How to start a real estate business with no money?

Everyone who reached the age of understanding the purpose of money is trying to acquire the maximum possible in one or many ways.

Many have a desire to make huge money but only a few have a desire and action plans to achieve it. There are N number of ways you can make money based on your input you are going to get the output.

Real estate is one of the few sectors where money involved is high and the business that happens in and around the real estate is also comparatively higher.

Every business needs a minimum capital to take off the ground it includes real estate business also. But in this digital era, a subset of real estate can be kicked off without capital.

Being in real estate industry for more than three years and in online real estate advertisement for more than a year I have seen people utilizing the online medium to start a real estate business with no money and making a good fortune out of it.

Here I am going to explain you the simple step by step procedure to start a real estate business with no money.

A business is called business when it makes money either through selling a product or service and real estate is not an exception.

Unlike other business real estate sale is open to any individuals to participate and sell the product, it’s a win-win game.

If you sell a property you get a commission and a developer gets a business. Affiliate with developers as channel partner start building wealth.

But how to start this real estate business with no money.



It is assumed you have a device (mobile/laptop) with an internet connection and a little knowledge to operate the same.

Step 1: Find a developer

You need to sign a contract with developers to advertise and sell their properties.

But where to find the real developers? Are you going to roam street by street? Need not.

It’s simple to choose a real estate developers from the comfort of your home through online portals.

Go to online portals, search for developers, get their contact number and approach them.

Most developers will sign for a maximum of 2% commission in budget segment and 1% cut in luxury class.

Step 2: Advertise your product

Once you signed the contract with the developer collect the necessary project details to advertise.

Without advertisement you cannot bring footfalls to the site but how to do advertisement without money.

In traditional outbound marketing you cannot do advertisement without money and even getting a credit is also cumbersome as you are new to the market.

So here we need to go for on online real estate advertisement portals.

There are many real estate portals offering the first time users one free listing which you can utilize to advertise your property.

Find all the portals in your country offering free listings and start posting it. Wait for few days. If you get responses then it’s great else create another account using different email id or mobile number and start posting it.

You will get the leads for sure.

In India Magicbricks, 99acres, Indiaproperty, and Housing are providing free listings for first time user.

To start a real estate business with no money in the US you can make use of free resources from craigslist, Zillow and Backpage.

Step 3: Nurture the leads

Once the lead is received you need to speak and convince them to visit the site.

The one common complaint all the end buyers predominantly report is agents give false information in order to sell the property. So do not exaggerate anything be prompt and take them through the project as it is.

After a site visit, most prospects won’t pick the call or they will give the token amount immediately either of this can happen.

If they book immediately then it’s great else be patient give them enough breathing time and follow them to close it down.

To manage your leads you can use agent CRM tools like Magicbricks smart Diary (Available for free in app stores)

Step 4: Close the deal and get the cut

Most dealers won’t involve in registration their core job is to connect the buyers with developers and take their cut.

You will be paid after formal registration of the property.

Step 5: Repeat the process

You can either repeat the entire process or invest a small amount for an advertisement from your previous business.

Buy more listings from leading online portals, contact more developers, list out many properties and you are on.

In developing countries like India, 75% of property buyers are going through online search before they finalize their property. There is a huge potential for agents/dealers to make the best out of it.

This is how you can start a real estate business with no money. I have seen many It employees from TCS, IBM are doing this as a freelance. If you want the proof just comment down. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.


3 simple ways to get free Amazon gift card

The word”Free” never fails to amuse the frequent online shoppers that too more for Amazon shoppers. We all know nothing in the world comes for free, we need to pay in some means if not direct money. Though it’s titled Free Amazon Gift cards you need to do perform some little geek to get it.

1.Online Surveys

In any online money making posts this will be first choice of any bloggers to make money online.

These online survey companies are paying their participants in different modes through paytm, paypal, cheque, direct bank transfer and now through amazon gift cards also.

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So you need to complete a small survey to get paid on these sites to get free amazon gift card.

Unfortunately thousands of online survey companies are spam and one or two exist in real to make real money finding the genuine websites is little bit cumbersome.

I can suggest you two websites to make free amazon gift cards 1.Mechanical Turk and 2.Prizerebel

You might have read some posts stating 40 different ways to get free amazon gift cards, they simply list out 40 different survey platforms but I suggest you to stick with any one and do consistently.

