5+ Free social media management tools

Social commerce the subset of e-commerce is playing a crucial role in helping brands to connect with people and helping people to understand their brands better.

A few years ago people visited brand’s website to know about them now they are scrutinizing their social profiles before taking a purchasing decision.

55% of buyers turn to social media to look for information about the brand or product (source:Wikipedia).


Brands also understood the importance of social commerce and building their online community amidst competition.

By investing few bucks on social media promotion you could get million likes or followers but provoking your followers to engage with your post is based on the quality of the content and your consistency.

Being a start-up or blogger you cannot spend most of the time on social media management .You got lot more to do right?

Social media management tool is the right way to maintain consistency and to keep your brand value up.

Here I am listing out few free social media management tools to automate your social media marketing.

Note: Most of them are freemium suitable for bloggers or small business .If you are an established business premium versions of the listed below are suitable.

Being a blogger or SMB you will find this post really useful and hope you will love and share it.

Free social media management tools


Hootsuite is best suited for established businesses and for emerging one, it got more features than any other social media management tool.

Hootsuite is recognized and used by almost all the major brands in the digital marketing arena.

Free social media management tools
Hootsuite Dashboard

To help SMBs and individuals, Hootsuite providing free version which includes

1.3 social Profiles included 2.Basic Analytics
3.Basic Message scheduling 4.RSS Feeds
5.SSL Security 6.Access to basic apps

Hootsuite got 15+ million users in 175+ countries connecting brands with a community at right time.

Get your free Hootsuite for your business.


The buffer provides industry’s best features in its free version.

Here you can add images, Gifs, and videos to your post. Even if you don’t have any readymade image here you can create your own content using a free feature called Pablo.

Free social media management tools
Buffer Dashboard

In Buffer’s free version you can enjoy

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1.One person account 2.10 scheduled posts
3.5 major social accounts 4.Pablo image creator
5.Video and Gif uploader 6.Link shortening and tracker


Socialoomph in its free version provides only very limited features which falls much below the other free platforms.


Free plan gives you access to major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Prophesee got five different plans for your future upgrade.

Free plan Includes

1.4 major social platforms 2.one user
3.Email support 4.Link tracking

5.Likeable Hub

In Likeable hub you can create your free landing page to generate leads with one free Add-on.

It comes as a complete package to maintain your online reputation.

Free social media management tools
Likeable Hub

Free Version Includes

1.Facebook,Linkedin and Twitter 2.Own site
3.One Add on 4.Basic analysis and reports
5.Email support.


Here you can easily create, plan and publish to all the major social networks. You can generate reports to fine tune your campaign.

Free social media management tools

The small business edition is absolutely free forever and the features are.

1.One User 2.Two social profiles
3.Campaign manager 4.Digital content library
5.10 posts/network/day 6.Facebook and twitter only


Socialpilot starter pack comes free for SMBs forever.


Features in Free pack includes

1.3 profiles 2.10 posts per day
3.30 posts in scheduling


Here you can customize your post, curate contents, Schedule and publish.

Free social media management tools

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Free features include

1.one channel 2.One profile
3.10 scheduling post 4.Email support

Hope this post will help you to start your business at low marketing cost.

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Free social media management tools
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2016 technique to increase sales through Facebook

If you are reading this post then you know it very well Facebook is not a mere platform to share memes and videos but also can increase sales through Facebook to your e-commerce store or traffic to your blog.

I promise you here I am not going to talk about the boring things like start a group, open a new page add post and share as much as possible these topics already overlooked here I tell few alternate ways to drive sales.

Excited!!! Continue reading I clearly explain with examples.

Ways to increase sales through Facebook

1.Facebook Store

Do you know one thing? You can close the sale on Facebook without taking your customer to your website.

You can display your products on Facebook page by integrating Facebook store on your business page.

increase sales through Facebook
Image Courtesy : Being Indian

A perfect content marketing will take your audience to your page which may end up in conversion.

How to setup Facebook store?

It doesn’t require any coding skills or deep learning all you have to do is to select the service providers like zepo, Shopify or ecwid. Download the app and start uploading your products it’s like working on WordPress.


The Facebook store is mobile optimized and can close the deal from the Facebook app itself.

Shopify and Zepo got a free trial period but ecwid gives you the free product with limited features so being a beginner you can try ecwid.

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2.Add shop now button on Page

Make your call to action as Shop now on your page and link it to your e-commerce store.

