visibility

2.To enhance your personal reputation.

3.To position as thought manager.

How to increase your LinkedIn Followers
image credit : business.linkedin.com


So now it is clear publishing the long post will increase your visibility and followers.

1.Invite more people

This one works only for publishers. This one can exponentially increase your followers. Once you started publishing long form posts you are becoming a Linkedin’s publisher .

Whenever you accept the invitation or when a person accepts your invitation they become your followers. If they are also publishing articles then you become his follower and he becomes your follower. So start inviting more people and  get more followers.

Why you need followers?

LinkedIn is the best platform for the B2B segment to drive more sales since organization’s decision makers are here,  by increasing your visibility you could drive more sales to your business.

If you are an author you can share your views and sell your books.

A blogger can publish his post and could drive more views to his post.

[A quick Tip for bloggers

43% of unique visitors are visiting LinkedIn through mobile phone so make sure your blog or site is mobile optimized.]

If you are a job seeker then you may land your dream job.

A lot of benefits are there in networking but varies from individual to individual .I am building a network to share ideas, suggestions ,best ways, how-to-guides on blogging, social networking, online money making .Comment down why you want to increase your followers.

If you feel I left out some interesting points please let me know in the comment. Don’t fail to like, share and comment down.

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4 simple ways to motivate your employees through WhatsApp

Both corporates and startups are adopting WhatsApp as an official platform to communicate.

But employees are somewhat frustrated about the number of groups corporates are creating. Once in two months creating new groups with people from existing groups but for a different purpose.

Managers to show their authority creating a group and compelling employees to participate in the group discussions. But simple discussions alone can’t rope in your employee’s attention, managers need to think out of the box.

Here I am suggesting 4 simple and easy ways to motivate your employees through WhatsApp. This is one of the best ways to motivate the sales team.

How to motivate your employees through WhatsApp?

4.Encourage your employees to send personal messages

If any employee has done something innovative or your salespeople achieved more than the target immediate managers can request their super  managers to send a personal message to motivate him also encourage colleagues to appreciate the effort done by the salesman or in any other function.

GetResponse ,The easiest email marketing tool in the world providing you 30 days free trial exclusively for you – No need of credit card .Signup here

3.Recognise before everyone

My manager recently started following this and I could see the increased responses from employees. Appreciating the individual before everyone for example if a salesperson cleared his outstanding then we motivate him by appreciating in the groups not personally this got more effect than sending a personal messages because we don’t know how many of your employees send appreciation messages so when you recognise his work in group it will be seen by everyone it boosts him more.


how to motivate your employees through whatsapp
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2.Show what he did in status

As a part of an appreciation, you can keep in short form what he achieved as a group name for one or two weeks so others will also try to get their name in group title.

1.Change the group display picture

Obviously, you can keep the achiever image as a group display picture for defined period or unless someone breaks the record. Remember one thing by recognising one’s work you are not only appreciating the achiever but also motivating others to achieve the same. So motivate your employees as much as you can.

If you have any suggestions please comment down let’s discuss on this.If you know any other different way to motivate employees through WhatsApp please comment down .

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6 reasons Why your startup needs blog

Increase productivity is the only mantra taught by the Managers to their employees to be successful .You can contribute in any forms either by improving the process efficiency or by increasing the sales. You can improve the process by reading the experts but  it is very difficult to improve your sales in this competitive 2016.A guy next door tomorrow may start a business from the same niche you are doing since right from creating a website to an app it is affordable at very few dollars. But to overhaul your competitors you need to do something on the internet. Having an attractive website is not only drive sales but also having content is important. Few startups realized and accelerated their efforts in building their very first blog in their niche. So when you are going to start your blog?

6 reasons why your startup needs blog
1.Grab the first page

Writing a blog in your own domain will obviously help you to get the first page of the search results related to your keywords.

Consider the situation like this A and B doing the same business A is writing posts and publishing it regularly on the website while B is simply forcing their sales executives to drive sales. B need to hire more talented and need to spend more .While A spends less but sells more.

If your business is falling in a category of foods you write more about foods and restaurants so automatically your website will be prioritized for the keyword “foods and restaurants” so when people search for stuff related to your niche they may land on your page.

By doing this you could tremendously increase traffic to your website and sales to your business. Blogging is one of the proven strategies to drive more sales.

2.Tell your customer

This helps a customer to understand who you are and what kind of service you are doing to the society. It also helps you to showcase your achievements. You can also write about case studies or market research you have done to show how much you are better than your competitors.