2.Apply for Amazon visa card

Amazon visa signature card comes with No foreign transaction fee, No annual credit card fee and cashback reward points.

free amazon gift cards

Other than getting cashbacks on purchase you are also eligible for $50 worth free Amazon gift card.

You can upgrade to 5% cashback slab by getting prime membership.

3.Bank with ICICI to get Free Amazon gift card

All you need to do is to do your first financial transaction in ICICI digital channels internet banking/imobile app/ First 200 transactors of everyday will be given Rs.100/- worth free amazon gift card.

free amazon gift card

Once the transaction is complete you will receive the gift card in your secured mailbox within 30days.

These are the three genuine ways to get free amazon gift cards.If you know any other ways comment down to add it in the list. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.



How to make money from Quora? – With proof 2017

By reading the title how to make money from quora will never fail to excite the quorans both readers and writers, who knows, this topic may turn the readers into writers.

To avoid the full-time stressful job half of the young office goer’s community is exploring possible ways to make money either through freelancing or through passive income building.

Freelancing requires your physical presence and consume more time. The time you spend is directly proportional to the money you make.

Whereas in passive income you will generate income while you sleep, dance, eat or whatever you are, of course, this also need your time but its one-time investment and sustainable income.

When it comes to passive income there are two tested platforms stock market and online money making methods (there are many) and now cryptocurrency joins the list.

I suggest you gain some knowledge on the stock market and start investing as early as possible. Believe me, it is the one wise investment that required to make your life upside down.

The same goes for online money making there are hundreds of ways to make money online right from data entry, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, blogging and so on but nothing is immediate you need to be patient and consistent but surely you will pass through.

Consistency is the basic skill all the online money making seekers lack. It is the primary skill which differentiates successful from unsuccessful. Be consistent in whatever you do and you will realize the result.

Here in this post How to make money from quora I am not going to tell you something new. It’s a traditional and widely discussed method on the internet.

Now you can make money from Pinterest.learn how to create, manage and drive tons of traffic at Rs.59/- only

Pin on Pinterest
Buy at Rs.59/- from Amazon

But here I will tell you how to use this on Quora that worked for me and make it work for you.

In any marketing either affiliate or direct marketing if the buyer believes the product or seller then selling process is simply easy. If you can sell a product easily then nobody can stop you from becoming rich.

That’s the reason why all the self-made billionaires are suggesting their followers learn the art of selling.

Quora is the right platform where you can monetize the trust. Readers upvote the answer because they found it useful and believed in what you said.

Each upvoter is your potential customer. If you are getting 100 upvotes for an answer then you got hundred potential customers but What are you going to sell?How are you going to make money from Quora?

Affiliate marketing is the solution.

But don’t stop here continue reading…

Don’t go to Amazon immediately and start including high commission products on each answer.

Selling right products to the right customer is also the important technique to become a successful salesperson.

Quora is a knowledge transfer or knowledge sharing platform of diverse people from different countries, subjects, and experiences but the one point that connects all is the thirst of knowledge and aggressive reading.

Hope you got my point isn’t?

Books are the right products that suit all audience in all context. You can simply include Amazon affiliate link to any particular book that matches with the context of your answer.

The link you are adding should be like a native advertisement (in the flow of content) not like the promotional content.

For example, I wrote an answer with an affiliate link.

The line “read this book to get out of rate race” is the affiliate link to the book Rich dad and Poor dad. Though this particular answer gained very minimal upvotes it generated a traffic of 500+ to Amazon and sold three products in less than 10 days.

This is the right and proven technique to make money from Quora.

But the challenge here is readers won’t upvote all the answers and make you popular it is your creative writing skill and profound knowledge in a subject that attracts more upvotes.

We need to be more knowledgeable than readers to tell what they are not heard A single answer with 1k+ upvotes will surely generate you hundreds of sales.

But don’t overdo this in all answers use it wisely. Happy writing and earning. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.

7 Easiest ways to earn free Paytm cash in 2018

I know you are excited about the topic Simple ways to earn free Paytm cash because you know it very well you can do anything with this virtual money as your real money.

It is not as difficult as earning your real money there are some smart tips and tricks to earn free paytm cash.

To reduce materialization in stock trading they brought DEMAT account which reduces the usage of paper, transaction time, security risk and malpractice.

In the same way in day to day trading, we use hard money to do transaction right from local grocery stores to big supermarkets.To digitalize this money and to bring the safe economy government in partnership with private institutions brought many measures and e-wallet is one of the best steps taken.