Go to your page and click on the call to action button and change it to Shop Now if not.

increase sales through Facebook
Edit Call to Action Button

Then edit the button by clicking Edit Button option on the drop down. Enter a correct destination URL in the URL box

By doing this you can take your page visitors to your store.

3.Make a commercial post

Facebook introduced an option to integrate Get offer Button on your commercial post.

increase sales through Facebook
Click Offer tab

For example: If you are announcing an offer just go to your page and announce the offer with Get offer Button which directs them to the landing page.

increase sales through Facebook
Complete this window and click create Offer

Click “Offer ,Event + tab” a drop down opens click “Offer” a window popup then complete the required details on the window and click Create Offer.

Once you are done this commercial post will reach your page fans as your regular post and could increase the sale. You can also promote this post to sell more.

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Bonus Point

Find where your potential customers are gathering or spending more time on Facebook it can be a group, page or related events find where they are and implement your strategy there.

We need to engage with other pages to bring more page fans and later convert to customers. But to bring more page fans do comment,like and write a post on popular pages in your niche as a page, not as an individual .

Continuous engagements will dramatically bring the most loyal audience.

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Free payment Gateways for your business

Here listed free payment gateways hold no setup cost but include other transactional charges as per your Government set up.

All businesses are coming online, the guy who had a physical store day before yesterday is now selling from his home through online .He completely cut down the operation cost by moving Online.

E-commerce software like Zepo and Kartrocket making it simple to setup your business online all you have to do is to buy the package, upload product images.Right from payment gateway to shipping your product they help you.


If you are planning to start your e-commerce business then I personally prefer Zepo, excellent service, and features.

But on the other hand, if you are building your own e-commerce store and looking for free payment gateway then this article will be useful for you.

Free Payment gateways


I tried this,

It’s fast to create your account maximum of 5 minutes it takes. You need not have a specific bank account PayUmoney works with all bank accounts so easy to transfer.

free payment gateways

The best part is, your customers need not have a PayUmoney account to pay their money.

Highly secured and mobile optimized. Another good benefit for merchants is minimal documentation required.


Its startup Pro Version coming with zero setup fee and accepts all the masters and visa cards.

More than 20 features in its free plan but you need to pay Annual software update fee that too waived for the first year.

Free payment gateways

You can upgrade to its privilege plan later but it costs you around 30k .Being a startup starts with a free plan and upgrade once your business is upgraded.


Here you have two option either go for free setup cost plan where you need to pay (x%) transactional charges and another one with pay per quarter.

Free payment gateways
AirPay Features

And the features are.

These are the three payment portals that come with free setup cost. If you know any other please comment down and don’t fail to share this one with your startup friends.

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50 ways to promote your business

You need an initial promotion for your product or service irrespective of how good your service or product. There are a lot of ways to promote your business irrespective of the size, Thanks to social Medias for making it cost effective.

In this technology equipped century you need to be competitive in all means both in product development and in marketing.

Think of the situation like this your product is amazing and you nailed it but if you don’t promote it effectively then the only way is the “Word of mouth” marketing by your satisfied customer and it takes more time to increase your sales. So promoting your product is as important as developing.

Well, it’s not only for business but also for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and authors to promote their content. Millions of contents are created every day and very few becomes popular because of the time they invested in promotion.

At the end of the article, you get a handful of cost-effective ways to promote your business.

50 Ways to promote your business

1.Email marketing is one of the effective ways in digital marketing ,creating a community will terrifically increase your sales.

Your website is the best place to collect quality email addresses. The content upgrade is the best method to collect more ids. Get an email id in exchange for free EBook or trial product.

If you are planning for email marketing then you should try GetResponse – World’s easiest email marketing software for startups and corporates at a flexible rate starts from $15/mo.

2.Blogging is another interesting way to bring more traffic and leads. When you educate your subscribers you stand as a thought leader. Address what problems your prospects are facing and write an article as a solution to the problem.

3.Content marketing is the proven strategy helping thousands of small businesses to increase brand value. Though blogging falls under content marketing there are a lot of other ways to do content marketing.

For example, You can create a checklist, EGuide, Videos and much more which benefits and addresses customer’s pain points.

4.Article Marketing is an another way to promote your brand. It’s like blogging but a minute difference. Here you won’t publish the article on your website but on some common article publishing platforms.

For example: if you are publishing articles on ArticleBase.com, article base’s subscribers will read and get to know about your product.