3.Give it and take it

If you are not helping anyone then don’t expect someone to help you. If you are not going to solve your customer’s problem then don’t expect them to be your customer. By writing solutions to challenges in your niche you can gain more loyal customers because you helped them.

For example : If you are running a ready mix plant you can write about issues in ready mix and how to overcome so by educating your customer they believe you can be a solution for their problem and obviously place an order or an inquiry call and it depends on your sales person to convert the lead.

4.Comments are good

Either it is positive or negative comments, comments are always good for your business to grow and understanding your customer. The blog is a right platform to get feedback from your customers. Feedback bridges the gap between what you are giving and how they are receiving and expecting.

5.Where is your audience

By equipping your blog with Google analytics you can identify your customers who they are and from where they are .So you can fine-tune your marketing strategies.

6.Communicating platform

Apart from educating your clients or providing solutions to their problem it also helps you to communicate to your customers about your business. You can post articles on how you started, how you are progressing, how you are performing better than your competitors, What is your future plans and publishing some cool articles on celebrations like Diwali, New year with your teammates, Writing about your valuable customers once in a month will help to create a personal bondage between you and your customers.

Starting a blog is not a big deal but to maintain the consistency is a big task you need to hire an individual or spend your time to contribute. You should also increase your email subscribers and leads by providing appropriate forms on your blog.

If you have any query please feel free to comment down I try to answer my level best.

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How to get more repins and followers on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the effective platforms to drive more traffic or sales to your business .Getting followers and repins are no more a big task for bloggers and sellers. Pinterest got more women than men if you are writing about travel,fashion, and food then you got more potential here than any other platforms not only local traffic but also brings international traffic so before you increase followers make sure you are ready to show your blog or sell your product to international users.

How to get more repins and followers on Pinterest?
1.Follow others

Unless you are a stardom or popular business people won’t follow you by default. All you have to do is to make them know that you are using Pinterest and pinning stuff from an interesting website on your boards for that you need to follow pinners.

You can search for the boards related to your and start following the followers of the respective popular boards. If you are really posting related stuff surely you get some follow backs.

For example This board got 100+k followers , you can follow these followers to get follow back


I followed 300 pinners in a day and  earned 30 followers. Keep on following new pinners related to your domain everyday you could get a big number of followers in a month.

2.Invite your friends

Invite all your contacts right from Facebook to your mail accounts. You can also do cross-promotion in other platforms for your board or for your pins to invite your friends to follow or repin your posts.

Tell them why they need to follow you how it can help them .Pitching a post in two or three lines is very important to attract more followers.

3.Pin more

If you are an owner of the board “Make money online” pin more posts from the different websites. Increasing the number of pins will increase the followers and engagements because they got something to do with the board.

4.Use attractive images

Pinterest is all about images .I was using simple copyright free images from google for my posts later I changed the way of selecting images to increase engagements. Spend some time to create your own image for your blog post.

Learning the three to four features of Photoshop is good enough to create your image. Just download the copyrights free images and then make some changes with your blog title and domain name on the images. Since images advocate for your posts on Pinterest, it is very important to have the post title on your image.

Vertically large and beautiful image suits more on Pinterest and attracts more attentions rather than horizontal and smaller one.

Picmonkey is an easy online tool to create your very own image with fewer hassles.

5.Add features on your site

Create an option for your visitors to pin your posts on Pinterest either by adding Pinterest plugin or by adding social sharing plugins like “AddtoAny”.

6.Request pinners

You can request pinners to repin your posts in your description or add a line in your blog post to pin it.

For example, you can add a line at the bottom of your post like this “If you find this interesting please pin it on Pinterest” or

You can create an image to request pinners to pin your post on Pinterest like this.

How to get more repins and followers
Please pin this
7.Contribute to Group boards

Group boards are one of the effective ways to increase repins and followers. Find a group boards for your niche and request the owner to add you then start pinning .You will really come to know the effectiveness of group boards once you started contributing.

8.Analyze the pins

Check your analytical data daily to analyze how many repins, impressions, clicks and likes. Repin the post that got more repins and find the best time for pinning by trial and error method with the help of data.

9.Content matters

Though the title and images look attractive if the content is not worth sharing then pinners won’t show interest to repin so make sure you are sharing interesting content.

If you know few other ways please comment down I try to make the list big.

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How to make people to like, share or comment on your post?