A decade back lakhs and crores are stored in the bank to do the big transaction and required a small amount of money kept on hand to do the retail transaction.

But now the scenario changed, to do retail transaction people are storing their money in e-wallet and saving in the bank to do major transactions.

The advent of cheap smartphones and internet made online transaction cheaper and faster. A simple QR code scanning and a single click will pay your bills instantly.

Owing to the popularity of e-wallet many start-ups and corporates pooled their money in this business offering brokerage free transactions, exclusive discounts, free e-cash on signups and many but only a few survived.

Among all Paytm is the leading one with 200M users and still giving exclusive offers for their wallet users.

An ordinary user will upload paytm cash from his bank account but the smart buyer will explore ways to get free paytm cash which can be used later.

This post is only for smart users who wish to earn free paytm cash by doing little gigs.

1.Go to PayTm Mall to earn free paytm cash

Paytm is not only a mere e-wallet business but also an e-mall like Amazon and eBay where you can purchase cheapest sandals to latest smartphones online.

The best part of purchasing on Paytm is you get cashbacks up to 80% and more exclusive discounts on selected products.

These cashbacks are credited directly to your Paytm wallet which can be used for online recharges, future shopping either online or offline using Paytm mobile app.

Paytm online shopping is the best and lucrative way to earn free paytm cash.The potential of earning paytm cash is huge on paytm itself.

2.Complete Tasks to get free paytm cash

If you have a smartphone and few friends then you could easily earn some good Paytm cash by completing little tasks.

Apps like Ladoo, CashBoss, and Taskbucks assign you some simple tasks like answering a survey, downloading the listed apps, signing up on a website.

On successful completion of the task, you get some bucks which could be easily transferred to your paytm wallet.

Another way of earning from this app is, on signing up you will be provided with unique referral code to share with your friends to download the app.

Whenever your friend signup using your code you get some incentives in your paytm wallet.

For example, My unique referral code for CashBoss is 8CE5FC, if you sign up using this code I get Rs.15/- for referring. Later I can transfer this money to paytm through which I can even by vegetables.

There are many such task apps are available in play store but these three are quite popular.

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If you give some space on your smartphone locked screen for advertisers to promote their brands then you could easily earn paytm cash from it.

Download SLIDE app an install in your smartphone. Whenever your locked phone connects with the internet it displays some relevant ads of your interest by clicking and reading the popups you could earn some free paytm cash.

It’s not only SLIDE even in ADRACTIVE (Entertainment videos collection with ads) you can make money by watching an advertisement.

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic and make international money from affiliate marketing or refer and earn program.Learn the best ways to manage and drive traffic from pinterest at Rs.59/-only.

Pin on Pinterest
Buy at Rs.59/- from Amazon

4.CashBack Sites a perfect place to earn free paytm cash

If you are not attracted by the products listed on Paytm you can shop on Amazon, Flipkart or eBay through cashback websites like Gopaisa or CouponDunia.

All your cashback are credited back to your paytm wallet once it reached the threshold.

5.Use coupon codes to get free paytm cash

You might have found some paytm coupon codes on grocery items like washing powders, biscuits and health drinks.

free paytm cash
Buy products with Paytm coupon codes

By entering the coupon code in your paytm app you can easily redeem the cash. To know about these wondering latest offers you can follow paytm’s official discussion forum.( )

All the latest deals are discussed here.

6.NoBroker’s Click and Earn paytm cash

NoBroker is an online property portal which connects property owners directly with property seekers without any intermediary in-between.

Here you can earn free paytm cash by doing a simple geek.

All you have to do is to share the contact details of your neighbors or acquaintance who is having property for sale or rent.

free paytm cash
NoBroker’s Click and Earn

Or you can simply take the Tolet card photo and upload on their site. Once the listing of your referral got posted you will earn Rs.100/-paytm cash.

This is really a great opportunity for online money makers who want to earn around 20-30k every month.But a little effort is required.

Though it sounds simple it’s not easy to make Rs.100/- from No broker’s click and earn. To enhance this article with the practical example I downloaded the No broker app and tried the click and earn option.

I am a sales guy who travels across the city daily so wherever I find a Tolet board I uploaded the pic or the owner’s contact number, in a week I uploaded 15 photos but all the photos are rejected without any valid reasons.

earn free paytm cash

I couldn’t earn Rs.100/- paytm cash at least. So the risk involved is high.