5.Guest Blogging, another proven strategy not only to increase your visibility but also to build backlinks.

If you are writing a guest post in authoritative websites then you can bring more organic traffic by improving your SEO score.

6.Native Advertising will help you when associated with quality bloggers. Native advertising means flashing your brand name along the flow of the article.

For example : Above I mentioned Articlebase.com it’s called native advertising. But they didn’t pay me. If you pay a blogger for inserting your brand along the flow of the content then it is native advertising.

Popular blogs could drive more traffic in this way.

7.Sponsored Content ,It’s same like article marketing or guest blogging but here you pay a blogger to write a content on behalf of you and publish it under your brand name.

For example: if you sponsor this article I put your brand name on top and say this article is sponsored by XYZ and write two lines of your business.

It works in another way also, you write articles and pay some money to the authoritative website to publish it on their site.

8.Display banners, you can display ad space on popular websites related to your domain by paying them .

Many bloggers and news media websites monetize through banner advertising.

9.Introduce affiliate marketing – give decent commission on successful sale or better than your competitors .Bloggers will turn up to promote your business.

10.SEM and CPC methods are suitable for new businesses to acquire new subscribers. If you want immediate traffic then SEM is the best way to promote your site.

11.For long and sustainable business you should work on your website SEO. Investment on SEO is the best investment in your business.

12.Create a WhatsApp group with customers ,educate and promote your product in the group though you cannot increase the group size it helps you in word of mouth marketing.

13.Go live  using Facebook Live or Periscope here you can post live videos of a product launch or live explainer videos.

14.Referral Marketing or Invite friends will help you to enlarge your visibility exponentially. Since you pay the guy working for you, he will work to rope in more friends.

15.Promote your brand in Product curating websites like Nuji.com, wishopoly.com to promote and increase sales.

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16.The advent of cheap android phones forcing marketers to concentrate on mobile marketing. Promoting your ads in Android apps and other related mobile contents can leverage your app installation.

17.Bulk SMS marketing is still alive, you can send offers as a reminding message to your subscribers.

18.Join all the online communities related to your domain and frequently engage with other contents.

19.Create an attractive image or meaningful short video or hashtags on Instagram to make your business viral.

20.Create a page for your business in all major platforms. I suggest you build an audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest .These platforms altogether drive more traffic than other social Networks.

Get an eBook for $5 or for Rs.50/- to increase your traffic and sales from Pinterest. Pinterest is my personal favourite to drive traffic for months.

Pin On Pinterest
Pin On Pinterest

Engage with other pins, tweets, and posts as a brand .if you are using your personal profile for business on Pinterest go and change it immediately and start creating a brand.

21.Share your articles on social bookmarking sites. I realized the power of social bookmarking sites when I had driven thousands of traffic from Flipboard, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and scope.it.

22.Follow popular brands in your niche and starts commenting on their post as a page, not as an individual, this tip will help you to increase your follower base and create a positive impact.

Spend at least four to five lines to comment don’t comment two or three words.

23.Write a post on other popular social media pages in your niche it increases your visibility as a brand .More than top pages try middle-level pages here your post gets more lifetime compared to top pages.

24.Create an engaging content and publish it on social medias. Videos get more engagements than a plain text post. Create engaging explainer videos for your product. Posting the same videos on your official YouTube channel is an added advantage.

25.To give a serious look for your business increases your LinkedIn followers by publishing interesting articles.

I am sharing lot of mini-bytes on Linkedin on Sales and Marketing You can connect with me On Linkedin to get mini-tips

People are coming to LinkedIn to get some additional knowledge in their niche so publish quality articles and become a thought leader.

You can also share industry leader’s words on your LinkedIn page to build more trust.

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26.Slideshare is one of the underestimated platforms for business to drive sales and traffic. Uploading more number and quality presentations will help you to grow as a brand.

27.Promote your content ,social media is a boon for entrepreneurs to spend their money usefully here you can target your potential market and also got a lot of tools to track your performance.

28.Run a contest on social networks appreciates your fans to engage more with your content by giving them a prize ,the more they engage the more chances to increase audience.

29.Do cross promotion, Cross promotion is like guest blogging got more opportunity to increase your visibility.

If you cross promote on the right page then you can expect few new audience.

30.Find influencers in your niche it can be a brand, public figure or a simple Facebook page. Pay them to promote your content.

31.Create discussing forums on Facebook and LinkedIn and invite users with similar interest to share their contents don’t use this stream only to promote your content but to educate and solve the member’s query.