You spent more time to create a content, to design and you found the right time to post it but if it goes unnoticed by your audience then all your efforts are unnoticed. Whether it is a business post or memes you need to follow few strategies to make people like and share your post. If you are a sound profile then you need not worry about engagements people likes brands but if you are an emerging piece then you need to put more effort than branded one. So here I am putting down.

1.Have two or more profiles

This helps you especially in twitter and bookmarking sites. Have you ever heard of social proofing?

For example, you will tend to like the post with more likes and shares than the post with zero like. Though you like the second one you don’t hit like because you go with the majority so to create this scenario you need to bring initial likes and shares from your side for that you need few accounts.

I used to get my friends Facebook accounts to accelerate engagements it worked actually. Either you can get your friends account or create multiple accounts to bring likes. So people will automatically engage with your post like hitting likes, commenting or retweeting.

You can also use your employees to bring initial engagements.

2.Write an engaging description

Don’t simply post a picture or link write an engaging description for the post. It should be like generating conversation for example “if you are contradicting with my views on how to make people to like, share and comment on your post. Please comment down I try to answer my level best”.

This may induce your follower to get engage with your post. You need to write an effective two line pitch for every post.

3.Give them some

You can announce a contest like “get eligible for trial or free version by increasing your engagements with our post” this can make your post viral. This one helps you to reach millions in LinkedIn.

If you give them something they are ready to promote you but not for free.

4.Tag it with trending topic

You can use trending tag for your post to get more engagements but it should opt the content. For example, you may be having 100 posts in your company blog analyse the trending topics daily and if you find any topic matches with the trending keyword then immediately make a post with the trending keyword.

For example, I wrote an article about Kollywood actor Vikram “Lessons we should learn from Vikram “  two months back, but a few days back  I found his name is trending on twitter immediately I posted the link with his name #Vikram as I guessed I got few retweets and likes but don’t overdo this.

Not only in twitter, you can match your content with any of the trending topics in any platforms.

5.Tag your friends

You can tag your friends or employees who are all active in social platforms to get more engagements. Definitely, they will share or like your post it helps you to reach more people.

These five things will make people engage with your updates.

If you know other effective ways please comment down, we can make the list big.

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7 connections between sales and sex

Both sex and sales are not easy thing but gives you the same feeling. Everyone love to have sex and every business man wants to sell more. His/Her intention on both will never change always want more but it is the responsibility of the person who is in charge in sales or at sex to satisfy other. So here we have 7 connections between sex and sales.

Both sex and sales are art you need to know when to do what
Connections between sex and sales
1.Important foreplay

Foreplay is very important in sales, you cannot directly go and sell the product or service to your client .You need to approach your client with your prospectus in your cold call and give him time to take decision don’t urge your client to take action immediately by disclosing discounts like  ”Sir if you confirm the order today itself ,you get a discount” This will create an idea you are trying to sell the product not to support his problem.

Be a solution provider understand his needs and showcase your product or service as a solution to his problem.

2.Be a receiver

Either you or your partner has to be the dominant, both of you cannot be at a time.

Both salesperson and prospect cannot be dominant at a time, be a receiver listen to your client and then reply to his query. If you don’t know the answer be frank and take your time and answer him the next day.

3.Appreciate her

Appreciating her while having sex will increase the bond between the couples and help her feel more.

Appreciate your client in a possible ways like “He may be the solution provider to his/her client or he may be performing well in his niche let him know you have knowledge about the field and little knowledge about your client. But don’t overdo, don’t sit and keep on appreciating.

4.Help her unhook

You will definitely help her when she got struck.

If your client got struck with some other issues guide him to come out of it. For example he may be facing problem with some other third party service which is not related to your domain but you can guide him by suggesting some other service or help him to connect with the person with mountable knowledge in the field.

5.Learn how to ****

Without knowing you won’t enter the room.

sales and sex


Without having deep knowledge about your product or service don’t enter your prospect’s room. Sales man should have more knowledge than anyone in their business.

6.Change the position

Doing the same repeatedly will bring boredom, isn’t?

Even in sales it happens need not to simply talk about your product, you can make 10 slide presentation, Handouts, Video presentation in tablets or in laptop, live demo or free trial. This will make your client to engage in discussion.

7.Not satisfied try later

In spite of putting your effort ,she/he may not be satisfied.

This may happen in sales ,you may be the best explainer and seller but sometimes you fail to satisfy your customer needs and fail to convert the lead don’t worry prepare well try after some time with added energy and features.

These are seven connections we found between sex and sales if you know more please comment down we will add it up.