Note: NoBroker’s click and earn program doesn’t accept

1.Broker’s contact number.

2.If the property is already listed on their site.

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7.Download Paytm app

You can check out paytm mobile app or website to get cashback on purchase other than Paytm mall products.

We cannot neglect to earn paytm cash as before because now you can buy vegetables, napkins even you can order food by earning paytm cash.

earn free paytm cash

Learning ways to earn free paytm cash is the smartest way to build an additional income in future.

To better this post you can drop your suggestions or contradictions. If you find this post relative please share this with your friends. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter Bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.


5 quick tips for online shopping to follow before you shop today

In the 21st century, online shopping presents many advantages over high street or in-store browsing. Consumers can flick through a wide selection of products very quickly and can often find great deals which may not be available in stores because there is so much in stock. Add on flexible payment options, rapid delivery times and no delivery charges, as offered by most shopping websites in India, and purchasing on the internet becomes a haven for beating the crowds and stress of shopping.

Add on flexible payment options, rapid delivery times and no delivery charges, as offered by most shopping websites in India, and purchasing on the internet becomes a haven for beating the crowds and stress of shopping.

Let’s say you are shopping online for a new smartphone. There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure you are getting a great deal and the best offer in just a few clicks.

  1. Check a couple of websites to ensure that you are getting the best price. Comparing prices in a few different shops can help you spend less on a given product.
  1. Sign up for email notifications or alerts for the products you are interested in. When the price drops below a certain level. This lets you set the maximum price you wish to pay for an article, and saves you having to check back, so you get the best deal for no stress!
  1. Research a few different models. If you are not too concerned with having the most stylish and up to date Android phone, a slightly older model or one in a different color may save you thousands of bucks.
  1. Be on the look out for seasonal offers. Not just Diwali and Black Friday, but also other festival deals such as New Year, where shops can have amazing offers on electronics as well as other tech items and white goods.
  1. Don’t forget about smaller, more local online shops! Sometimes the best discount or offer is not available in a large, online superstore. Some smaller websites may even specialize in a given category and provide better post-purchase customer service.

This article has written by IDEALO and published by SocialTalky publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter Bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

Talk fusion multi-level marketing a scam or boon to invest

This post is not to sell Talk fusion products and I never attached any signup forms at the bottom so please keep your mind open and read the article carefully.

Very recently I was pinged by my friend asking, “Can you attend a video presentation on Talk fusion?” since he is my best friend, I said ok.

Talk fusion is an online business marketing tool to promote your business in an interactive way using videos.

Unlike other software companies, they don’t spend on digital marketing, outbound marketing and affiliate marketing their marketing strategy is different.

They share their profit with you. I think you got my point. Yes, they are doing Multi-level marketing.

You might have been approached by many of your friends, acquaintance, relatives, and social media friends to join in their network. isn’t?  I am getting at least one request per week from my connections on LinkedIn. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

There are many multi-level marketing companies operating successfully like Amway, Avon, Beach body and Omnilife. Though this is one of the best strategies for companies to accelerate their sales there are many flipsides are there.

In general multi-level marketers focus more on adding members to their network than on the quality of the product or service they sell. Their revenue depends on the number of people they add to their network.

If you notice closely even in their product presentation they attract an audience by explaining how much money you can make by enlarging your team in five to six years.

They use the magic words believe, faith and success and they never forget to unveil some successful people in the business on the stage to motivate the leads.

They utilize the common human being’s desire to become rich in a shorter period with less effort. They will induce your hunger to become rich.

Enough said, let’s talk about Talk fusion

Talk fusion helps business to create video emails, newsletter videos, Live online meeting up to 500 people, Video chat and sign up forms. Hundreds of premade templates are available to create and send attractive promotional contents. Three different packages Executive ($250), Elite ($750) and Pro ($1500) with added features.

Talk fusion is not only for business but also for individuals to record the wishes and send it over mail to the loved ones.

You can enjoy the free trial version up to 30 days without entering credit card details and to continue the service you need to upgrade to the premium service after 30 days.

Talk fusion compensation plan is designed in such a way that only an associate can build the network by adding members and to become an associate you should buy the product first, experience it and recommends it to others.

The important aspect of any multilevel marketing is the attractive incentives and talk fusion is not inferior to anyone in this segment. They encourage top performers with five-star vacations, Rolex watches, Gold or Diamond rings and Mercedes.