32.Be active on Quora and follow topics related to your niche. Writing an answer to questions on Quora increases your visibility.

Traditional Advertisement

The idea behind traditional advertisement is to distract audience attention by your brand

While watching an interesting movie, a sudden advertisement will distract your attention and make them take a look on your brand.

Marketers struggle to measure the ROI in traditional advertisement since it doesn’t involve any math to measure.

33.Promoting your ad in Television and Radio could help you to build a brand.

34.Getting a slot on the local city newspaper and the magazine could help you to build brand awareness.

35.Find where your potential audience is gathering and distribute flyers.

36.Providing white paper to your leads or prospects will create a positive impact and could convert.

Flyers simply talk about your brand but whitepaper educates your customer.

37.Sponsor an event, sponsoring an event again create a brand visibility. But be careful in handling this.

Analyze audience size, could generate leads and buy potential. If you are convinced, go and sponsor the event.

38.Give a public speech, find a forum  related to your domain and get a slot to talk about your product and service.

39.Giveaway, the best strategy being a new player but don’t have it as your main strategy. If you are acquiring customers only through Giveaway then they will move from you if your competitor does the same.

Do it once, acquire customers and retain them through quality products and service.

40.Do Guerrilla marketing ,it cost your business but if it is done right people will never forget your brand.

41.Ambient Marketing, You surprise people with your brand in unusual places .For example, you can find a small LED screen in toilets displaying ad on the screen is called ambient marketing.

ambient marketing
Ambient Marketing

Even you can find a LED screen when people are standing in a long queue.

Marketers converting and entertaining the time people spending in the queue.

42.Send a surprise gift or greeting cards to your subscribers or to the quality prospect will help in word of mouth marketing.

43.Give press meet, Do sponsor a local sports event or NGO’s event call for a press meet and popularise your brand.

44.Provide special coupons and discounts on any special occasions and advertise it in the local newspaper.

You can also signup and publish discounts and coupons on Cashback and Coupon websites.

45.Billboards, an attractive and creative billboard on the roadside two line message could create an impact.

46.Send sample products to alpha users (influencers in your domain) to write a review or talk about your product.

47.Organize a meetup with your potential buyers, share and talk about your business- convince them.

If you don’t provide them anything in return masses won’t turn up so provide free lunch, drinks or samples.

48.Brand your employee’s dress, office interiors, and vehicles.

49.List out your business on public directories and list it on online directories  like Angie’s list, Merchant circle, Yelp and many.

50.Tie up with other businesses, not competitors that would allow you to display banners or products on their website or shop .In exchange, you can either pay money or display their product.

Bonus Tip

If you are a Chennai based business you can list out your business on Onequote.in– A Chennai based one stop solution for product or service search needs.


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Free Android App makers

Free Android app makers need of the hour post

The advent of World Wide Web made business to come online irrespective of the size of the business. Websites played an integral role in business development and branding. Your product or service may be a top class one but if you don’t have a website it’s a common feel you are not branded.

Android is making the same damage to corporates and startups. Startups understood this better than corporates some startups exclusively focusing only on Android than WWW. Since the cost of the Android mobile is cheaper it’s plausible to approach middle-class consumers also.

But building an android app cost your business more than building an interactive website. But to help bootstrapped businesses like you there are some free Android app makers out there in the market.

List of Free Android App Makers


App.yet converts your HTML website into android app all you have to provide is your website link.

You have 100% freedom to display your android app in Google Play or in any Android markets.

free android app makers

Create your account –> Name your app –> Select package(it automatically takes) –> Choose Template.

Then you need to go for the General Settings like header image, app icon, Version and many.

Follow the screens it’s simple to build you need not any coding knowledge.


free android app makers

Here you have the choice to select the type of app like business, music, events, sports, e-commerce etc.,

Video tutorials and tech support to create what you want .

No coding ,drag and drop procedure to create your app faster.


No coding simple drag and drop method.

free android app makers

Both Video and chat support to successfully complete your app.

Features : Android App maker, website to App converter,iPhone app builder and many.


It’s a lottery for an entrepreneur who has more than 10 ideas here you can create an unlimited number of an app for free.


Support to publish your app anywhere without any restrictions.

A chance to monetize your app and share the 50% revenue with Appsgeyser.