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Image Credit :salesman.red

5 things you should avoid in sales meeting

Only sales people know how difficult it is to get an appointment for warm calling or for cold calling either in phone or in person their primary objective is to convert the prospect into a customer .Whether it is 15 minutes or half an hour you should make it fruitful for your business.

I made cold calls in person to many prospects and learned few things on how to handle them carefully. So here I am writing down 5 things you should avoid in a sales meeting that may help you.

1.Don’t pitch more than 3 minutes

Any product can be pitched within 2 minutes but never exceed 3 minutes .If he is interested in letting him to raise the question and then answer his question on by one.

Do not utilize the entire session only to pitch your product they may lose the interest on your product or they will simply get a feel that you are pushing the product to them.

Never try to close the deal in your first meeting itself you can give them quotation in your first meeting to proceed further.

2.Never make wrong Commitments

This mostly happens when a sales person is under pressure to increase his volume so they make false commitments to get away from that. If your prospect finds it wrong then you lost a potential prospect.

If you don’t know the answer for what he asked to take time or dial your immediate manager to solve his query don’t guess and play.

3.Don’t talk bad about your competitors

Your prospect may enquire about your competitors to cross check your knowledge on the market only because they are your business competitors never take them down rather give a right feedback.

Many prospects enquired me about our competitors.In some products they are doing really good- I replied.

If you have more local players than branded players never compare yourself with local players, make a comparison only with branded people to understand your service better.

4.Stop negotiating

If you have an authority to negotiate with your customer then proceed else get a help from your authorised managers.

If you are providing service or selling product at fixed rate then there won’t be a problem of negotiation but in some business, it is the sales person fix their EBITDA for the respective prospect in that case never ever go below certain point though the deal is profitable.

Your customer may quote competitors rate to you for negotiation but convince him in what way you are better than your competitor and never go with customer price.

If you go with your customer’s price with less EBITDA

  • They may get a feel initially, you tried to cheat with a huge difference in rate.
  • If another customer to whom you are selling with high EBITDA comes to know about this then you will definitely lose him.
  • The price of a product or service always associated with quality decreasing your price may raise an unwanted question on your product or service.
Brands won’t bargain to sell their product.
5.Be silent and get back

You cannot expect all the clients to treat with respect some of them maybe had a bad experience with your product or service. Some may lose interest after pitch or price. So if they make a comment on your company don’t react but simply note it down and listen to him carefully give him the feel you are listening.

There are some clients not even ready to share their business cards or mobile numbers and tells I call you if I want. Never nag them for a mobile number or for business card be silent and return with a smile.

These are the five things we should avoid in sales meeting if you feel a lot more are there please comment down we will add it up.

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5 effective tips to enhance your business card

Business cards are given to your customers are interchanged with suppliers as a formal introduction to each other’s business. But the white stock with black printed need not to be a visiting card rather you can drive leads through your business cards by adding effective details. Here I am putting down 5 effective tips to enhance your business card.

1.Add your flagship product

Don’t leave your business card blank back side rather display your flagship products or give a hint about your allied products or write a line why they should try you or display your lifetime offer for that customer with business card.

Because everyone is leaving back blank you need not to follow the same use it effectively.

2.Write down your achievement

You can mention your achievement either in iconic form or in less than five words.

For example if your company is 100 years old then put an icon saying 100 years old. If you were the first one introduced the service or product write a sentence on the card. You can also mention the award you won from third party as an appreciation.

By displaying your achievements in your business card will help your customer to choose you amidst competition.

3.Print Qr code

Rather than mentioning your website details and social media links you can display a QR code which is an easy access for smartphone users. Below the QR code mention your social media handle also.

You can also drive leads by printing QR code for a specific landing page.

4.Make it attractive

Need not to follow the same old fashioned method of printing on a white card with black colour ink add some creativity either in design or the way you display the information.

Do not display icons other than your logo , I have seen some cards with truck icons ,gravels and so on .You can use but don’t display too much of images.

You are devotional, but try to avoid religious symbol in your business card because your customer may not be worshipping the same God you do so avoid it.

5.Clear communication details

Obviously business cards are for communication, three details are mandatory.

Email address, Mobile Number and Communication address.

If any spelling mistake is there do not overwrite go for new cards with error free details.

Do not make the communication address short it should be a postal address means if they are sending you a post it should reach you. Additional to postal address you can also mention a landmark to reach your office.

If you are mentioning your landline number please add code number to be added to reach you and if it is a mobile number don’t fail to add country code.

If you feel I missed out something please comment down I will add it up.

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