Incentives and compensation plans are attractive than the product itself. Watch the video to understand their compensation plan better.

Before becoming a member, we need to ask few questions to ourselves about the product.

Are there any advanced alternative online tools available from major software producers? Are there any free alternate products? Are there any proved numbers behind their claims?

For example, Video Newsletter is one of their products claiming to be the best source for businesses to send an interactive newsletter.

But many major companies stopped sending newsletters only a few SMEs are still following. Even for these businesses many free online newsletter templates like Litmus, Zurb ink,99designs are available.

Video chat is another product from Talk fusion for which you must pay to use the service but there are already many advanced free online tools like skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Hangouts are available on the internet for commercial uses.

Video Conference tool sounds as a useful product, indeed. But there are free alternatives like LiveMeeting, Join, and Screen Leap which benefits the business more than paid service from Talk fusion.

SignUp form tool is important to collect valuable email ids but a lot of free signups forms like jotform, mysignup, signupgenius are available for commercial uses even for WordPress sites many free plugins are available.

As said, Multi-level marketing ideas are not built on the product but on people. The more people you add the more profit company makes.

It depends on you whether to invest in Talk fusion or not. if you have the confidence to sell than it is the right opportunity for you but be aware there are many free alternatives are available.

Talk fusion doing business across 140 countries and thousands of associates are already there and few are making good money from this program hence talk fusion is not a scam to fear. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

Top 25+ refer and earn sites 2018

Next, to affiliate marketing, refer and earn sites are widely utilized one to build a passive income online.

Interest income, rental income, and royalties are also the better way to build passive income but they need huge investment to make considerable money.

But either affiliate marketing or refer and earn programs require huge efforts to make considerable money.

I recently came across a Linkedin post where the Gentleman threw the question to everyone “What do you do if you lose your job tomorrow?”.

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Many people accepted they are economically challenged and few stated they will lose the comfort they are enjoying now but only three or four including me commented

We are making passive income through blog or rental or through other means so we are financially less threatened.

Though the question was thrown for discussion it may happen in real to anyone at any time.

Building a second sustainable income is the best way to become independent of others. The Internet made this possible in the 21st century through many options.

If you are the one looking for lucrative refer and earn sites then this post will be the useful for you forever.

This is a long read but divided under categories so to jump to the respective section press ctrl+F search for the below keywords for easy navigation.

1.Academics 2.Banking and trading
3.Cashback and deals 4.Ecommerce sites
5.Games 6.Hosting and domains
7.Payment apps 8. Travel and hospitality
9.Job portals  10.Generate Leads

Refer and earn sites in Academics

1.Simplilearn – On referring your friends to take any provided online course you get an amazon voucher and your friend gets 15% discount on course cost.

2.Apna course – On referring your friends you get Apna points which could be redeemed later. -You get referral money when you introduce your friends to Lynda for the membership program.

Banking and trading sectors refer and earn sites

1.ICICI Bank – When you promote their bank products like pockets to your friends and family you will be rewarded. Anyone can join and reap the benefits you need not have ICICI bank account.

2.Citibank    –  This referral program is exclusively for Citibank users or you can create an account and start referring. When you refer Citi credit cards to your circle you will be rewarded Rs.2000/- directly into your Citibank account its direct money, not points.

The maximum amount you can make is Rs.9999/- in a financial year (April – march)

3.Angel Broking – Whenever you bring new signups and they do trading, you will be rewarded.

4.Asnani – You will be paid 10% brokerage generated from your referrals. Even you can refer a family member with same address of yours.

5.ZeroShulk – This is one of the lucrative deals. You get 20% of the brokerage generated each time a trade is done. For example, if your referral pays Rs.999/- you get Rs.198/-. Maximum up to 50% you can earn.

6.Zerodha – Every trade executed by friends will fetch you 10% of brokerage to your account.

refer and earn

Cashback and deals  refer and earn sites

1.CashKaro – You can make more here. When your referral makes Rs.5000/- cashback you will get Rs.500/-(10%) as a referral bonus.

By referring more friends, you could generate a decent income from this program.

E-commerce Refer and Earn sites 2017

1.Amazon – You get Rs.200/- for each friend who signs up at and makes a purchase of Rs.300/- Your friend also get Rs.100(Copyright: Amazon)

refer and earn
Amazon refer a friend

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2.Flipkart – When each referral makes a purchase for Rs.1000/- from Flipkart app yu will get Rs.200/-.But they must apply your code on Installation.