You can build and publish an app in both platforms IOS and Android.

free android app makers
1.No coding 2.Tech Support
3.Custom Functionality with SDK 4.Social media Support
5.E-commerce with Shopify 6.Loyalty Program


6.Create My Free App

This program is also similar to the above-discussed app makers.In the free plan, you have limited features but in premium, you got some extra features like notifications, icon designs and access to source code.



If you know any other free android building platforms please comment down let’s make the list bigger.

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Focused Approach methods for sales executives

Being a sales executive we always run behind numbers to save our seat and to save our companies share in the market. But it’s not easy for all the sales executives to be successful in his niche it depends on many factors such as brand value, competitor’s size in the market, product value and many. Sales Executive’s approach also plays a vital role in capturing customers.

We need to devise a strategy for the respective domain and for individual customers. Singing the same song to all the audience won’t work sometimes.

Now everything is customized right from clothes to foods. We too need to customize our strategy for individual customers .

Don’t follow the same to everyone.

Here I am splitting down a month to devise a strategy.

Since we are under pressure to achieve or find a place near the target most sales people blindly follow many prospects and left with one or two closed deals at the end.

How to manage?

Divided your month into weeks .Now you got 4 weeks and remember one thing this method won’t close the deal at the very first week but at the end of the month for sure.

Spend your very first week to find prospects, work to find more prospects because you are going to work only in the first week and following weeks you can relax.

Put more effort if you are doing field work, fill your vehicle to travel more and gather at least 10 prospects.

Once you have found 10 prospects in the first week .Now you need to move on to second week here you need not  explore unexplored places but simply follow the found 10 prospects.

Don’t waste your energy in finding new prospects rather spend your fuel to follow the found one.

You know it very well you cannot convert all 10 prospects into customers but continuous follow-ups could make at least 5.

Try to educate your customers about your product, your USP and solve his own queries. Make a timetable to follow your 10 prospects in the second week.

Follow them continuously and your main job is to protect your prospects from competitor’s eyes.

In the third week filter your prospects and focus on convertible prospects only.

Increase your number of visits, more than following through phone visit your prospects personally and build a relationship.

In the fourth week definitely, you could convert your prospects into customers. I tried this in a month I made few conversions.

If you have any other different theory to increase sales then please comment down to educate other sales executives.

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How to win your competitor’s customers?

At the end of the day if the product doesn’t sell then there is no meaning on invested efforts and time by your team.

If you are a sales person then you could relate it personally than any other professionals.

People say sales involve a lot of stress yes actually if we don’t take stress then rest of the company will be jobless so we need to work for ourselves and for others.

It’s not easy to sell any product in the market.

If you don’t add any value to your customer’s hard earned money then you can’t sustain in the business for a long term .This is the difference between startups and a common outlet.

A store owner simply buys and sell the product but startups or brands add some value to the product and sell it in the market.

If you are working in a well-known branded company then you need not worry about selling the product. Is it easy for you isn’t?

But the advent of digital Medias making everything branded. Established companies spent millions to create a brand then but now two to three posters on social media could make a brand .

Digital technologies not made and reduced the cost to create a brand it also opened the way for new players in your segment at reduced operation cost.

Your company’s dream is always want to be the market leader as your competitor’s.

Whenever they get this though before focusing on improving product quality or improving the service they call sales people and motivate them to increase the sale.

Being a sales executive you know how to react but you should stick to the target set by the company.

Without pulling few key customers from your competitors it’s tough to increase your market share. But how you are going to break the bond between your competitor and your prospect.

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Being a sales person I am writing down my very own experience on how to win your competitor’s customer.

We need to understand one thing clearly whether you are a market leader or not, your product is costlier or cheaper your deal doesn’t begin there, it’s all about interpersonal skills you possess you may contradict with my point but it’s the universal fact.

Continue reading … How to win competitor’s customer.

It takes some time to win your prospect as you know you cannot close the deal on the first day of the meeting but you can ignite in the first meeting.

Before you approach your prospect collect some basic data on the level of service your competitor is providing to your prospect and the quality of the product.

If his service is not up to the expectation then tell about your level of service with some appreciation letters from your existing client.

Don’t try to sell your product in the first meeting itself let it be an icebreaker.

Whenever you are going to meet your prospect always have one more person with you go as two because it gives them a feel your team is interested in this project and investing more time and resources to support him .

Explain your product features and service in the first meeting.

It’s good to have failure stories of your competitor’s with you maybe in the second or third meeting you can tell about failure stories on the lighter note.

Do you think if you tell the failure story they will become your customer? A big No.