3.Refer and earn Snapdeal – You get Rs.200/- and your friends will get Rs.100/- in your Freecharge account when they make a first purchase on Snapdeal.

4.Shopclues–  When three of your friends download Shopclues app using your referral code you will get Rs.100/- worth voucher.

5.HealthKart – When your referred friend makes a purchase on Healthkart you both receive a coupon worth Rs.250/- which can be used for your next purchase.

6.Netmeds – You get Rs.100/- worth gift voucher when your referee makes the first purchase.

7.Lenskart –  When your referred friend signs up he/she get Rs.500/- worth Lenskart gift voucher and when they make their first purchase you get Rs.500/- worth Paytm voucher.

8.BigBasket – You both get Rs.100/- money in Big Basket wallet when your referee makes a purchase of Rs.500/- at a big basket.

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Online Games refer and earn programs

1.Ace2three – If your referee buys 200 real chips from this online rummy platform then you would be rewarded Rs.1000/- for sure.

2.ClassicRummy – On your friend’s first deposit 1000 bonus will be credited to your account. Thereafter for every 500 wagered by your friend 300 bonus will be released to your account.

3.TajRummy – You will receive 100% on your friend’s first deposit.

4.JungleeRummy – Whenever you refer your friend you get RS.1000/- and your friends get Rs.1000/- If you refer 5 friends you get Rs.5000/-

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Hosting and domains refer and earn

1.BigRock – Your referee needs to use your coupon code while they purchase a domain on BigRock. Your own domain is your coupon code so you need to have a domain (best suitable for bloggers).

For every three friends who use your coupon, you will get a one-year renewal for your domain.

2.Hosting Raja – When he makes a purchase you get Flat 30% off on your next purchase and for every new customer addition you get Rs.5000/-.

Payment apps refer and earn

1.Mobikwik – When your referee adds Rs.100/- in this wallet you get Rs.75/- and your friend gets Rs.50/- as e-cash. You can earn maximum of Rs.15000/- and can use the reward money to shop anywhere online.

Travel and Hospitality refer and earn

1.Goibio – Your referee earns 3000/- gocash and you get 1000 gocash on installing Goibibo mobile app. By Linking your phonebook on the app each time when your contacts book on Goibibo you get 50 gocash.

You can use gocash for bookings without any restriction.

2.MakeMyTrip – You get Rs.600/- when your friend downloads the app and Rs.800/- when he books with makemytrip. You can earn upto Rs.7000/-

3.FindMystay – Here you can earn upto Rs.1Lakh but not hard cash but could be redeemed in your next booking with findmystay.

When your referee downloads the app and registers both of you get Rs.300/- in your account.

4.OyoRooms – Your friend gets Rs.1000/- OYO money on successful app installation and you get Rs.200/- oyo money. When he books a hotel through the app you will be rewarded Rs.800/- oyo money.

5.ClearTrip – Refer a friend by sharing your referral code. Earn for every first booking your referrals complete.

When your friend installs and sign-ups they receive a coupon code worth Rs.2000/- for their first booking. You get Rs.1000/- cashback on travel.

6.Goibibo – By inviting your friends to download Goibibo app you get 1000gocash your friend gets 3000gocash which can be used to book flights, hotels, bus, and cars.Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with

Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with an app you get 50gocash whenever your contacts book the service.

refer and earn sites

Refer your friends for the jobs and make money on job portals

This is very simple.Create an account on finds the list of job opening posted by different companies.Either you can apply for the openings or refer your friends.

On successful closing of the openings, you will be paid a decent commission depends on the job you refer.The best part is for some openings you will be paid after the interview stage itself.

There is a potential to make some real money from this website.

This is similar to myrefers, you will be paid on successful closing of the job by refering your contacts.

The commission paid here for the closing is better than myrefers.

10.Refer your friends to Spini

Spini is a lead generation platform for real estate, insurance, loans, and interiors.

If you know anyone has the need of property you can post their name and contact number.Spini team will review your lead and if it is found to be genuine and relevant.You will get Rs.100/- for every successful lead you bring.


Refer and earn is as best as affiliate programs where you can make accountable money by investing your effort.

It’s not only bloggers anyone can make money. Just open your mobile starts with the contacts you saved in your mobile. Then move to social media to help your friends find better service or product.

Everything is possible with efforts.