That’s why I said , say it on the lighter note.

If you concentrate more on saying ill of your competitor then your prospect will think  you are trying to push your product not a solution to him so don’t overdo this.

Focus on your product and service.

Don’t give offers and discounts to convert your prospect if you are keeping this as a strategy to sell then if another company provides more offers and high discounts you will lose your customer.

I am not saying don’t provide offers but don’t have it as a strategy to attract new customers.

You need to build a relationship with your prospect.

Product cost doesn’t matter when you have a strong customer relationship that’s why I mentioned you need interpersonal skills.

If you want the customer you need to follow him continuously.

For example, maybe in your second meeting your prospect may tell,

I will call you back definitely “.

But being a sales executive you know the real meaning of the sentence from your prospect but don’t stop there.

You need to follow him closely from then imagine him as your customer and starts following him you should be aware other competitors approaching him.

My industry is the highly competitive business but I enjoy doing this. My sales team has a good knowledge about their prospect and customer. We can say how close our competitors are trying to finish the deal.

But it’s all on our hand.

Follow prospects in person avoid cold calling, if you do call I can say it’s a 50-50 chance so avoid calling and meet them in person.

Maybe in your fourth or fifth meeting try to take your immediate boss with you. I am damn sure this time you move one step closer than before.

Understand his business and challenges he is facing in his industry help him to overcome this.

For example, if you are working in construction industry your client may be looking for steel at a competitive price though it’s not your business suggest him some good players at a competitive price ,it takes you one step closer.

Always don’t see clients as a buying machine, do some little services other than selling your product.

If you do well by word of mouth he will definitely suggest you to his business friends or in his next project.

After 100s of follow ups if you couldn’t get him away from the competitor, what do you do?
Here lies your skill don’t worry cool your efforts will never become waste.

Respect his decision and leave the place with positive note don’t show your frustration to him.

I heard this from some frustrated sales people

You should have told this earlier or I spent so much time on you but everything is a waste or if I had known this before I would have followed some other prospects.

Avoid saying this, I know it’s hard to digest but move on .

Are you going to leave him here, No don’t do that don’t leave your prospect to follow him again.

But reduce the frequency and focus on other prospects.

Do you think your efforts are wasted ? NO

Before your first meet you were not in your prospect’s options but now you are in the second option so whenever your competitor fails in his service make it as a chance and approach him again .To know this you need to have an eye on your prospects.

Damn sure this time you will win the customer.

How to win competitor's customer
You will win

It’s always easy to win a customer but difficult to retain a customer in this competitive world.

Build a strong relationship with your customer then nobody breaks it even branded players.

You might have heard about this from your sales manager spend 80% time with prospects and 20% time with customers. But we cannot follow the same in this decade we need to give equal importance to prospects and customers to retain them.

You know about your customer better than me, devise a strategy for each individual customers to build a relationship.

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Free IT Helpdesks for small business

IT helpdesks help your customer to fix his problems related to service or product at a remote distance.

Why you need it Helpdesk?

You cannot write the same replies to the same issue raised by different customers. An individual cannot solve all the queries so you need to categorize tickets. Timely response is more important in this competitive world.

Much more benefits are there in integrating helpdesks in your business. But some small businesses cannot afford to pay big cheque on single software so to help you out I am compiling free helpdesk software forever for your business.

List of free IT Helpdesks for small businesses


Not only their own team even their valuable customers feel and rank Freshdesk as the number one customer support system or rather call as helpdesk software with many integrated features. Its software and customizability increasing their customer base across the planet.

Freshdesk supports small businesses with their free plan in which you can have up to three agents free forever.

Awesome features

1.Social Support 2.Mobile App
3.FreshChat 4.FreshFone
5.Gamification 6.Automation
7.Satisfactory Survey 8.FreshThemes

Watch out this video to understand them better.


2.Zoho Support

It’s another supporting tool for small businesses from ZOHO corp.

Zoho support is the web based system which doesn’t require installation and maintenance ultimately you can reduce maintenance cost for the software.

The free plan includes unlimited agents with email support but with limited features you can signup for your business without a credit card and start supporting your customers.

Awesome Features

1.Email inbox 2.Knowledge Base
3.Community forms 4.Customizable web portal
5.Domain mapping 6.Basic reports with custom fields

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Free simple it helpdesk software with automated ticket routing and assignments. Suitable for simple tickets and incident managements.

In free plan, you can one agent forever without expiration but features so limited compared to premium plan.

Awesome Features

1.Ticket Management 2. Incident and problem management.
3.SLA management 4.Performance reports
5.Knowledge base


4.Service Helpdesk Plus

How do you feel if you get a helpdesk for obsoletely free with an unlimited number of technicians, tickets, and users? Is it great isn’t?

it helpdesks
Servicedesk Plus important features

Compared other platforms service helpdesk provides many features in their free plan. It doesn’t matter your small business holds few or more customers you can use this service free.

Awesome Features

1.Knowledge Base 2.Self service portal
3.User surveys 4.Automatic ticket dispatcher.
5.Notification 6.Preventive maintenance.
7.Holiday and operational hour 8.API integration
9.Reporting system. 10.Request templates.



OsTicket is a self-hosted free software which gives you full access to solve your ticket raised by your customers.

You need your own database server to install this helpdesk.

Simple to understand and easy to process the complaints.

it helpdesks

Awesome Features

1.custom fields 2.RichTextHtml
3.Ticket Filters 4.Help Topics
5.Auto responder 6.Internal notes

 In self-hosted service, you need to fix your own breaks and no maintenance provided.


Again a free self-hosted software to support your customer. Like other helpdesks, this one also holds all the basic features to solve the raised tickets.

it helpdesks

You can have only 3 agents in their free plan forever. To extend the size you need to extend your hand with some dollars on your hand.

Awesome features

1.Email into help desk request 2.Ticket Management
3.Canned responses 4.Reports.
5.Automation 6.Email integration
7.Custom Branding 8.Knowledge management
9.self Service 10.API integration



Helpdeskz is a PHP based software which helps you to support your customer with a web-based supporting system.

Self-hosted software with features to solve all your client’s ticket.

Awesome Features

1.Tickets into Groups 2.Canned Responses
3.Custom Fields 4.Bulk Actions
5.Knowledge base 6.MultiLanguage
7.Email Piping 8.Template Customization



Spiceworks is a free its helpdesk comes with free network inventory, network monitor and with some free apps.

Free downloadable self-hosted helpdesk.

Includes all the basic features like other helpdesks.




They promise no typical helpdesk obstruction will exist .They gave importance to customer profiles and integrations.

They provide unlimited users, storage, and messages in free service.

it helpdesk

Awesome Features

1.Billing,sales, and service in one place 2.Tagging, Notes, Collision detection.
3.Automated actions 4.Bulk Replies
5.Live chats 6.40+ integrations.


Hope this article helps you to find the suitable helpdesk for your small business which is going to grow big in near future.

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Free Pinterest marketing tools for personal and business use

Pinterest is one of the most powerful online tools to bring the tremendous amount of traffic to your site for months. Some marketers are spending few bucks to make it happen but there are some free marketing tools to help small businesses. Free Pinterest marketing tools are extracted from the e-book “Pin on Pinterest”.

Some marketers still believe Pinterest is only for mompreneurs but not exactly obviously they are more in number.

But thousands of business are now on Pinterest to attract global users. If you are creative enough you could fetch a good amount of traffic and sales to your business.

List of free Pinterest Marketing Tools

Free Automating Software
1.Pingraphy 2.Tailwind
3.Buffer 4.ViralTag
5.Sendible 6.BoardBooster
7.SocialPilot 8.EveryPost


Free images to design attractive pin
1.Flickr under creative commons 2.Pic Jumbo
3.Gratisography 4.Unsplash
5.Little Visuals 6.New Old Stock
7.Death to the stock photo 8.Pixabay
9.Splitshire 10.Life of Pix
11.IM Free 12.Morgue File
13.Snapographic 14.Raumrot
15.Foodies Feed 16.Picography.co
17.Libreshot 18.Kaboompics
19.Pexels 20.Lock and stock photos
Free online infographic makers

Presenting your ideas visually could help your audience to understand your product better.