If I have missed any popular lucrative programs please comment down I will add it. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

Make Money By Playing Online Rummy

You can make money by playing online rummy .This is nothing new; in fact, many people in India are making extra money on the side with the help of their Indian rummy playing skills.

Everything we own or do in our lives is somehow related to the amount of money we have. When you have a good amount in your bank account, most of the things come easy.

Otherwise we just scramble to make ends meet. In the recent past the online culture has become extremely prevalent; a quick swipe on your smartphone and you enter the virtual or parallel world of technology.

What is great is that technology is also closely related to gaming and there is a way that allows you to make money legally. If you want to know more, just scroll down a little and grab the deal.

Caution: You May end up Making a lot of Money

Playing Online Rummy is a Treasure Chest

First things first, playing online rummy for real money has nothing to do with gambling and even the Apex court of India has stamped it as a game of skill. Playing online Rummy is legal in all states of India except Assam and Odisha.

It is different from other card games like Teen Patti or Flash which are games of chance and are therefore illegal. Primarily the common variants of rummy available on the web are points, pool and deals.

Each website has its own way of allocating points with slight modifications, but the basic rules of the game remain the same.

Almost all websites provide requisite education to players in the form of tutorial videos and informative blogs. These articles and videos explain rummy tips and tricks, and rules for free or practice play. This is an easy way to get acquainted with the game.

Players need to deposit a minimum amount for playing Rummy online. This amount attracts a handsome welcome bonus that boosts your playing money to an insane value. Hence you get more money to play and explore the game.

There’s a whole stream of bonuses and promotions available for players at good sites. To add more cash to their account, players can take the full advantage of multiple bonuses like Top Up and festival promotions. Utilizing these gives you an advantage.

Once you are ready and feel like it’s time to hammer the nail, then you can join the table and start the battle with your fellow players.

It is a game of hardcore skills; where the fundamentals of mathematics and card manipulations have a decent role to play.

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How the Game can improve your Bank Roll

After all, the real money game is all about winnings that flow into your bank account. There are multiple tables available for players to join. Each table can occupy from 2 to 6 players.

Thousands of players are taking home a lot of money by implementing their card skills by just spending an hour or two of their free time. Since it is a multiplayer game, you play against other real players and not against a computer.

The game is very similar to rummy you may have played with friends or family at home. Be smart and invest some time on this game. This is an easy game to master and you can learn and play in a matter of just a day or two. The best part is that you can change a relatively bad set of cards into a winning declare with your skills.

You can begin by playing on low stake tables and as you begin to get good at it, you can keep increasing your stakes. To play for real money there is multiple ways you can deposit and withdraw.

Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Paytm*, PayUmoney, Airtel Money, Rupay Card etc. all facilitate payments.  All are secure and fast with very quick service.

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You can sign up and start playing immediately. offers friendly and professional customer service and can be contacted via phone, email and live chat.

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Make money from Doopaadoo by listening songs

A recent research conducted by Audio-Technica , one of the world’s finest music instruments manufacturers revealed that an average person spend 13 years of his life only in listening to music and it can be any sort of music.

An average person only listens for 13 years but an above average person will convert 13 years into money by simply listening to the same music.

Doopaadoo is designed for music lovers and creators where music producers can publish their content exclusively on Doopaadoo and music can listen to different kinds of music and songs only on doopaadoo.

The best part is you can make money from Doopaadoo for listening to the songs uploaded on their site and you will also get paid based on the number of views your content gets.

They share their profit with listeners and publishers and they monetized the sites through AdSense and third party promotions on their site.

How to make money from Doopaadoo?

It’s very simple whenever you feel like listening to music rather than visiting youtube you enter

The user interface is like Youtube but on youtube, only publishers get paid when viewers engage with ads but here on Doopaadoo, both will be paid not for watching ads but listening to what you like.

Before you start making money you need to create your account on the site and you have optional sign-ins like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

make money from doopaadoo
make money from doopaadoo

Once your account is created just start listening to your favorite music and on successful completion of the music you get coins in your wallet collect up to 500 coins and convert the coins into real money in your paytm wallet.

The average length of each music track is about 5 minutes so by listening to 50 songs in a day you get 50 coins and in 10 days it is easy to secure 500 coins and no special effort needed.

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Even on the go, you can earn by downloading Doopaadoo mobile app.

More than making money you will appreciate the content produced by talented music publishers.

Rate, comment and share the music. Happy Listening.

Start listening to Doopaadoo you will love it.

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