1.Venngage.com 2.Canva.com
3.Genial.ly 4.Piktochart.com
5.infogr.am 6.visme.co
7.Easel.ly 8.Spritesapp.com
Pinterest marketing tools
I spent few hours to compile this , please share 🙂 if you find this interesting.
Free Trending Topics finder

You can find trending topics here

1.Facebook Trending 2.Twitter
3.Google Plus under explore 4.Google Trends
5.Pinterest under Popular 6.Reddit
7.Buzzsumo 8.What’s Trending
9.Quora 10.Hacker News


Few Pinterest Bots

1.Autopin.co 2.FollowLiker
3.NinjaPinner 4.Pinbot3
5.PinBlaster 6.Voodooopinner
7.PinPinterest 8.PinterestBots
Tools to find group boards
1.The pin Junkie 2.Boarddeckhq 3.Pingroupie

 Additional Tips on best performing categories

Monday Fitness pins
Tuesday Gadgets related pins
Wednesday Motivational quotes
Thursday Fashion
Friday Comic or funny pics
Saturday About holiday and travel
Sunday Food and crafts

Much more tools, data, and ideas are listed in the book “Pin On Pinterest” buy this one from your favorite store.

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List of free crm software for small business

It’s important to maintain a strong relationship with your customer in this competitive age but without technology in your thought, you cannot dream to race with your competitors. You know it takes more money to set up the complete environment. How do you feel if I say you can retain your customers at free of cost? If you really want to hold for free continue reading the 20+ free CRM software for your business written with you in mind.

List of free CRM Software for your business
1.Zoho CRM

The specialty of ZOHO is ,its CRM is integrated with other ZOHO apps like Zoho campaigns, Zoho support, Zoho Sales, IQ, Zoho Survey, Zoho projects, Zoho reports coupled with third party services.

free crm software


Users on free plan Features on Free plan
3 to 10 members suitable for middle-level businesses
  • 1GB File Storage
  • 25K Record Storage
  • Lead Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Business Card View
  • Tasks, Calls, and Calendar
  • Recurring Activities
  • CRM Views
  • Integration with Twitter
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Email Templates
  • Email Opt-out
  • Standard Reports
  • Feeds for Collaboration
  • The Web to Lead Form
  • Approve Records
  • Auto Response Rules
  • Unsubscribe Form
  • The Web to Contact Form
  • Organize Tabs
  • Page Layout Customization
  • Rename Tabs
  • Mobile App (iOS/Android)
  • Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail
  • Export Events to Google Calendar
  • Export to Google Tasks
  • Developer API
  • Data Import
  • Find & Merge Duplicate Records
  • Import History
  • Export Module Data



Bitrix24 is a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team.


free crm software

Users on free plan Features on Free plan
Unlimited users with 5GB storage suitable for small and micro-organization. Integrated emails

CRM web forms

Phone call recordings




HubSpot CRM makes it easy to organize, track and grow your sales pipeline. And it’s 100% free. Forever.


hubspot crm


Users on free plan Features on Free plan
Unlimited number of users for $0 Unlimited usage

Unlimited Data


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4.Free CRM

As the name suggests its free for your business but they too have some limitations on Free CRM which you can access in premium.


free crm software


Users on Free Plan Benefits on Free plan
Limited to 100 users You can maintain 10,000 contacts


5.Really Simple Systems

Another free CRM software, its free plan includes all the features of the premium plan except limitations on a number of users and company accounts.


Users on Free Plan Benefits on Free Plan
Two users and 100 company accounts ·       Account and Contact Management

·       Tasks and Activities

·       Opportunities and Sales Forecasting

·       Report Writers

·       Attach Documents

·       Free CRM Support




A great free crm software for small businesses to organize leads, contacts, partners, vendors, suppliers and organization.

free Crm software

Users on Free Plan Benefits on Free Plan
Maximum of 2 users from your team ·       Advanced reports

·       5 Email Templates

·       Mass Email

·       2500 Records

·       200 MB storage



7.Capsule CRM

A simple and easy to use CRM software with limited features.

free crm software

Users on Free Plan Benefits on Free Plan
Free up to 2 users 10 MB storage

250 contacts


Raynet conveys through their customer they are simple,smart and surprising.

Users on Free Plan Benefits on Free Plan
Up to 2 users ·       Up to 150 accounts

·       50MB storage

·       Free Customer Support



Their home screen tells you they are the number one relational management tool but you have to try the free version to realize.

free crm software


Users on Free Plan Benefits on Free Plan
Up to 2 users ·       Mail Accounts

·       Unlimited number of contacts

·       Content Sharing

·       Custom Fields

·       Cloud base



By integrating your apps or website with intercom you can track who your customers are and what action they are performing with an additional option to segment and view their current profile lively.


Apptivo brings all the apps in one place includes CRM,Project Management,Online Invoicing,Web Helpdesk,Expense reports,Field service,Procurement and Order management.

free crm software

In the free version, you get 500MB storage/Business,up to 3 users, reports, and advanced search option.

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